David Cameron should have spoken out on mosque attacks, says Labour MP

All terror attacks must be treated equally regardless of who they target, the shadow minister for immigration has said on a visit to the Black Country.

Shadow Home Office Minister Chris Bryant meets members of the Kanz-ul-Iman Central Jamia Mosqu in Binfield Sreet, Tipton
Shadow Home Office Minister Chris Bryant meets members of the Kanz-ul-Iman Central Jamia Mosqu in Binfield Sreet, Tipton

Chris Bryant MP also said it was a ‘shame’ Mr Cameron had not issued a statement about the attacks in Tipton and Walsall. He was speaking on a visit to the Kanz-ul-Iman Central Jamia Mosque in Tipton which was targeted.

Mr Bryant yesterday met members of the Muslim community at the mosque on Binfield Street to hear their concerns.

And he took the opportunity to criticise the government and the Prime Minister for their response to the suspected terror attack, as well as explosions at mosques in Walsall and Wolverhampton and the killing of Birmingham pensioner Mohammed Saleem in April.

Mr Bryant said: “Britain quite rightly was very angry about the killing of Lee Rigby. But I think some people feel a bit as if we haven’t been quite so exercised about this incident, and that is certainly the feeling of some people in this community. It’s a shame we have not seen the Prime Minister say anything about it (this incident).

“He could have been more forceful about attacks on the Muslim community.”

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Copper has now written to Home Secretary Theresa May to try to ensure more urgency towards anti-Muslim extremist activity, including hate preachers, in the future.

Mr Bryant’s visit comes just days after Conservative security minister James Brokenshire came to Tipton to meet the community.

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Comments for: "David Cameron should have spoken out on mosque attacks, says Labour MP"


This Labour MP should criticise his own government for the death rates in our hospitals, before he preaches to me

Margaret Hamilton

But Ivor, that man who did that report about deaths in hospitals stressed that it was impossible to tell who would have died or who wouldn't. A certain Coalition decided to ignore his warnings and actively decide to lie and deceive people. Don't be fooled man.


Liebour were warned when they were in power.....SO THEY ARE TO BLAME FULLSTOP!!!! They did not take any action then and wouldn't now - probably to keep their union paymasters happy!


Margaret, its no good passing the buck, why did Labour ignore 80 requests for an inquiry ? and as for who would have died , read the press as the arrests continue and as Labour/s bonus for the Liverpool care plan comes out, who is being fooled


I'd like to see a statement about the people affected by the gangs in this area. I'd like a statement about the police station closing of and afternoon and evening, and weekend, despite costing £millions to renovate. I'd like to see a statement about the racist, unprovoked attacks. It's all there in black and white. The media has been all over this Tipton attack, and so have the politicians only too eager to jump on the bandwagon only to disappear once again. You need to speak to local residents to see what's really going on in this area, it's a far cry from the image the politicians are portraying. I'm not trying to stir up hate either, just trying to bring some balance into this picture.


I'd like to see David Cameron state that the cruel practice of halal slaughter will be abolished as well...sadly it seems neither of us will get our wishes.

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