Midlands scandal of horses found dead tethered to posts

Horses are lying dead and still tethered to their posts, with authorities struggling to cope due to ‘absurd’ shortages of funding, MPs have said.

Wet and cold – a horse chained up and left out in all weathers
Wet and cold – a horse chained up and left out in all weathers

The RSPCA and councils are being swamped with calls over the problem but suspect there could be even more cases which are not being reported through fears of reprisals from aggressive owners.

The issue has been raised in Parliament amid mounting concern that cash-strapped councils are being inundated with calls and unable to deal with tethered horses.

Chained up in a field – one of the abandoned horses discovered by RSPCA inspectors in Dudley
Chained up in a field – one of the abandoned horses discovered by RSPCA inspectors in Dudley

One animal welfare officer in the Black Country has revealed that as many as three calls can be made about wild horses in a single morning.

Seven horses have been found by the RSPCA in the past week – two around the Bentley Bridge area of Wolverhampton and the rest near Fens Pool in Brierley Hill.

Four of them have had to be immediately put down because they were in such poor health.

The Government says Parliament is currently working on a new law that will require owners of ‘fly-grazed’ horses to remove or sell them or be charged with a criminal offence.

The pledge was made after Pat McFadden, MP for Wolverhampton South East said the problem is a common one across the Black Country.

Dudley Council alone spent more than £150,000 over two years to round up stray horses.

Mr McFadden said existing legislation to tackle the problem was not working and that the government needed to give more support to councils.

He said: “In many parts of the Black Country, specifically around the Bilston and Bradley areas of my constituency, it is common to see horses grazing on abandoned former industrial land.”

Scandal - further coverage inside Saturday's Express & Star
Scandal - further coverage inside Saturday's Express & Star
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Comments for: "Midlands scandal of horses found dead tethered to posts"


Crimial - trace em and jail em


This Express and Star obsession with "cuts" knows no bounds.

It has nothing to do with cuts and has everything to do with criminal owners and their anti-social behaviour.


Totally agree WB Pete, Its not up to councils to find the money for this type of thing and it's so cruel aswel ! This is where councils should have tightened up years ago, finding out the owners, registering them and make them accountable for the horses !


There are organisations currently attempting to persuade parliament to improve the legal framework for dealing with the sickening situations like this that occur far too often. For more information on what is happening, and how we can all help please have a look at http://www.redwings.org.uk/news-updatedhorsecrisis.php


How come this only happens after Labour councils round up horses and send them off to be possibly meat pies.

It was said years ago on TV and in the E&S that these Labour councils had taken the wrong approach to the horse grazing situation. Labour always new better and with nowhere to graze the animals, its attack on the trotters has totally backfired into this awful mess. Labour now has the gall and cheek to ask Government for help.

Incompetent owners + incompetent Labour councils = Sick Mess

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