Oops! CCTV footage shows danger of escalators at Birmingham New Street

It could have been sent to You've Been Framed - but this video is from CCTV footage taken at rail stations warning of the dangers of using the escalators.

It may seem like basic, common sense, but Network Rail says 418 people took a tumble on an escalator at the 17 busiest stations in the country, including Birmingham New Street, over the past year.

A new video and poster campaign has been launched to coincide with the run-up to Christmas, when shoppers may well be carrying bulky presents on and off the trains.

The video shows a man falling backwards on an escalator at New Street after being tripped up by his luggage.

The poor fellow then lies back, either hurt or resigned to his fate and is carried up.

In another, a woman trips forward at the top of the escalator. An older man leans over to help and disappears from view with her, his fate uncertain.

The number of people hurt on escalators is down by more than 20 per cent compared with the previous year, 512, however the same causes of incidents remain: Trying to carry heavy luggage, high heels and alcohol all contribute to the total according to Network Rail.

There were 32 incidents of trips, slips or falls on escalators at New Street from April 1 2012 to March 31 2013.

Robin Gisby, Network Rail’s managing director of network operations, said: "Stations are increasingly busy places but the majority of slips and falls we see could still be avoided. We often see people struggling with several pieces of luggage on escalators when the lift would be easier for them.

"It might sound obvious, but simply holding the handrail can be the difference between an uneventful escalator ride and a bump and bruise – or worse. We hope that the new campaign will act as a friendly reminder to take a little extra care when you're travelling during this busy festive period."

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I'm not surprised when you see some of the stupid shoes the ladies wear today, they can't walk properly on flat ground never mind escalators ! The price of fashion eh !


This piece shouldn't be entitled the 'danger of escalators at Birmingham New Street' instead 'Danger of idiots using escalators at Birmingham New Street'