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The man is doing a great job he will win a game one day hopefully in 2018


I suspect there will be many fans out there when they heard Dave McDonough's name mentioned yesterday will have said "who?". I for one had never heard of him before and what his role was.

As more information has come out, thanks to Steve Madeley and other local journalists, it is becoming clear that the unrest with players and backroom staff was not with Pepe Mel but Dave McDonough.

Hopefully this will end the friction which may have been having an affect on the club and player performances and allow everyone to focus on the matter in hand, winning matches and avoiding relegation.


We are just becoming a laughing stock.

Captain Mardon International

I don't agree, the chairman has recognised that there is a problem and has acted quickly by getting rid of the person who annoyed the team.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ahoy Captain.

Good call.


Captain MI - - - - THIS PENNY PINCHING CHAIRMAN is part of the problem- - - NOT the solution

Captain Mardon International

So for you what is the immidiate solution?


Agreed. Well done JP, a good decision. Time for the players to step up.


Blimey you can't keep up it's that fast paced these days

So is that the bad apple been thrown away?

If SC has finished working on the pitch now,call him in off his gardening duties

Let's get back to some normality

Rash decisions have caused utter turmoil!!!


JP has got a lot of soul searching to do ....if he has a soul or heart that is. He has made some very poor decisions since Roy left. It has now become shambolic. Time to sell up and move on, methinks.


simmo54. Thank God 'your thinks' don't count for Jack, er, er, what was it Clint Eastwood said ?


And neither does yours, Cyril .... fortunately

The Real Bully Hoo.


Who should he sell up to? I know this has been asked before and we're still awaiting the first answer. It's not enough to just say that he should sell up without providing any other information.

Do you know how much the club would be worth?

Do we sell it with proviso's IE that the new owner doesn't sell the ground, the academy, the training ground and the best players?

It's boring to say do we sell to a Vincent Tan or Carsen Yeung but still not quite as pointless as saying get rid of the chairman/owner.

Moving on can mean two things. As they say in the financial adverts 'your investment can go down as well as up.' Likewise our club can. If we go down there's no guarantee of coming back with Mr Peace at the helm but even more so without him.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You've replied to Cyril, why not me?


Speechless. Shambles.

Captain Mardon International

Sounds like a decision for the best. Just hope they employ an interpreter quick fast.

Step forward Super Kev


Great idea Captain Marvel. Kev would soon have the players singing from the same hymn sheet. He'd probably name one or two after his donkeys just to keep them up beat and smiling.

Kev in Mallorca


If nothing else I'd change the booing to braying.


Captain Mardon International

If yams out on that pitch with yer Karl Henry donkey outfit on I'm sure that would stop all booing.


CYRIL....hes a joke.

Kev in Mallorca


I doubt that would universal accepted especially when some think my Espanyol [or Catalan] is not up to it, but I would certainly send the team out in the appropriate attire and a smile on their face.


The Real Bully Hoo.

The real dream.




First team coach.


Head of sporting and technical development.

Bring on the Champions League.

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

What on earth is going on behind the scenes at West Brom , we need stability if we are to get out of this trouble and all the members of the staff need to be behind the club including the Chairman. We must move on but the news of Anelka hasn't helped today I would think the best thing to do is sack him because he will be gone by the end of this season I cannot see WBA taking up another season with him who has given us nothing except the two goals against West ham which has now brought the club into turmoil due to his celebrations.

gene o pittsburgh

Don't know much about McDonough or what he added to the"football dept" but seems to me players have got their way. Had a lot of hope for this bunch & always back them but starting to wonder if the ( boys in the fancy suits) got to much influence. Hope I'm just a bit shaken by this mess


Dave McDonough should have been relieved of his first duties and sent back to his day job. This way the players are happy and it saves embarrassment on the club. I think JP is losing the plot


JP has acted quickly, as usual. It looks like McDonough was 'over doing his role'

( No, I never watch 'Bake Off' programmes). If we are relegated, I believe the players wages go down too. You can easily understand why they want the ship straightened and pointed in the right direction. That's JP's problem and we just have to trust his judgement. It's funny how one 'salute' by Anelka seemed to open sluice gates of problems which could wash the club down the drain. Last night on WM I heard the last 12 minutes. We had Franksie saying the club was in serious decline and in danger of imploding. Then one geezer, very passionate indeed, sounded like he was having a brain episode, followed by another blaming EVERYTHING on JP. Cor stone the crows ! I was glad when it ended. It bordered on the hysterical. It pays to keep calm and cool in a crisis and this is NOT a crisis yet.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Sounds just like what that particular bloke likes to provoke, I wouldn't give him house room. Give me the calm fairness of Tom Ross any day.

On Dave McDonough. I seem to remember that at Liverpool Rafa didn't get on with his players. Coincidence?


sorry that should be first team duties

Blue & white forever

Maybe now we can save our season, everyone pulling together without people trying to bolster there positions. Perhaps we might play for 90 minutes because if he was involved pre- match it might explain a thing or two as to our slow starts. I understand not very charismatic and certainly feathering his own bed. We have great Scouts (White, Spearing, Hope) having found Mulumbu, Yacob, Odemwingie - why change because someone else comes in and wants his way. No need to fix it if it is not broken. The Club is sorted for now so all the fans need to get behind the Coaches & Players so we can survive.


I hear that Bobby Hope has also gone. Why? I have total respect for him he has served the Albion for years and has lots of experience both as a player and coach.

Very sad to see him go, if it's true.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I remember somebody saying a month or two back that he isn't well unfortunately so it may well be down to that. I don't know anything just guessing.

Santas a baggie

Heard the same too.


Why do people want to get rid of JP? Changing the Chairman will not mean that we become a top six side, JP has overseen stability financally within the club, so if the worse happens and we get relegated we will again be in a position to bounce back. An extravagant new Chairman throwing money around will probably only lead to financial ruin and even worse, just look at Portsmouth and other ex premier league teams now outside the prem. People make mistakes yes, but it is how you deal with them is what matters, i believe JP is working hard to make the best of a bad job at the moment. I know it can be very frustrating not winning everyweek but keep the faith.

never heard of him, but if he was butting in, then good move and buttout.

Stearmans overhead kick

GNIOB ! GNIOB ! GNIOB ! Baggies are going backwards. We will come and fill your seats for you next season muppets.

The Real Bully Hoo.

We'll keep a space in the corner for you, can you supply your own pointed hat though?