Explosion as 2,000 left without power in Walsall

An explosion and a power cut hit Walsall town centre today, affecting up to 2,000 properties including high street shops.

Shoppers reported hearing a bang near the McDonald’s restaurant on Park Street just before noon today. Dozens were evacuated from stores.

Walsall Council said an electrical substation had malfunctioned, causing a power cut in some shops.

Western Power said more than 1,800 customers had been affected and engineers were working to get it fixed.

Traffic lights were also hit, but were back online just before 1pm.

West Midlands Police said all emergency services were at the scene.

Power was restored by early afternoon.

Twitter users posted their accounts of what happened:


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Comments for: "Explosion as 2,000 left without power in Walsall"

Arjun Chand

Glad Nobody was hurt at that site where explosion took place in the Town, it seems Walsall Town Centre and other parts of Walsall like Aluwell and Palfrey get a lot of Electrical Power cuts.,we don't hear of many powers cuts outside Walsall like in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Westbromwich , Dudley etc, l .wonder why ?

it aways seem to be in the Walsall area, anyone know why ?.


I was upstairs in mcdonalds when it went off with my 6 year old son everyone was screaming to get out kids were terrified real bed day


it horrible because the people was doing it has spoilt someone day for them. look at the amount who could of die and it would hurt so many people feelings it stupid so STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And again in English?


Louianna, it is not anyone's fault, and no one did this, so no one can stop it!

I too was in Walsall, a couple of shops away from McDondalds, only shop to have power was M&S!


Stop what? It was a malfunction at the substation. No one could stop it. Just one of them things.

Mitch ex pat

er what?


People did not do it..... there was a fault in the line. And buy a dictionary.

Maisie Pritchard

I was in asda living when it happened all the lights went off and everyone was evacuated,we asked a guy in a dounut stand what happened . He said there was an electric explosion outside McDonalds. I just saw the picture and we were about to go in a there. I'm still imagining what would have happened if we were standing on it.



Louianna, it was an electrical substation malfunction (an accident), not a terrorist attack, calm down and don't scaremonger!

lydia horne

I was just about to leave mc donalds when it ecploded. I had my two children with me along with my sister and her 3 children. Everyone started screaming and running.....i must be honest my first thought was that it was a bomb x


How can you witness a a loud explosion? Surely its Heard


I too was in McDonalds when the explosion hit it was a very scary time my son was upstairs with his nan and I was at the till just paid I heard the bang, turned round as a huge puff of smoke and dust came down the shop together with loads of people who were screaming and shouting. Not an experience I would like to encounter again especially when I saw how scared by 4 year old little boy was when he came running down the stairs!


Louianna what the hell are you going on about ! read the storey then look at your stupid comments


Thick springs to mind !!!!!


Why is stuff like this happening though?