Porsche owner has got the hump over bumps

Porsche owner Julian Pruggmayer has got the hump – over speed bumps he says stop him driving through a South Staffordshire village near his home.

Porsche driver Julian Pruggmayer is having a spot of bother with speed bumps in Codsall
Porsche driver Julian Pruggmayer is having a spot of bother with speed bumps in Codsall

The 48-year-old financial adviser claims the traffic calming measures in Bilbrook are too high for his red £118,000 GT3.

Former police officer Mr Pruggmayer, who is married and lives in Perton, said: “I pay £500 road tax a year and more on insurance, so I should be allowed free passage down any public road as long as I obey the speed limit and stay within the law.

"But I cannot travel down the main road through Bilbrook without wrecking my car. The bumps catch on the underside of the Porsche. I would have to stop and crawl over them at less than 5mph creating a far more serious traffic problem.

“Now I have to take a wide detour and this is ridiculous. There is a 30mph limit on road but the traffic calming measures ensure traffic goes far slower. It has been turned into a no go area for my car and that is not fair.”

Mr Pruggmayer drives around 1,000 miles a month but the brakes have been put on his travels down parts of Duck Lane and Pendeford Mill Lane since the new traffic calming measures were introduced earlier this year.

The disgruntled driver tried to iron out the problem in a meeting with highways engineer Ian Vickers and Mark Keeling, Staffordshire County Council community infrastructure liaison manager this week.

The £118,000 car that runs the risk of damage when driven over speed bumps
The £118,000 car that runs the risk of damage when driven over speed bumps

They explained the project involving a handful of speed ‘cushions’ and two raised zebra crossings, each up to four inches high, had been installed at a cost of £60,000 at the request of the local Parish Council. Mr Vickers said: “The Government lays down the criteria for work such as this and we have to stay within those parameters. The height is set at between 3ins and 4ins. Car manufacturers are warned about this.”

Mr Vickers added: “There was full public consultation before these measures were introduced and since then we have had two complaints. We cannot tailor such schemes for a Porsche or any other car.”

He added that the project was being monitored and could result in a 20 mph zone – currently involving parts of Bilbrook Road, Joey’s Lane and Withers Road – being expanded.

Mr Pruggmayer said: “Why did they not simply introduce a 20mph speed limit on the stretch of road involved and be done with it. That would have been a lot cheaper and saved my car from running the risk of unnecessary damage.”

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Comments for: "Porsche owner has got the hump over bumps"


Oh, go and throw your rattle out of your pram.

"I would have to slow down to5 MPH" And then you can go through Bilbrook. Doh!

Many other people are prepared to slow down but not you.

I bet you do 40 in 30MPH speed limits too

I suppose Time is Money to you.

UTWolverhampton bumps


No doubt this is all about self advertisement, trying to be the big successful man trying to get business as a financial advisor. I too drive a performance car however I fully understand why speed restricting measures are put in place to protect pedestrians.

I suggest he gets a proper supercar, mine has a hydraulic system that allows you to raise the nose over speed bumps and poor road surfaces, think about others don't be so selfish and stop being such a self publicist it makes you look very sad.

Kevin Hawkins


So we have a Porsche owner moaner, and why ? Oh yes, because he pays £490.00 a year road tax for a 3.8l engine car, he thinks the law should be changed to suit him. Get real, get a decent car and quit moaning.

Whilst I agree that speed bumps serve no purpose other than cause damage to ALL vehicles, create more polution, hinder emergency services, and waste millions of pounds in tax payer's money, they will always be there. We can do nothing about it.

Some years ago, the Conservatives said they would remove all speed bumps. Well, once in control, what Government ever fulfils a promise ?

Jase Brittain

Pure madness. Plain and simple. The man's car is obviously "too low". He must have known this prior to purchase; he can't then complain about speed bumps. Surely, with that level of clearance, car park and shopping centre exit ramps would also pose an issue?


When you pay the amount of money to use these roads as we car drivers do we should be able to drive on them as long as it's as the man said within the speed limits set, not have to think I must buy a car that is going to be good for speed bumps. Personally I think a lot of speed humps on roads are too high and I drive a 4x2 style of car, in principal they do the job intended however I don't think it should be within boundaries to damage peoples cars. I wish the one's by me where as low as the one in the picture. We get dictated enough already in this country on what we should and shouldn't do and style of car shouldn't be one of them !

Champagne Charles

Its an all too common problem for us £120,000 car owners, i'm getting quite cross at the need to stop at traffic lights and pedestrians crossings wearing out my expensive brake pads. Whilst removing all road humps, can we not do away with all measures that mean i have to brake when i dont want to?!

Made in Wolverhampton

Typical "I don't have one so neither should you" attitude shown by most of the posts above. People who take the time to study, work hard, take risks and follow the rules should be allowed the decency of enjoying what they have worked hard for. it is precisely this spiteful attitude that drives successful people out of the country and perpetuates the "woe is me" humdrum existence that makes this place such a miserable part of the world to live. It truly makes me sick. And no, I don't have a Porsche or anything like one. Get on with your own lives you sad people.

Doctor Williams

Precisely! I too do not own a Porsche, Mercedes, BMW or anything else of that ilk. However, what I have got I have worked for, as has the gentleman in the original story. This country is populated by the moaning "have nots" who are quick to point the finger of scorn at those who are fortunate enough to have.

Quit moaning, and let people enjoyw at they like.

As for the roadhumps, I don't like them but I just accept that they're there.

Beth Anderson

Paying 'road tax' (which is actually Vehicle Excise Duty) is based on the emissions that your vehicle produces. The reason that VED for a car like this is expensive is that it produces a lot of emissions, paying more VED does not infer that you have a greater say in how the roads are managed. Roads are paid for out of general taxation so every single tax-payer pays for them.

Unfortunately if your car isn't appropriate for the roads then it shouldn't be used on the roads. Surely Ex-copper Pruggmayer should already know this though...


Nobody pays any road tax. At all. As drivers we pay vehicle excise duty which is calculated on the amount of emissions your vehicle produces.

Roads are built and maintained from the general taxation fund so paying VED gives us no more right to use a particular stretch of road than it does a horse, cyclist or pedestrian.

In short: stop thinking that little paper disk in the windscreen is some kind of exclusive club membership badge and accept a detour. If it's a real problem perhaps he should have purchased a more efficient car.


If anyone making a comment has not driven along the section of road I would suggest you do. Try going at 30mph in a normal car.... Even if the bumps fall under the guidelines of height they're certainly not shaped properly.

I do not own a Porsche but I feel sorry for anyone that does.


"I do not own a Porsche but I feel sorry for anyone that does."

Just read that back to yourself Boss.

There are probably a few other categories of people to feel sorry for ahead of the speed-bump afflicted supercar owners.

This is what we would call a "first world problem".

Incidentally, as someone else alluded to, Mr Pruggmayer pays more vehicle excise duty because his car guzzles fossil fuels and belches out more emissions than the vast majority of others. It's not something that entitles him to any special treatment.

I now await the follow-up where he complains that his wallet is too small for his fifty pound notes and his diamond shoes are too tight.


Have you driven along that section of road?


Didn't think so, you Wonka!

sam gilbert

Get a bike!


You don't need to have a special lowered car to be affected by speed bumps, most "sporty" cars straight out of the factory have lowered suspension so they will have to slow down to at least 3-4mph to get over each speed bump, just so the bottom of there car doesn't scrape as they are haf way over the bump and there front bumper doesn't hit the ground as they get over it. While they slow down to do this, all the mothers on the school run in big 4x4's and angry van drivers behind them get annoyed because they are able to get over the bumps without slowing down, so they are not only being held up, but more likely to do a dangerous overtake to get past the cars that slow down.

I can understand having bumps on roads outside schools and busy high streets, but some of the places where you find them are just silly. Take Asda car parks (Tamworth especially), just as you enter the car park, there is a small but very harsh speed bump with a parking space right next to it, 90% of the regular customers entering the car park are aware of it so they just avoid the bump as they come in by going over the parking space, why not just remove it all together?? It will be much safer and people aren't exactly about to do 30mph in a busy car park are they??