Nicolas Anelka faces five-match ban over 'quenelle' gesture after FA charge

West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka was today charged by the Football Association over his ‘quenelle’ goal celebration.

Nicolas Anelka performing the 'quenelle' gesture (AMA Sports Photo Agency) and at training this morning (Newsteam)
Nicolas Anelka performing the 'quenelle' gesture (AMA Sports Photo Agency) and at training earlier this week (Newsteam)

The striker performed the controversial gesture – widely considered to be anti-Semitic – during the celebration when he scored against West Ham on December 28.

The 34-year-old was today charged by the FA and, if found guilty, faces a five-match ban.

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The gesture isn’t well known here but it caused a storm across the Channel as it is deemed anti-Semitic by critics in France.

The striker, who started in last night’s 1-1 draw with Everton, claimed his actions were in support of his friend, French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, and insisted the gesture was ‘anti-establishment’, but not intended to be offensive.

A statement from the FA today read: “The FA has charged the West Bromwich Albion player Nicolas Anelka following an incident that occurred during the West Ham United versus West Bromwich Albion fixture at the Boleyn Ground on December 28.

“It is alleged that, in the 40th minute of the fixture, Anelka made a gesture which was abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper, contrary to FA Rule E3 (1). It is further alleged that this is an aggravated breach, as defined in FA Rule E3 (2), in that it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief.”

Nicolas Anelka at training this morning
Nicolas Anelka at training this morning

The footballer has been given until 6pm on Thursday to respond to the charge.

West Bromwich Albion has noted The FA’s charge against Anelka. Anelka has received a 34-page document explaining the allegations against him. The player is now considering his options.

Under FA rules, Anelka remains available for first-team selection until the FA’s disciplinary process has reached its conclusion. Following this, the club will conclude its own inquiry.

Nicolas Anelka lining up for Albion last night
Nicolas Anelka lining up for Albion last night

After Anelka was charged, Kick It Out released a statement saying: “The FA has previously demonstrated its commitment to taking effective and swift action to deal with all forms of abusive conduct in football, and has spent a longer time than desirable in order to give careful consideration to the allegations made in this case.”

The news came after Zoopla announced it would not extend its sponsorship deal with the club in the wake of the controversy.

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Comments for: "Nicolas Anelka faces five-match ban over 'quenelle' gesture after FA charge"

The Real Bully Hoo.

So at the moment it seems that it's a 50/50 split on Baggies and Wolves that read this site. And they have a go at Jack for posting over there.

CantelloRocket 78


I happened to catch the mid-afternoon TV news yesterday when they 'broke' the story that Zoopla were ending their sponsorship deal with Albion - they then went over to a Sky News Reporter in France.

He said he'd been talking to lots of younger guys outside a Dieudonne show, asked them if they believed the 'gesture' was rascist, and they said 'no, it's anti-establishment, it's a way we have of protesting at how we're being treated here'.

Obviously this 'Comedian' will have his own political views, and you can't stop some extremists from jumping on a bandwagon - then twisting things for their own use - but Nicolas Anelka claimed it was 'anti-system' to him - in which case, is there any proof that he's involved in racist or fascist activities to support the condemnation he's received?

You can't help the uneasy feeling that pressure's being disturbingly exerted from some quarters.......

Sir Billy Quiet

Just before I go back to my own site, one comment. If he only gets a 5 game ban he will be lucky. The momentum has moved against him now, whatever the rights and wrongs, he is about to be put out to dry by the FA now that the various pressure groups are involved.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Sir Billy.

I guess from your post that you understand exactly what's going on here. It's good to be conversing with a grown up. Thank you.


Agree. Sad.

Sir Billy Quiet

Real Bully Hoo - yes I see what is happening, the question no one will be able to answer is whether Anelka meant to make a greater statement than just supporting a 'friend'.

Regardless the FA will throw the book at him because it will be deemed as a political gesture with racial overtones, the profile of this has now grown because Zoopla have decided to use it to attract publicity and the various pressure groups are always looking for a high profile 'worthy' cause.

Its a mixed up world when a black frenchman can be accused of racism....................

Stourbridge Wolf

Have to agree with most of the comments and im also sure that none of the big wigs at the FA know anything about football, let alone anti-sematic gestures. The ironic thing is in all this nobody from the media actually commented on what an exciting game of football it was as all the attention was focused on that stupid gesture. I wonder if the focus will be on the American football team in Brazil when they do exactly the same thing when their national anthem is being played!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Good post. Regarding the game, I've heard and read in various parts of the media that it was a "dull game" and we only managed a draw because Everton were "below par because they were tired and had injuries."

This sums up how the media see not just the Albion but this area in general. This includes both our clubs and Blues, the Villa are cut a bit of slack because they're seen as a proper PL club albeit the poor relations.

It shows that while there is nothing wrong with the banter between our fans we should all be hoping for a strong West Midland quartet scrapping it out in the PL.

Stourbridge Wolf

Sorry Bully, i was referring to the West Ham game in which all this started

The Real Bully Hoo.

I bow to your greater knowledge then and email Jim Shields to tell him that although he's a Professor and respected academic in French political studies at Aston University who has dedicated years of his life to studying this that Rhys.wwfc knows better.

Did he really offend you before the thought was planted in your brain by a French Government Minister and if she told you that Wolves were a top British football club would you believe her?

We Only Need One Half!

Rhys, come on, stop acting like a fascist bully boy.


Yeah apolagies, just dont like that sort of thing to do with my mother. :(

The Real Bully Hoo.


Now you're being deliberately offended over what was a light hearted put down and you know it.

Are you really threatening to beat someone you perceive to be an old man up? You're just making the statement sound more accurate.


May I congratulate Rhys for his well thought out and humorous comment? Always a joy to read such philosophical gems.


Its like music to my eyes

Jack the Hat


So says a disgraceful idiot who wishes his own club's players injured.

Rhys.wwfc is this post sensible enough?.



Did you really understand Anelka's goal celebration on TV?

I thought that he was pointing to the premiership badge on his shirt sleeve, just to emphasise that he is still a Premiership player after scoring two goals for the Baggies!

I bet you wish that you had a player of the same quality in your team?

COYB! Boing! Boing!

We Only Need One Half!

Rhys, I conclusively proved last week this whole business is a sham, when I posted on here calling a wulfie a Jukel Shera, I have no doubt no one knows what it means, however, someone must have been offended by it, and reported it, and the E&S must have found merit in their complaint, for it was removed.

Imagine that then, people actually being offended by something they neither have knowledge of, or understand the meaning of, but are offended by because someone (in this case myself) hinted maybe they should be?

All I will say is it is on no more offensive level than 'tesco carrier bag' and usually appears on these boards 2-3 times a week, used by a certain poster, without problem.

So you explain to me, why would it be removed?

We Only Need One Half!

p.s. Rhys, I GUARANTEE by publicising this matter you will now see MORE not less of this salute.

If no one had opened their trap 99% of this countries population still wouldn't even know what it was supposed to mean.

That's the reality of the situation.

The FA and Kick It Out are reacting to an insignificant number of complaints about a gesture which had no meaning in the UK until a French politician in search of minority votes made an issue of it. I hope that WBA will support their player and fight the stupid decision.

As a Wulfrunian ( not anti-Semitic or pro some other faction ) I guess there are a few who would wish me to be hanged from a lamppost but I think your player is being unfairly targeted and I hope you will support him. As for your sponsor, perhaps they already knew their time was up and have just used this as an excuse to try to bow out gracefully instead of being publically fired. If you have a shirt with the sponsor's name on why not put a big black line through it or blank it out somehow when you next where the shirt?

I hope Anelka fights this and wins.


Are you sure your a wulfie they don't sound like wolfie comments to me. Go read sir lupi comments there real wolfie comments. Nice to know your not all morons good reading. Thanks

Jack the Hat

It appears only the French recognize this meatball sign. When in so called Britain do as the English do. The F.A. and others should apologize to Anelka. No-one I have spoken to knew what it was or meant, when I demonstrated it to them. If this stupidity was a balloon it would have burst by now. Where is my longbow so that I can go to the White cliffs of Dover and wave to the Normans.


P.S. I see plenty of Dingles have voted.


I am Wulfrunian but not a Dingle by any means.

Jack, despite disagreeing with you on many things my comment is the second one to appear on the page: "The FA and Kick It Out are reacting to an insignificant number...."

You are quite right in this instance.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Great credit to you for not being swayed on club lines.

Thank you.


Feel free to carry on taking the P on less sensitive subjects.


Take the P, moi? Oh, OK then. Cheers.

Jack the Hat


Acknowledged, Thanks.


Sedgley Slayer

It doesn't matter if the people in the ground knew what it meant. Ignorance is not bliss. He knew exactly what he was doing and what the gesture meant, and football is a global sport watched by millions.


How do you KNOW he intended to be racist?

Jack the Hat

Sedgley Slayer,

Even the French say the offending sign is " Anti-establishment " and nothing to do with anti-Semitic or Racism. Myself, I haven't a clue and like so many others , had never heard of it before Valerie Fourneyron and Kick it out informed me it meant anti-Semitic and was also racist, but I believe the French public on this one. So tell me, are YOU an expert on this case?.



I voted because this transends football and tesco or dingle.

Pity your lot are so biased because he plays for WBA. Just because you didn't know what it meant doesn't make it any less offensive.

The guy is a pariah

The Real Bully Hoo.

Some of your own fans have shown the ability to transcend that to their great credit. Shame you can't.


now that anelka as been charged by the fa for anti semetic racial behaveour towards the jewish population i now await similar charges landing on the desks of the chief executives at liverpool and manchester city for similar anti semetic gestures made by cissokoh of liverpool and samir nasri at manchester city, all over the internet in the last few weeks. i have been equally offended by this as the jewish population have been by by anelkas gesture . i have sent an e mail to mr greg dyke asking him when these other 2 players will be charged as well and have been promised an answer from the fa within 5 days. i fully expect ,in the interests of fair play that these 2 players will be charged with the same offence as anelka and also receive the same punishment, because as i stated to mr dyke in my e mail the f a should stand for fair play in the english game, this case may well prove whether they do or do not


Great post mate and your spot on. Why ain't these others bein brought up in all this there probably worse as they did it after he had done it. So they even new the meanings off it. I also think there all just jumping on the band wagon. It's little old west brom thing again as there ain't been one mention from the fa over them two and the fa don't like too upset the big clubs do they. How can you convict someone on something that has so many meanings and how can the fa fund some one guilty if they say it means some thing else hilarious ain't it. If I were nico I would threaten them with court action for defamation off character as he says it means anti establishment and who is any one else to say other wise.


I don't condone what he has done in any way if it is abusive as some people are claiming, but to charge him all seems a bit too much into the unknown. I have followed this since he did it and there are too many variations and opinions on what it actually means. It's just not as clear as sticking your fingers up or giving someone the middle finger.

Don't get me wrong there is no place for racism in football but the meanings on this one are too cloudy and could open the flood gates for many other things to be complained about if people say they offend them. The only reason this has gained so much press is because the French Minister and then the anti racism groups have jumped on board.

It was not so long ago that the FA and our Government were getting involved in the argument of whether the antisemitic word Yid used by the Spurs fans was appropriate. All that came of that was David Cameron and the FA asking the fans no to use it anymore. This has not been the case and the Spurs fans still use the word in their chants as they say its a badge of honor. So where do you draw the line do you punish a man who said what he did was in support of his friend and not punish a club who has thousands of fans singing just as insulting and racist words.

The FA surly cannot be seen to be having double standards !



Footballers are trained to peak physical fitness ( usually ), they are required to be competitive, focussed and fired-up. They are then placed into a gladiatorial arena where fans are shouting encouragement or hurling abuse. In this testosterone fuelled atmosphere is it any wonder that occasionally people behave inappropriately? Did Anelka's behaviour do any more damage to football than the atrocious, dangerous tackles made by ManUre players on Sunday? No.


Are you really that naive as to think his reasons were anything other than racially/policically motivated.

Do you realise how stupid it makes you look, and the credability it affords this guy.

If he wasn't a footballer playing for WBA would you have the same stance? Or if he was a German player giving a Nazi salute would you wait until the german FA told you he was guilty before condemming it??

Beggers belief !



Eldervo, you do yourself no favours on this. I am not naïve at all. I simply ask how you or any other self-appointed expert KNOW he meant to be racist.

There is also a significant difference between a Nazi salute which is understood everywhere and a fleeting obscure arm movement made by Anelka. I don't care who he plays for my answers would be exactly the same.

If you want something to worry about, think about the mad UKIP guy who believes that being gay causes floods and storms. Be offended by that and you will have some credibility. ( Oh, and I'm fiercley hetero before you make a comment ).


If he wasn't one of our players I wouldn't have shown such interest I admit but I have done quite a bit of research into this as you will have seen because you're obviously an avid reader of this site.

The truth is quite a long way from what the strong Jewish power block both in this country and in France would have you believe. I'm not anti-Jewish but I'm a bit less sympathetic to their cause than I used to be.

If you were actually interested rather than just intent on slinging mud and calling other people stupid you'd know this and wouldn't embarrass your fellow fans who are actually a credit to their club for not trying to score points on a serious subject.

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's me The Real Bully Clint Eastwood.

Jack the Hat


Now we are getting there, in your own words:

" If he wasn't one of our players I wouldn't have shown such interest I admit ..... ".

Again in your own words:

" I have done quite a bit of research into this .....".

So you have delved into this so that you can sharpen your barbs because Nico is an ALBION player, right?.

Now please inform me, from where did you get the wonderful knowledge as I would also like to peruse it, thank you.


Jack the Hat

Just to prove a point in case anyone thinks this guy is a BAGGY:


January 21, 2014 1:13 pm

Only one signing expected ? Make sure it's a Centre Forward then Ken.

Nice to see us linked with a 3mil deal but I think we could do better than Tomlin for that sort of money.

How does 3mil sit with all those who waffle on about the FFP rules, and us not being able to spend big money on players?

His wages must be 30 bob a week.

Like I've said many times before, in simplistic terms the rules are intended to stop clubs spending money they cannot afford. Nothing stopping Morgan 'gifting' his entire fortune to the club to spend on players, just as long as it's we have the money to sustain their wages.

It doesn't all have to come from gate receipts, sponsership, commercial etc.

Happy Clapping

ELDERVO, Gotcha.


We Only Need One Half!

ELDERVO, show me one poster who has said it wasn't political?

The only people looking stupid are the ones who can not see this for what it is.

Obviously if someone gives a Nazi salute no one would defend him, but he didn't, so I don't know where your coming from with that one.

Talking of which, who did you complain to when Alan Shearer used to give his Nazi salute?

Your obviously that consumed with jealousy you are allowing your hate for all things Albion to cloud any rational judgement you could have possibly made.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Very good points and why has Samir Nasri escaped all mention in this? Could it be that his employers have very deep pockets?

What's the worst that can happen !

Why do footballers in such privileged positions do stupid / controversial / antagonistic things when they score a goal ?

To score a goal at any level of football is a great feeling, but to do so in the Premiership should be a joyous moment for the scorer, his team mates and the fans that they all celebrate collectively.

To mark that moment with anything other than what it should mean to the individual, his team mates or the fans is disrespectful at so many levels.

It is yet a further demonstration as to how thick some of these players are.


As I said above, it's to do with emotion. Nothing to do with intelligence.

Sir Lupi

Its everything to do with intelligence.

The Real Bully Hoo.

What would you know?

Jack the Hat


Sir Lupi believes you have to be intelligent to perform a normal body function.



I repeat yet again, nobody here knew what the gesture meant. In France it appears to have lots of meanings but the key one is "anti-establishment".

I believe that your comments are more to do with wanting to see West Brom pilloried than any real sense of moral outrage. As I said above, I'm a Wulfrunian but this issue is too important to be kicked between towns.


i voted that the FA are wrong to charge him , let him play as much as possible , the longer he plays the longer the tesco bags have no chance of scoring


Silly, juvenile tribalism. Grow up.

Jack the Hat

TEDEL lok,

Stick to what you are qualified to talk about i.e. *Double-Drop*.


The FA have been bounced into this decision by outside forces who have their own axes to grind. Be it the French sports minister scoring cheap political points or the Kick it out campaign that seem to jump on any bandwagon to get media air time & then to Zoopla who seem to want to get involved with team selection. Where would that end, we want a certain player to play in the FA Cup Final or we redraw our sponsorship? So Albion had to pick Anelka last night, even if they didn't want to, because the precedent that could have set, by non selection, could have been far reaching implications for the game.

I understand this French comedian is anti Zionist, not Anti Jewish or anti the state of Israel. If this is the case the FA are getting involved in the movement of Zionism & views of a contrary nature to this particular group. Again potentially opening up another can of worms.

The Real Bully Hoo.

The FA chairman is Jewish so no doubt he's having his strings pulled.


Interesting point.

Jack the Hat


According to Ceefax Nico has placed a video on Twitter. I don't do that site.



Anelka's "considering his options" ?

Best option .... go play your footy in france.

And another thing Nik, grow some hair and shave that ridiculous beard off, you look like your head's on upside down.

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah ELDERVO, see my point above!

Be careful what you say the f.a have an expert on this sort of stuff this is clearly an anti-beard comment

Sir Lupi

Lets hope the powers that be give a fitting punishment to a shocking gesture.

How on earth did he think he would get away with a Nazi salute is beyond me.

With no Shane Long an an imminent ban looming, he really has let the club down.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Your sensitivity does you great credit now please go away in short sharp jerky movements.

CantelloRocket 78


I bet you were mortified when you first saw this 'gesture' - stunned with 'shock' were you??

And yet, funnily enough, none of us knew what it was - even the 'experts' STILL can't say for certain, only guess - so virtually everyone in the UK hardly even noticed it - except for you, of course, eh.......??

It's clear as day you're using this issue just as an excuse to throw jibes and criticism in the Baggies direction.

Yet more repulsive words, bringing shame on the many decent Wolves fans you claim to be part of - hopefully the vast majority will now keep a good distance from you and your bitter views.


Sky sports have just realised a report say the expert on the case sir lupi knew the gusture straight away and acted swifts to post on the ES website and not contact the f.a or the police


We Only Need One Half!

another Jukel Shera.


I have no idea if he should be banned as in my humble opinion it is all down to "intent" - if he intended to make a fascist or racist gesture then we should terminate his contract - if, as he says, he intended no such insult he should be warned as to his future behaviour and enlightened as to the impact of such actions....

Unless the FA or anyone can prove beyond reasonable doubt that he knew what this meant then how can they ban him ??

Its almost the same as a foul - was there intent - was it deliberate... if not then the player gets off.... even if someone was hurt.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Happy.

He's already promised not to do it again and apparently there are people that can read into his mind what he meant. So there you are, guilty as charged.

My suggestion would be they return to trial by ordeal, throw him in the river and if he sinks and drowns he's innocent, if he floats he's taken out and executed. I honestly think he'd have a better chance with this.


One of the terrible tragedies of WW2 was the determination of the accursed Nazi Party to do its level best to eliminate the Jewish people from the face of the earth.This has left western society extremely sensitized to anything even vaguely ant semitic.Thus when the French minister declared her disgust at this so called anti semitic gesture the heads of the media turned in that direction.

I have looked at replays of the gesture which lasted for a few seconds before Anelka was joined by other players to celebrate his goal.Like the vast majority of people I had no idea this gesture was derogatory to anyone until the media suggested otherwise.

I have stated before and I am even more certain now.The only victim her is Anelka and I sincerely hope this whole scenario is shown up for what it is = stuff and nonsense.It has been suggested that only Anelka is being punished when other players in the Premiership have also used this gesture,the only conclusion I can come to is that Anelka habitually wears leather gloves - which we all know have long been associated with the popular idea of Nazi attire.Just a thought.

CantelloRocket 78


I read quite a lot, and one of the best books I have is 'Man's Search For Meaning' by Viktor Frankl, a Jewish Pyschiatrist who spent time in Nazi Concentration camps during the second World War, and the horrendous atrocities he recounts should never be allowed to happen again - so as you say, society is very sensitive to such issues.

In this particular case of discussion, I'm not so much bothered about defending or accusing Anelka of an 'offence', more the way it's being treated, and the 'mob mentality' of 'string him up', because someone somewhere complains, so we all go along with that line, without thinking it out for ourselves.

Some people are shouting that Anelka gave a Nazi salute - I wonder how many of them have considered the fact that Hitler and the Nazi Party decided to begrudgingly 'accept' Black people, but insisted in viewing them as an 'inferior race' ???

I wonder how Nicolas Anelka and his family feel about this? Do any of us know their views? Do any of us actually know for certain what's in his mind?

If someone HAS stepped out of line, then you make sure you know EXACTLY what he's done wrong, and then give a fair, justifiable punishment - and do the F.A. have full knowledge of exactly what happened here......??


I find his gesture completely offensive and so would Jewish people especially. It should never happen, let alone from a professional footballer on TV ! Should be interesting when Tottenham play you. Yet another despicable act by a footballer, and puts West Brom in even more bad light following on from Hit TV Show "Benefit Street"... Bad times for the Baggies.


Noel, did you know what the gesture meant before the media told you one of the possible interpretations used in France? Really?

And your comment about the TV programme is wide of the mark because that is not in West Bromwich.

The Real Bully Hoo.


This has all the hallmarks of little alan jones. I call him that because he continually posts under different names and that was one of them.

I won't insult you by calling him one of your fans but unfortunately he allies himself to your club. We've all got them.


Noel shouldn't you be quiet till next December and by the way we don't come from Birmingham

funny old world

You really should invest in an A to Z.

We Only Need One Half!

Yes because no section at the Mol have ever 'hissed' when playing Spurs have they.


p.s. Benefit Street is not located in West Bromwich, the same as Wolverhampton is not in the Black Country. Fact.

Jack the Hat


You must be the only guy who uses a Sat-Nav to go to a local shop. Thanks for the laugh.



Going forward, Nicola will now get his day in court, and be able to explain what was on his mind.

Anything else is conjecture, so I’ll be OK with a fair hearing, and whatever decisions/actions transpire.

Looking back, I have to say I was completely unaware that his celebration was an alleged "salute", so never thought it was an issue myself.

But, who am I?

That all said, what I cannot understand in the present, is this …

… The “n” or “y” words are usually bleeped out.

… The raising of one’s middle finger, that is always pixelated.

… Even John Terry’s mouth was pixelated too (loads of Pixels too).

So, if what Nicola has done is such a heinous gesture, how come it is OK for the papers, magazines, and Television to keep replaying this right in front of everyone’s sensitive eyes?

Aren’t they answerable to somebody too?


I'd be very interested in hearing the views of any Baggie fans who follow the Jewish faith.

They will probably have the closest to an unbiased view of the true nature and intent of Anelka's gesture.


The Real Bully Hoo.

How patronising to imagine that the combination would make them neutral.

You would hope they would do some research and make a decision based on that. But then again nobody in the media seems to have thought of doing this before declaring themselves experts.

We Only Need One Half!

ELDERVO, well I belong to one of the groups persecuted by the Nazi's that you and others keep so disgracefully failing to even mention, which I do find offensive by the way, and I can tell you now, no, I wasn't offended at the time because I didn't know what it was 'supposed' to mean, and I have not been offended since because of Anelka's explanation to what he actually intended it to mean.

What does offend me is people trying to make a issue out of the Holocaust for their own means.

I find that really offensive.


If you are really associated to one off these groups that were persecuted by the nazis perhaps you should offer your true opinion and record it and email it to mr peace if its what you feel is right to do. The thing is right or wrong na will get the book thrown at him here because the fa don't want to be seen disagreeing with these groups. But your right all this is simply about groups getting there bit off publicity well said wonoh. As for eldevo what's worse two thousand people smashing your club up and swearing snd abusing your players and there very young family or some one who does something that no one new what it was can even you see that


@ Eldervo - i know for a fact that a certain gentlemen got up and walked out when Anelka ran out onto the pitch against Newcastle.

I too

If a Nazi salute is anti-semitic then why are the anti-Nazi League members not arrested?

Oh yes they are taunting the EDL ( not EDF as I mentioned in another post, the EDL are not a power organisation! ) for being Fascists!

So was Anelka not taunting all fascists who deny people freedom? French Government? Racist chanters, some UKIP members, anti-Palestinian groups etc

I reckon he possibly was. Ban him? No praise him for standing up for freedom from oppression. To ban him would be to oppress him for sranding up against oppression.

UTW - I used to be a BOF until I stood up to people

We Only Need One Half!

You make a very good point with your first sentence. I have pointed out previously if the gesture is so offensive why do the media keep showing it over and over again?

I can only conclude it is to make sure the idiots know exactly what it is they should be getting offended about.


This whole saga will no doubt end up with Anelka


sorry, not finished!.... being given a lengthy ban, rightly or wrongly, and the media a juicy story to chew the fat on. Sport and politics never mix well. And it just shows off the other side of this beautiful game of ours - diametrically opposite to the emotions and comments stirred by the passing of Bert Williams, from another time, from another era. Hard to look at the two stories side by side.


Ok so they've decided he's guilty

So the F.A. Have set a precedent

Now I expect the F.A,Uefa,Fifa,Police,Courts to look into and punish whoever else has been found to perform this act,or anything else untoward

You can't punish one public figure and let others get away with it

Think this could open a whole can of worms



I wrote on here a couple of weeks ago that Samri Nasri had been photographed making the same gesture as Nicholas Anelka and it would be interesting to see if the FA took on Man City with all their wealth. Now Anelka has been charged I cannot see that the FA have any alternative to charge Nasri as well.

I also hope that both clubs use every legal means at their disposal to fight these ludicrous charges.

As I have said before it's long overdue for the Premier League to divorce itself from the FA.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Robin.

I should imagine Nicolas Anelka isn't short of a bob or two and I should imagine he's been deliberately holding his counsel until he's officially charged.

He can now set his lawyers loose on the FA and I hope they've been keeping tabs on all the other people that have besmirched his character publicly. I'd love to see writs flying towards Lineker and his ilk who feel free to call somebody a liar and a racist on the flimsiest of evidence.


Zoopla are just loving all of this. They get FREE advertising and exposure nationwide and worldwide and come out of it all with justification for their stance. What we have to remember is their contract would have come to an end at the end of the season anyway and it is only their right for an extension option that they are removing. They wouldn't follow up their threat of just cancelling the sponsor with immediate effect because JP and the legal buffs would have run rings around them. Their actions will gain them some credibility in some eyes. Glad the Baggies stood up to them dictating on who we should pick.

As for Anelka, he knew exactly what he was doing and what it could be interpreted as. There is NO PLACE for any form of racism in our game. Anelka deserves his punishment, but the real losers are us the Club because of the wrong focus of publicity.


Agree 100% with everything you say SIMMO.



hey wulfies, when the sun goes down, and the fog clears , guess what , You got kenny Jackett, We got Pepe Mel, boing boing ,,


Simmo there is no bad publicity for the Albion, because nobody in the uk knew what it meant, until the clown acroos the channel started crying, then the Brit media picked upon it straight away and u know what the media is over here, Zoopla raied there heads only a couple of days ago, I think we as a club are just caught in the middle of this sh==e, no harm done


This cant be the same FA that took roy and dan off us Haha

You have got to laugh

Also anelka didnt seem to bothered by it last nite

Only dingles care but lets face it they aint used to this sort of news coverage in the beer belly league

Quinton Baggie

This a real messy affair, what ever anyone has to say about it, right or wrong...only Anelka knows the reason why he did it and now Anelka, the club and more importantly the fans pay the price...the problem now is the tarnished image our great club has to endure...the fact that Zoopla have ended their 3m agreement is neither here or there as they may have sought pastures new anyway at the end of the season...we will have to look for a new shirt sponsor, maybe other sponsors and also a new kit supplier who are German by the way so they may distance themsleves from us...the financial implications could be enormous...Now that the FA have found Anelka guilty of a racist gesture, the club have to make a decision to restore the image and branding of our club worldwide and although I felt Anelka had his best game for us this season I do feel his contract has to be ended...going forward footballers or on the wider scale sportsmen and women have a responsibilty to act in the proper way to not celebrate their triumphs which may cause offence...therefore any political, racial or other motive should be outlawed...lets not forget when a certain Mr Odemwinge arrived at our club we supported the abuse he recieved from Locomotive Moscow...

The Real Bully Hoo.


Although the it seems like the FA have found him guilty they have in fact only found he has a case to answer and charged him. Until this happened he was unable to do anything to defend himself. I think we'll see and hear a bit more now of his defence.

We Only Need One Half!

Bully, I have been thinking about what my defence would be if I was in Anelka's situation.

Firstly I would want to know how they intended to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, what my intention was?

Secondly, I would take great big poster size photo's of Alan Shearer celebrating and ask why was he never prosecuted? and if they found that celebration offensive, and if not, why not?

Because of Shearers intent maybe?

Then again, 'beyond a reasonable doubt' only applies in a 'real' court, not a joke hearing in a kangaroo one like he will be facing.

He's doomed.

One Half,

There are players that cup their ear to the crowd, surely this offensive to deaf people?.

Kick it out, I have a side-line that could keep you in a job.

Gorra lof ay ya.



Wow its a good job he didnt score in the game against THFC or the would be some moaning about it. Did anyone know what it meant before it was brought to our attention.

Jack the Hat


" Did anyone know what it meant before it was brought to our attention."

Only those who tell porkies. Even the French can't make their minds up on what it means.


Jack the Hat

We know what the end of season party will consist of. Might as well be hung for a cow than a rabbit.



QB that's the nature of the business if contracts are up at the end of the season

New strip supplier,Sponsors will be sought

Won't affect me cos I only wear Retro's,as it's a rip-off business

I just hope half a dozen can win an house off Zoopla before the end of the season

That would cause some hatred LOL!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


As the chap next to me said last night, it would be great if NA starts popping goals in so that Zoopla have to pay 1,000 pound a time to charity. That would be a bit of publicity for them.

Quinton Baggie


Quinton Baggie

BHOB - you may be right but presently our image is be honest I may go and buy the old 78 retro shirt then I dont need to update one each year at 45 quid...


@ BHOB Not sure if you was there monday night but there wasn`t a h/t challenge , looks like Zoopla have pulled the plug on that , can`t really blame them.


Also if it is such an offensive gesture why is it being shown again and again in news reports and not being pixulated out like a v finger gesture is or middle finger up yours gesture is surely keep showing it you are continuing to offend certain people.

boy from the REAL black country

How ridiculous that a governing body (the FA) are charging a player for making a salute that no-one can agree the meaning of! You just couldn't make it up. Everyone is familiar with the Sieg Heil salute and without doubt anyone making such a gesture would not have a leg to stand on when being accused of a fascist salute - but even so called "experts" cannot agree weather or not this is rascist, so how on earth can you charge him? Having said that, Anelka could have diffused the situation by making a statement something along the lines of " i am sorry if i caused any offense to the jewish community but my gesture isn't Anti-semtic and was intended...etc....etc.." just to clarify the situation. In a court of Law, you cannot charge someone for committing a crime when you don't even know what is or weather a crime has even been committed.


QB exactly get a Retro and forget about the latest fashion save £40-50

Plus they don't make you sweat and don't irritate you

We'll Kick it Out have won,got what they wanted

Just goes to show what Anti Racism can cause ,if that French Minister for Sport hadn't mentioned anything,probably nothing would have come of it

Kick it Out have shown what a trouble making organisation it is


If the FA want to find him guilty and give him a 1 match ban, I reckon the Club would accept it and move on. Nic can say sorry and that it wasn't a racist gesture.

However, should the FA want to ban him for the 5 games, there is no way that Anelka can accept it, as he is basically being called a racist. If this happens, the FA will be in trouble in a "no win" situation. Some experts say it is a racist gesture and a similar number say it isn't. The FA CANNOT and SHOULD NOT make a ruling on this as if they say it is racist, I'm sure that the lawyers will have a field day. The FA will be in well above their heads.

We fans should not let this issue wind us up - whatever happens, happens. We have enough good players to be able to cope with the loss of NA for however many games, and last night's game showed many encouraging signs!!

Jack the Hat


So right, F.A. have to prove beyond doubt 1/ What the sign means. 2/ In what context was it meant. Very difficult to prove him guilty as these points are very vague.



I don't know about anybody else but I am disgusted and utterly disappointed at ADEBYORS salute / gesture to the fans, it was ill thought and diabolical and totally offensive. How dare he try to assimilate it with no thought of the execution.

It should be the longest way up 2/3 and shortest way down, I am utterly disappointed , what about you CYRIL. boing boing

PS the FA should charge the Spurs drill instructor.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Lovin' it.


By the way, I don't know Alan Cleverley personally, but he is a disgrace to our club for the comments he made to the BBC - should have kept his gob shut!! Should be sacked or resign from his position in the Supporters'Club!!


What i really cant understand is how the F.A can bring in said 'expert' on the case this is a gusture by a french comedian it is the same as having an 'expert' on someone peeling an orange this man is not running for a political party he is not by any stretch a household name and he is certainly not worth this level of debate the 'quenelle' is being blown out of proportion by debating this subject we have given this comedian air time, if you believe in this tosh find a back end comedy club and here some of their jokes pretty sure you may be offended by then. Good use of the F.A EXPERT on leighton baines dive!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Just saw Roger Cukierman on the news. He is a French Jewish businessman and philanthropist. He is Chairman of the French Jewish institute and vice chairman of the World Jewish Congress.

He said he sees no problem with what NA did. He doesn't see it as being racist or anti-Jewish. In fact he finds it difficult to understand what all of the fuss is about. In his view Dieudonne is anti-establishment not anti-semitic.

This man is French and one the world's leading Jews. Yet obviously he knows less about the subject than Gary Lineker, Adrian Durham, Martin Samuel, Greg Dyke etc. Hold your heads in shame lads, you've been exposed for the charlatans you are. I hope Nic calls this man as a witness. Should be a lot of fun seeing the FA's "expert" arguing with him.

CantelloRocket 78

I'm just wondering how many times the F.A. should slap a ban on a player for actions that are deemed unacceptable or offensive on the pitch?

There are times a player avoids punishment when throwing himself 'studs showing' into a challenge - even if he makes no contact, it still looks horrific, and you don't fool me, he wanted to break a leg, he KNEW what he was doing, right......? Why don't they study the video evidence and drag everyone in for a ban? Well they can only go by the Officials match report, that's the rules....

How about when Wayne Rooney ran at a Wigan player, staring at him, then deliberately elbowed him in the face?

Ref. Clattenburg saw it and gave a foul, but the F.A. then said they were POWERLESS to act, because the Ref. didn't report what was basically GBH, despite clear video evidence....

Or when we saw a close-up of Peter Crouch pushing his fingers into Jonas Olsson's eyes - clear video evidence, but - hey, the Ref. said nothing so the F.A. were POWERLESS to act again - what can you do???

Personally, having grown up with good manners, I'm offended every time a player blows out snot from his nose, or 'gobs flem' across the pitch - often video close ups, but hey, the F.A. are POWERLESS to act, because despite glorious technicolor close-ups, the Ref. says nothing, so....

But after the F.A. set the rules, can they ignore or twist them a little when it suits them, or when someone puts pressure on them?

surely, it's just all good, clean, innocent fun in our traditional British spirit of fair play and fair

Well, I wonder what the F.A. would have done if Anelka had taken his shirt off after the 'gesture', because a yellow card would mean he's automatically received punishment for his celebration by the Officials-

according to their rules, wouldn't they then be POWERLESS to do anything else........??

Well........maybe they could move the goalposts a little if they wish, because having all the power, who could realistically stop them.......??

We Only Need One Half!

"Just about the time we think we know where the goalposts are, they move them"

Herbert Hoover

CantelloRocket 78

I see throughout the media more and more people are calling for Anelka to have at least a 10 match ban, anger's reaching fever-pitch as the 'mob mentality' wants him tar and feathered, then dragged through the streets - anyone like Romelu Lukaku, who offers up the slightest support for Anelka, is slammed and cast out, someone's even comparing this to the McCarthy Witch Hunt of the 1950's-

isn't it great to see the higher qualities of the human race displayed after a 5-second 'gesture' that most people didn't notice, and no one can honestly still clearly define.......??

The Real Bully Hoo.

Interesting on Talksport. Andy Jacobs who is Jewish has slammed Anelka while his sidekick Paul Hawksbee seems to be dragged along in the slipstream, they even had the editor of the Jewish Chronicle on the show calling for a 10 match ban. Adrian Durham obviously jumped on the bandwagon and this morning we have Ian Abrahams the idiot called Moose calling for a 10 match ban..

This morning we have the admirable Alan Brazil talking sense on the matter but more tellingly David Ginola saying it was total over reaction. His view was that it was the wrong place to do it (which I think most of us agree on) but that the gesture itself is not racist or anti-semitic. It seems the French as witnessed by Mr Roger Cukierman vice chairman of the world Jewish Congress and Jean-Yves Camus expert on the French far right both saying that the gesture is anti-authority not anti-semitic and in France it is accepted that this is the meaning of it. It's only the French Government that don't like it for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile the witch hunt goes on in this country. Sakho of Liverpool says that he was tricked into doing it and it seems he is believed. NA says he did it to support his friend and is told he is a liar. Double standards by our media, the same media that christened him Le Sulk and have always demonised him? Surely not from such a fine upstanding body of people. If you ignore the Sun, Mirror and various other papers that think it's okay to hack into the phones of murder victims and dead soldiers.

I see that NA is using the statement of Mr Cukierman as evidence in his defence and it is difficult to see how any well run and fair minded organisation could argue in the face of such a witness. But then it's the FA we're talking about.

I'm sure most people are getting as bored with my posts on this subject as I am at writing them but I've never had any truck with bullies and lynch mobs, they disgust me.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Nic, lose the glasses you're looking more like Ali G by the day.


He knew exactly what he was doing and that it may cause offence and now he will get his comeuppance. Brings nothing to the team anyway. Brought in as a striker but never looks like scoring. Will not track back and just doesn't look bothered. Get rid and get someone who is eager to score goals. One bonus is it looks like he's going to be banned for a good few games so hopefully we will start with Vydra and Berahino.


Perhaps you could tell us exactly how you know ' He knew exactly what he was doing ' ? and would this stand up in a Court of Law ? .

I await your all knowing reply with great interest .

I do think however that when he ' retired ' in August , it would have been the best for all parties concerned if he had kept it that way .

More trouble than he is worth in my considered opinion , far to ' Hollywood ' for the Albion , and this sorry business is distracting us all from the task of staying in the Premier league . I bet Pepe Mel wonders what the hell he has signed up for.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Max.

The upside is that the media frenzy about Anelka may have taken some of the pressure off the new manager's first game because make no mistake there are a whole lot of the pundits wetting their pants at the thought of him failing.

CantelloRocket 78


as I've said previously - I agree with you, Nicolas Anelka DID KNOW EXACTLY what he was doing-

HE was thinking the thoughts, and he's explained what he then did, and why-

so I take it we BOTH AGREE that what he's said about the incident is RIGHT, because he knew what he was doing-



Well our beloved Club has finally made the BBC News headlines for all the wrong reasons . No one anywhere has proved to me that this sign is ' Nazi related ' or ' Anti semetic ' . If Anelka meant it to be offensive to Jews then he deserves everything he gets and the Albion must sack him , but quite how the FA are going to prove this is quite beyond my limited intelligence.


Perhaps you could tell us all exactly what Alan Cleverley said ?, so we can then decide if he should be led through the streets and stoned . I have met the said Gentleman on several occasions and found him to be very friendly.

CantelloRocket 78

Morning Max,

Hope you're well - to be honest I'm sick of all this stuff, and the thoughtless rants being yelled out by the 'absolute authorities' on justice and punishment-

I read Bully's views because he's a fair-minded man, and as a Prison Officer for years he's had daily, personal contact with people judged by the law.

Anyway, I'm off to do something just as cheerful - attend a funeral of a family friend.

Life's just too short, mate.

See you soon.


Max - straight from the BBC article:-

Alan Cleverley, secretary of the WBA Supporters' Club said if Anelka is found guilty by the FA he "deserves everything he gets."

He added, "You can't go on doing that. It sounds as if he did it on purpose because he knew the match was being shown in France. So if the book gets thrown at him, I've got no sympathy whatsoever for him."

Looks like our friend Alan has already found him guilty. Good example of SUPPORTING your own Club/player!!!



If Anelka meant to be offensive to the Jewish nation then surely we as a Club cannot condone these actions ? i think Alan could have possibly worded his comments a little better but hardly worthy of your atttack on him in my opinion . I know for a fact that he is has done a lot of good work for the supporters club over the years.

We will see what happens but i have the distinct feeling we have seen the last of Anelka in an Albion shirt,


IF Anelka is found not guilty (highly unlikely) I would suggest that Alan Cleverley's position is untenable, irrespective of whether he is a decent bloke or not or whther he has done many good things.

As I have said above, he should have said nothing, however, I am still refusing to get wound up by this issue (and believe me, if I really got into it, it would really wind me up!!).

The Real Bully Hoo.

Max and Mboy.

I know I'm taking my life in my hands getting between you two but my view for what it's worth is that Alan Cleverley like a lot of other people has got caught up in this media whirlwind.

The coverage has been so biased that it's almost amounted to brain washing and people have listened to one side (pushed strongly in the main by the powerful Jewish lobby in our media) and have become convinced that these are facts rather than propaganda.

I'm about to Email Andy Jacobs at Talksport to ask him to apologise for his rabid attack on Anelka in the light of Mr Cukierman's views. I won't hold my breath as I'm guessing the subject won't get a mention on today's show.


Alright Bully

To be honest mate i will be glad to see the back of the whole sorry issue . Why do you think the pundits want him to fail anymore than anyone else ? I would be very interested in your thoughts .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hallo Max.

I think it's only a minor part of it but the tabloids especially have always had it in for him. I think partly because he looks sulky and they love a villain to demonise and get us all hissing at.

A lot of the supposed problems were caused by his brother who was his agent. Despite supposedly being a bad boy all the managers he's played for portray him as a quiet man who is a good honest professional.

Some of the Wolves fans on here have tried to attack him along the same lines as well as one or two of "our own."

We're in total agreement on wanting to see the back of this story and I know you're not a fan of his so I admire your independent views on the matter. A shame some others can't do the same instead of making unsubstantiated attacks.

There's also the fact that there would be no story if the FA had said 'we understand your explanation consider yourself rowlocked and don't do it again.' Unfortunately our modern media are no longer interested in news, only sensational news.

I think that sadly it's due to run and run as I said earlier the FA have painted themselves into a corner and will now have to follow it through or lose face. A bit like the bully who suddenly finds the little lad he's picked on carries a punch.


If anyone saw the itv news last night where they did a quick look at Anelka`s past at his previous clubs they will realize what this guy is all about , Trouble with a capital T, how do you think he got nickname `Le sulk`.

CantelloRocket 78

And I'm still wondering where you got your name from, because your posts and typing layout are very similar to someone we used to know as 'Alan'........

The Real Bully Hoo.

We all know what you are but to answer your question he was given the name by the fine upstanding members of the gutter press.


Surely what the the Tory MP did Aidan Burley is worse? I am no WBA fan, but everyone is coming to Burley's defence and saying what a great guy he is. Will Jewish money be pulled from the Tory party? Not a chance. Have the Jewish Tory MP's threatened to quit unless Burley is removed? No way. It is hypocrisy and people only seem to be offended when it doesn't affect their self interest.


Good post and that falls into the 'one law for them and another for the rest of us' category.


It's interesting reading the posts on here, a few days ago people were standing united by the loss of a great man who loved and served Wolves and his country. I don't support either Wolves or Albion so my only comment would be after Odemwingie threatened to drag the good name of WBA down up pops Anelka with his antics.. Perhaps if Mr Anelka had thought of that in the first place then perhaps this whole sorry mess could have been avoided. It doesn't matter who we support players come and go but our great clubs remain.


Well said Sir.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I agree and I think that had he known the way it would be blown out of all proportion that Anelka wouldn't have done it. It was meant as a friendly gesture of support for a friend who is being persecuted in his own country. It wasn't an 'antic,' it was a sincere gesture of friendship. I have friends who I haven't always agreed with but they are still my friends and I stand by them, it doesn't mean I agree with every single thing they do.


so, now you have it, lol.