Extra Sandwell market days will stay despite petition

Extra market days will be retained in Oldbury despite complaints from nearby businesses they cannot compete with stallholders.

Council chiefs in Sandwell extended market days in the town in May from Tuesdays and Fridays to include Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays as well.

Traders nearby, however, said they were not seeing the benefits of extra footfall, just struggling to compete as they had larger overheads and business rates to pay which were more expensive than fees for stalls.

Bosses at the council have however decided to take no action in response to a petition from those businesses, saying research has shown extra footfall helps regenerate high streets.

Papers which will be decided upon by the authority’s jobs and economy chief Councillor Ian Jones next Monday set out how the council plans to go forward.

It stated: “A petition has been received from Oldbury town centre shopkeepers opposing the extra market days complaining of a negative effect on their ability to trade competitively.

“The shopkeepers’ petition cited high fixed costs and business rates associated with operating shops and the relatively small size of Oldbury town centre as factors which meant they could not compete effectively with market traders.

“These factors are not controlled by the council. The shopkeepers’ view is not consistent with anaylsis done on a national basis where street markets have been shown to increase the vibrancy and economic stability of town centres.

“This report seeks authorisation for the markets manager to continue operating extra market days on Oldbury town square.”

In July it was revealed that a major new Sunday market or car boot sale, which could accommodate hundreds of traders, would also be coming to Oldbury.

Council chiefs want to use the 650-space Council House car park, off Oldbury Ringway, to hold the weekly market under the proposals. Bosses say there is demand for the introduction of the service and it would provide a boost for the town. The plan is for it to run for an initial trial period of 12 months.

Quarterbridge, a specialist markets consultancy, has assessed the feasibility of the plan and says it is viable, whilst considerable interest has already been expressed by potential partners who would wish to operate the events in partnership with the council.

Any partner would be required to pay a licence fee to the council for the permission to hold the events and for the use of the site.

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Comments for: "Extra Sandwell market days will stay despite petition"

Yet another petition ignored by this council. As people of Sandwell would elect a small poodle if it wore a red rosette, petitions are the only way people of this borough can voice their opposition (as the political parties can't seem to demonstrate they may actually be a credible alternative). Yet what do Darren and his Cronies do, ignore the voice of the people at any given opportunity - simply because they know they'll get back in.

martacus redd

Doesn't this council ever listen to anyone other than very expensive consultancy firms? Will they ever hear what rate payers are saying? I doubt it


Marcus , they have to get in consultants the rest of the councilors haven't got a GCSE between them and the reports use only little words

so they don't get confused .


The reason they won't back down over this it's because it's their (the council) idea and any plans of theirs must go through never mind what anyone thinks, being railroaded in fact. This council has got that much power they can do it. The audit carried must have been done on a national level of better footfall or vibrancy within market places, well that's not Oldbury and each town centre must be judged entirely on it's own. And before anyone says it I am not a shop owner ! Furthermore opening a Sunday car boot on the car park is going to cause even more traffic problems at the main island, lets see how the council will get on with the red route's leading up to it, they will probably have them removed because it's their idea watch this space !


Will Sandwell stop messing with what they simply don't know. Look at the total failure of West Brom high street, the markets in Great Bridge and Wednesbury, Oldbury, all sent in petitions that were ignored. Run the borough right before you pretend to know how to run a market


Dee, I agree with you 100 per cent about ignoring petitions and I can also add to your. List because sometime last year Sandwell went ahead with a "market" in Princes. End it was actually only 2 or 3 stalls but the local businesses in the area tried to stop it but the "market" only lasted about 2 or 3 weeks anyway,and it was a farce,the same as the one in Owen Street,the trouble is they do not listen to the people who know better,and I don't think they ever will,

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