Poll: Should police cautions be scrapped for serious offences?

As a radical overhaul of cautions is announced after thousands of people accused of possessing weapons and cruelty to children were let off with a caution in one year, we want to know what you think.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling today revealed that offenders will also no longer be able to receive a ‘simple’ caution if they have been cautioned or convicted for a same, or similar, offence in the previous two years.

The Ministry of Justice revealed cautions were given in 1,543 cases of possession of weapons, 962 cases of knife possession and 1,560 cases of cruelty or neglect to children in 2012.

They were also used in 183 cases of making or sharing indecent images of children.

Should police cautions be scrapped for serious offences? Vote in our poll below and have your say in the comments section:

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Comments for: "Poll: Should police cautions be scrapped for serious offences?"


Straight to prison on remand!


1543 cases! of child neglect and cruelty and they say LESSONS HAVE BEEN LEARNED, how ?

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