Sorted: 350 festive jobs at Royal Mail in Wolverhampton

More than 350 Christmas jobs are being created at the Royal Mail in the Black Country, as part of a major recruitment drive.

A total of 351 posts are being created in Wolverhampton at the company’s North West Midlands Mail Centre, in Sun Street.

A further 48 positions will be created at the Shrewsbury Mail Centre.

Temporary positions across a variety of shifts will be available between mid November and early January 2014.

Around 21,000 people are being recruited across the country to support Royal Mail’s permanent 124,000 postmen and women. The recruits will help to sort Christmas cards and parcels.

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Comments for: "Sorted: 350 festive jobs at Royal Mail in Wolverhampton"

kim keeshan

i would love opportunity to work with yourselves and take on new challanges

Jamie Walker

Good luck everyone working there - hopefully Royal Mail will have its act together, and not pay people late during the run up to the festive season, as happened in 2012!


These jobs are hardly 'created'.It is the same each year.In fact as a student I worked a couple of Christmases there.