Collymore hits out on Twitter as vile racist tweets continue

Stan Collymore has hit out on Twitter after receiving a barrage of fresh online racist abuse.

Stan Collymore
Stan Collymore

The former Aston Villa star, from Cannock, described tweets aimed at him online as ‘disgusting trolling’.

Fellow former footballer Gary Lineker also took to the social networking site yesterday afternoon, describing the abuse received by Collymore as ‘an utter disgrace’.

The barrage of racist messages on Saturday is thought to have come in response to Collymore’s claim that Liverpool’s Luis Suarez dived to win a penalty against Aston Villa.

Steven Gerrard levelled from the spot in the 2-2 draw at Anfield after the Uruguayan striker went down under the challenge of Brad Guzan in the second half as the Reds battled back from two goals down.

The penalty sparked huge debate after the final whistle, with talkSPORT pundit Collymore, aged 42, insisting it was a deliberate dive while others, such as Match of the Day host Gary Lineker, maintained it was the right call by the referee.

Tweets aimed at Collymore include racist messages referring to the colour of his skin and threats of violence. He also said he had reported a further 22 tweets.

There was also an overwhelming amount of support online for the former striker, as footballers, politicians and members of the public alike condemned the abuse.

Among them were Fulham goalkeeper David Stockdale, TV football commentator Dan O’Hagan and Cannock East Labour councillor Janos Toth. Anti-racism group Kick It Out has also reported shocking Twitter taunts to the police.

It is the second time within months Collymore has been subjected to alleged online racism.

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Comments for: "Collymore hits out on Twitter as vile racist tweets continue"

Euro Wolf

Slowly but surely these ignorant and dangerous people are being reduced in number in places like Wolverhampton. Stand up to em Stan. We are with you 100%.


Disgraceful actions from cowards hiding behind their keyboard!

Serious action needs to be taken to stop these people!


Hi Stan, Baggies fan here fella. Ignore these numpties matey. They've clearly got no life and are just jealous.


Dont let the ignorant bigots get you down no room for these in the 21first century faceless cowards.


Here Here! I don't follow twitter at all but am 100% behind Stan all of the way. I always tune in to listen to Collymore on the radio, I love the passion he has for football and for his personal beliefs. He always presents an intelligent and constructive argument and is never dismissive of anyone elses point of view. Those that have posted the abuse have only served to show their lack of intelligence, the fact that it has been done behind the safety of a computer screen shows how big they are. I'd love to see Stan given the opportunity to confront these people one on one and face to face but I'm pretty sure they'd run a mile!!

never boo and never leave early

Bigots and Cowards!! I wonder how many of them try and get a tan in the summer!!


I'm not a footy fan, or a Stan Collymore fan, but I know the difference between right and wrong. Right is having a legitimate disagreement over a person's opinion e.g. a football fan disagreeing with Stan's opinion regarding the alleged dive. Wrong is bring race/colour into it, as this is completely and utterly irrelevent to the argument. These racists will use any excuse to air horrible views. People are entitled to have their own opinions - even if those opinions are racist (after all, we are all entitled to believe what we want to believe; I may not agree with racists but that doesn't mean I can force them to become open-minded, intelligent, forward-thinking individuals) - but they a) shouldn't use them to hurt others and b) to attempt to win an argument that has nothing to do with race.

In summary, these vile people are IDIOTS! Kick it out!!!


Mr Collymore has every right to his views whether I agree with him or not. The people that post such vile comments deserve to be found and bugger their privacy name them and stick their picture in the paper. I would love to ask such scum what has the colour of a persons skin got to do with anything, either a man/woman is a good person or they are not. I have never met Stan Collymore and have no wish to do so but I respect him as I respect other people and couldn't care less what his skin colour is because it's irrelevant.

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