Faggots and peas fall foul of Facebook censors

It is one of the Black Country’s signature dishes and remains a firm favourite in the region – but the much-loved meal of faggots and peas has fallen foul of Facebook.

Wendy Jones with her 11-year-old daughter Cass Millership who are stunned Facebook is blocking people for discussing faggots
Wendy Jones with her 11-year-old daughter Cass Millership who are stunned Facebook is blocking people for discussing faggots

Members of three Facebook groups from Tipton are up in arms after being banned from the social media website for discussing their love of the delicacy.

Wendy Jones from Cradley Heath was one of the first people to learn that people were being banned for referring to ‘faggots’.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it when I heard people were being banned. We were only talking about the food we loved. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

And she claimed members had also been banned for saying they were from the Black Country, as it contravenes the website’s policy on racist posts.

The Facebook warning has been sent over use of the word ‘faggots’
The Facebook warning has been sent over use of the word ‘faggots’

“All of my family love faggots and peas and we are always having them,” added the 45-year-old mother-of-six. “I think something needs to be done, as people will just keep getting banned.”

Her mother Margaret Jones is one of those who has been temporarily barred, after she mentioned the word in a post about how ridiculous the situation was.

The 68-year-old from Tipton said: “I’m disgusted with Facebook’s reaction to the word faggots. It’s a delicacy in the Black Country.

“I have emphysema and can’t go outside sometimes, but Facebook is my connection to my friends, family and the outside world.”

Robert Wilkes, aged 54, was born in Tipton but now lives in Taunton, Devon. He said he had been banned from the website for 12 hours.

He said: “I was one of the original people to receive a ban on Facebook for saying faggots. It was in a food context as the group were discussing our favourite local dishes. I am ex-Tipton now living in the West Country, where faggots are also popular. I cannot believe that Facebook could not see the context of how this word was being used.”

Another regular user who says she was banned was Janet Wilkinson, also from Tipton.

She said: “Faggots have been around for more than 100 years and while I appreciate it may have a different meaning in other countries, to us it’s just a type of food.”

A spokesman for Facebook claimed a single post had been removed due to an error, adding no-one should have been banned and all users should find their accounts back up.

Has Facebook gone too far? Or does the word need to be banned? Have your say in the comments section:

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Comments for: "Faggots and peas fall foul of Facebook censors"

Mrs Ivy Trellis

The only way around this is to use abbreviations for things 'F&P' = 'Faggots and Peas' and 'BC' for Black Country. I wonder what they would make of 'Groaty Pudding' or 'African-American Pudding?' - Maybe even try writing phonetically in a 'BC?'

Humorous as it might be, it does reveal that someone is spying on what you post.


THE WHOLE COUNTRY HAS GONE TOO FAR WITH THIS P.C CRAP ! Don't ban me will you E and S ha ha !


This is the USA not us! It's okay to show videos of decapitation and animal torture though... No Brains these people......


When facebook first started it was to find your friends now it runs the world you want to enter a competition and it's enter through facebook kids get bullied on facebook and videos of beheadings get shown on their but a mention of maggots and peas and you get banned come on facebook get a grip


Amazing news! F&P are great in cold weather, with a pint'a bitter! Reminds me of my younger days.Probably sthg to do with software...Thanks for the tip, anyway. Oh! it's "crépinettes" in French.I mean , the real stuff! ha ha!


I'm told it's another fine example of the difference between English English AND American English!

Dave Webb

The facebook Police get right on my T****. I am also banned for referring to those juicy meatballs that are predominant in my native Black Country, as faggots. ( Is using the term Black Country classed as racism? ).

While I'm on the subject of Facebook & the Black Country, Tipton is NOT in Dudley.

They are 2 completely different area's.


Confused by your comment. Tipton is not in Dudley but is in the Blackcountry. One of the 4 original towns, Dudley, Tipton, Cradley Heath, Netherton.


To an Englishman, a "faggot" is a tasty ball of meat to eat or a bundle of wood for burning or iron for smelting.

To an American, a "faggot" is a homosexual. If the Yanks are going to play on the international stage they need to learn that their version of English is not definitive.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Unfortunately they want everone to speak American, and use those innane date formats they have of MM-DD-YY! They still work in Imperial Units (Reason why the Boeing 787 was 3 Years Late) They still use Brtish Thermal Units (Related to Heat) I am nearly 60 years old and have NEVER used BTUs! - They certainly are not 'Number One!'


I wonder how they get on with Sheep Shaggers Scotch Ale, which (for the benefit of the moderator), is I believe an american beer.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Bow Down Gentlemen, we are about to become the Fifty-Second State of the USA! - Their Fifty-First State is the 'State of Denial!'

Mrs Trellis, presently 'Weekending' in Cockermouth!


Facebook is getting worse!! They allow videos of people getting beheaded and pictures of dead babys which yesterday I reported twice and they still ay took it off because apparently its not violating any laws but u cor say the word 'faggot' because in america the word 'faggot' means your referring to a gay person.


Banned for the second time for the same post! A single post my back passage! All users should find their accounts back up!

Perhaps next time the good old US of A decide to invade a third world country because they have oil deposits (sorry, imaginary weapons of mass destruction/ Al Quaeda training posts) our government, rather than sending our troops, could send consignments of our local delicay.

Mrs Ivy Trellis

MMMmmm Dudley airlifts Faggots to the US!

S.E. Clarkson

Puts me in mind of, shortly after I got to America and was taking a class. I asked the lady next to me if I could borrow her rubber. After nearly getting deported I was advised by the instructor, "Next time call it an eraser". You'll never guess what they mean by a rubber over here. S.E.Clarkson

Mrs Ivy Trellis

Yes I do! Same experience here too. However, do you know why so many US boys are circumcised at birth in the US? - To give the US Medical Profession a Consistent Income! - It's a Multi-Million Dollar Industry there!


It's obvious FB need to learn proper English and get their minds out of the gutter! I am American, and I'm appalled that they did this!


so facebook can place films of beheadings but they censor faggotts...the quicker this world grows up the better we will all be..there are a minority of people who seem to have the greater say...

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