Jaguar Land Rover i54 plant to bring an extra 200 jobs

An extra 200 jobs will be created with the expansion of Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship new engine factory, it was revealed today.

An artist’s impression showing the giant JLR buildings sitting next to each other
An artist’s impression showing the giant JLR buildings sitting next to each other

The boost in jobs was revealed as plans were submitted for the company’s proposed extended plant on the i54 business park.

The creation of the first factory on the site is already under way.

And the expansion of the site to include the creation of a 250,000sq ft assembly hall would take the company’s investment in the area from £355 million to £500m.

In the detailed plans revealed today, JLR bosses told how up to 200 construction jobs would be created if permission is granted for the extended plant.

Workers’ shift patterns once the new factory is opened have also been unveiled, which show that the site will be manned virtually around the clock, while the detailed plans show all traffic to and from the factory – apart from public transport and emergency vehicles – will use the new M54 slip road now under construction in a bid to stop the busy Wobaston Road and the Three Tuns Roundabout being overloaded with traffic.

News of extra jobs will provide a vital lifeline to local building workers struggling in an industry gripped by its biggest downturn in decades and the news has been hailed by South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson as ‘a massive boost’.

Work on the 250,000 sq ft extension is likely to get the go-ahead from planners later this summer, paving the way to transform the project on the i54 site, on the border between Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire, into the engine plant employing 1,300 people.

The site is a hive of activity as work on the existing factory buildings hits a peak.

Mark Green, project manager for factory builders Interserve, said: “Work has increased dramatically here on site, but is expected to hit a peak around July and August.

We’re very busy as you can imagine, with approximately 250 people currently working on the site at any one time.” South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson said today: “Up to 200 construction jobs is a massive boost, especially in a sector that has been struggling.”

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Comments for: "Jaguar Land Rover i54 plant to bring an extra 200 jobs"


Are you sure you've got this right?

Two cinemas in Walsall are going to create 400 jobs so how can a massive car manufacturer only create 200 highly-skilled engineering jobs?

Stop this nonsense now and build some cinemas.


Has to be sarcarsm. Might be less jobs but I'm sure the average wage would be higher at the engine plant than in the Cinema.


I think you misunderstand: there will be 1300 jobs at the plant, it's just that this is 200 more than previously stated.

Phil H


and realize the 200 jobs are for the construction engineers of the extension. the actual workforce for the plant is 1300 with priority to workers from the midlands.

Jaguar Landrover should be praised for their insight to keep the plant in the UK and especially in the midlands where the jobs are so desperately needed,

Well done Jaguar

English Exile

Martin just to help your confusion.

There will be 400 unskilled jobs, cleaners, etc, created by this new site.

All the skilled engineers will be brought in from other plants.

Almost all the new jobs will be sub contracted and the staff who work these jobs will be on or very near the minimum income levels.

Great isn't it.

This country is now providing the labour for their paymasters in India....


The 200 jobs here are just during the construction, whereas the 400 figure for the cinemas includes operating them afterwards.


Cinemas = Minimum wage, low skill service sector jobs

JLR = Highly paid, skilled engineering jobs.

Which employer is going to put the most money back into the local economy through local suppliers, shops and businesses? JLR.

These days, if you aren't skilled and educated and aren't prepared to continue with learning/training its either jobseekers or £6.19 an hour.

JLR is very much welcomed.


Will these jobs be only advertised in the UK,or like everything others across the Euro zone.


This is great news for JLR and those involved in

getting the jobs .

"Martin " seems very surprised,that so small ammount

of jobs are being created.

One must bare in mind ,that today,s manufacturing

plants are fully automated and computerised,meaning

that only maintenance crews and computers are needed

to keep the plant functioning,alas !

Gone are the days,that thousands had manual skilled

jobs,and that is the main reason that so many people

are unemployed in the area today.


Once a lad from Dudley,never forgotten....................


Martin & fbartling if you read the article correctly the planned expansion to the project will bring an extra 200 "construction" jobs, the article also states that the site when opened by JLR will employ 1,300 people!


Martin seems to forget the 1000s JLR have already took on in the past 3 years plus all the jobs they have created through the supply chain.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a job created by JLR and would rather do so than work in a cinema..

Why would the Three Tuns island be any busier? Do you mean Vine Island?

mr refuse collector

I said it before, this building is a massive monstrosity that has been built in the wrong place and has destroyed the countryside for all. My question is how do they expect to keep this place running with the congested M6. Are they going to use the M6 toll at 11 pound each way. I'm so angry as this hideous building could of been built on waste land along the M6 corridor between Birmingham and Wolverhampton

And regenerated land instead of destroying it. I feel sick when I see how they have chopped down accident woodland to make way for this slip road. ROLL ON THE NEXT ELECTION I SAY


martin go back to school,retrain and apply for one of the jobs.tens of thousand of jobs will be secured because of jlr bringing its business to wolverhampton.or you could wait and apply for a sad your so go clean your broom.


mr refuse collector.jlr was put back a month after the finding of newts on the existing site.i work for moog on the adjoining site.i live in bushbury and if you walk on the paths around the site you will see more wildlife has been introduced.ive been visiting pendeford mill nature reserve for over thirty years,a mile from i54 where opposite the old dowty factory stands.these buildings arent just thrown up nowadays.wildlife is paramount when these projects are given the go ahead.if you would like to walk around our state of the art factory and see what weve done outside then id hope i could happily arrange this for you.


if i remember it was the old ashpiles.not a tree was chopped down but hundreds of thousand of tonnes of contanimated waste,soil was removed.


All these jobs that are being created though are for trainees and apprentices etc ive found so they can be paid lower wages etc im getting the impression that no employers now want graduates cos they have to pay them more dont know why I bothered going to university!!!!


I have only found 4 jobs advertised locally for Jaguar LandRover :<

All the jobs at the site will be filled by workers out of the region ~ Hell the council wants to build houses for these workers and incentivize them to come here?!?!

37.4 million for the slip road to Jaguar LandRover.

This is shared between Staffordshire and Wolverhampton - lets say they "Go Dutch" and halve it - 18.7 million each.

Wolverhampton council also footing the bill for the Vine Island renovations - another 3 million.

Combined total to our council 21.7 million.

LandRover traffic wont even visit Wolves is it gets its own slip road via i54???

This WILL NOT benefit the people of Wolves, it will benefit a few "selected" individuals and a Foreign international company.

It seems the only thing the City of Wolverhampton gets is a 10k Mary Portas grant ~ something stinks here...

This coming as the city is experiencing 30% child poverty, 27% youth unemployment and MASSIVE problems in affordable housing.

mr refuse collector

Aiming personnel abuse at me doesn't change my opion about this hideous building. It has destroyed the countryside and I challenge any person here to look at this site from where I live. It looks like a massive steel monolif in the middle of green fields. As for the woodland, I was driving off the M54 slip road by Coven Heath and it had been chopped down to make way for the slip road.

This has been built in the wrong place. What about the congested M6? This is going to add more noise and pollution or can this now foreign owned company afford to use the M6 toll at 11 pound each way.


This is what they say, but they are only interested in people with the relevant qualifications and bringing people in from the own companies. they not interested in normal people or even one's that have a slight learning disability, it a shame and our tax money has helped to pay for this, tippicle of how the uk is.