Bert Williams reaches his goal of £150k fundraising

It was a mission that started 11 years ago after the death of his beloved wife Evelyn.

Wolves legend Bert Williams, who has reached his target of raising £150,000 for Alzheimer’s charity
Wolves legend Bert Williams

And now England goalkeeping legend Bert Williams has finally reached his target of raising £150,000 for the charity that helps those with the disease she suffered with.

With the huge fundraising effort the 93-year-old Wolves great – England’s oldest living international – has now set a record as the individual raising the highest amount of money for the leading UK care and research charity for people with dementia.

Bert’s efforts completed a journey started in 2002 after his wife of 60 years, Evelyn, died of Alzheimer’s aged 82.

And Bert, who lives in Shifnal, achieved the milestone with a little help from the Express & Star’s Wolves correspondent Tim Nash, who has raised almost £1,500 for the charity by running the Stratford-on-Avon marathon.

Bert had raised £147,555 before the marathon, and, with further sales of the legend’s glassware collection combined with Tim’s efforts over the gruelling 26.2-mile course, it pushed his total to £150,381 – and there is still a few hundred pounds to come in.

Bert said: “I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped me. Alzheimer’s is the most terrible, awful disease. My wife had it for 12 years and it affects people in every way, physically and mentally. When I looked at my wife, I saw the humiliation and the suffering she went through, and these people have done nothing wrong.

“You are alive but it’s as if you’re in your own world. It not only drags the person down who is suffering from it, but those around them as well. The money we’ve raised goes directly to finding a cure and this was my way of raising awareness.”

When his wife died, Bert set himself the goal of raising £100,000, a target he achieved in 2010. He then immediately set himself the aim of taking the total to £150,000 – and now has the certificate to prove it. Bert achieved his goal by selling pieces of his extensive glassware collection, with each piece accompanied by a signed photo of himself and England’s World Cup-winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks.

Former Wolves keeper Matt Murray also donated £10,000 from his testimonial fund to Bert’s bid.

Alzheimer’s Society regional fundraiser Ray Nash recognised Bert’s achievement.

He said: “It’s great working with Bert – we get companies that raise that kind of money but as an individual to help the fight against dementia is fantastic.”

Anyone interested in donating can still do so online at or

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Comments for: "Bert Williams reaches his goal of £150k fundraising"

kiwi wqlves

A true professional, someone who loves the Wolves and puts the passion into what he believes. Pity the Prima Donna's of today are not as good as you Burt.


Bert... his name is Bert... not Burt.... the letter e on a qwerty keyboard is nowhere near u, nor is it near when using numeric keypad. It is four letters. He is a legend and furthermore his name is mentioned a fair few times. Premadonna is one word. Apostrophes are used for possessive nouns. The grammar I can forgive but not even getting the man's name right is an insult

Exiled Wolf

Nickelodeon, as a Wolves fan living on the wrong side of the world I have to stick up for Kiwi Wolves. He probably meant Burt as the Kiwi way to say a Wolves legend. In New Zealand they pronounce fish & chips as fush & chups. Why can't we just celebrate an amazing living Wolves legend rather than going all spellcheck?

kiwi wqlves

Thanks exiled I appreciate your support. Unfortunately (for me) I am from Moxley, we emigrated here in 2005 so I have to agree with Nickelodeon, I should have checked.

BERT or BURT he is still a legend.

My reply to all the spelling police ........GET A LIFE!!!!

Prima donna is two words, but strictly speaking the plural is prima donnas or prima donnae. You fail at being a pedant but get an A* in being a berk.

Definitive Wolf

Nickelodeon - or on this occasion, "Nickelodious" - was it really necessary to pick up kiwi wqlves on that point? This particular thread is one of congratulation, not pedantry.


Apostrophes are also used for contraction.

kiwi wqlves

Fair comment. should have looked at what I typed.

The Teecher

Even I wouldn't criticise on this particular thread. Not really appropriate, nickelodeon.


Well said Teecher, bane of all posters, you have a sense of perspective.

Sadly, nickerelastic you do not.


Well done to Mr Williams, a true Wolves legend.. Hopefully he hasn't had to sell to much of his collection..

And to Matt Murray for donating some of his testimonial money.

I wonder how many of our so called "stars" who are on £25K+ a week donated to the fund..

I'm off to the website now to donate a few quid..


Danny Crainie Double 83

My old man told me some great stories about Bert when he worked for his sports equipment business, probably 50 years ago. It was only when he came back to Bradley, his birthplace, that I met up with him and spoke to him about some of his great memories. All I can say, is that there must've been something in the water when Bert was born.... An old lady who was overloaded with shopping bags, had read the sign in the Great Western window and popped in to see her old mate from school! She walked in and Bert recognised her immediately, they sat and talked for ages , they could've been 19 instead of 90. A few days after he'd been to the pub, i was talking to the gaffer about Berts energy, after what had been a very long day, the gaffer (Roger) replied " that's nothin, it was only the other week he'd finished diggin the footings for his new extension". A true gent, who is as proud now, as he was then, to have played for England and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.


Danny, what a great story..

My Dad (sadly not with us anymore) held a lot of Wolves legends in high regard, but as a semi pro goalkeeper himself, Mr Williams was top of the tree..


essex geezer

He was a hero when I watched him in 1950s when goalkeepers got no protection from referees from aggressive centre forwards. I wish the present day players showed loyalty, skill and determination as he did, maybe some of them would like to donate some of their vastly inflated salaries this cause , sadly I doubt it, except I read, Matt who is a throwback to that generation


What a wonderful man you are Bert Williams , its dreadful when one of your family has dementia I know from personal experience , Well done from all true football fans and the wider community

the Preacher




Bert you are a Superstar not like the fools we have playing for us now who think they are.


Good on you Bert, agree with the above also! Someone who the television forgets THE OLDEST LIVING ENGLAND INTERNATIONAL ! Because you played for the Wolves ! Great achievement

Mike T

Wonderful effort Bert. Well done. Deserves national recognition.

Incredible to think that Bert raised in 11 years what todays England goalkeeper earns in a week.

I wonder how much he gives to charity?


Well done Bert. At 93 you are more interested in Wolves success than our current crop of players.

You still want to help other people. Our current players like Johnson and O'Hara earn over £150,000 in a month but are only interested in themselves. Well done to Matt Murray for his help. I wish we had more people like Bert and Matt playing in the club today and if we had we might still be in the Premier Division.


Now thats a bloody good call..goodonya fella

Malvern Wolf

What a wonderful, wonderful man !!

Farmer Ted

Well done Bert, you were in goal for my first ever Wolves match when we beat Spurs 3-1. Ted Ditchburn was in goal at the other end. Blimey !

Well done Gordon Banks, Matt Murray and Tim Nash and everybody else who's contributed to fight this truly awful disease.


When I saw the headline I thought we had signed him for £150k.


He should get a knighthood!!!!!

Chris White

Wolves fans should write and nominate him for a Knighthood to David Cameron !

mr smug

well done Bert. if society was filled with people like yourself then the world would be a better place.

Donation to be sent.


Bert, like the rest of your teamates you are absolute legends of the Wolves and the entire British game. You and your teamates will never be forgotten. In your day there was so many great English keepers in the first division, you had to be on top of your game to win a cap. If you were retiring from the game now you would have well over 100 caps. I am going to donate to your charity now all the best Bert. COME ON WOLVES.

Darlo Wolf

Your wife, Evelyn, would have been very proud of this fantastic achievement, Bert.

Mensa Wolves

What an inspirational figure.

Dementia is such an unbelievably cruel condition, probably the cruellest. What amazing energy to be able to convert that pain into relief for others.

This should be picked up as a campaign by a National paper, the FA, the League... or even Wolves.

Makes you proud to be a Wolves fan.


What a great goalie, a wonerful person. What has happened to the wonderful game today.


I saw Bert play many times, not only for Wolves but also as a 'guest' on my school playing field in a charity match. He was my sports master's 'best man'.


There is no justice in the sports world AT ALL.

Why or how some of these so called starlets get OBE's - MBE's or Knighthoods for achieving little (if anything) and we see one of the ALL TIME GREATS of English football, a true legend and gent who should have been recognised years ago?

Bert for ALL that you have achieved both On and OFF the field I (we) salute you.

As a kid you made me proud to be a Wolves supporter.....wish you all the very best wishes for always to a true Wolves an England Great.

Come on E & S start a campaign for SIR Bert Williams


Well done Burt, legend, great man.Wolves fans still love you.

Nickleodeon you are self centered, you are the insult to wolves.


My first game at Molineux was early March 1942 when we beat Everton 11-1 and I was hooked. Bert came in 1945 and we had 12 wonderful years until he retired in 1957. What a gentleman, he never went home until he had signed all the autograph books even if it was raining! Can we forget 1949 when Bert was in goal for England v Italy the world champions and he made four saves right out of the reach of any other keeper and England won 2-0. The Italian press named him 'Il Gattone' The Big Cat! Can we forget December 13th 1954 when Wolves beat Honved 3-2 with Bert being the star. Honved team contained 9 of the Hungarian team which had just thrashed England 6-3 & 7-1! Next day the English papers said, "Let Wolves represent England!!" The Hungarian papers said, "Honved, champions of Europe beaten by Wolves, champions of the World!!" Keep supporting, the great days will return.

mick wolf



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