Golden goodbyes for West Midlands NHS staff cost £13.8m

Golden goodbyes for hundreds of NHS staff in the West Midlands axed in a major shake-up of health services have cost nearly £14 million, it has been revealed.

And 31 staff at the abolished health trusts walked away with pay-offs in excess of £100,000 – with seven of them getting more than £200,000, according to final annual accounts.

The former Primary Care Trusts for Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Staffordshire and the Strategic Health Authority covering the West Midlands made 271 people redundant in 2012/13.

Responsibility for health care outside of hospitals is now in the hands of groups of GPs. The Government expects to save billions with its re-organisation of the NHS, which includes axing layers of management and bureaucracy.

But the cost of the scheme, and the radical overhaul of the NHS, has been criticised by the Labour party. Individuals who were paid in excess of £100,000 each have not been named.

But they show that one person employed by the former Walsall PCT received an ‘exit package’ worth £299,641 for being made compulsorily redundant. That member of staff was among 36 redundancies, three of which were more than £150,000 and one more than £100,000.

Another at Dudley PCT left with £271,729 while one member of staff left under an ‘agreed departure’ with £204,755. There, 55 staff lost their jobs including three who went with between £100,000 and £150,000 each.

Four West Midlands staff from the former Midlands and East Strategic Health Authority took compulsory redundancy with exit packages worth more than £200,000 each, costing £1,005,000 between them.

A further seven got more than £100,000 out of 23 staff being axed.

Sandwell’s PCT made 88 staff redundant in total, costing £3,715,969.

Two of those left voluntarily with more than £150,000 each and another five got more than £100,000 each.

There were 57 redundancies at Wolverhampton City PCT, one of which received £170,000 and two who shared £240,000 between them.

Twelve staff left South Staffordshire PCT but all were given packages lower than £100,000. Eight of them received at least £50,000 when their jobs disappeared.

Valerie Vaz, Labour MP for Walsall South, and a member of the Commons Health Select Committee, criticised the government for its major re-organisation of the NHS.

She said: “The pay-offs are a direct result of the NHS re-organisation which was never in any manifesto and was not planned by any political party.”

The Department of Health says that nationally the changes will save the taxpayer £5.5bn.

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Comments for: "Golden goodbyes for West Midlands NHS staff cost £13.8m"

Cricket Bat

And next week they will walk back into the NHS with a Golden hello in similar positions.

funny old world

You're probably right.


Good old NHS - the "envy of the world" apparently.


It was charlie, bit it has become the envy of the redundancy pay offs I'm afraid. This is one of the reasons why it's in a mess, just like other organisations like councils, and they are also afraid of sacking people because of tribunals following that case last week where that head of social workers was sacked after the death of a child, but doesn't that mean she wasn't doing their job properly. Not in the real world just like the government. And cricket bat you are right !


I think there should be serious investigation to the amount of NHS people that retire on a Friday and then come back to work on a Monday, there are loads of these at the Trust I work in. They comeback in on a day rate that makes your eyes water, for doing work they should have completed before they retired, who in their right mind allows this ?

They are not front line staff these are pen pushers and bean counters.

Let’s be honest with doctors the higher up they get the less hours they do for the NHS but fill their pockets with private work, I wonder if they ever do the hours they are paid for in the NHS.