Security stepped up around Tipton bomb mosque

Police patrols have been stepped up and dome hawk cameras installed close to the site of a mosque hit by racist terrorist Pavlo Lapshyn.

Forensic officers outside the mosque in Tipton
Forensic officers outside the mosque in Tipton

The Kanz-ul-Iman mosque in Tipton was the target of Lapshyn’s largest bomb when the Ukranian planted a device containing hundreds of nails on a railway embankment next to its car park.

Today police confirmed extra security surrounding the Binfield Street building – but said officers wanted the public to remain calm.

Tipton Green Sgt Dave Rogers said: “We have been stepping up patrols and are doing a lot of work around that area with other issues, but while we are there we are killing two birds with one stone.”

Sgt Rogers added that a lot of fear had ‘gone away’ since the bomb blast and people were getting back to normal.

Pavlo Lapshyn
Pavlo Lapshyn

Religious leaders said they were ‘very lucky’ that no-one was injured and said it was a ‘great relief’ that Lapshyn had admitted the crime.

Mushtaq Hussain, chairman of Kanz-ul-Iman Muslim Welfare Association Central Jamia Mosque, lives in Peel Street, just yards from the mosque.

He was at his terraced home when the bomb went off shortly after 1pm on July 12.

He said that since the blast everyone had settled down. “At the time people were horrified because these things never happen. It has brought people together and made them stronger,” he said.

But he added that two dome hawk cameras had been installed nearby in a bid to reassure the community. He added that worshippers were also more alert now.

The mosque was closed on the Friday and Saturday following the bomb. It reopened on the Sunday, but the car park remained closed as police continued to carry out forensics.

Lapshyn, aged 25, appeared at the Old Bailey on Monday where he admitted murdering 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham, causing an explosion in Tipton on July 12 and making and planting bombs in Walsall and Wolverhampton between April 24 and July 18.

On June 21, he targeted Walsall’s Aisha Mosque in Rutter Street, Caldmore, when he planted explosive devices in a child’s lunch box.

Seven days later he placed a bomb on a roundabout near Wolverhampton Central Mosque.

At the Tipton mosque on July 12 afternoon prayers were being held an hour later than usual on the first Friday of Ramadan saving worshippers who would otherwise have been at the site.

He will be sentenced on Friday.

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Comments for: "Security stepped up around Tipton bomb mosque"

We Only Need One Half!

Firstly, this smacks of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, why extra cameras now? When extra cameras were put up in Muslim areas in Birmingham at who knows what cost, they were virtually shut down immediately because the local population said they were invasion of privacy. Will we see the same complaints here? if not why not?

Secondly, knowing Tipton very well, on top of the Police Station closing every evening, and only opening on certain days during business hours, a measure I believe is now wide spread through many areas in the West Midlands that are still 'fortunate' enough to even have a Police Station, where are these extra officers coming from? for most residents of Tipton, and again, possibly for most residents who live within the West Midlands Police Service area, getting a Police Officer to attend for a burglary to a out building, or a vehicle being damaged are virtually nil, and Police usually cite the reason as lack of manpower, so I ask again, how have they managed to find extra officers for this, or, does this mean that other residents of Tipton outside this area of interest can now expect a even more reduced service to cover this? Will the residents of this area be contributing more for this indefinite extra service than other residents of Tipton who in turn will no doubt now be expected to endure a further reduced service?

Thirdly, this crime was committed by a foreigner from outside the area, with his own twisted agenda that the majority of rational people could not even countenance, it is not a regular occurrence, how long then do the authorities propose this extra spending on the "off chance" it may happen again (see my point on horses bolting) 6 weeks? 3 months? 10 years? and then what?

If these areas are such a high risk, cameras should be installed, now, no matter how much the local residents complain. They are the most cost efficient way to protect such areas. If residents are ultimately offended by their presence, as was the case in Birmingham then move. Personally, I would welcome having a camera operator monitoring my property and vehicles on a 24/7 basis. But I cant afford it.


HERE HERE ! I'm glad someone else thinks this way and not frightened to say it and I am not racist or a bigot just a realist.

susan rowley

We only need one half.What a great comment so spot on and afterall if these people don't like the cameras i say tough, afterall if they haven't anything to hide whats the problem?

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