Wolves and Villa stadia could host World Cup

World Cup football could come to the West Midlands under plans for stadia in the region to host youth matches, it can be revealed today.

Molineux in Wolverhampton and Villa Park in Birmingham have been been chosen as potential venues by the Football Association.

It is finalising a bid to host the 2017 under-20 World Cup.

They are among 10 sites across the UK including the Reebok stadium in Bolton, the Amex Community Stadium in Brighton, Ashton Gate in Bristol, King Power in Leicester, Etihad in Manchester, Riverside in Middlesbrough, Stadium mk in Milton Keynes and Carrow Road in Norwich which are all in the running to host matches.

All are subject to further negotiation and review between the FA and the cities and clubs concerned, before a final list is submitted to FIFA, world football’s governing body next month.

It is likely not all of the 10 would be chosen as venues by FIFA should the FA be successful. However the stadia have had to compete with others all over the country to get this far.

The bids to be included were put together by councils in each area who have worked with the football clubs.

Matt Grayson, spokesman for Wolves, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting the city’s efforts to be part of the potential under-20 World Cup.

“It is an excellent achievement for Wolverhampton to have made the short list and emphasises the partnership between the club, the city council and the private sector,” he added.

Wolverhampton City Council said it did not wish to comment further while things were at a sensitive stage.

The final bid will be submitted on November 15, with FIFA set to make a decision at its executive committee meeting in Brazil on December 4 or 5.

The U20s World Cup is the second largest global football competition after the World Cup, which England hosted in 1966.

Diego Maradona, Marco van Basten and Lionel Messi are among the players to have featured prominently in the competition which will be marking its 40th anniversary in 2017.

England lost out on a bid to host the 2018 World Cup after FIFA awarded the tournament to Russia and the 2022 competition to Qatar.

An investigation into the voting process is currently under way amid allegations of wrongdoing.

The 24-nation finals are scheduled for summer 2017.

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Comments for: "Wolves and Villa stadia could host World Cup"


Good to see the lower league clubs involved, and not just the Premier League elite.

PJW Holland

I loath football so I am able to declare with an independent mind how good this news is. This is an opportunity for Wolverhampton to broadcast its name and reputation on a world stage. Let us hope the local commissariat does not stop it happening with some petty objection over who picks up the litter or etc.


"Set to host" and "could host if selected" are 2 very different things. Yet another misleading headline from the E&S.

In either case, this is great news for the region. Good luck to both cities.

J Brown

Sorry Greg. Fixed it now.

OAP (1921)

A good bit of PR work if comes off.

The only worry is that if some foreign fans do turn up, what are they going to do during the day or on days when their team is not playing. It's sad to say but Wolverhampton is one of the most boring places in the world regarding entertainment, restaurants, night clubs or scenery.


I can understand villa park but molinew is an awful stadium.


Zzzzzzz. Typical baggie fan.

Ben Zine

...but will a quite ridiculous 'mossive ay we' vanity 50k stadia project, with double tiers, that only hosts 3rd-tier football only bring a river of tears to a village of tears. It will all end in laughter, happiness and tears. Roll on Cov, Oldham and Bradford.


Its newer, more modern and has better transport links. How does that make it an awful stadium?


Unfortunately the City of Birmingham was only able to put forward one venue, so St Andrew's and the Hawthorns lost out.


Good news, with Wolves being the best stadium in Staffordshire and the Black Country and Villa Park being the best of the Birmingham Clubs, Villa, Blues and the Boggies.


Point of fact: 'best stadium in Staffordshire and the Black Country' you will NEVER have a stadium in the Black Country chap.

Gornal Albion

he's right about Staffordshire though


They'll probably change their minds and award it to Russia.


great news for the wolves finally fifa have a brain and bring it to the molineux, once finished will be 1 of the best stadiums in the country

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