Video - Terrifying moment plane struggles to land at Birmingham Airport

This is the terrifying moment a pilot battles to safely land his plane at Birmingham Airport as the craft is buffeted by high winds.

The video of the landing, posted on YouTube by user flugsnug, shows the aircraft first being rocked by the rough winds as it approaches the runway.

On landing the plane bounces off the asphalt from wheel to wheel, throwing up clouds of white smoke, before being skilfully brought under control by the pilot.

Since being uploaded to the website it has been viewed more than three-and-a-half million times. And users commenting on the site have praised the skills and actions of the pilot for bringing the aircraft down safely.

One user, a pilot for 28 years, wrote that the aircraft was making a final approach into a strong headwind coming slightly from the right. “The pilot was ‘crabbing’ the aircraft nose into the wind to keep it flying on a straight path on to the runway.”

The user, called TheJapanChannelDcom, said this was ‘a standard procedure’ in the circumstances. “Wind shear, different wind speeds at different heights, caused the aircraft to lose lift suddenly. It touched down early while still to the right causing a partly sideways impact of undercarriage on the runway,” the user wrote.

“It would qualify as a ‘rough landing’ and would have been reported to the company engineers for a check of the undercarriage before the next flight.”

User Jay’s Aviation & Plane Spotting wrote: “That’s the airline pilots I know! Skilled and incredible.” Meanwhile, automan1223 said: “That was actually an excellent landing in horrible conditions.”

Fellow user Gemcor added that people would be ‘amazed’ at the technology that goes into creating a landing gear for an aircraft.

User Brendan Johnson simply said that it had been a ‘great landing’ by the pilot. The video was taken at the weekend.

In December, another video shot at Birmingham Airport shows planes struggling to land in extreme weather.

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Comments for: "Video - Terrifying moment plane struggles to land at Birmingham Airport"


I'll fly with him any time. Great job.

Sir Lupi

The pilot deserves a medal.


Talk about over exaggerating - it's nothing more than a normal, cross wind landing.......nowt spectacular!

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