Wolves boss Steve Morgan and the Hillsborough cop

Wolves chairman Steve Morgan was caught up in a Hillsborough storm today after inviting ex-police chief Sir Norman Bettison to a big match.

Right or wrong? Wolves chairman Steve Morgan shakes hands with Sir Norman Bettison in the directors box at the game on Saturday, sparking outrage among football fans
Right or wrong? Wolves chairman Steve Morgan shakes hands with Sir Norman Bettison in the directors box at the game on Saturday, sparking outrage among football fans

Mr Morgan was pictured shaking hands with the retired officer during Wolves’ away clash with Bradford City on Saturday.

Wolves today confirmed he was a guest of the the club’s owner – who once wanted to buy Liverpool FC – at the game.

Wolves today issued a statement saying: “Steve Morgan has known Norman Bettison for a number of years and he has attended Wolves games – both at Molineux and away from home – on many occasions before.

"Everyone connected with the club has the utmost sympathy and respect for the victims of Hillsborough and their families, and today’s Express & Star story should in no way detract from those heartfelt sentiments.”

Was Steve Morgan right to invite Sir Norman Bettison to a Wolves game? Vote in our poll below and have your say in the comments section:

Sir Norman was the subject of an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation over his role in the alleged cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster.

He is a controversial figure in Mr Morgan’s native Merseyside, with families of the victims of the disaster calling for him to be stripped of his knighthood.

Images of Mr Morgan, who took over Wolves in 2007, and Sir Norman standing next to each other at Valley Parade during Saturday’s 2-1 Wolves victory have been released, sparking widespread anger from football fans and Hillsborough justice campaigners today.

More than 2,300 fans voted in an Express & Star online poll today asking if Mr Morgan was right to invite Sir Norman to the game. By 1pm 73 per cent had said no.

Steve Morgan watches the game with Sir Norman Bettison
Steve Morgan watches the game with Sir Norman Bettison

Sheila Coleman, of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, said: “Morgan has the right to do whatever he chooses and mix with whoever he chooses. But as someone who wanted to buy Liverpool Football Club and professes to be a Liverpool supporter, you are judged by the company you keep.

“This cuts to the heart of what we are campaigning for and Steve Morgan would be brave to turn up at a Liverpool match now.”

Fans also took to Twitter, with one, tweeting as Lastofadyingbreed, saying: “Steve Morgan has sold his soul and spat in the face of the 96 and everyone involved in the justice campaign.”

Express & Star columnist John Lalley, a lifelong Wolves fan, said: “It’s not for me to be judgmental of Mr Morgan. He will choose his friends and I will choose mine and Sir Norman Bettison has not been convicted of any crime.

“But for Steve Morgan to be pictured with this man in public, given his links with Liverpool and the fact that 96 innocent people from Mr Morgan’s own city lost their lives, does seem to me to be a little insensitive at the very least.”

Sir Norman resigned as chief constable of West Yorkshire Police in October 2012 claiming an inquiry into his role in the Hillsborough tragedy was a ‘distraction’ to the force.

At the time of the 1989 disaster, in which 96 people died, he was an inspector for the South Yorkshire force and attended the FA Cup match.

He also took part in an internal inquiry and was referred to the IPCC over allegations he had provided misleading information.

In March this year, the IPCC said he would have had a case to answer for ‘discreditable conduct and abuse of authority’ but it was powerless to take any further action because he was no longer a serving officer. The IPCC stressed this did not mean he was guilty as that verdict could only come from a misconduct hearing, which was not possible due to his resignation.

Was Steve Morgan right to invite Sir Norman Bettison to a Wolves game? Have your say in the comments section:

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Steve Morgan and the Hillsborough cop"


Not a bad thing going to the match but shaking his hand and giving him the vip treatment is poor and it isnt good from a pr point of view really makes me think how he became successful...? plus havent the pr team said bloody hell that wont help after the last two years~? it just shows we are run by people who dont know what wolverhampton wanderers stands for and aspires to be. Also as the year earlier against Tottenham us wolves fans were in a similar but not as disastrous situation....UTW


So I take it kenco that if it was one of your friends you would disown them.

Just another sabre rattling story that the anti Morgan morons can't wait to jump on.


Indeed it is.


Yes Johnwolf, I damn well would disown somebody like Bettinson. Nothing to do with being anti-Morgan, it's to do with having some sort of moral principles.

I'm sick of the whole Hillsborough saga being dredged up time and time again but Morgan is a Scouser and has shown appalling judgement here which reflects badly on WWFC. The E&S are quite right to print it.


Does anybody think Morgan, deep down, will be bothered by this story.

He is one hard businessman (I know) and will carry on doing his thing regardless.

Lakeside, what has the fact that he is a scouser got to do with anything?

He is our owner, not Liverpool's, and what right have we got to say who he should be seen in public with?

A few people want to 'man up' here.



Yes try & explain this one Mr Morgan to everyone especially in Merseyside laa. Well done for sticking your expensive shoes in a pile of muck, its like some of your decision making mate at Wolves ALOB.


Perhaps its someone who just looks like Norman Bettison?


Just when everything at the moment was looking good at Wolves!


"Stevie Morgan does what he wants"

Whether it is hiring managers simply on the recommendation of the Wrexham chairman, or remaining on friendly terms with highly controversial (in the football community) former policemen.

The combination of Liverpool and Hillsborough is a toxic one.

A troubling lack of judgment, again


Short memory Steve for a so called Liverpool fan i doubt if you will ever be welcome back there,as for him going to a wolves away match i hope to god your not going to employ him.

We Only Need One Half!

Well at least you wont have to worry about him upping sticks for Anfield now, in a area that still refuses to sell The Stun because of the way it reported this story over 24 years ago, no way will they ever accept Morgan after this.


I took the missus to a match once, and she's a Nottingham Forest Fan! O.K., she didn't get any VIP treatment, but then I don't own the club... Somebody should point out to the Express and Star that this is a free country. After all, on Derby day we let thousands of West Brom fans in!!!!



We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, try and convince the People on Merseyside with that argument, see how far you get.


Someone has to be friends with him, this DOES NOT effect our club


It doesn't affect our club, either

carl wolves

I think the big news here is the breakdown in relationship between Steve Morgan and the E&S. This Bettison lowlife has apparently attended Wolves matches several times already this season so why has it taken until now for the E&S to go public on the story? I've had a quick scout around to see if the story was broken somewhere else and the E&S were simply following it up but it appears that the E&S are the ones that have the exclusive on it-fair play to you! I can only see there being a massive fallout from this, I can't see our esteemed chairman taking this lying down!

Statos Boring Brother

I couldn't agree more.

Bettison certainly isn't my cup of tea and I'm surprised that Steve Morgan associates with him given his Liverpool roots but its a free country and he can invite anyone he likes.

Barely a day goes by without some sort of negativity about Wolves in the E&S. A few weeks ago they were trying to stir things up against Sako for the crime of being wanted by Forest. They also tried something similar with Doyle asking whether he should be sold. All this week they've been picking at scabs in the O'Hara debate rather than concentrate on our best start to a season ever (albeit in League 1) and our second place in the table.

I can understand why there were reports of players falling out with E&S reporters at a function last season and I can see Steve Morgan restricting press access to the E&S if the negative trend continues.

Cricket Bat

One word 'Idiot'


One word


My Friend Stan

Just when you start to think that things couldn't possibly get anymore embarrassing. I'm starting to think that Morgan does it on purpose, what other explanation could there be?

Wolf Blast

Two points; firstly, if they are good mates then you could say Morgan has stuck by his mate irrespective of his crime. However, it's a poor decision to bring him into the Wolves fold as we are now tarnished. Secondly, unless Bettinson made his own choice to watch Wolves and paid for himself Morgan should have kept his hospitality to his own home.

It's amazing how these successful guys seem to lack common sense. Where was the Wolves PR team? Yes Steve no Steve I bet.

Silver Wolf

We need to be careful that this country doesn't degenerate into a posse/hue and cry mob attitude to right and wrong.

The Hillsborough disaster has been put totally on the shoulders of the police, yet from the age of 10 (mid-1950's) onwards I attended matches there with huge crowds at FA Cup semis etc and never knew of a single incident, and certainly had no complaints whatsoever of the police. Yet, doubtless, just that observation will have verbal knives being thrown from any and every quarter.

Was it all the fault of the police? Did any fans contribute in any way whatsoever? What were the unusual circumstances that caused a police force to lose the plot, and to such an an incerdible extent that many people lost their lives, when they (South Yorks Police) had a history of dealing successfully with huge crowds?

I was saddened at the time at what had happened, I still am, but I'm just as sickened with the ongoing breast beating that offers only condemnation of police officers and no one else.

In case anyone should think I am of the area I am not. My home town was in a neighbouring county and nor do I have any connections with any police personnel, but I will never understand how it happened given the conditions that I experienced many times at that ground prior to the disaster.

As such I refuse to be a part of any ongoing witch hunt that is based on a Nelsonian view of all the activities of that day.


The mob / witch-hunt mentality that keeps surfacing on the internet is getting tiresome.

I'm not referring to Hillsborough here. That was a terrible tragedy. But we shouldn't let anger turn into hate.


You obviously weren't at the '81 semi final between Wolves & Tottenham then ? This was when Spurs fans were being crushed in the Leppings Lane end and started spilling onto the pitch a few mins into the game. There were 38 Spurs fans who were injured that day. Luckily a low total as some managed to get over the fence and others out through a gate which was opened for them.


There were problems reported again before the disaster in '89 - there was crushing reported again in '87 & '89 but the Police failed to learn the lessons or take any sort of preventative action. In previous years they had check points approaching the ground which acted as a filter allowing fans to pass through at a steady rate. Not the case in '89 when they were not used - meaning that a large mass of fans arrived at the ground at the same time. Poor crowd control thereafter confounded the situation.

That said - the FA also need to be held to account. Why was it that a ground without a valid safety certificate was allowed to hold a semi final ?? Why was it that for all 4 of the semi's held at Hillsborough in the 80's - the clubs with the larger support were given the smaller end of the ground?

Silver Wolf

In the days I refer to, the trains to Wadsley Bridge,and other stations, would disgorge hundreds/thousands of fans and if they were running late the kick-off would be delayed. So even in those days there were sufficient communications to avoid mass panic among fans at not being in the ground by the intended start. Why were so many fans late arriving and why weren't the club told of the transport problem? Had communications broken down with transport agencies, and police, and if so why?

I had departed the Hillsborough scene long before 1989,

and still cannot understand how it could happen, nor how the near misses you allude to did. They are totally inconsistent with my experiences of the 50's and 60's, yet I did attend when there were some huge crowds.

Stearmans overhead kick

Redster .Remember it well ,And what did the coppers try to do when the Spurs fans spilled on to the pitch ?They tried to put them in our end.

Statos Boring Brother

I was at the game and at the time we thought it was just the Spurs fans playing up. It was only in a pub on the way back that we bumped in some Spurs fans (yes, even in those supposedly hooligan stricken days fans could behave like civilised people and have pint & a chat) that we found out what actually happened.

The police might have been to blame for some of what happened on that day but Sheffield Council & the FA should share a lot of the blame with the police for the tragedy a few years later for licencing the ground and for choosing it as a semi-final venue.


"...onwards I attended matches there with huge crowds at FA Cup semis etc and never knew of a single incident"

That is quite an extraordinary statement Silver Wolf, and one that demonstrates that you have little grasp of the history of Hillsborough

Hillsborough's Leppings Lane terraces have long been known as a death trap

The first known death by crushing there occurred in 1934 when Frederick Hill was crushed to death. See https://twitter.com/wrong_kennedy/status/391948378952568832/photo/1

In the 1957 FA Cup semi-final between Birmingham and Manchester United, a number of fans were injured on the terraces.

In 1981, as another poster mentioned, there was a near miss, and fatalities were only averted through the quick thinking of a senior police officer (who wasn't even in command) who ordered all the perimeter gates to be opened immediately. A number of serious injuries, including broken arms and legs, still occurred however. As a result Hillsborough was banned by the FA as a semi-final venue until 1987

In 1987, there were again serious problems in the Coventry vs Leeds match, and kick off had to be delayed and crush injuries were reported

In 1988, severe overcrowding was reported on the Leppings Lane terraces in the Liverpool vs Notts Forest game, but with an experienced officer in command, an established contingency was enacted to close the central tunnel leading to the central Leppings Lane pens which prevented more serious problems.

In 1989, poor planning for the semi final ground configuration led to only 7 turnstiles being available for 10,100 fans on Leppings Lane. This led to an inevitable - and perfectly foreseeable - crowd build up in the notorious bottleneck outside Leppings Lane.

In addition, a novice police commander was appointed shortly before the match, who had not been in charge of such a big game. He failed to enact the established procedure close the tunnel to the Leppings Lane terraces. When police had to open the gates to allow the crowd build up to dissapate, the crowd WALKED straight through the tunnel, and caused a vice like crush that led to tragedy

There now only remains a small minority that clings to the lies spread by South Yorkshire Police in the aftermath of Hillsborough that the fans were to blame

You, my friend, are part of that rather sad group

I'm pleased to say that most Wolves fans are not

Silver Wolf

WK - You are the sad one, and sadly mistaken. I have no ties nor any truck with any police force. Indeed the name Bettison was unkown to me until the above article, and, I suggest to you, that would be the case with the overwhelming majority of footballing fans, but because of my own experiences of the ground I hold to the views I have suggested - my gut feeling is that something more than innefficient policing happened on that day.

I have not read the 'lies' you so obviously have, and nor was I at anytime aware of the deficiencies you say were widely known throughout history.

If the ground was a death-trap in the making, as you claim it was, it begs the question of how/why were numerous FA Cup semi-finals held there? And, why did the tragedy not happen long before, because the time period you give is a very long one.

It also means that I and many thousands of fans from many clubs are very lucky to have survived watching football at Hillsborough when large crowds were present. I wasn't aware of it at any time until now!


Silver Wolf

Have you actually read my reply?

I've given you 6 examples of major problems at Hillsborough semi finals.

Just because you didn't personally see them yourself, doesn't there were not problems at other large scale matches

There are none so blind as those who will not see

carl wolves

Rich, Whilst questioning the logic of the E&S for publishing this story, as I'm sure this will near enough burn their bridges with the club, I do think that they are perfectly correct for doing so (they are a newspaper afterall!) and this is a very newsworthy story. This bloke is public enemy number one in the North West-The story is already the news headline in the Liverpool Echo and may well feature on News programmes nationwide tonight. To say that it won't affect our club is crazy! I just wonder what's gone on behind the scenes to lead to the E&S publishing this story now? I just hope that in the inevitable fallout the E&S also publish a normal persons copy of our accounts since Morgan's been in charge, something that us fans have been long craving for!

Dukinfield Wolves: Fairways Division (Not Mark)

Carl Wolves,

"This Bloke" is NOT enemy number 1 in the North West.

He might be hated by a number ofour Scouse cousins, but the vast majority of the North West do not give two hoots about him.

This is not news worthy.

"Football club owner invites his friend to a match"

Frankly, I don't see it selling many copies.

Bettison has not been found guilty of any criminal offence so what is the big deal if our clubs owner wants him to attend matches?

This is just E&S trying to stir up trouble instead of looking into proper footballing stories.

Lazy redneck journalism for a lazy redneck audience.


The E&S is printing a story with local interest in that it illustrates atrocious personal judgement by a local football club owner. Bettinson is a hated figure on Merseyside and Morgan is a Scouser. Any friendship should have been kept out of the limelight. If WWFC ever get to play against a Merseyside team again can you imagine what the tensions will be?

carl wolves

I agree totally. I'm very surprised that they've put their relationship with the football club at stake but all credit to them for doing so. The question I find difficult to answer is why now? He's been guest at the club on many occasions apparently, so what has happened politically to suddenly make the E&S go public now?


The fan who confronted Mr Morgan should be put up for an award. Seriously, this guy has spoken for genuine football fans across the country. It would also be nice if people like rich5wolves could be identified. I cannot believe there are so many wolves fans sticking up for this scouse judas.


Let's have a reality check here: any guest that is photographed at the Wolves Ground or with Wolves Directors is a matter of fact. They were there and they were invited. Is this story in the public interest? Well I can see the arguments raging on this one, but a football ground is a public place, nothing was 'hidden' and it looks from the photograph, that a number of people could have seen who were the guests of the Directors. The fact that E&S have run this story is of interest, but in the round, the bloke was just another guest.

Was it good judgement to invite someone who has had a significant amount negative publicity? Perhaps not.

Has justice been delivered for the 96? No. Should this situation be fully addressed? Yes.

Is it possible that a number of errors were committed that day by a number of Senior Police officers? Given that we have no convictions, fines or imprisonment thus far, I believe that the cover-up here is widespread and it is your Government who need to act.

Is Steve Morgan guilty by association? No. Should this story affect how Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters think about their club & Chairman? Each to his/her own .... My view has not changed

I would welcome a campaign, supported by the E&S, WWFC & the whole league to influence our Government to address those responsible for the tragedy: you cannot dodge bullets. Everyone has accountability. Let's influence the government AGAIN, until we know who acted criminally ... We all make mistakes, some need reconciliation.


Good post - totally agree !


The most balanced view ive read on here.

Have you got splinters sitting on that fence though lol


Too Late my son. The majority of wolves fans will pay the price for this act and comments like rich5wolves for years to come. YOU DESERVE IT!


Sums up the man in my opinion, the guy has no integrity and does exactly what he wants with no regard for what anyone else thinks. Numerous people have gone on record, having had personal dealings with him, saying how stubborn he is with an 'it's my way or no way' attitude.

Of course, if his way was any good we would be an established prem club by now, but the simple truth is that apart from his money (and let's face it we've seen precious little of that) he's no good for our club.

Roll on the day when he sells the club on, I say !


Really Eldervo?

Be careful what you wish for.

Living in Newcastle I hear NUFC fans calling for the head of Ashley all the time. The guy is doing an amazing job, but they cannot see it.

Yes he has made mistakes, the same as Morgan, but I promise you, things will improve.

One day in the near future we, like Newcastle, will be playing in front of 50,000, and be stable in the Prem.

Don't you think Morgan's pride will have been hurt with successive relegations? Of course he cares.

I don't care how hard faced Morgan is, and could give a monkeys what he is like as a person or a boss.

I support the team. At the moment we are having a great time of things in the league. Let's all enjoy it, and leave little stories like this one in the gutter where it belongs.



I never said he didn't care about the relegations, only that it was his incompetence that has ultimately led to where we are now. However much he wants to succeed he hasn't the skills or knowledge to achieve it and his bloodymindedness will prevent the success you suggest.

Sir Jack almost got it right bless him and desperately craved success for wolves but realised he'd taken the club as far as he could. Then in the club's best interests he stepped aside making sure that the one thing he knew he could do ie leave us debt free, was done before he 'gave' the club away to someone he thought would take us on to the next stage. How wrong he was !

Can anyone see Morgan doing the same for wolves ?

We're all enjoying the degree of success at the min despite the sometimes less than convincing performances, but let's be honest, at this level anyone could and should achieve that given the infrastructure at wolves, it's no feather in Morgan's cap.

You say we'll be playing in the prem to 50k crowds in the near future and compare us to NU and Ashley. I say all that happy clapping has addled your brain my friend. Morgan will walk when it suits him without a second thought to the club.

Farmer Ted

You may be interested to know, and DavWolf will confirm this (if the E&S post this ) that following the recent defeat to Sunderland, NUFC have broken links, entirely, with the local press because of what they term, negative coverage.


I think this article is entirely negative about Wolves, it can only be detrimental to the good things that are starting to happen at Molineux and will only rabble-rouse with it's meaningless poll.

The Hillsborough tragedy is in the hearts and minds of all of us who ever stood on football terraces.

It has NOTHING to do with WWFC.

Regarding your comments about incompetence, time will tell, the true test of Morgan's ability will be how Wolves fare over the next three years. Judge him after he has faced the self inflicted adversity that circumstances and bad management have placed us in.

Regarding Sir Jack ("bless him") when Dave Jones finally gave him the holy grail he desired after so long, what happened? Ask Dave J ...... and also remember the golden tit outburst. Now there was a real opportunity thrown away.


Seriously Ted?

"Time will tell" .... time has already told us everything we need to know about Morgan. Just how many unilateral, bad decisions does the guy have to make before you can have an opinion as to his competence.

What makes you think the next three years will be any different to the last three ?

We're stuck with him I know, but at least keep the blind optimism in check and bear in mind his track record to date.

Get behind KJ and the lads by all means, but let's not forget why we're playing 3rd div football.

Farmer Ted

Eldervo, Collective blame must take place for the events that have taken place at Molineux. Board, managers, players and, yes, a proportion of fans. However I accept the buck stops with the man at the top, no argument.

However I also see a man who has hopefully learned his lesson and the result is the green shoots we are beginning to see. Nobody will be able to judge that for a year or two, so, yes, time will tell.

Regarding Ashley and NUFC. Do you really understand the turmoil that man is causing at the Club? Renaming the ground, giving Pardew a ridiculously long contract and then undermining him with Kinnear. And that just in the last 12 months. Just be glad he's not our despot !

Also bear in mind NUFC are one of the 'big' clubs who haven't won a domestic trophy since the middle fifties (I exclude Bobby Moncur's Fairs Cup winning side) and our fans complain about Wolves' lack of success!

Morgan has made some monumental errors but it has to change at some point. Maybe, just maybe, it has this time.

chris h

Let us not forget the main culprits at Hillsborough were the people who designed the stand with that dreadful central tunnel and the people who approved the erection of the those dreadful penned in fences. It was a disaster waiting to happen, the authorities should have been forewarned at events witnessed by those of us who attended the 1981 semi final. As for Steve Morgan, I agree totally with the words of John Lalley. In this Country everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

chris h

Just one other point, these two gentlemen might well share the same very distinctive handshake.


I cannot believe that some of you are still unable to believe that the police were to blame, which they were, what's worse is the disgraceful altering of hundreds of statements and the spreading of lies through the the media that cast the Liverpool fans as animals who caused it themselves. The inquiry has shown all this to be a police cover-up, possibly sanctioned from on high because of friendships struck up during the miner's strike when the South Yorks force helped Thatcher smash the miners which in turn was payback for their behaviour during the Heath tenure as PM. The whole thing stinks of corruption and cover up and Morgan's actions are at least insensitive, at worst callous. You don't have to be a scouser to be angry about this possible breach of public trust and abuse of power. I don't want to imagine how I would feel if it was 96 supporters in gold and black lying on the mortuary slabs and our fans had had the same treatment to cover up the now official police ineptitude.

chris h

Sure the Police were culpable, especially the decision to open the gates and allow a stream of fans to enter all at the same time. But due to the design of the stand they were chanelled down one tunnel and then mostly into one fenced pen. There was no ability for the crowd to disperse. If the stadium had been properly designed, if Health and Safety had done its job, if someone had understood the risks and dangers involved in erecting individual fenced off pens, then there would have been no disaster. Changing statements was wrong ,very wrong, but if the stadium had been properly designed there would have been no need for any statements.


Is he any good at left back?! GERRIMIN!!!


If by any chance a pool fan reads this then SORRY that our owner has chosen to drag the name of WWFC into the mud, we true football fans know all about the lies and cover ups that the police have contrived in, Morgan is also a law unto himself,

3 points Satruday

So. now we know. Mr Morgan shakes hands and seems to the like the company of some dubious ex copper who resigned 'for the good of the force'. What's new? How many dubious friends does any one of us have, according to any one else? This is the big bad world. Get used to it. Sorry to all the people of Liverpool who suffered through the misconduct and hopelessness of the police involved, BECAUSE SUFFER THEY DID AND BIG TIME. Know thy enemy is about all you will learn from this article, for all the good it will do.

chris h

Farmer Ted, I am surprised,very surprised at your unfair comments regarding Sir Jack. Molineux was a shack and he rebuilt it, all paid for out of his own money. He also funded out of his own wallet numerous transfer binges. Just think of the situation he faced after that 5-1 defeat at Blackburn, our first game in the Premier . After spending a good chunk of his personal fortune, perhaps £60m, he was told the only way for the club to have a chance to stay in the division was to spend another £30m. There comes a time when everyone, even a multi millionaire, says enough is enough. Sir Jack left the club virually debt free, with a decent stadium that did not let in the rain on the North Bank, and conditionally gave the club away in an unprecedented act of generosity. It really is out of order to criticise someone who has given us so much.

Farmer Ted

Chris, It's not a criticism, it's a reminder of the facts which you also point out with your "even millionaires" comment. After spending/wasting millions supporting a variety of managers he gave up just as his dream had been realised. He would have been fully aware of the financial demand the Premiership required well before DJ got the club there. I think a lot of the problems lay in the family turmoil going on at the time.

I fully appreciate how he personally transformed this club. No offence was intended, and when I read my post back I cannot understand why offence was taken.

chris h

Farmer Ted, I just think a number of our fellow fans don't appreciate what Sir Jack did for the club, I am pleased you are not one of them. The rebuilding of the ground and then gifting the club ,when virtually clear of debt, were magnificent gestures. He was let down by various people in wasting money in the transfer market. My take on it, it was the sheer volume of money being spent. As he said himself, it was starting to hurt.

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