One in 59 Wolverhampton homes at risk of repossession

As many as one in 59 homes in Wolverhampton are under threat of being repossessed, it has emerged.

The leader of Wolverhampton City Council, Councillor Roger Lawrence.

Wolverhampton has the highest claim rate in England outside of London, according to housing charity Shelter.

Unemployment and the high cost of living have been blamed for pushing families into financial problems.

Newham in East London has the highest number of homes at risk of repossession at one in every 35.

The leader of Wolverhampton City Council, Councillor Roger Lawrence, said the figures showed residents in Wolverhampton were suffering financially and added that the authority was doing what it can to support people.

“It is an indicator relating to poverty and deprivation. No one can deny that Wolverhampton is one of the areas that suffers from those things, so you would expect higher figures than for Oxfordshire, for example.

“The council has responded to the current problems people are facing with welfare with extensive work with the Citizens Advice Bureau to try to ensure people who have debt problems are supported.

“We are doing what we can to try to alleviate the problem.

“From time to time we have taken action to deal with people who do not pay rent, because there is no magic pot of money, but we try to deal with it sensitively.”

The figures cover both private and social housing and are based on Ministry of Justice statistics and 2011 census data. They are based on applications made to courts by lenders and landlords to repossess houses.

Wolverhampton is followed closely by Nottingham, Salford, Peterborough and Luton where each area has one in every 63 homes are at risk of being repossessed.

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Comments for: "One in 59 Wolverhampton homes at risk of repossession"


Maybe if there was not derelict eyesores on every route into Wolverhampton we may get investors from outside of the town coming in.

The council don't seem to realise that building offices such as those at the bus station area that will remain empty is a false economy.

We have enough empty spaces already.

Tidy the town first. Get more shops open. Cut parking charges to stimulate already suffering businesses.

Don't spend 15m on remodeling the kremlin. Use the vat office on the tettenhall road? Coniston house? These already have infrastructure installed to run non public and public facing departments.

Labour have run this town into the ground. It is all there for you to see.

Vote with your own mind and not what your parents did. Prove this is not a safe town for them to do with what they like.

G Rowley 61 vaughan road willenhall wv133ud

I agree there has been a lot of wasted time and money in the cityand nothing to show for it.


Does sanctimonious Roger 'no flies on me guv' Lawrence not think his spiteful changes to Council Tax Support ( CTS) due in April,with not accelerate repossessions? Or is he too thick to work that one out?

Maybe he sees that table as the only one that the town can be top of!

No worries for Dog though,after all it will hammer Tory voters in 'posh' wards, leaving his client base in the benefit dominated areas untouched; a double bonus is he can blame it on 'Tory cuts' as he has done for everything else;( lot's of cash for a £25m Kremlin makeover, ipads, 5% payrises , 50% enhanced redundancy packages, free car parking for the council hierachy in and around the Kremlin etc etc); oh I see they're digging up the Queen Sq area again, a couple of years after spending £4m on doing it up( well that was the intent!);


Create skilled, well paid jobs. That's where it starts. You can then put money in people's pockets. Simples!

The unskilled, low paid manufacturing jobs have gone to India and China... and they aren't coming back!

If you live in Wolves and have no skills, no education and no ambition, you are condemning yourself to a life of poverty, ill health and misery.