Christmas boxes axed by Cadbury

Cadbury is cancelling its Christmas box delivery of chocolates to thousands of workers in a bid to save money, it was revealed today.

The lavish box of chocolates, sweets and biscuits has been a Christmas tradition for generations of Cadbury’s pensioners.

But it was revealed that owner Modelez International is bringing it to an end. Instead, pensioners will receive a one-off £15 gift voucher.

The move is to save costs, the company confirmed. It is thought stopping the Christmas box will save the company around £300,000 a year.

Mondelez formed when Kraft, the US company that controversially bought Cadbury for £11.7 billion in 2010, split in two.

A Mondelez International spokesman said today: “We understand this decision is unlikely to be well received but, as the custodians of the Cadbury Pension Fund, we hope members will understand we have a duty to make sure it’s run efficiently.”

"We face increasing pension costs at a time when the number of pensioners within the Fund is rising annually and it’s simply no longer viable to send 14,000 parcels out each year.

“We have the long term interests of the Pension Fund at heart and made a commitment earlier this year to pay additional special contributions of £30m a year until 2019 to address the fund’s deficit."

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Comments for: "Christmas boxes axed by Cadbury"


This is a starter for ten ! I wonder whats next ? workers beware you will be next !


I'd rarther make sure my pension scheme ran profitably than worry about a box of chocolates. Nice as they are, choclate cant pay for my care or my rent.


Disgraceful decision but not surprising, this is what happens when you let the US in. In the US people do not count, not a jot, the only thing that matters there is money, they might make noises about "humanity" and such but the hole country is a vacuum as far as caring is concerned. I have lived just across the border from the US for 23 years and follow the way they operate very closely. My opinion of the the way the country operates has changed considerably since I first arrived in Canada. One has to live next door to them to really see what goes on.


Another tradition axed by KRAFT, George Cadbury will be spinning in his grave!


Well Scrooge is alive and well and running Modelez. Bah Humbug!!!

Harry Harris

This outfit demonstrates its short sighted attitude has no understanding of loyalty. How much they save will be lost in staff loyalty and like many other cost cutting companies will discover that to thier detriment. The reputation of CADBURY suffers world wide with the PASTY CHOCOLATES anyway.


Obviously we've paid for the CEO's pay rise of 31%

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