Sharp fall in unemployment in the West Midlands

The Government was given a pre-Christmas boost on the jobs front when unemployment fell by almost 100,000 and the number of people in work topped 30 million for the first time on record.

Black Country graduates may face higher unemployment - Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The jobless total fell by 99,000 in the quarter to October, the biggest cut in over a decade, to 2.39 million, giving a rate of 7.4%, the lowest for over four years.

Across the West Midlands the figure plunged by 26,000 to 240,000 - one of the sharpest falls in recent times.

Nationwide the number of people in work was 30.09 million, an increase of 250,000 over the quarter and of almost half a million compared with a year ago.

Private sector employment reached a record high of 24.4 million, and long-term and youth unemployment also fell.

But 1.47 million people were in part-time jobs because they could not find full-time work, the highest total since records began in 1992.

The number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance last month fell by 36,700 to 1.27 million. It differs from the headline jobless figure because not everyone classed as unemployed is eligible to claim jobseeker’s allowance.

Across the West Midlands the claimant count fell 5,836 to 129,248, or 3.6 per cent of the region’s workforce.

Wolverhampton still has the highest rate for the West Midlands of 6.5 per cent. Number claiming in the city was down 502 to 10,387.

Dudley fell 508 to 8,188 (4.2 per cent), Sandwell was down 409 at 11,036 (5.6 per cent) and Walsall by 385 to 8,120 (4.9 per cent).

In Staffordshire the number claiming in Stafford fell 117 to 1,244 (1.5 per cent), Cannock Chase was down 97 at 1,413 (2.2 per cent), South Staffordshire by 95 to 1,265 and Lichfield fell by 83 to 846 (1.4 per cent).

The Wyre Forest district, covering Kidderminster, saw a fall of 142 to 1,781 (3 per cent).

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Comments for: "Sharp fall in unemployment in the West Midlands"


This is figure manipulation at it's best. There is no way unemployment can go down. The government itself is getting rid of thousands of council workers every week, they are forcing businesses to close and cutting funding for councils and emergency services. The only thing that has changed these figures in reality is the benefits system changes and people being kicked off benefits in their thousands to make the government look good. Strange how these figures keep going down as we approach the election year don't you think?????????.


I agree. These figures are very easy to manipulate. The government creates the news, the tabloids simply print it. Just scratching at the surface, you can easily read between the lines and see the fallacy we're all living under. For instance when someone is put on a dead-end New Deal Scheme and despite 'signing on', they are NOT classed as unemployed. The real situation is wage stagnation, higher costs of living.. there is little or no wealth creation beyond an industry of debt. Yet time and time again the government - and the media it controls - continually demonises anyone out of a job. It's disgusting. The skills are there. The desire to work is there. But the problem is, this government wants British people to work for nothing. It's a means of keeping them in their place, it's not about creating wealth. This self-imposed sense of guilt needs to stop and people need to see where the real waste is coming from: this government. It will blame all and sundry before it throws in the towel and all it wants of this great nation is to rape and pillage that which our forefathers fought and died over - our liberty. Don't vote them in.


I would edge my bets that these jobs are xmas jobs, zero hours, these figures are what known as "seasonally adjusted", I hope I'm wrong


It's pro-government/scum propaganda, released during a busy time of year under the notion few will question it. It's based on a blatant, over-simplified manipulation of statistical data. Anyone who falls for this, you got the government you deserve. Riddle me this: if things are as rosy as these people make out, why are you, your friends, and this country, living the way you are? Because the government doesn't live in the real world and doesn't have the bare the consequences of its own failings. There is no real support for our children, our unemployed, our sick, or our poor. Just a system that is gong all-out to turn us all against each other. To learn the reasons for this, you only have to look at history books. For it is nothing more than a means of keeping people down. Hitler would be proud of what this government has done here, make no mistake. And sorry folks, but this is going to get a lot worse before they're finally booted out..


This is good news for the Government - it shows that our policies our working - but most of all this is good news for the 1.1 million people who've gained jobs since 2010. They are now able to be self-reliant and in time will be able to help others too. But we still need to carry on working for a recovery for all. There are many people who want more work and we need to help and prepare them so that when new jobs come, locals are ready to take them.

Jaguar Land Rover are opening a new plant at i54 and HS2 will bring 12,000 jobs to the Black Country but manufacturers still complain of a chronic lack of skilled labour. Government shouldn't create meaningless jobs by taxing or borrowing but, as the apprenticeship programme has shown, we can invest in education and skills for a sustainable and prosperous future.


Your comment masks so many government failings, it's hard to know where to start. Again, you throw in the 'lack of skills' and 'not helping others' dogma.. it won't stick. Too many people have gotten wise to this government, and what it has REALLY done to the long-term stability of this nation. Hundreds of people chasing jobs.. workers rights repealed.. zero hour contracts.. depreciating salaries.. the DISPICEBLE treatment of the sick, the disabled and the poor in general. Not to mention multiple back-door legislation because this government knows damn well if it did things out in the open it simply wouldn't be allowed to get away with it. I also note your complete lack of reference to this governments consistent failure to address low pay, and livable salaries. Trying to demonise unemployed people as a means of diverting attention away from the real fraud, the real waste, no longer washes. The people have woken up to what's going on and the real reasons for austerity. The government's fate is thus sealed.


How many earning a living wage?

How many stuck on zero-hour contracts, in mcjobs, and other figures that obfuscate the real situation for political gain.



Nothing contributed more greatly to low pay for the working classes than the previous labour government's deliberate open-door immigration policay.



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