£680,000 rate debt in line to be written off by Wolverhampton City Council

More than £680,000 of unpaid business rates will be written off by cash-strapped Wolverhampton City Council, prompting calls for more to be done to reclaim debts.

Wolverhampton City Council's Civic Centre

Council bosses in the city will be asked to write off the money – at a time when the authority is battling to save £98 million over the next five years.

The move has been criticised by opponents, who say the current climate means everything possible should be done to claw back money owed.

But the city council says more than 80 per cent of the written-off business rates are due to bankruptcies or liquidations.

The total amount of business rates that will be written off is £683,793.

Half of this would have gone into council coffers.

Neville Patten, leader of the opposition Conservative party, said: “Not enough has been done in the past to claim this money.

“I can’t understand why they just write it off. I do think we should be reducing the business rates to attract more businesses in but in cases where rates that are owed have not been paid, more should be done to collect them. In this current climate, we should be going out and making sure we can get as much money as is owed.”

But spokesman for Wolverhampton City Council, Tim Clark said the majority of the business rates – 81 per cent – was due to bankruptcy, liquidation or companies that no longer trade.

“We have no control over debts in these circumstances,” he said.

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True. The Labour run council do not have any control over business within the town (it is not a city) going bankrupt or into liquidation.

But. And it is a big but, have they done anything to encourage business to grow or invest in the town?

Yes Jaguar Land Rover Blah Blah Blah mainly done by South Staffs as that is where the factory is being built. Two year old news.

Hilton Hotel at the old Foxes (was never going to happen) and by the way was a budget Hilton i.e. Travelodge Premier Inn etc

The town is hole and they know it. Stop voting Labour because your dad did and do Wolverhampton a favour let someone else have a go.

They may just do a better job?


I agree with your remarks about the Labour Council. By the way, Wolverhampton was created a city in 2000. Were you not aware of its change of Status?


What annoys me is the public (the ones who pay rates) can't get their debt written off, I once was a week late paying my council tax,(sandwell) got sent to court for late payment and it was took out of my wages so I had no chance. They wouldn't accept the payment on the following Monday because preceedings had started so it cost me for court costs aswel !


Agree totally.