Nazi scandal MP Aidan Burley to stand down

MP Aidan Burley is to stand down next year following widespread criticism over his participation in a Nazi-themed stag party.

Aidan Burley
Aidan Burley

The Tory MP for Cannock Chase announced his decision last night saying it came after a ‘difficult time’.

Tory party chairman Grant Shapps wished Mr Burley well while political opponents today welcomed his decision and said he brought it on himself.

He was revealed to have bought an SS uniform for groom Mark Fournier for the party in France in 2011.

Wearing a Nazi uniform is illegal in France and Mr Fournier was last month fined £1,200 by a French court and made to pay £800 in compensation to a group that helps families of Holocaust victims.

Mr Burley, aged 35, was branded ‘stupid and offensive’ by an internal Tory party inquiry which was carried out after the party but suppressed until the conclusion of the French prosecution.

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In a statement Mr Burley said: “After a difficult time I have decided to announce I will stand down at the next general election. I will continue to work for the people of Cannock Chase until that election, and look forward to supporting my successor, as soon as he or she is selected, to ensure that Labour have no chance of re-taking this seat.”

Offensive – Aidan Burley MP admits he bought the Nazi uniform that a friend wore at a stag party
Offensive – Aidan Burley MP admits he bought the Nazi uniform that a friend wore at a stag party

Political blogger Guido Fawkes has revealed that Mr Burley had told him the pressure on the MP’s fiancée, Cannock Chase councillor Jodie Jones, had become ‘intolerable’.

Miss Jones, aged 25, resigned as chairman of the Cannock Chase Association prior to a meeting to discuss Mr Burley’s responses to a party inquiry into his behaviour after differing versions of events were reported by a national newspaper.

Mr Burley was initially caught at the party by a national newspaper which published pictures of the groom in the uniform and the MP nearby. He has faced further questions after the newspaper re-published the pictures and said they contradicted his claim to the Tory inquiry that he had left the party before guests began chanting ‘Hitler’ and ‘Himmler’

Mr Burley’s Labour opponent in Cannock Chase, Janos Toth, said: “He has brought shame to the Cannock Chase constituency and that was continuing, it wouldn’t go away.

“He has done what he had to do because his behaviour wasn’t acceptable.”

Tory chairman Grant Shapps said: “Aidan has a strong record in his constituency from securing the future of Cannock Chase Hospital, to setting up local job fairs and getting hundreds of people back to work.

“He has served his constituents with dedication and commitment. I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does next.”

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Comments for: "Nazi scandal MP Aidan Burley to stand down"

spanish ray

Good riddance to an idiot.If thats the sort of person that is supposed to represent the people then God help us.


Ed Balls is pictured attending a party wearing a Nazi uniform ( and he has been promoted to Shadow Chancellor.

Anyway I would question his judgement uniform or no uniform.


and your feelings about Ed Balls or is he an exception??


Took him long enough to reach the right decision. Should have gone months ago - will not be missed.


Why not go now ? By not standing down till the next election Mr Burley both maximises his parliamentary income and entitlements whilst avoiding an embarrassing demolition in the polls. A new word in the English language has been invented. To burley ( verb ) - to commit an outrageously offensive act then to indignantly dispute the details of that act out of self interest.


Just what has he done for this community? When people have problems his response is "not his problem". Has for these job fairs I don't call 5 companies attending something to brag about. My wife met him when she worked at new life and said he was a pompous idiot.


Most Tory MP's are pompous idiots. I make an exception for Gavin Williamson who is a decent bloke despite being Tory.


Your an idiot. See its easy to call people idiots.


Yes, but at least I do it with correct spelling and punctuation, so you may wish to review which of us is the idiot?

funny old world

So we're on a level playing field, will the E&S publish the picture of Ed Balls in his Nazi uniform at Uni, it would be worth it just to hear what Ian Austin has to say, afterall he's been very vocal on this one.


Was Ed Balls an elected Member of Parliament when he wore it?


Someone has commented this: Wonder if the reason he hasn't resigned before the election is down to him having his wedding arranged for Westminster and he can't have it there if he isn't an MP?


I am no fan of Ed Balls, but you are making a false comparison. Balls was a teenager at the time. It is quite normal for undergraduates to behave like morons, while enjoying their first taste of freedom away from Mum and Dad. It is quite another thing for an MP, our elected representative, a man in his thirties, to pay for the hire of a Nazi uniform (in a country in which wearing such a uniform is illegal), to laugh along with his chums while they drink toasts to the Third Reich, and then to repeatedly lie about his involvement. Burley is beneath contempt. Roll on 2015.


Absolutely right, on all points.

Bibble Boster

I was around when the Nazi were treading over Europe and were supported by the Tory Mosely .The Tories supported Franco in Spain, the curtain raiser for WW2 . And it was Tory members in the Cabinet who opposed Churchill when he called for action against Hitler.

After the war in the famous Khaki Election we had our say and swept them out of government..

So Burley's actions should not surprise us. They have long pedigree. They also remind us of the need for eternal vigilance for the vile creed was not defeated , .and to brush up the slogan ' Lest We Forget'

Because Mr Burley shows it is in the wings waiting for the next act.

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