Decision day for Walsall budget plan

Chiefs at Walsall Council were this evening meeting to make a final decision on where £21 million budget cuts will be made.

Walsall Council House

Council bosses at the authority have previously insisted their final proposals – which have seen a number of controversial cost-cutting plans scrapped – were good news for the borough, with council tax frozen and libraries, leisure centres and day care centres staying open.

But concerns have been raised that beneath the surface some services still face devastating cuts with £104m of savings needed in the next five years.

Some £6.82m will go from social care and health, £5.1m from children’s services, £1.5m from leisure and culture, £1.69m from regeneration and transport, and £2.3m from resources.

The Walsall Council House meeting is set to begin at 6pm. Protesters from Walsall Against Cuts will be demonstrating outside prior to the meeting from 5pm.

See reporter Laura Blyth's tweets from the meeting on Twitter -

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Comments for: "Decision day for Walsall budget plan"


Could you publish photographs of the demonstrators please?

They always make me laugh.


I heard a guy on WM who had organised a protest at the cuts and thinks the Council should tell the Government they should not cut the subsidy. He obviously thinks all of the tax payers in the country should pay for the excesses of Walsall Council. The other, more logical answer is to make the people in Walsall pay through an increase in their Council Tax, bet this would kill any protest stone dead. In fact the sooner Central Government gets out of financing and trying to control local operations the better.