£10.6m plan for Wolverhampton bus station is revealed

An ambitious £10.6 million plan to build shops and offices next to a new £22.5m bus station, creating up to 250 jobs, was unveiled today.

Ambitious – an artist’s impression of how shops and offices next to Wolverhampton Bus Station could look under a £10.6 million plan
Ambitious – an artist’s impression of how shops and offices next to Wolverhampton Bus Station could look under a £10.6 million plan

Wolverhampton City Council bosses hope to build 50,000 sq ft of office and retail space on land which has stood empty and surrounded by hoardings for the past two years.

The glass-fronted offices and shops would be created next to the city’s landmark bus station, where a two-storey block of shops and offices has already been built.

Potential retail tenants have already been identified, council bosses say, while businesses which require top quality office space have also been in touch.

The announcement comes just weeks after it was revealed up to 1,000 jobs will be cut at Wolverhampton City Council by 2015 amid cuts of £89 million. But Wolverhampton’s regeneration boss defended the investment and said the new buildings would help ‘kickstart the economy.'

Councillor Peter Bilson said: “We are working hard to attract investment from the private sector but we cannot expect them to do this alone and it is vital we prove that we have the confidence in our city by putting our money where our mouth is.

“The situation we find ourselves in is very difficult,” he continued.

“But we have an obligation to provide leadership for the city and we need to regenerate the centre and look at ways forward.

“The way out of that is through economic planning and regeneration.”

The city council also plans to buy the existing buildings at the interchange, which already houses a Sainsbury’s store, union offices and a transport information office.

It also intends to buy the existing Queen Building adjacent to the bus station.

Bosses say the investment will help give the city council greater control over what goes on the site, at the end of Piper’s Row.

They also aim to sell the buildings in the future once they have been developed.

The council will borrow money to help pay for the development.

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Comments for: "£10.6m plan for Wolverhampton bus station is revealed"


While this is great, I think the actually city centre shops, meander centre and wulfrun shops need a bigger boost first, why don't they use this land as the outdoor market, right next to bus and trains, perfect for the older generation who love market shop and wot have far to walk back to transport, it's works brilliantly in bilston, they won't come to w-ton cos its nearly a mile to walk back to transport with heavy bags


Who would want to see a load of market stalls selling riff raff as soon as you step of the train into wolverhampton?


I would for one - as generally market stuff is as good, if not better than, the shops and a damn lot cheaper!!

Although Wolves current market is a disgrace - due not to the traders but the council who have sited it way way out from the town (term used advisedly) centre...

Example of a proper market -> Bilston!!


Have you seen how many market stalls are empty in Bilston on market days because the council charge too much to rent a stall? And most of the stalls sell rubbish.


good idea but why sell when they are developed . lease them out and receive the income and the council still own the assets and the control. this is all happening too much lately councils selling there buildings off instead of making use of them or leasing them out generating income and still own the asset. sell off may make a quick buck but what happens again if they need money for budgets and they now got no buildings or assets left. short sighted .


So why don't the council abandon the grossly expensive refurbishment (£15-25 million at the last count) free up a prime city centre location for development as a quality shopping centre and move into the new offices by the bus station?

Staffordshire County Council have managed the same thing in Stafford, so why not this WCC?


This is actually a brilliant idea, But unfortunately it makes far too much sense for the council to actually pursue...



The councillors and senior management have this their 'pet project' though - splurge cash on the '25 Million Makeover' based on dodgy sums and business case.

They love their shiny new stuff, like their vanity iPads, at our expense! All the expense or regenerating this city, creating jobs, putting money into the local economy and most importantly giving people hope.

We need to stop the refurbishment of the Civic Centre and hold our councillors to account. It cannot be allowed to happen!!!

Narinder Heer (gold and black cafe)

Any investment in our 'ailing'city centre( not my words but words of cafe customers) is very welcome and agree with the previous post regarding MANDERCENTRE. Shops. The city has to be thriving for any company to invest in the new £10m office/ shops . What we don't need is a white elephant of an empty new build. Reduced car parking charges and the re-introduction of the PARK AND RIDE WOULD BE A START TO ENCOURAGE BUSINESSES TO INVEST IN THE VACANT PREMISES IN THE MANDERCENTRE centre


Y y y what a waist of money. buses hardly use the station as it is and there r plenty of shops empty in the city center any way


Does Wolverhampton actually need more empty office and shop space? I like the idea of the market area, the council could build a new (smaller) indoor market along with outside stalls and then knock the old indoor market down and build something else such as an indoor activity centre, climbing wall and skating ring etc.

mr refuse collector

Any investment to our city is a welcome relief, but I have said it time after time, people need to feel safe before anything else because wolverhampton is riddle with crime. This is the only way forward to attract investment. It's just a shame nobody listens and addresses the tasks in hand such as Broad Street, beggars, drunks ect. On a personal note, I won't spend a penny in our city until I feel safe.


The artist impression looks great and I'm sure this would be welcomed in a successful town or city, but we already have a failing city centre with empty shops and office blocks. Why would we build more space when we haven't sorted out the current issues?

PJW Holland

Is it April 1st? Note the illusory tram on the illustration. Meanwhile Victoria Square would indeed represent probably the best site for relocating the market.


WHY WON'T WOLVERHAMPTON CITY COUNCIL LISTEN TO US RESIDENTS, CITY STATUS A REAL JOKE THERE, How can we be any where need a City, we are a disgrace these days, Immigrant's are out taking Wolverhampton born residents, Day & Night Life in this so called city is NON EXISTANCE, the place is dying a fast death.. The centre needs money spent on it for shops and not more pound, charity or phone shops either.... And nightlife needs creating nite clubs & wine bars etc. Wolverhampton used to be the place to be only a few years back. Therefore forget bus & train depot improvements, people need something to come to Wolverhampton for in the first place & no to see run down and crumbling buildings

with blackboards on with people what to before I die scribbled on them

Ticked Off In Tettenhall

Scrap this idea and lets see a skate park built on the site, that way 'the kids' have got somewhere to hang out instead of cluttering up queen's square and while we're on the subject demolish both the mander and wulfrun and replace it with a proper high street and an open green space, I need somewhere to eat my sarnies close of the office of a lunchtime please.


Yet another grand scheme

Heard it all before and nothing ever happens!


Erm... I'm almost certain that these proposals are next to a BRAND NEW BUS STATION. Things do happen, but the council can only go so far, private investment will always be needed for these big schemes.

stuart harding

great news if it ever gets built


What is needed is a fully working city infrastructure as well...

Things such as 24 hour buses, trams and trains - after about 11:30 all public transport shuts down.

All major routes should run at least hourly round the clock IMHO..... eg to West Brom, Brum, Dudley, Wednesfield, Willenhall, etc. That's the reason the city centre is dead at night - after 11:30 the only choice is rip-off taxis (£7 for 2 miles is REALLY taking the pee - and then they expect a tip! Not from me they don't!)....


Never seen such a modern looking charity shop

philip pritchard

why not just use the money to keep council workers in jobs and build a training centre for people who want work ? and use the money to do up the run down shops that are already round the town look how long that sop on ground floor as been empty that used to be record shop forgot the name.

Ronnie Allen

Thanks Phil.

Dick Todd

Does anyone know what happened to the city centre pedestrianisation scheme that was due to start this year...COUNCIL VERY QUIET


It's amazing how the council can suddenly come up with millions of pounds to waste on idea's which are never followed through and yet they want to get rid of council workers and next year further reduce everyones council tax benefit (unemployed and working people) because of a £89 million hole. Why do people vote for these idiots?

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