2,000 jobs now face Wolverhampton City Council axe

Two thousand jobs will go at Wolverhampton City Council – double the number originally thought and a third of the workforce – as huge crippling cuts were outlined today.

Staff were summoned to the Civic Hall where they were given the bombshell that even more of their jobs were facing the axe than they first thought.

The devastating cuts come following warnings last month that without them the authority would go insolvent in a year and would not even be able to empty the bins.

Council bosses, including Labour leader Councillor Roger Lawrence, spelt out the severity of the cuts and revealed new savings, including:

  • Cameras to enforce bus lanes, with fines being used to boost council coffers.
  • Businesses will be forced to pay if they want graffiti removed.
  • A reduction in budget for outdoor events.
  • All annual pay rises for staff to be frozen.
  • No sick pay for staff for their first day off work
  • Full-time contracts for staff will be reduced from 37 hours a week to 35.
  • Council tax will rise by just under two per cent – the first increase since 2009.

It comes after the authority revealed in October last year that 1,000 jobs were under threat. That figure rose to 1,400 in December before jumping again today to 2,000.

The council says it has been forced to make sweeping cuts as it has lost £147 million worth of central government funding.

Plans were also confirmed today to increase the price of school meals by 8p, although schools will decide whether or not to pass that cost on to parents. The council recommends they charge £2.10 in most schools or £2 in nurseries.

Will you be affected by these cuts? Have your say in the comments below, or tweet @ExpressandStar

And neighbourhood wardens patrolling the streets will be reduced from 30 to 18. Libraries will also have their opening hours dramatically reduced.

Voluntary groups, such as the Central Youth Theatre, also still face cuts to their grants of £1.6 million.

The staff briefings were held as the council confirms its budget for the next year, having consulted on £123 million of cuts over the next five years.

Without deep cuts, the council had warned it would have gone bust and could even have been short of enough funding to empty the bins.

But today Councillor Lawrence said: “We have a legal budget, we won’t go insolvent and we will empty the bins. Even so, this is not at all where we want to be.

“Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t be doing any of this.”

He described the cuts as ‘painful’ and warned that no area of the council would be left untouched by cuts, with services scaled back and in some cases stopped altogether.

The council tax rise will see most properties, which fall in the cheapest Band A and Band B rating, pay an extra £1.46 and £1.70 a month respectively.

Someone in a Band D home would pay an extra £26.20 a year with those in the most expensive homes paying even more.

However, there was positive news when bosses pledged to do all they can to secure the future of Bantock House and Central Baths. They also said they were seeking volunteers to try and keep under-threat libraries open.





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Comments for: "2,000 jobs now face Wolverhampton City Council axe"


Keep voting Labour Wolverhampton.

This is what your Council does for you. The Unions thrive on it only for their own pockets. Not yours or their 'members'

And before the blah blah comments cuts from Central Goverment blah blah etc . This rot has been in the town for years.

Vote like your dad and expect more. Bankrupt in a year.

Change only comes when you make it and it is time for one in Wolverhampton.


*Government (sorry!)


What a load of twaddle. At least the Unions look after the workers - the Tories hive out jobs to their unaccountable chums in Serco and Capita G4S etc. and then pay workers a pittance so they end up giving them tax credits which subsidise the huge profits that are made !


Unions pretend to be socialist and 'for the people' but they in it for themselves.

Scargill failed. Then proven he fiddled NUM expenses to fund his second home, which he tried to purchase under Maggies Right to Buy! A proper Comrade!

Red Robbo brought down a massive chunk of the British Car Building Industry where a big hole still stands empty at Longbridge.

Bob Crow according to Wikipedia earns £133k a year.

Hmm who pays for that? - the sap worker.


Tories don't care about anyone but themselves and their cronies. We are still paying the price for the greedy bankers who had their snouts in the trough. Thatcher lied to the country about pit closures. We used to make rubbish cars in this country but now we make some of the best. The divide between rich and poor continues apace under the Tories and so do social problems and inequality !

What's the worst that can happen !

Don't forget, good old Bob lives in a council house.

He should be evicted and the property allocated to someone that needs it.

Champagne socialists.

Union members are so stupid that they keep funding these leeches.


What utter rubbish Wulfrunian!

It was the last Labour Government that left this country on the brink of bankruptcy, not the bankers.

If it wasn't for tough measures to reduce deficits by the current coalition Government (not Tory) then where would be now?

This country is trying to look forward and manage it's finances sensibly. Harking on about the past is unproductive and grasping at straws.

Yes, it is awful people are losing their jobs, but one has to ask how many will be voluntary? how many will actually be agency staff? and what areas will be affected? One also has to ask, as has been known in the past, that these redundancies are not replaced with agency staff or the same people re-employed under a new contract?

Facts not blame is what needed.

What's the worst that can happen !

The Union coupled to pathetically weak management has led to this fiasco.

Unions achieve nothing.

They cause trouble, restrict flexibility and bully people to join in environments such as this.

Civil servants have not got a clue about financial prudence or maximising value for money.

Ask any private company that works for a council and they will tell you what a shambles they are.

The Council needs to be run like a business and the first thing to do is put the Union and it's bone idle reps back in a their box.


Local Government workers are NOT Civil Servants. The level of ignorance on this blog is frightening.


The unions look after their workers- I hope they look after these 2,000 better than they looked after me, two years I was made redundant (targeted) by poor management in what used to be a good company. I was a union rep for years, then when I needed them for my tribunal after doing my own appeal, well put it this way I am still waiting for the call, even though the rep said this would go to tribunal, they hadn't even got the gut's to phone me to say no chance !


The council has be mis-managed for years by both Labour and Tory. Dudley has been run into the ground through years of Tory rule. Who would you advise us to vote for then?


It doesn't matter if it was the Tories or the Labour Party. The people responsible are the incumbents at the time of setting out budgets. Maybe these chief executives and senior managers are the ones who should be held to account? After all, it doesn't matter to them which political party has control.


Totally agree what I would like to know, is this going to affect the councillors and particularily the ones that cannot be bothered to turn up at scrutiny panels or even council meetings. hat about the small minority of councillors that do nothing in there wards. what about the small minority that even do not reply to telephone or e mails

some of these councillors get large allowances and for what and why through our council tax are we paying for a small minority of councillors for doing no work in there work

This is the fault of the selection panels that select them in the first place


Oh yes, lets make a big song and dance that two of the most underused services in Wolverhampton, central baths and Bantock are saved. Grr.

So as a Council employee (ccurrently but for how long) already struggling on one income as my partner is currently out of work (through no fault of his own) I've been told that there's going to be additional job losses, a pay freeze and a reduction in working hours resulting in a £150 a month deficit after tax in my salary. Surely thats a change in my contract so where has the consultation been on that??????

People have been advised to take voluntary redundancy - they don't mention that they REFUSED a lot of these applications at the beginning of the year.

Theres been a blanket ban on spending announced, fair enough, but when people are having to resort to a "swop shop" for stationery you know the situation is farcical.

But hey ho it doesn't matter that for the most part, hardworking and dedicated staff are being toyed around with at least we've still got Bantock and the baths


See a lawyer not a union rep for proper advice!


I'm not in the union anyway. Dont believe they do anything to help you unless there's something in it for them

Putza Shiftin

Oh dear! If that is the best plan leadership of this council can come up with, the City is in real trouble!

Force businesses to pay for graffiti removal? Many won't pay and presumably it will attract more if the same if not removed. We could be the graffiti capital of Europe very soon!

More cameras to target motorists? Clearly a making scheme! Undeniable evidence of intent there given it is part of a package to cut costs and raise revenue!

How about a little accountability here? Who led the council to this landmark situation? Who has failed to attract inward investment? Who has fiddled to regenerate the city where others have succeeded in less affluent areas than the West Midlands?

Why should staff always suffer because of poor leadership?

I am not a council worker but I imagine this is a hard message to swallow and what will be left for those who are lucky enough to keep their jobs?

It will be interesting to see what they try to do with council tax after this announcement but any fuss should be capped.


Wolverhampton City Clowncil.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Specifically, where are the 2,000 Jobs going?


Well reading the cabinet report which was approved late last year/early this year, most seem to be in the community directorate so you have lwisure services, learning disability services, older people and children

Ricky Tee

Read a piece by the tory leader last week saying they had £44 million in the coffers in 2008, Labour soon cleaned that out! Where's the money gone???


I have been wondering that!


And I read a piece from a Labour spokes person saying the Tories left nowt!! Just who do you believe ?


just been talking to a councillor who does not know how many people are being made redudant from the council what sheer arrogance poor leadership at the council

this councillor does not care about the people of this city all they want to do is feather there own nest

do you want people like this to represent you on the council ? well may 2nd you can have your say


The Tory led Coalition will not be satisfied until they have completely dismantled the social fabric of this country and replaced it with a neo-Victorian style society where the weak,and the old,and the helpless are at the mercy of the "Masters"


Oh please! what a load of leftist/Marxist twaddle.


Come the revolution brothers!!


Woody65 thanks for the Party Political Broadcast but you really need a reality check instead !


You need a reality check on what caused the financial melt down. It was the bankers that caused the main problem and that is a documented fact!! Labour did over spend as they always do , but not to the tune of Trillions. It was a world wide issue that has been felt in most countries who are also in debt. Take a look at China today. They are in process of staving off financial issues. I'd agree Labour don't help themselves, but they are not the sole cause of our problems. Far from it!!


The L party are the sole cause of Wolverhampton Councils lack of money!


I agree the banks contributed to the world recession.

However, in relation to this country, the last Labour Government kept on spending which really didn't help.

Now the Labour controlled Wolverhampton council really have messed up big time with their bad fiscal management and over inflated salaries for senior managers. Unfortunately, it's the workers on the frontline who are being sacrificed for their mistakes.

Not the Tory Party, not Maggie Thatcher or the supposed 'Masters' whoever they are!


are they going to do up the civic centre at a cost of 16 million pounds brilliant thinking when so many people have no jobs. will the mayor still be riding round in his mayoral cart

PJW Holland

2,000 out of how many?

What kind of jobs are being cut. If these are back-office jobs then good. If not then what are they playing at?


So it's "good" if back office jobs are cut is it? You're assuming that all back-office workers are lazy, inefficient and not delivering anything to the public?

I just hope that you don't have any relatives in the back office.

PJW Holland

back office staff do not deliver services... hence the term. It is usual for Local Government to cut those who deliver services rather than their bureaucracy and when money is plentiful it is the bureaucracy that is expanded and not the services.


So you like the idea of 2000 people losing their jobs? I hope you will be as pleased when it's your street that stays dirty, your elderly relative with no carer, your bin unemptied. You use the phrase back-office in a derogatory manner, which goes to prove that you know nothing of some of the key functions. What a truly pathetic meaningless post.


Unfortunately Lakeside there are an awful lot of them. People are brainwashed by right wing media and can't think for themselves.

PJW Holland

What is derogatory about mentioning a particular function by name?

See above.

As a matter of fact I know a great deal about the key functions and also of the wanton and deliberate waste in Local Government. I was a senior manager in Local Government and my function was to cut the waste... and believe you me the level of resistance was colossal

80% of the administration of a typical Local Authority is total waste.


You gave these two the sucker punch PJW Holland chinned em both, there's nothing like knowing your onions !

My Friend Stan

Have they explained how they are going to cope with 2,000 fewer staff? What a complete and utter shambles!


Over 2000 jobs are going, what a devastating blow for the city . I cant possible understand how the council will run or the impact it will have on those families affected. Whats even more devastating is that free schools in the city are being given £1.6 million to fund growth. Why should our local education provision be scaled back whilst Anand Primary School receives additional funding? Just how many jobs would £1.6 million save?


How many of the 2000 are those that were TUPED across from the NHS Public Health. Of which the Council is now accountable for, which is very costly.

Council Staff reading this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take voluntary redundancy. You will lose out £1000's on your pension. And also you will be offered a meager amount on your MARS. (Mutally Agreed Redundancy Scheme).

Many of you will have mortgages, you have house repairs, you have kids, some coming to the end of Secondary School and looking to go to College, and others who have kids at College looking to go to Uni.......

It costs up to £700 to see a Financial Planner, to transfer your pensions to better performing plans. The Council are forcing you out. You have the right to stay on until they say there is no job for you and give you an end date. The longer you are at the council. The more redundancy they have to pay you!

Then you can pay a lump sum of your mortgage off, to reduce your payments, and then you can claim council tax benefit from being unemployed.

Also if you go for VR the council have no obligation to find suitable employment for you. If your job is at risk, and you don't opt for VR, the Council by law has to find alternative employment for you !!!! PLEASE REMEMBER THIS !!!!!


You might want to xheck some of those facts. As it stands the vr figures offer better value than those offered by compulsory redundancy. Secondly, if you are going to be made compulsory redundant by the council they are not obliged by law to find you alternative employment. You will be put on the redeployment register for a period of time but you are by no means guaranteed another job.

Ultimately, for many people vr is the better option


With respect, that is utter nonsense. The Council may look to redeploy workers at risk, but it doesn't sound as if there are any alternative roles available. In situations such as this, there is little point hanging on until the bitter end. Packages for VR are usually enhanced and it is better to take control of your situation, and walk out on your own terms and start the process of finding a new job. You are also likely to get Pay In Lieu of Notice and therefore have time free, paid, to take a break and look for something else. As for the comment about finding better performing plans, anyone who decides to transfer accrued benefits out of the Local Government Pension Scheme would be mad to do that.


There is still the historic sentiment that people rise up through the ranks in the public sector from their years of service rather than ability (ever heard of the phrase dead man's shoes??). The lack of commercial acumen and people in the public sector with solid foundations in the private sector who are at senior levels is nonsensical. The public sector in this country has been brought to its knees by an inefficient and commercially inept combination of Councillors, Unions and management. Wolverhampton is no different and I'm not saying all public sector management should be tarred with the same brush, but even the good ones out there can understand my sentiment and will know of plenty of management colleagues who you wouldn't get to organise the proverbial drink up at Banks's. And before anybody mentions it again, the problems in the public sector in this country are nothing to do with which political party is in power, because they are all as bad as each other.


Is this not why the Tories are reducing the public workforace...to drive services into the private sector where the pursuit of profit forces people to upskill and be competitive? This is all very well and good but some people just cannot survive and cope in a competitive world.


As opposed to the wonderfully managed private sector banks and financial institutions who had absolutely nothing to do with causing our economic meltdown! To say nothing of G4s, Crapita, Serco etc etc etc


Sounds like another gravy-train hitting the buffers.


How are council employees on a gravy train? Keep your abuse for the self-serving political manipulators of all parties for whom being in power is the motivation and the wellbeing of the town is of little real interest.


Lets see...expenses, gold plated pensions etc etc


Gold Plated plated pensions? LOL Maybe for Councillors, but not the workers.


How short sighted, it was thatcher that privatised everything and ensured the country never produced anything again. Blame the bankers but thatchers right to buy bought on the housing shortage. Thatchers legacy lives on sold the country down the river. Tories too short sighted for there own good. 20per cent vat increase resulted in the consumer getting a 10 per cent increase after everyone in the supply chain adding on 2.5 per cent. Benefit cuts have led to less spending and longer recovery, you demonise people on benefits but try working 40 hours a week and barely take 13k home and see how you survive. I would rather have public owned companies producing goods and providing services that gave jobs to masses, liveable wages and pride to workers. Have you ever worked on a zero hour contract, totally debilitating and almost threatening you to work at an hours notice and then when you ask for work during the quiet period your almost laughed at.

I too

Hang on a bit. OK, 2000 jobs to go or we (Wton) go to the wall. There is no choice!

Or is there?

Lets cut spending (jobs and new works like pedestrianisation) and any refurbishment.

Lets reduce the massive amount being put into Alzheimers care by the council. For hecks sake it is an old person's disease. Let the young have a life.

Wton therefore saves and maybe loses some jobs. 2000 jobs in about 1.9 million unemployed ain't that much. Experience life and do something different.

Or we could let Tory govt take control?

Yes, why not let the tories take the strain. They can farm out services to companies that people who have been made redundant have started up! i.e. the people get re-employed but at a cheaper rate then currently. That saves money and the council servives because of Tory help. Tory helping Labour is what is needed.

No problem - lets go to the wall and not wail about it!

Make change happen Wton let us go to the wall and see a new brave world under Govt control.

That is what they want so lets do it.

UTW - that is Up the Wall

You know it makes sense, lets go there quickly. The sooner the better.


It's an old people's disease ? I have seen 40 to 50 yr olds with Dementia and visited my father for 2 of his last years him not knowing who I am so don't give me that ! I just hope you never have to suffer with the disease or one of your loved one's, and you know what, two weeks ago I sat and watched my father die and he couldn't even tell who I was even on his death bed. Believe me there is plenty of other things to cut before care I tell you !


You are not known for the intellectual content of your posts and this one sees a new low. Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? You utter idiot.


Lakeside, who are you refering to ? hope it's I too !


Yes, absolutely. Disagree with some of your posts but would not sink so low as to disagree over dementia. Sorry to hear of it.

Benidorm Bill

Welcome to the real world.Best get your CV's Ready and start applying for new opportunities.And when you don't get a reply you will soon discover how 1000's of other people have felt when they have applied for council jobs in the past and Wolverhampton council have not had the decency to reply.So lets hope this latest round of redundancies wipes that smug and arrogance off all of your faces.


You sound like a jolly nice fellow! I know one of the possible 2000 and she certainly isn't smug and arrogant.

It's clearly not the fault of the majority of the 2000 that previous applications have not been replied to but that won't stop you with your bile.


Bitter much or just need a Caffeine boost?

So by your reckoning ALL council employees deserve this fate? ALL council employees are supposedly smug and arrogant? What a small minded, bigoted individual you are


I guess someone ^ got rejected when they applied for a council job...


Does any one remember when the socialists destroyed Liverpool and the Government sent a team into run the city ?

meanwhile down on George Orwell's Animal Farm.

A vote for Labour always brings poverty and misery for the working classes, but how many complete Labour Families have we got elected, drinking all the gravy?


I don't remember much misery under the last labour government for lots of folks on benefits, tax credits, pension credits, free TV licences and large heating allowances. I remember the last Tory government and two recessions that bought misery for folks. I remember a lot of people losing their houses when interest rates shot up to over 15%. I remember not long ago the misery this Government has inflicted on people..I don't see much happening for poverty under this government either, unless you count the small amount of tax we get back through Paye.


Perhaps you don't remember the misery, because Labour were spending money like its had gone out of fashion hoping to get re-elected. the best bit was when Labour came out with "its the bankers" trouble is Gordon increased the money supply for the bankers , whoops?

I also remember the misery following Labour in 1951 then again in,1969-70 and later in in 1978 when the unions would not bury the dead, Yes misery follows incompetent Labour and its always some on else s fault


I suppose the majority of people who lose their job will be your ordinary Joe and Jane Blogs.

How many of your incompetent non-productive fat cats will go.

I would like to see a breakdown of the figures, but that won't happen will it.


Most of the comments seem to forget that 2000 families will be affected by this news and they deserve some sympathy, no matter which political party you support. We do not however have the full story and I would like to know what voluntary groups we are continuing to support and the cost because even £1 million of this £1.6 million could save a number of these jobs. Have we cancelled the £400,000 going to fund the teaching of various other languages to the children of immigrants, are we still going to subsidise the Central Baths at £310,000 and how much of the £280,000 are we going to continue to spend on Bantock House. Are we still going to pay for translation services for people who interact with the council who cannot speak English and are we going to issue documentation in multiple languages. These and many other non essential functions performed by the council cost money and therefore jobs, they should therefore be eliminated.


Wolverhampton City Council only have themselves to blame for the financial mess they are in. How much was wasted on the failed Summer Row project, how much has been wasted on the wrangling over Tesco/Sainsbury's fiasco. They them spend thousands on a coffee machine that will be used only by staff. I don't know whether the proposed £15m Civic Centre project will go ahead. All Councillors should consider their position & resign en-mass & let the city go into receivership & start again. We as residents of Wolverhampton are being fleeced by the ineptitude of our elected representatives & once again we are being asked to pay for mismanagement with an increase in our Council Tax.

Margaret Hamilton

So the Tories cut £147 million from Wolverhampton's Council's budget and you blame the Council and the poor staff? I just don't get it. The propaganda machine is undefeatable, as is the electorate's propensity to absorb the rubbish it spews out. The rich man always wins, and he won't give you the drippings from his nose.


Strange that quite a few Tory councils are actually having budget increases. I wonder if it is just Labour councils suffering the majority of the cuts?


2000 less taxpayers 2000 more families on benefits how does this save money ?

I too

Lets cut all funding to dementia and alzheimer care. It is after all only old age catching up as it has with many of the biased contributors here.


You ignorant, low-intellect, unfeeling cruel single cell moron. I'd love to see you cope with it. Obviously you are a person with mental health issues of your own that need dealing with.

I too

And your intellectual point is?

Read again, with understanding, my points.

Then make some useful commentary or develop an argument.

Adrian Williams

Despite people's view of council workers there are many employed who strictly speaking classify as the working poor and I am willing to bet it will be many of these decent people that will lose their jobs. The fat cats at the top rarely get kicked off their gravy train. Further the unions are a complete waste of time doing little or nothing for their members. During all the years that we have seen immigrants flooding into this country taking jobs and helping to lower wages I have never heard one union leader speak against them and in support of their members. This country has had it!


Yet again Wolverhampton Council have got the figures wrong and more hard working people are to lose their jobs. Will the figure increase next month? Total and utter incompetence at the top. For years they have spent money like its going out of fashion, I really feel for the hard working staff who are going to be kicked out. As for the pitiful ways of raising revenue Bus Lane cameras? They are MILLIONS in defecit I dont think revenue raising is im their skill set either. They dont know how to spend money, save money, or even raise it. Know we are all going to suffer, and how dare they go ahead and spend any money sprucing up the Civic Centre. The roads are falling to bits they get patched up and fall to bits a few weeks later to many derelict buildings the list of mismanagement goes on and on. Time to throw out the senior management most if not all of the councillors and employ people who know what they are doing and work FOR the people of Wolverhampton and not themselves. We have been totally and utterly let down!!!

Ed Banger

Labour: overspend like there is no tomorrow and leave other people to sort out the serious problems this party coursed.

Tories: privatise everything on the sly, rush through ideas without thinking them through properly, cut funding to various councils & organisations who cannot afford to lose the cuts.

Lib Dems: jump into bed with the enemy just to make up the numbers and dump on everybody eg students.

Ask yourself this one simple question: Why be so stupid and vote for these idiots? People say if you don't vote then you can't complain. I don't vote for the simple reasons above (and more) and there isn't any other political party worthy of my vote. Come on people. Wake up & smell the roses!!!


"People say if you don't vote then you can't complain. I don't vote for the simple reasons above (and more) and there isn't any other political party worthy of my vote"

If you go to the polling station and write that on the ballot paper, fair enough.

If you do nothing then yes, shut your gob!


I just feel so, so sorry for those people losing their jobs. Wolverhampton as a City is in a recession anyway, looks a mess, pubs closing everywhere.

These job losses will mean more people will have less to spend and the City will go down further still.

I think councillors should take a big wage cut, a reduction of their expenses and all staff on over £50k should have their job description reviewed to see if they justify their salary.

As for the poster who said cut services to those who have Alzheimer's/dementia you are beneath contempt.

I too

Middley - been there, done that, got the memories. Listen SheWolf too.

Too much is spent on the old, the new kids on the block need more help for a future. the old have had theirs.

You make some big assumptions without any facts. Intellectual drivel again

2000 redundant jobs means more money in the ecomomy for a while.

Govt taking over would be the best thing, they would see that Wton is flooded with problems.

As David C has said money is no object for the flooded areas!

Wolverhampton would prosper again under such control, would it not.

Cut the millions of alzheimer care AND special needs support? Look at the figures and see how much is being spent! We are all in it together. ALL groups have to take a fair share of any cuts.

Join in the argument 2000 jobs or go to the Wall?


You are beneath contempt. Go back under your stone.

I too

SueWolf and Middley and Lakeside

Can you read?

Read my posts again. there is nothing but fact and a suggestion that going to the wall is a better option.

That would include no cuts and no job losses.

Read again with understanding as opposed to reading the headline hitter only.

Facts are facts - too much is being spent on 1 area - dementia/alzheimers - a disease of old age that used to be treated in hospital i.e. geriatric wards, old folks homes under HNS and council control.

If the government steps in as it would have to they would pick up the bills.

Enough said.

Now who is talking twaddle?



So sorry you think my comment 'intellectual drivel,' I am aware I may not be Plato, but I do have compassion for my fellow man and hope that in my lifetime a cure will be found for dementia and Alzheimer's.

Your comment seems to suggest that those who are vulnerable and a little bit different are not worthy of investment. Shame on you, these are themes of Nazi Germany not a modern day society.

Anyway my last word in the subject-

"the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. "

~Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey

I too

Good man that Hubert. I have used similar statements in previous posts. I have never said cut them off entirely! Middley drivel. SheWolf just Listen again.

Yes, lets have the Tories take over and see how caring they are.

The council is still spending too much on dementia/geriatrics care - NHS should be doing it! It is a health issue NOT a social care one. WE need integrated sevices.

Going to the wall would be the best thing for all concerned.

Labour get out of the mess ( whoever brought it on) Tories and their supporters see how Wton is even more run down by a Tory Govt. It is out in the open instead of being done underhand by reducing Govt grants to Labour councils that can not be seen.

They then shut up about Labour failings on these boards.

Labour wins again and Tories seen for their very uncaring attitude to the real sick and needy.

It often pays to throw a stone into pools to get the ripples going.

Wton's cuts are inequitable through protecting some needy areas at the expense of others. That is immoral and has has been highlighted in reports and budgets if you care to look

Of total Adult care 35 million out of 74.4 is spent on elderly. That is too much and the cuts are being used to protect that unequal share.

We will all become geriatric there will be no cure but the NHS needs to realise that it is an illness.


Arbeit macht frei eh?


So having my say about a statement you made in whatever context or pointing the finger at who pays the bill for it re Alzheimers and Dementia, you accuse me of Drivel. I think having a relative (my father) with Dementia for five years and not knowing who his children are for over two of them says it all, I'm not going to bother getting into an argument with you that's what you want you imbersile ! I think you may find most people on here know what you are about from your comments.


Sorry, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.NHS and social services are integrated. You don't need a qualified nurse to wash someone with dementia, that can be done by social care- but you may need a district nurse to visit and provide services or for a dementia patient to attend a day centre, for example.

The NHS is well aware that dementia is an illness, without your contributions to medicine!

I am so disgusted with your viewpoint, I really can't fathom why you would want to write off a whole swathe of the population so heartlessly. I am so pleased that others on here recognise your mein kampf qualities.

I too

You have experienced pain but no more than people losing their jobs, losing their support or benefit, the ability to feed themselves, or being ill treated for whatever reason.

You have not realised yet that we all suffer, and we continue to under the constraints imposed by the Tories.

If the church leaders can see it then we all must.

Without those constraints everyone would be getting a more equitable share.

Look at New Cross trying to save money to survive.

Stafford was not the first and will not be the last.

Do not feel sorry for people being made unemployed. They do not need your emotions. They need honesty from Government.

I will not mention the bankers but they are deep in the mire.

Do not blindly believe what people like PJW Holland says as if they are speaking from experience. They never provide evidence.

Seek the truth not the statements made without evidence. Do not let lies undermines rationality.

Keep your emotive comments to yourself and fight for a better society whenever you can.

No argument just an appeal for caution. It is not true just because people make a statement that sounds like fact.


Oh so the good times have come to an end...there has been mismanagement by all councils over the last 15 years as they got excited with how much money was at their disposal. The issues in Wolverhampton are that they want quick fixes for long term issues. They need to genuinely invest make deAls with supermarkets (tesco) but also open warehouses and get the area moving in the right direction!! If utilise the working force the country will be half way there.