West Brom suspend Nicolas Anelka after five-match ban over 'quenelle' gesture

West Bromwich Albion have suspended striker Nicolas Anelka after he was banned for five matches over his ‘quenelle’ goal celebration.

Nicolas Anelka celebrates his opening goal
Nicolas Anelka performs his controversial celebration

Anelka was found guilty of making an anti-Semitic gesture and handed a five-game ban and fined £80,000 by an independent commission convened by the FA.

The commission said the Baggies forward was not anti-Semitic and did not mean to cause offence with his ‘quenelle’ goal celebration at West Ham on December 28.

But the club have suspended the former France international, saying it could not ignore the offence caused and potential damage to the club’s reputation.

A Baggies statement said: “West Bromwich Albion treats very seriously any such allegation which includes any reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion and/or belief.

“Upon both charges being proven, the club has suspended Nicolas Anelka pending the conclusion of the FA’s disciplinary process and the club’s own internal investigation.

“The club acknowledges that the FA panel ‘did not find that Nicolas Anelka is an anti-Semite or that he intended to express or promote anti-Semitism by his use of the quenelle’.

“However, the club cannot ignore the offence that his actions have caused, particularly to the Jewish community, nor the potential damage to the club’s reputation.”

Poll: Do you think the punishment handed to Nicolas Anelka by the FA is fair? Vote in our online poll here.

The independent panel sat for three days at The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire and delivered its verdict yesterday.

Anelka, aged 34, could still appeal after being found guilty of an ‘aggravated breach’ of FA Rule E3.

He has also been ordered to attend an education course.

The panel was chaired by independent counsel Christopher Quinlan QC.

Anelka had denied an FA charge which said he “made a gesture which was abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper” and that “the misconduct was an ‘aggravated breach’ as defined by FA Rule E3(2) in that it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief.”

The commission found Anelka guilty of the charge but its findings, published on the FA website, said: “We did not find that Nicolas Anelka is an Anti-Semite or that he intended to express or promote Anti-Semitism by his use of the quenelle.”

Anelka will receive the full written judgement in the next few days, after which he has seven days to appeal.

Albion’s next five games are against Manchester United, Swansea, Hull, Cardiff and Norwich.

A five-game ban was the minimum punishment under the FA’s new anti-discrimination rules. The ban could have been for up to 10 matches. The FA could also appeal and request a more severe punishment.

Anelka had consistently denied he that his gesture was intended to be anti-Semitic but admitted he was supporting his friend, controversial stand-up comedian Dieudonne, who has been banned from performing in some French cities over claims of anti-Semitism.

The hearing heard from two expert witnesses while Anelka gave evidence in his own defence.

Reaction to the decision on Twitter.

Anelka had consistently denied he that his gesture was intended to be anti-Semitic but admitted he was supporting his friend, controversial stand-up comedian Dieudonne, who has been banned from performing in some French cities over claims of anti-Semitism.

The hearing heard from two expert witnesses while Anelka gave evidence in his own defence.

Albion will now conclude their own club enquiry and decide on a punishment for the former France international.

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Comments for: "West Brom suspend Nicolas Anelka after five-match ban over 'quenelle' gesture"


Looks like that's the last time he will play for the Baggies! Bid hello to the Championship.....

Wednesbury wolves

Should've been kicked out the country for being a racist never mind 5 match ban disgrace!!!!!!


Would you also require people down the pub, UKIP MP's and EDL members to be deported?


the gesture is only considered ant semitic if performed outside a synagogue.

it is an anti zionist gesture(as in up yours) to the establishment.

the jewish scholars have intepreted it as an inverted nazi salute.


so it seems a french muslim footballer playing in the english premier league has been caught up in the muslim/jewish problem.

it is admirable for the wba fans to defend anelka as many other fans would.

CantelloRocket 78


the verdict implies that he is NOT a racist, as he's always claimed, so if he reads your words, he could sue you for every penny you've got-

the only disgrace here is a bitter, jealous one-eyed rival fan making unacceptable accusations.


Wednesbury wolves

He's not a racist? But made a racist gesture!!!!! Wake up Castello even I can read with 1 eye. You won a game yet, we're wolverhampton we win every wk.

We Only Need One Half!

Wednesbury, can you show me where the F.A. said it was a racist gesture?

You don't know what your talking about do you bud.


You ever heard of libel by the way?

Jack the Hat


Even Wednesbury old boys would win every week in the DIVI 3. Wait until next season IF you get promoted. Then you can play against some BIG boys.

Gorra loff ay ya.


CantelloRocket 78


one of the Royal Princes was pictured at a party doing a 'proper' Nazi salute-

is he a racist, and should he be banished from the UK?

You say you can read with one eye, and the commission declared Anelka is not a Racist-

but that eye's got a yellow and black blinker on it, eh.....??

The Real Bully Hoo.

Enlighten us please. Where is it proven anywhere that this is a racist gesture?

Would I also be right in assuming that although you didn't mention it that foreigners would be included in your exit list.

I'm sure I'd be kicked out of the country as you head for your National Socialist Utopia so could I be sent to Australia please. I fancy the sunshine.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Jack.

Good to see you back, hope you're okay.

Wednesbury wolves

No just labour and lib dems kicked out the country, along with trade unions!!!! Leave the conservatives bnp edl and all the drinkers alone.

Jack the Hat


The exact words in this blog read: The commission said the Baggies forward was not anti-Semitic and did not mean to cause offence with his ‘quenelle’ goal celebration at West Ham on December 28.

Now tell me this, Why did the commission vote against their own belief and find him guilty was it because they are a bunch of liars and/or to bow down to the egoistic agitators. So before you open your " Clarnet " make sure you know what you are on about. Shoot from the hip and you drip.



Quelle surpris!!

CantelloRocket 78

So the verdict's that Anelka's NOT a racist, and had no intention of offending anyone - yet he's still received a lengthy ban for an obscure movement that's difficult to define, and completely open to individual interpretation-

some may say it's a watered down compromise to appease pressure groups and avoid complete embarrassment for the F.A., whilst taking away the racist accusation-

all I know is most of us were already 100 per cent convinced he would be punished before the trial even began.

And that there's a foul smell in the air........


Absolutely right. The decision stinks.

Jack the Hat


The commission by their own tongue condemn themselves. They say he is not guilty of any offence yet still hang him. Lynch mob comes to mind. Man can't even guide his own footsteps. Jesus upset a few of the Romans too.



Scapegoat, nothing more or less. Some minor French politician makes a fuss and the FA and West Bromwich start wetting themselves.


pmsl well we all knew the outcome weeks ago,soon as the lawyers were mentioned

But what a bizarre statement from the governing body

"We don't find him guilty or believe he meant to cause any harm"

But we're going to treat him as guilty anyway.

Forcing the club to also have to punish him or they are seen as not doing enough.

The worlds gone barmy!!

Still no mention of Nasri?

Just wait till I see a keeper wanting two in the wall,or a raised arm goal celebration

A precedent's been set now

My advice Nico don't bother appealing,save your money,you were never gonna get a fair trial,this panel must have lapped it up for three Bostin nights in Herts.


I think what he did was irresponsible and plain daft, knowing the number of people watching all around the World. However, it's cost him £180,000 in fines and advocates' fees. That should have been enough. This will frighten anyone else to death from doing controversial signs on a football field. That's as it should be. But the FA will carry a bad smell from this for years to come.

Common sense, the most uncommon of all the senses, loses out once more.

Jack the Hat


Goal celebrations should now be banned as they all upset opposition fans. According to the commission even if the offending player does not mean to. They by their own tongue have set a new precedence.

No, I haven't voted one way or another as this is not the point I am trying to get over.



Jack. you will remember the days when a handshake was enough. All goals are a result of teamwork, rarely, if ever, a one man show. But the celebrations today match the stuff we watch, overblown, overpaid, over-sized ego players in a frothy, false display of togetherness with the supporters. I rarely watch Mo'D except for our game, always on last for midnight so it gets recorded. That way I avoid the arm-swinging, knee-sliding, look-at-me-ain't-I-the-best-ever and the fatuous comments of the 'pundits'.

I liked it better when we were known as 'stiff upper lip' Brits. It was honest.

The Real Bully Hoo.


My pet hate is the pointing to the name on the back of the shirt.

Jack the Hat


Now, I was going to start my post with " We are old enough to remember a good old slap on the back was how we remember a goal celebration mate.


I'm okay thanks mate, just cheesed off with E&D and the right to reply to Dog Heads banter mate The E&D take it so seriously. Went to the shrine yesterday for some odds and ends from the shop. Good to see the old place and I'm so glad we stuck to proper floodlights they make the approach to the stadium very characteristic, instead of looking like a cowshed.

All the best guys.



Well at least he'll have a certificate when he's completed his educational course lol

I see Uefa are also looking into some Belgian chap that's also supposed to have done it

Be interesting if they come up with a different decision

Still no news on Nasri or the Liverpool bloke!!


Just another sorry day in the world of us baggie fans whatever we think about Anelke.

We Only Need One Half!

I'm sorry if this comes across as being a bit thick, but what exactly has he been found guilty of?????

CantelloRocket 78


I'm trying to get this clear, mate-

This 'gesture' is something that's only been invented in recent years by some little known French comedian-

It's original meaning is only REALLY know by the person that invented it, so anyone can interpret it in absolutely any way they wish to - it could have some some kind of sexual reference, or as it appears to show something being 'held down', it could be a symbol of people being oppressed by political power-

That Jewish French Professor said it can only be associated to Judaism if used outside a Synagogue or Jewish monument-

The verdict claimed that Anelka isn't an anti-semite-

The verdict also claimed there was no intention of causing offence to anyone-

So, yes-

as you say - what exactly IS he guilty of ?????

The Real Bully Hoo.


You're making a brave attempt to explain the unexplainable (I know that should be inexplicable but it doesn't sound right.) Does this have the hallmarks that the FA realising they've got themselves into something they should have steered a wide course around and hoping that by taking the softest option that he might accept it and they would avoid the ignominy of finding him not guilty.

I hope he takes it all the way through the courts and sues the FA for the slur on his character and loss of earnings. They would then end up paying both sides costs and may well bankrupt them leaving the way clear for a new broom to run our football properly.

And pigs might fly.


You said it Half Pint.

We Only Need One Half!

Well Eldorado, your so clever, you tell us, or remain looking the pilchard you undoubtedly are.

Half pint? never met me has he Kev lol

CantelloRocket 78


'Eldorado' is half and half-

He's spent half his life supporting the Baggies, and half supporting Wolves-

is there such a thing as a 'double traitor'.....???

Now I really must go.........


WONOH - don't normally agree with you but in this case I think you're spot on. If everyone agrees he wasn't being racist, or anti-semitic, or trying to cause offence I can't see why he is suspended other than being a bit dim in which case half the professional players in England would be suspended! UTW

Wednesbury wolves

Buckswolf your never ever right, for god sake man, anelka is in the public eye earning 50,000 per wk supposed to be a role model for millions of youngsters around the world, so yes anelka should be punished, and in my view, kicked out of England!!!!!!


I guess we're all just very lucky that your opinionated, polarised view counts for nothing then! UTW

We Only Need One Half!

Bucks, Wednesbury stated, not suggested mind, stated Anelka had been found guilty of giving a racist gesture, ask him to point out where it says that in the F.A. report.

CantelloRocket 78


it's always good to hear from the more fair-minded, intelligent Wolves fans, so thanks for that.

'wednesbury' is now ranting and raving all over this story, unfortunately we all have our loudmouthed bigots who hold strong prejudice, against individuals or even football clubs, the sort that years ago would form mobs and march through the villages with burning torches to get the Witch or Monster in the Castle-

a sad reflection of humanity in the 21st Century.

Jack the Hat

Wednesbury, take your boot out of your mouth again. You are wrong. His wages aren't what you claim and he isn't playing to be a role model for any youngster. Now tell the truth and shame the father of the lie. You are only getting onto Bucks for agreeing with One Half. Now apologise, there's a good boy.


The Real Bully Hoo.


You are a credit to your club.

Unlike some.

The Real Bully Hoo.


We all have them.

Credit to our club, the numpty never attends a game just like kev in Mallorca!!!!! Why is it then numpties that Sandwell are sacking anelka when he hasn't done anything wrong, answers please????? I need a good laugh

The Real Bully Hoo.

Whoever you are, if you put that into English I will attempt to answer whatever your question is.


wonoh , im the same as you, i had to find out form wikipedia what, qunelle and zionist ,meant.


Well i don"t think any body is surprise except perhaps Mr Anelka.

The Jewish people who made this complaint must be very happy this morning.

At least they presume to know all about the meaning of the gesture.

Who else knew?I didn"t.

This world will be a lot safer know ,won"t it?

Perhaps instead of complaining about a gesture the academics would be better off doing something about the appalling conditions of the people in Palestine.

Who causes these conditions? I leave you to guess.

But of course that will never happen ,will it?

I have got Jewish friends and Jamaican friends and i love them all.

If Christ came back this Friday i should imagine he would be so disappointed , don"t you.

Just before you pass judgement on me ,i am not a practising Christian but i like to see fair play.

I never wanted Mr Anelka to play for West Brom in the first place.

I really hope this comment will be allowed through or is it only comments which do not rock the boat.

I shall await and see.

CantelloRocket 78


Good morning.

I enjoyed your post - you said 'I like to see fair play'.

Yes indeed my friend, this is a wider issue that goes beyond the club - Anelka was foolish to make ANY sort of gesture, but whatever happened he'll still no doubt be leaving the club very soon, so the focus is really on the F.A. and how fairly ANYONE is dealt with when facing a trial.

I support Albion, but like yourself I've taken interest in various religions and philosophies over the years and in recent times have looked at the beliefs of Buddhism-

they tend to look at an issue as clearly as possible, and strip away all distorted personal opinions-

and this is why I greatly dislike that bigoted element in our society that picks out 'targets' and 'hate figures', then try to form lynch mobs whilst blasting out loud, insulting, arrogant words at people they don't know, and charge in like a Bull in a China Shop in issues they don't fully know the truth about, or just want to back up their personal prejudice.

Hopefully people like yourself will always receive greater respect than this unpleasant distastful element.


albpeh. I've guessed who YOU think causes the appalling conditions in Palestine. Have you been there ? Listened to BOTH sides ? Or done what most of us do, take one side, then read only the stuff that justifies it ? My hopes for the Middle East lie with the womenfolk rebelling against being men's toys. You could apply that in many other areas too.

Daniel Barenboim is a world class pianist and conductor. He formed an orchestra made up of Palestinians, Israelis and others from that troubled area. Not ONE scrap of trouble, admired the world over. Daniel recognised that music is a common language and UNITES folk instead of splitting them into ethnic groups.

CantelloRocket 78


Yes, many issues are seen as black or white, but under the surface much can fall into grey areas-

certain Governments are seen as either 'good or evil', but we often see or hear of corruption or distortion existing within, whether in Asia, the West, or elsewhere in the world.

I like 'albpeh's appeal for fair play and focus on the bigger issues, but he no doubt has his own wider views, and may post in the future to talk about them.

At least I guess it creates interesting discussion.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Cyril.

I think very few people have been there and very few people know what is happening in Palestine and what the cause of it is. The reason for this is that one side of this conflict have a massively controlling hand in the World's media and it isn't the Palestinians.

As they say, 'the victors write the history books,' and although the Jewish nation suffered greatly in WWII along with Germany and Japan they seem to have won the peace.

I'm not an Arab sympathiser or apologist and I'm not anti Jewish per se but I am capable of recognising when one very powerful unit is crushing a small thorn in it's side.

I get your point about reading one side but what if that's the only side there is to read?



Is that any help at all?

If so who for>


The same problems exist, close your eyes, it should go away, shouldn"t it?

Yes it must be really good for the Palestinians who are suffering.

Being told by you everything seems ok.

I really don"t want to get into a disagreement with you or any one else.

Just because you can"t see doesn"t make it right.

Have a good life.

Yes i have seen both sides of the argument, but it"s easy for us/you who live without being dictated to.


albpeh. I have not been to either Israel or Palestine, so overall I am not qualified to comment, but I do see Israel as surrounded by people who want nothing more than to destroy their country. What stops them ? The Israelis are prepared to fight. If that looks like me supporting the little guy against a mob, so be it. I too am very old and have watched the developments out there.

The 6 day war said most of it at the time in 1967. The point I was making about Barenboim seems to have escaped everyone. This man, an Argentinian, has shown quite conclusively, that Palestinians and Israelis can live together, work together, play together. But it is only noticed by folks interested in Classical Music. That's roughly 5% of any population, but it's a start. A positive start and contribution to peace. Maybe we would all do well to try it.


Sorry about some spelling mistakes.

do lallytap


And all of you so called "FANS" who are trying to back this man up....you can follow him, you are NOT true fans.....GET OUT OF MY CLUB !

This excuse of a man has bought OUR club into disrepute, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing, he is an embarrassment.

All of this name calling to people who don't agree with a certain few on here should STOP....It's the same few who have said we should all stick together and support the club...well lead by example.

What the hell has this anti semitic excuse of a comedian got to do with MY club ?

As for paying his wages while he is suspended...ARE WE MAD ?

£80k a week for him...ARE WE MAD ?

Supporters on here trying to back him up....ARE YOU MAD ?

What would all of you who are trying to find excuses for this man....what would you have said if he were a Wolves or Villa player ....I suppose you will all say "I would say the same"...RUBBISH !!

The more time we spend on this man the longer we are preventing the inevitable.

Ta Ta to trash and Ta Ta to the pillocks who bought him in....what a debacle !

ps...It was said last night that the £80k a week this man is on ......If you totted all of that up over a year it would take £200+ off each and every season ticket.....Don't look like a good buy now does it when it's put like that and looking how he has played, scored and behaved like he has....ARE WE MAD ??

Peace and Morgan

Garlick and Moxey

Mel and Solbakken

Anelka and Johnson/O'Hara

The similarities are endless between our two clubs over recent years. I fear that unless you can find a Kenny Jackett type before it's too late you could suffer the same fate as us, and no-one wants that.

Blind faith although very commendable is not always a good thing.



Kenny jackett couldnt lace pepe mels shiny spainish shoes lads come off your high horses after thisis swept under the rug and we survive youll still be batteling go get anywhere our stature again

Hey ho


Wednesbury wolves

Your not do lally you talk a lot of sense, same happened down golden palace, gotta play these idiots on 40,000 per wk, er no we don't we will get relegated twice if we do, wot happened we got relegated twice, then woke up got rid of em all except sick note Ohara, and now finally on our way back!!!! With lads who are wearing shirt with pride. So don't get too disheartened steptoes if you get relegated as there are always better players just around the corner on £5000 per wk or less.


DoLalley, I tried to reply to your rather loud post earlier. It was of course, quite the best post I've ever done, but before you could see it, the computer crashed into a dreaded blue screen with avast telling me I was being attacked on all sides by deadly viruses. It's 'clean' now but I'm using our 2nd one. Sadly, I have no idea what I typed, but I do remember it was quite brilliant. You'll just have to take my word for that he added modestly.


Yes i can understand where you are coming from however you are so misinformed.

You said to me have i been to the troubled areas and then you tell me you haven"t.

Of course i know why you think like you do ,but i cannot do the same.

It must have been easy to force yourself on the Palestinians with all the military force against young men with sticks and stones.

Yes sticks and stones versus bullets plus the press who inform you how every thing is please listen to other tv stations and other newspapers and open your mind.

I am afraid this has got out of hand but i can see the verdict against Mr Anelka and i was listening to the Jewish radio station and i am afraid it made me so angry.

Please accept my apology if this offends you in any way, but please open your eyes and see things for what they are.

Of course real people do not dislike others it just gets out of hand and this is what i feel about Anelka.

Once again i must state i never thought he would be a player for us.

I will not comment further on the Anelka situation.

Like i said before have a good life, and enjoy your day and your football.

do lallytap

Albion have suspended him for causing ‘potential damage to the club’s reputation’.

Now all of you so called "FANS"....do you support the clubs stance or do you support Anelka...Come on all of you who say we should "support our club" ?

Player or club ?

One simple question....one simple answer....no need for name calling, nasty comments and this includes Wolves fans....if it was between your club or player who would you support.

Here is my answer

CLUB....All day long !

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah Do, what exactly is guilty off again?

For someone who kept telling us he KNEW Anelka had performed a anti Semite gesture, its funny how the F.A. couldn't prove it, isn't it?

The Real Bully Hoo.

As shown above in referring to people as pillocks and trash, and many times in the past when you have called people at the club imbeciles, idiots and buffoons, you are the main culprit when it comes to name calling. Physician heal thyself.

Some fans will be pleased to hear that you have bought out JP as it now appears that it's YOUR club and nobody else's. Unless they agree with you.

Wouldn't life be wonderful if everything could be reduced to one simple question? Unfortunately only a simpleton would believe this could be the case. It is possible to believe that the player has been the victim of a witch hunt and convicted by a kangaroo court without meaning that you don't support the club.

You are now attempting to tell people on here what they are thinking so we can ad mind reading to your many undoubted talents. You're right I wouldn't feel so strongly about it if he was a Villa player obviously but I would still be intelligent enough to understand what is being done to this man and therefore it wouldn't change my views.

As for his wages. I think you will find that your high handed attitude that we should have stopped paying him would go against every employment law in the country and land us in more trouble. Likewise you still haven't explained where this £80,000 figure comes from.

Feel free to reply to any of these points in a controlled and sensible manner but if you're going to go into one of your blustering rants then please ignore it as you normally do when you don't have an answer.

We Only Need One Half!

"Wouldn't life be wonderful if everything could be reduced to one simple question?"

Yes Bully, and it would be wonderful if that same person could give us one simple answer when asked.

We live in hope.

do lallytap


Sorry but I don't know if the question was too difficult or you saw "Do lallytap" on the top of the post and decided to go off on a rant so I will put it simpler.

Here goes, read it slowly.....

Do you support the clubs Stance on Anelka for potential damage to the club’s reputation or do you support Anelka himself.

A simple "club" or "Anelka" will suffice no need to go off on one ....SIMPLES !

The Real Bully Hoo.

Sorry I hadn't realised I was conversing with a meerkat.

The club's stance is purely a legal one. As members of the FA they have to support the FA's decision. It doesn't mean that they agree with it.

Is that simple enough for you to understand?

I've always supported the club when it comes to moral standpoints as I feel that they have usually got it right. If I ever believe they are wrong on a moral principle I hope I would be strong enough to say so as I'm sure you would as well.


Read your own posts and then read mine and perhaps have a re-think on who is the one doing the ranting. I'm not the one resorting to capitals (except ironic ones) and I'm not the one calling people names and I'm not the one telling other supporters to get out of the club if they don't agree with me.

I notice you ignore all of the other points I made. Nothing new there then.


Do you not wonder about yourself when you find Wednesbury Wolves and another unnamed Wolves fan agreeing with you and telling you that you talk sense.

do lallytap

So...Are Albion wrong when they say they have suspended him for causing ‘potential damage to the club’s reputation’.

£80k a week, do your homework, it's all out there in fact there are a few which clearly state he has been fined a weeks wages, £80k....now I suppose that means it isn't £80k because I have pointed it out.

No capitals, no shouting in the hope it don't offend you....pity you are easily offended by my writing capitals but you are not offended by this mans actions and the slur he has put on our clubs name.

So come on, no spin just a one word answer...club or Anelka, it really is that simple

do lallytap

pps....Or you could find it that in fact even IF ...whoops sorry capitals....IF rival fans agree with me then perhaps, just perhaps what I say isn't blinkered.

It must really be hard as a rival to agree with an Albion fan....Now THEY....yes capitals...THEY are TRUE FOOTBALL fans but I suppose they ain't in your eyes because they are rival fans.

Perhaps you need to grow up, smell the coffee and take up knitting because I am ALWAYS tying you up in knots....SIMPLES !

CantelloRocket 78


I wouldn't bother, mate.

Dolally's got a track record on here of pouncing on anything that backs up his self-centrered beliefs, and trying to 'blow' it up with LOUD, long-winded, lengthy rants-

yet whenever other posters have asked him questions he doesn't want to deal with or answer, he's either thrown back insults to 'stun' them, diverted the issue to avoid it, or simply disappeared and refused to answer-

same as he's demanded apologies from people, but on the many occasions he's got things wrong, he's never said sorry himself.

Having met many people over the years, and watching some of 'em trying every trick in the book to get their own way, I can see right through their pathetic attempts to twist everything to their benefit or way of thinking-

absolutely no chance of a fair, sensible, mature, open discussion, a complete waste of time.

Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

If you have top stoop so low as to ask a surefire ALBION fan if he supports his club, you are a poor excuse for a BAGGY. Most of us proper fans are questioning our F.A. and the solidness of the football laws which in my mind are paramount. Now you and your like should dismount your high horses, or can't you see the wood for the red mist?.


do lallytap

Cantello....Questions ?

Are these the same questions the Rev Kev in Mallkaka was ranting on about and when I pushed him to what questions he was on about he appologised because....well...he didn't ask one !

I asked a question you didn't answer can'tellowt...Albion or Anelka....who are you in support of...one simple word, no rants


You know full well you've been asked about issues many times and turned or twisted away, often melting into the shadows-

ever since you 'decided' Anelka wasn't good enough early in the season, you've completely hounded him-

when his best friend died and he was obviously upset, you said it was just an excuse to retire and rip up his contract - then he returned to training a few days later, and you kept quiet because you didn't want to look a fool, but waited for the next opportunity to slam him.

When he scored, you said your Dog could've scored those goals - childish beyond belief!!!

Anyway, I've made it VERY clear that I've always supported the club, and if someone causes a problem, they should expect some form of punishment - and Anelka's almost certain to leave soon whatever the outcome of this 'trial' - but everyone should be judged fairly and openly, that's the type of thing that makes us human, not a pack of snarling animals that want to rip one of the pack to pieces if they think they've done something wrong-

Now I've got important business to attend to, including personal matters, so from now on-

just talk to the hand, I ain't interested in your prejudiced views.

CantelloRocket 78

Obviously me with no name appearing again.

We Only Need One Half!

Do, when Albion supported Anelka until the time of his hearing, like any reasonable and fair minded person would, why didn't you support the clubs stance then?

Bit hypocritical now asking people whether they support the player or club when you never supported the clubs stance OR the player before don't you think?

do lallytap

Come on Wonoh Anelka or Albion who do you back here.

I have NEVER backed Anelka ever since I saw his "couldn't care less" performance against Southampton at the start of the season where it was obvious the man wasn't going to break into a sweat, he was here for a meal ticket and that was my thought on this man and they never wavered

I DID SAY didn't I that "Le sulk" would cause trouble...well, here you go but I suppose you never saw that comment did you ?

So come on....Anelka or the club

Another simple question which some of the usual find it SOOOOO hard to answer....Don't know why ??

We Only Need One Half!

Do, I support the clubs stance because they are inder duress to follow the F.A. ruling, I also support Anelka until he is tried in a real court, not a kangaroo one.

Now you answer my question, why didn't you support the clubs stance upon until yesterday or the player?

Come on, its not a hard question like you say.

We Only Need One Half!

Do, I have just read through, and you have not answered my question, now your not going to show yourself up has a hypocrite, again, are you?

So, you said you knew it was anti semite gesture, however the F.A. said it wasn't, and couldn't prove it, so show us your proof it was, or are you saying the F.A. got that wrong? and if they got that wrong who's to say their guilty verdict that your so happy about was right?

The Real Bully Hoo.

I see that you didn't understand what I said before. Because the FA have found him guilty the club as members of the FA have no choice but to support the FA's findings whether they agree with them or not. Note they have suspended him and not sacked him. Hope that is clear enough for you to understand.

You still haven't commented on the name calling you were complaining about. In fact you've done some more name calling since then and seem to be the only one that indulges in this.

You have also failed to grasp the point that you can't reduce everything to a yes or no principle and then demand a yes or no answer. I ask you to reply to this question yes or no. Are you still selling drugs outside school gates. See what I mean?

Your proof about his wages seems to come from various newspaper articles where any wild and unsubstantiated claims are bandied about. Do you have any REAL proof to back this up?

Likewise your claim that we should just stop paying him before he was found guilty of anything. Have you never heard of breach of contract?

You don't offend me with your capitals, I was merely pointing out that you were claiming other people were ranting when you're the only one using capitals. Double standards again but never mind.

As for tying me in knots. Well I'll leave others to judge that but perhaps it's my own fault for taking on such an intellectual giant, even if it's only a self proclaimed one.


Do you really think Wednesbury Wolves supports you because he's a fair minded football fan? Have a read of his earlier post, he's a supporter of the EDL. Be wary who you pick as your friends.

We Only Need One Half!

Bully, I am still waiting to know why he didn't support the clubs stance upon till yesterday, or the players, but seems to think he is being clever by asking posters if they support the club today?

Hypocrite all day long.

We Only Need One Half!

Still no answer than Do, still, why change your habits of a lifetime, eh?


Like i said earlier , i didn"t want Anelka to play for WBA.

However if he was that good for us would we consider this a suitable result.

Regarding his wage of £80,000. per week ,the club thought that was good money to pay.I don"t.

Many decisions are made and we have to accept them, nothing else to do, thats life lads.

So its not fair or right to pick on supporters who have different views to you.

Jack the Hat


I was under the impression Anelka's wages were £40,000 per week, how come it has doubled?.



Yes the club all day long.

I have supported WBA for sixty years until ill health forced me to live in warmer temps.

Only managing on my pension ,so no i am not flush with cash.

Stll,l watching the baggies every week because i cant turn away, i think i am like a moth who is always drawn to a candle

We Only Need One Half!

albpeh, if you can get up here for the Man Utd game, I will buy you a ticket.

Genuine offer.


Thanks for the offer but i am not coming back to the UK until after this game is played.

I am coming back to see my children and my grandchildren.

All of whom support West Brom, despite being tempted by other more glamorous teams

Once again thanks anyway.

I shall be watching the game on tv in the bookies here.

I have convinced most of the patrons to support the baggies.

These people are from all around the world working here.

We Only Need One Half!

No problem my friend, as you may or may not be aware I am not a STH, and buy tickets on a match by match basis because I cant always get to the games myself.

If you let me know in the future when you will be in Country, I will see what I can do.


Whilst the two crimes are very different in severity the only analogy i can think of to explain this is it's like being charged with murder but being found guilty of manslaughter, in a much as he did it but didn't mean it.

From a football perspective i hope NA takes his punishment and makes himself available for the run in as we are a bit light on strikers.

I personally don't care about anyone else's view on this my only concern is WBA and we need all available players fit and ready to go.


I am most unhappy. People seem to be missing the point. It was racist end of story. The only way to stop it is to punish the club. He won't miss the money it is a drop in the ocean to him. West Brom should be docked points. It is the only way forward.

We Only Need One Half!

and that is yet another libelous comment from a fool.

We Only Need One Half!

Well, despite several posters telling us in the build up to this case that "he knew what he was doing" apparently the F.A. disagreed, despite appointing their own prosecutors, who I am sure were the very best money could buy, Anelka's money that is, seeing he is now libel for all costs.

Presumably we can now expect to see the Police charge him with a racist offence of some description, and if not, why not? Could it be because in the real world the majority of us populate we all know there is no case to answer?

It would seem, even after the marsupial hearing he received, that not even the F.A., who appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner, still couldn’t prove any insult was intended to the group who have pushed this matter, precisely as Anelka has always maintained, and if some reports are to be believed, it has only cost him the best part of £250,000 of his own money to prove it.

Yet somehow he is guilty, guilty of what exactly? One of our own, and let’s not forget also the club, have had their good name besmirched. Forget pioneering moves such as 'Black Flash', forget Indian Academies that will lift hundreds of youngsters out of poverty and offer them the chance of a brighter future, forget taking 10 year old boys from war torn countries like Burundi and making them millionaires, apparently West Bromwich Albion will now be tarred (if it’s still not offensive to use that phrase) with the same brush. Just look at some of the foolish wulfies and people claiming to be Albion fans, who have already commented.

So who is to blame for this nonsense? well there are several protagonists, and, if I had my way, we would support Anelka by giving a definite salute of our own before each game till the end of the season, in exactly the same spirit that Anelka did, a anti establishment stance.

We should send a clear message, "we give this salute in the manner it was intended, not to offend any creed, colour, race or religion, but to show our defiance to the corrupt establishment, and the unimaginative drones who blindly prop them up, that continues to interfere in our daily lives on several levels"

We refuse to kowtow to a corrupt, inequitable and morally bankrupt F.A., we refuse to bend our knee to any outside business interests who attempt to blackmail and influence us on any grounds, we refuse to be dictated to on any policy in our own country by a Foreign Government, we refuse to have any race, colour, creed or religion use us in a attempt to advance their own agendas, we refuse to cooperate with a London centric biased and prejudiced media, along with its Manc enclave, and we refuse to be brow beaten by ill informed people who despite reveling in dissent purport to be supporters of our club.

See how they like them apples!


Well written and i hope it can be understood by everyone.

I would like to see all of our supporters do the gesture as i feel it was intended at every game.

We don"t want to be told how to act or even how to feel by some people who don"t have a clue.

So come on lads and lasses lets all stick together and we will not be told how to conduct our lives by any of these so called academics.

We know what is right.

No proof but still we find you guilty?

The Real Bully Hoo.


That is epic not just in length but in content as well. I know some will mock it (if their fingers don't get tired before they get to the end of it) but it is a truly wonderfully written piece.

Good reply from albpeh as well although I think we all know that any attempt at doing this salute would be deliberately misinterpreted in all of the media and Albion and our fans would be branded as racist despite what you've pointed out and the fact that we have a totally integrated and multi racial fan base..

I hope that NA does challenge it in the courts. I don't think the risk of longer ban will put him off although the financial threat might. I would love to see all of these people have to choke back their words and the FA left with a crippling legal bill to explain.

Since this began I've read extensively about the French comedian Dieudonne and what he does is far too complicated to argue on here but enough to say that he is not racist or anti semitic and he is being persecuted for political reasons by the French government as well as the Jewish lobby. Anybody interested in this there is plenty of information on the internet.

As somebody has already said, when is the action against Nasri and Sakho going to take place because if it doesn't we are left with the feeling that Anelka only plays for little old Albion so we'll leave it at making an example of him.

We Only Need One Half!

Bully, yeah I think albpeh may have misinterpreted what I meant (my bad, never made it clear enough) I wasn't necessarily advocating giving the Quenelle as a act of defiance to the establishment who seem hell bent on interfering, I was thinking more along the lines of a good old fashioned English two fingered salute!

You make a good point about this M'bala character, I to have read several articles, do you find it as strange has me that if the French find his quenelle so offensive, they have never jailed him for it (or even charged him over it as far has I can make out)?


we refuse to be dictated to on any policy in our own country by a Foreign Government, we refuse to have any race, colour, creed or religion use us in a attempt to advance their own agendas

oh dear wonoh, i know your just a football supporter trying to defend one of your own players{who would'nt} but to bring race,colour,creed,religion,agendas into the situation your just playing in to their hands.

sport should be devoid of the afore mentioned traits, but as we all know, it never is.

i hope wba stuff those mancs next week.

We Only Need One Half!

nik, you are absolutely right, those things shouldn't come into sport. But can you answer the following questions.

Who first bought this salute to light? I will give you a clue, they weren't English.

And what group has been instrumental in pushing for this prosecution? another clue, they were not a non religious one.

Now do you see why I agree with you they should NOT be part of sport.

p.s. I am not just a football fan trying to support one of my own, it goes deeper than that, I would defend you just as rigorously if you found yourself in a similar situation. Whats right is right.


I find it very strange original the fa expert in the quenelle found him guilty of been the biggest rasist on earth now he wasnt anti semitic or had an intention but he offended someone, by the same token that now means everytime someone shouts sheep shag*er or any other comment because they may have offended someone they must now get an immediate 5 game ban simple fan or player

the fa really havent covered thereself in glory here and by no means do i ever condone what anelka did it was silly and has brought a great cloud over the wba name but the way we acted around the whole situation has been a joke and at the moment you read the papers all the stuff is wba negative wba negative ok i accept if our players visited sick children it wouldnt make national papers but our name is tarnished if we do survive lessons need to be learned and this cannot happen again

again i dont condone anelkas actions but what he has been charged with is offending someone i donk five games 180000 in fees and a poxy course is going to do anything about it


Anelka knew what he was doing, and he never once thought about his team mates or the supporters.

Anelka has always done what he has wanted and only ever thinks of himself, or as he was quoted his close friends.

There is no point in trying to defend what he did, and there is no more point in debating if he meant it or not. He did it and he knew it would create a backlash. In this period he has still picked up his considerable wages and never once apologised.

As for claiming this saga is the reason for our present predicament and potential relegation I don't buy it.

What has Anelka actually contributed this season before this incident?

Apart from scoring twice at the Boleyn Ground (I was there as I go home and away) absolutely nothing. The team has performed without him and hopefully even better now this long drawn out saga is over.

Now we can all draw a line and focus on backing the players that put WBA first. If we all pull together we might just get out of trouble and stay up, if we do stay up it will be another great achievement for a club our size. No matter what division we play in I will still support my club, I will support any player that gives his best, and I will always be proud to be a Baggie.

Boing Boing.


SS. That sums up my feelings totally.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Interesting Mark Palios ex FA chaiman talking this morning.

'The tribunal said it's not a racist gesture and he didn't intend to make a racist gesture.' He went on to say that 'normal people may then ask if that's the case what has he been found guilty of? The wording of the finding will be very interesting when it's released.'

This may be a long way from being over yet. Anelka's legal team will go over the ruling with a fine tooth comb. I very much doubt if he will play for us again so it won't affect the club but in the interest of fair play I wish him well with the case.

Still awaiting Nasri and Sakho being charged as I'm sure is NA's legal team.


I am afraid you will be waiting forever for Nasri and Sakho to be charged.

Havent you noticed the common denominator yet?

The answer is these players appear to have longer to play still.

Do you agree?

The Real Bully Hoo.


The other common denominatur is that they play for 'glamour' clubs that have deep pockets.

Sir Lupi

As I said from the start, whatever the outcome of the Anelka debacle, Anelka did a stupid thing and has let the whole club down.

The blinkered blind faith shown by some of the WBA fans to this situation has not reflected well on the club. But regardless, the consequences of Anelkas gesture has put the club in an awkward position which will now inevitabley leave the club without a quality striking option at a time when they need it most.

Its the fans who are being punished and Anelka should put his hands up and apologise for this whole mess and never play in the UK again.

do lallytap

HEAR, HEAR....Best post on here

I bet they will call yow a dingle now !!

The Real Bully Hoo.

He isn't a Dingle he's a Wolves fan who has put over his point of view in an articulate and thoughtful way. I don't agree with him but he's entitled to his say. Shame you still call them Dingles after complaining about the name calling earlier.

CantelloRocket 78


Isn't it funny how when things were settled and going well at Albion, with Wolves in dire straights, you and certain other Wolves fans were as quiet as church mice, with no sign of you lot anywhere on here-

yet when things take a downturn at the Baggies, or there's a sniff of unrest here, you flood the site with condemnations aimed at whatever you can grab at associated to Albion??

Obviously your intentions are completely honourable, you're morally untouchable, and your only concern is for the happiness of Albion fans as you appear in your Angelic form to rid West Brom of all evilness.......

yeah right.........

Sir Lupi

Cantello: The fact you haven't disagreed with a word Ive said above, leads me to believe that your reply is the closest I will get to you acknowledging 'Lupi was right, I was wrong'

Now this debacle has almost concluded, I would just like to say...I was right, my opinion was largely shared by the majority of football fans.

Thankyou Cantello, for unintentionally agreeing with me in the end.

Best of luck for the rest of the season guys.

We Only Need One Half!

"my opinion was largely shared by the majority of football fans"

How you work that one out than Lupi? if with the stupidly worded polls the E&S have run, which undoubtedly some bitter wulfies have voted on, non have shown a majority either way, so what are you basing your statement on?

I can see why you would get on with Do Lall, he tends just to make things up to.

CantelloRocket 78


I said elsewhere that I've watch many Bullsh****rs in the past, and spent several years working alongside the biggest con- merchant I've ever encountered, so I know every trick in the book, inside out-

so for you to try twisting people's words is about as lame and pitiful an attempt at self-justification as I've seen In many a moon-

how utterly embarrassing........


Well done Jeremy Peace for suspending Anelka for his foolish actions. A vastly experienced world travelled footballer knows that every premier league game is televised and every movement, words spoken is scrutinised and players have to act accordingly( it goes with their fat salaries)

Was it coincidental that Anelka should wait until he scores to do this salute or maybe was it because it was at West Ham whose owners are Jewish???

By the way I was in the Witton Arms before the Villa game and was appalled at the Morons who were singing ' Lets do the Quenelle' and singing the praises of Anelka.

Unbelievable brainless people who would not have a clue about this situation regardless of the complete waste of time he has been on the pitch.

Again I will criticise Jeremy about other things going on at our club at present but when it comes to nonsense like this he will sort it out and will not tolerate this player bringing disrepute to our club.

do lallytap

It was probably the same morons Streetly who were chanting crude cringeworthy chants at Everton Away about Sinclair's Girlfriend and Len Fairclough.....they were an embarrassment but HEY HO a certain few on here would say it's all about supporting the Albion and we must be vociferous....yeah right ho !

We Only Need One Half!

Cant believe the amount of sheep on here who are quite happy to be dictated to what to think is right and what is wrong by a Foreign Government and a politically motivated self promotion group.

Drones, the lot of them. Where have all the real Englishmen gone?


Thank goodness someone who thinks.

CantelloRocket 78


well to quote the saying - 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going......'

are we Men or Mice? Quick, somebody hide the cheddar......

I've exhausted what I have to say on the issue, it's up to others to add their own input if they wish to-

I've really got very important family business to discuss in a couple of hours, so it's time to switch off.....................


The Real Bully Hoo.

'What's it all about.



alb means albion.

peh my initials




When I was over in Africa a few years back there was a man in a local village stoned to death for doing a gazelle if that helps.

End of Blog


The Real Bully Hoo.

He hasn't done that as well has he? In that case he deserves all he gets.

Jack the Hat


Stone me, the bounders, I'll go to the foot of out stairs.


Santas a baggie

And West Brom are still going to pay him while suspended......................Daily Mail 28/02/14 ...............thoughts.

We Only Need One Half!

I couldn't possibly comment Santa, I have not seen the contract he signed with us.


A disgraceful decision by the FA & one that I find very confusing. They say he's not an anti-semite & he did not intend to promote anti-semitism. The gesture he made has been called anti semitic by those who find Anelka's comedian friend, Dieudonné, who started the gesture, offensive. This of course would have nothing to do with the fact that he is an Anti-Zionist, & has never denied that, something you may not agree with but non the less something that is not illegal. Yes, he has been banned from some French cities but again this is for his 'alleged' views being offensive to 'some people', & as far as I am aware, he hasn't been found guilty of being anti-semitic!

I think the FA have bottled it under pressure.........from who, we can only wonder.This is a decision that should be pulled apart & questioned in depth because non of it makes sense.

Banning Anelka for an 'alleged' offensive gesture shows how ridiculous our Football Association is. This is the same FA that welcomed Paolo Di Canio to the Premier League as both a player & manager. Di Canio, on more than one occasion was seen giving the fascist salute, & is a self proclaimed fascist. His admiration for Mussolini is well known & he has links to some very dubious people such as senior fascist Paolo Signorelli. This, of course, didn't seem to matter for the FA................perhaps the same 'people' offended by Anelka's 'gesture' didn't shout as loud about Mr Di Canio?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Great point Cornish. I believe he also attended the funeral of a man convicted for killing people in terrorist bombings and gave the fascist salute.

I believe that when Anelka's lawyers receive the official paperwork they will rip the FA to pieces. I hope so anyway.

This is not because he's our player as I don't believe he'll play for us again. But this fiasco has contributed toward disrupting our club and somebody should pay for that.


As the name suggests, I am from 'up the road' but Baggies player or not, this stinks. It is a cowardly decision from a guttless body of people.

The funeral you talk of was for the senior fascist mentioned above, Paolo Signorelli.

I look forward to seeing how this one pans out. I hope Anelka takes it all the way & his lawyers have the nouse & stomach for a fight.

We Only Need One Half!

Cornish, what the detractors cant see (I am not wholly convinced whether it is through naivety or stupidity) is that we lose yet another civil liberty, and this decision means anyone of us, you, me, them can be accused and found guilty (I will not use the word convicted till he has received a real trial) of anything, regardless of intention and despite there being no evidence to support the charges bought.

And these morons sit there applauding and pontificating that the decision is quite correct just to try and make a point. I hope they still feel that way if it ever happens to them.

do lallytap

Yawn !!

Move on, nothing to see here !

We Only Need One Half!

No Do, you mean you have nothing to say.

No change there then.

p.s. these pages are for Albion supporters, seeing you have refused to say you support the club may I suggest you go and bore people some where else.

do lallytap

I have said over and over and over and over and over and over...I REPEAT...over again that I FULLY support the clubs stance on Anelka and I will ALWAYS support the club v Player any day of the week.

Now, in the hope of not having to repeat myself again, have I made THAT clear like I have in other posts or are you a bit blinkered to see them ?

do lallytap

For all you "civil liberties" lot....the REAL voice of reason...


"Anelka would not have the stomach to help Albion escape the drop if he returned"

"he got what he deserved"

"caused the club a few problems"

"He has not shown that much this season"

""You would hardly call him a raving success"

"in a relegation battle you have to dig in deep, get stuck in and I am not sure he is the right player for that."

"Most supporters think he would not be up to the battle,"

Who said all of that....go on have a guess...go on have a goo....some Wolves fan ??....Do lally ??....Some Villa Fan ??....some trouble maker ??....someone who don't know what they are on about ????....GO ON HAVE A GUESS !!!

The Baggies' official supporters club.....NOTE the word SUPPORTERS....S-U-P-P-O-R-T-E-R-S of the club....not supporters of one jumped up over paid big time Charlie......THE CLUB

REAL REACTION FROM REAL FANS....No chuff off Anelka and take yer miserable mug with you and do us all a favour....take your cronies as well.

Ta Ta Cantello....WONAH TRBH....Can't say anything about Rev Kev because he has gone mighty quiet....all of you shut the door behind you on the way out....you are NOT true supporters of OUR CLUB, all you are, are bickering, condescending Committee members who think you know it all until you meet real fans who railroad through all of your crass posts....move over, it's time for REAL fans on here

One thing for certain, long after Le Sulk has gone WBA FC will still be here

The Real Bully Hoo.

Great at blustering and more than full of huff and puff but not so good on debating things. Still no answer to any of the points I made earlier and the questions I asked, just lots and lots more hot air.

Do these quotes come as an official release form the supporters club and was it voted on or are they the 'off the cuff' remarks of one member.

When you have anything in the slightest worthwhile to say I might listen but until then carry on with your unusual method of support. You see, I don't take the liberty of trying to arbitrate on who our supporters are or throw them out of the club if they don't agree with me, very childish 'toys out of the pram' response that one.

I would like to say you are pathetic but I always try to be polite so I will refrain from doing that. I will now move over and allow you and your Madrid and Sociedad fans to get on with it.

Have a nice day.

do lallytap

TUT TUT...Name calling now ?

Suppose it's the old saying "Truth ALWAYS hurts"

We at least we all know you and your lot are the MINORITY when it comes to Le Sulk and the MAJORITY of real fans wand rid of him....keep on spouting yer guff, it's very entertaining

do lallytap

So even HE is wrong and YOU are right ??

Me thinks you are so wrapped up in your own self importance that even your hoppos have deserted you....one lone voice in the wilderness getting further and further away....We ought to have a whip round to see if we can raise a couple of quid to see if you can go further way.

TA TA WONOH you will soon be at the gates of WWFC !

The Real Bully Hoo.

1. I haven't called you any names.

2. You seem to have changed your claim from The Official Supporters Club to One Man as I corrected you earlier.

3. Who are these majority of Real fans you claim to speak for except figments of your imagination? I speak for myself and don't need to pretend to have some groundswell behind me for justification as I'm confident of my own views.

4. You still haven't answered a single one of the questions I asked you.

5. I'm not WONOH.

6. What the hell is a Hoppo?

Sorry, that last one was a question and you never answer them do you? Oops sorry that's another question

BTW, I'm not going anywhere. The only reason to move seats would be if I sat by somebody that booed our players and called them childish names. Enjoy your summit meeting with Mr Cleverly and Wednesbury Wolf in that phone box.

CantelloRocket 78


I said in a previous post that 'Mr.Do' searches for any morsel to back up his prejudiced beliefs, then throws himself onto the site both feet first with LOUD abrasive rants, eminating from his overblown ego-

but when confronted with intelligent opposition to his views, he squeals a bit longer, then melts into the shadows-

there's many genuine Baggies fans on this site, yet despite 'Do' proclaiming himself the ideal, chosen Albion 'fan leader', who sits on the right hand of God, his 'supporters' on here appear to consist of 'wednesbury wolf' - who obviously hates the Albion - and our resident, obsessed, troublemaking rival troll-

what a formidable army!!!

He's been invited to have a face-to-face chat at least 4 or 5 times on here from different people, and he's either thrown back insults, or not had the decency to even reply-

obviously in a room full of people, if he's losing the argument, there's nowhere for him to run and hide, as he often does on here.

Pathetic beyond belief.........

do lallytap

"Squeak"...that lone voice is getting further away

do lallytap

"Cleverley is out of touch"......#COUGH#...Is this the same Cleverley who goes to EVERY match home and away....now explain to me how he can be "Out of touch" if he goes to every game ?

I have also seen him at the 2nd team and youth matches but he is out of touch ??

OH DEAR WONOH....keep digging....you lay em I'll play em...EASY !

CantelloRocket 78


you just don't get it, do you?

It just flies completely over yer head-

being 'out of touch' means saying Ridgewell had a completely rubbish match at Chelsea, when he actually made one mistake throughout the game, yet cleared several dangerous crosses, and laid on Sessegnon's goal-

'out of touch' is watching Anelka run 20 yards past 3 West Ham defenders, fooling the 'keeper to score, then saying your dog could've done that-

'out of touch' is saying Brunt and Anelka were rubbish in games when they were acclaimed 'man of the match' by sponsors and many fans-

yer see, you can watch every game from now 'til doomsday, but if you have a blind prejudice, or beliefs in yer head that don't match up with what's actually happening before your eyes, then you're 'present and in attendance', but completely OUT OF TOUCH.......

and now I have to tell meself off for even responding to your innane tripe......

like I said yesterday, from now on talk to the hand!!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


As you know he's got us over a barrel.

Reply to him and you're giving him the attention he craves.

Ignore him and he claims it's because he's right and you don't have an answer.

Ask him a question and he never answers but comes up with another blustering rant.

It's best to keep replying to him and allow others to be his judge. He's already converted Wednesbury Wolves to his way of thinking as WW only hated us a bit previously.

CantelloRocket 78


Last time I recall Mr.Lally on here was when he was still bad-mouthing Markus Rosenberg after he made generous donations to Sue Ryder's charity cause, resulting in a long line of people queuing up to condemn his words - and as usual, he then slinked away into the shadows.

Sooner or later, the public always get wise to the boorish element of society, if you keep blasting out hot air in the direction of people they eventually start reacting like you've been eating raw garlic..........

do lallytap

My god Cantello, you need help.

Ridgwell is dire and nearly every FAN can see it....even Pepe said we need a new left back.

Anelka is dire and an embarrassment to the club and nearly every FAN can see it and YES my dog could have scored them....what about Anelkas contribution in the other matches...OHH YOU CAN'T say can you....you can't remember can you...NO because it was unforgettable.

Rosenberg was DIRE all the time he was here and then all of a sudden he is gods gift when he dumped his trash at a charity shop to save on removal fees and also because he already had a furnished house where he was going, lets be under no illusion here his junk fetched what he earned in just over half a day but HEY HO some fans on here used it to have a dig at those who kept having a dig at him for being so DIRE....don't alter the fact at how bad he was, another embarrassment

Brunt is dire and as others have said can't understand why he has been named man of the match, in fact as Captain of the team how come he hasn't sorted out the unrest in the camp...Captain my backside...Captain Chaos

And when the secretary of the official West Brom supporters' club said all of the above things about Anelka someone who goes to EVERY match, this supposed to be "FAN" who really IS in cloud cuckoo land, your hoppo, said Cleverley is "Out of touch".

I see you now have a new saying "talk to the hand", it's a new saying from you which has took over you....That was a saying from 15 years ago which brings home what I have said all along, living in the past, time for rack & ruin to move on to pastures green and let some younger blood who talk sense on here....your time is up WONOH, TRBH and Can'ttellowt ...every ridiculous post you put on here proves that point.

Als as we speak the FA are considering an even LONGER ban for this fool...TA TA SULK !

TRBH...."Converted" Wednesbury Wolves....there was another Wolves fan on here who was agreeing with Cantellowt & Co, didn't you see them either.

People have opinions and yet you start bleating like Odemwingie when they have opinions better than yours....give it but can't take it....As I said, people have come wise to you "FANS", your time is up...TA TA !

Remind me again....Wheres Rosenberg....Wheres Odemwingie...Wheres Long...Wheres Anelka...players you vociferously backed over the past few months....WHERE ARE THEY ???

Just shows you how much you know....NOTHING.

I find it really ironic that you mention Sue Ryder Cancer charity when not long ago it was one of the "Committee" who maked a disgusting remark about cancer towards me but I suppose you "never saw that" or you "can't remember"....well I and others saw it and I and others remember it....short minds equals short memories

CantelloRocket 78


my views are so 'meaningless' and 'worthless' to you that early on a Sunday morning I've obviously got you worked up into a real state, I can see you runnin' round in circles with steam comin' out yer ears-

you seem to have spent at least an hour putting together another stroppy rant like a little kid havin' a tantrum 'cos he can't get his own way.

Now listen carefully-

no one's interested in your totally prejudiced views, endlessly hounding and insulting players like some kind of crazed stalker - just relax -

END !!!!


The Real Bully Hoo.

This may be a strange notion to you but I am going to answer your points.

1. Some fans like yourself have a downer on Ridgewell. Many have come on here with a reasoned assessment although admitting he's not Ashley Cole he's a decent PL left back. What Pepe Mel has said is that he needs competition.

2. Anelka is quality and had an excellent game against Everton, perhaps you didn't see that one.

3. Rosenberg had little time on the pitch which makes it difficult to play well. Even you must see that.

4. Brunt has been one of our best players, anybody that claims to understand football should be able to see that. The only unrest seems to have centred around Dave McDonough and as he's gone perhaps you ought to be praising Brunty for sorting it out.

5. That is still the view of one man and not the supporters club however many times you repeat it.

6. You still haven't told us what a Hoppo is, is it some sort of frog?

7. The FA are doing no such thing as they have to wait to hear if he is to appeal. That one is not just bending the truth it's a lie.

8. Yes there were a couple of Wolves fans on here calmly assessing the situation, some were supportive others against and they're entitled to their opinions.

Wednesbury was raving in a similar manner to you.

BTW. You have claimed to be of mixed race and Wednesbury has said that he is a supporter of the EDL and the BNP, so I hope you and your new friend get along although I doubt it apart from the times you're joining forces to attack the Albion.

9. I never supported Odemwingie. What I said was booing him in the way you advocated would have a negative effect on the rest of the team.

10. Long has gone and is scoring for his new team. I see no shame in the fact that I said I rated him and hoped we would keep him.

11. Rosenberg wanted first team football and moved on to get it. That does not make him rubbish.

12. Anelka. See above.

That is a demonstration of how to answer questions. You've still failed to answer any of mine or anybody else's unless you call these vitriolic rants replies.

Keep on booing and the rest of us supporters will keep trying to drown you out with our cheers.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've just seen the article you base the FA point on and it is merely a statement of fact. If you read through it you will see that it is merely stating that they are at liberty to appeal in the same way that the player is.

If they do then to my mind they risk making themselves look even more foolish in trying to increase his punishment for a gesture they've agreed isn't racist and agreed that it wasn't meant that way.

But then not looking foolish isn't some people's strong suit is it?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Out of touch and seeing every game are two different things. I've said before, you could take a chimpanzee to every game but it still wouldn't understand football.

do lallytap


OMG TRBH, that post has shown everyone EXACTLY what you know about football, I have never laughed so much in my entire life, that post stinks of sheer desperation.

Ridgwell is a decent left back....what the hell ??

Anelka is quality...what the hell ??

Rosenberg had little time on the pitch....err because he was crap ??

You never supported Odem....what a crock, you and you sheep were right behind this man.

I am of mixed race and what has anyone who is in the BNP or EDL got to do with my colour, they choose to be in those groups, there are many races in the EDL and BNP....you bigot !

We must wait for his appeal ???...You really think he will ??

Reading that stupid post....I have never laughed so much since Keith Curle scored that own goal when we played the Dingles

Keep it up TRBH, it only strengthens my argument that you are not in touch with reality and I bet your HOPPOS were cringing with embarrassment reading that hilarious post....10/10 for entertainment, it really has made my day

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think that post says so much more than I ever could so I'll leave it at that. Thank you.

CantelloRocket 78


ever watched the Batman Movies and TV Series where 'The Joker' keeps shouting at everyone about what a genius he is, and they're all fools - then laffs out loud to himself in a manic 'cackle', whilst everybody else stands back and thinks 'he really ain't right, one day he'll be in a straightjacket.....'-

well watch out 'Caped Crusader' - the 'Joker' is STILL around, and hiding on the E&S West Brom site!!!