Walsall FC fans kick up fuss over Aston Villa M6 advert

A row has kicked off after a giant advertising board looming over Walsall FC sparked anger among Saddlers fans – for showing an Aston Villa advert.

Big message – the giant Aston Villa electronic advertising sign which towers above Walsall FC’s Banks’s Stadium
Big message – the giant Aston Villa electronic advertising sign which towers above Walsall FC’s Banks’s Stadium

Walsall fans have taken to online forums to vent their frustrations after the Aston Villa advert appeared on the huge advertising sign next to a busy stretch of the M6.

The sign stands in the grounds of Walsall’s Banks’s Stadium and is seen by thousands of drivers every day.

But one of the adverts currently being shown on the huge screen – which was recently turned digital – shows a line up of Aston Villa stars. The move has upset some Walsall fans, who said it was ‘embarrassing’ for the League One club.

One fan headed online to brand the decision ‘daft’.

“I fully understand about the financial benefits but it don’t half make us look daft advertising another football club,” he said.

Another said: “It seems absolutely daft to me. Yes you could argue the money is more important to us but surely there are hundreds and hundreds of other businesses that could advertise.”

Steve Hanson, of the Independent Saddlers Club, said he was aware some fans had not been happy with the decision.

But he said: “As long as some of the money goes back into the club, it’s understandable. It’s a business too.”

Walsall FC has not commented.

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Comments for: "Walsall FC fans kick up fuss over Aston Villa M6 advert"


Whilst we must understand that the club will do anything to make money we must realise that this is a football club aswell as a business!

I don't think no other club in the football league would promote another club like we have and I hope the revenue is worth the grief it has caused to some folk!

Take a bow Walsall, another PR mistake.


Villa villa villa

What is the problem it is just a sign.


Wah... Wah... Wah.... Call a Wambulance for all those Saddlers suffering from League One Itus!


car't see the problem here it puts walsall on the map , might even get the odd few more " supporters " down just imagine regular crowds of over 4000 ,


Could have been a lot worse! It could have been a Wolves advert showing Moxey begging the fans to renew their season tickets!


Get a grip. If they were in the same league and placed a message to wind the supporters up then I could understand people becoming annoyed. Its a business decision, this is one of the busiest sections of motorway in the UK and a great way to promote a brand/business.

Rob C

And as a Villa fan I thought there was a degree of camaraderie between the two sets of supporters. A pre-season friendly has almost become a ritual between family members. I always look on WFC as my 2nd club having been brought up at the Scott Arms. Even though have lived 70 miles away from there since the late 80's I still look out of their results.

Peace guys!

Netherton Baggie

Just shows how small-time Villa have become.


just heard villa are going to be done for obscene publication

holte ender birchy

we'll go where we want, we'll go where we waaant, we'ra aston villa, we'll go where we want !!!!


I heard the new Villa kit will be on sale in the Walsall club shop too, and we'll be given 3 stands (as per usual) for the annual friendly on 31st July lol

Burton Lion

Just gonna make us Lions feel @ home when we take

over the Bescot for the friendly in July. :-)



Take the money and run.

AV are a club in decline so no wonder they are using desperate measures in an attempt to sell a few Macron shirts.


A club in decline?

You have your best season in the Prem and just about finish above Villa, a team in transition.

West Brom must be the only club who's local rivals (Wolves) are in league 1, but are still the smaller club.


Walsall Baggie, just wait til Lukaku disappears!....., Outsiders don't realise but Villa Albion Is the one of the oldest, and one of the greatest rivalries in English football. Check the record. Long may it continue. As a Villa fan hope the Super Saddlers make some dough out of it, though can understand why they are not happy.


Smaller club?

Look the catchment area wolves have and they still get similar gates to Albion. Yet Albion in a town of 90k population and in the middle of 5 West Midlands clubs still finish higher every single season.

I really don't care about Villa. Being from Staffordshire it's the dogs I hate but some of the Villa fans attitudes are laughable. Well done on staying up!

Aston villa123

Aston villa are not the best in the world but they are giving it ago so give them a bit of support it will really help them.


What tosh!

The Baggies over-performed last season and if their results since January have anything to go by they would have been relegated.

Villa are in transition and will be way above the Baggies next year...FACT!


See the Vile are still desperately clinging to those usual excuses that come reeling out


if walsall fc was to pay to advertise just like the villa did they would be up on the board..is it walsall fc who own the advertising boards or an out side company who get paid to advertise stuff..but just like walsall fc they dont want to pay for anything..


Want to watch some football? Keep driving a few miles. We do Sunday markets though if you're interested.


It's a advert for the launch of the new Villa kit. Next week it will be for something different. What's the problem?


When Benteke goes in the next week or so, they'll have to change it! :-)