Flood barriers erected in Bewdley as heavy rain forecast

Workers faced a race against time to erect Bewdley's flood defence barriers as more heavy rain was forecast to hit the area within the next 12 hours.

Temporary barriers are erected in Bewdley
Temporary barriers are erected in Bewdley. Picture: Environment Agency

The crew waded into action ahead of the normal river levels that would trigger the installation of the temporary barriers because of that forecast.

Their action could save 62 properties - homes and businesses - that would be under threat of flooding.

And with insurance estimates that flooding could cause an estimated £30,000 per property in damage that would save a lot of cash and grief.

Environment Agency spokesman Chris Bainger said eight workers would spend around four hours erecting stanchions along a 170 metre stretch of Severnside North and slotting in aluminium panels to hold back any flooding.

Other members of the team brought the equipment from its storage depot in Kidderminster.

He said: "Over the next 12 hours heavy rain is forecast.

"The ground is already saturated so that could bring river levels, already running high and fast, up to the level where the river could flood."

After the barriers are in place the Environment Agency will man the river bank 24 hours a day to monitor the situation until the flood threat is over.

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Comments for: "Flood barriers erected in Bewdley as heavy rain forecast"


Better to be safe than sorry, hope the barriers keep the river out but overpopulation means that new housing estates are being built on flood plains.

Old water courses, streams and brooks have been filled in so as a result the flood water on what was once the flood plain fails to drain away and the ground becomes saturated leading to yet more flooding.

If we didn't allow over a million immigrants to come here every few years perhaps we wouldn't have to concrete the countryside over and flood water would drain away more quickly.