Singing Birmingham policeman is top of the cops

He’s a beat bobby with a difference – but Pc Ian Northcott stopped shoppers in their tracks when he started belting out Oasis hit Wonderwall outside a busy shopping centre.

The West Midlands officer joined two buskers for a sing-a-long – and has now attracted thousands of hits on YouTube after passers-by caught him singing on film.

Pc Northcott was patrolling Birmingham city centre when he took the opportunity for a bit of light-hearted fun in New Street.

He said: “It was such a lovely day, everyone seemed happy, it just felt such a natural thing to do We are always looking for ways to break down barriers between the police and the public and this was one of them.”

“It’s clear that many people, be they in the crowd at the time or watching on social media, enjoyed the performance and I’m sure the majority will agree that this really encapsulates the true spirit of neighbourhood policing.”

Today Ch Supt Clive Burgess, of Birmingham West and Central Police, praised Pc Northcott for his impromptu performance.

He said: “Whilst neighbourhood policing is primarily about being highly visible in order to deter and detect crime, another key part of the job is to interact with the public and to provide a friendly, reassuring presence.

Among those to have viewed the clip is Gareth Helliwell who commented on the site: “British policing at its best, you won’t see that anywhere else in Europe. Fair play to him.”

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Comments for: "Singing Birmingham policeman is top of the cops"


Just thought i would say this is great, nice to see a human side before some comes on saying shouldn't you be catching murderers and shop lifters. Some people will always look for a negative spin on things instead of looking at the good, i hope he gets a pat on the back from his superiors and a banjo from the secret santa this christmas!


Sting isn't going 2 be happy....

Toni B

This guy is awesome

Dusty, Wolves

Well done! PC Northcott

brian bilston

Nice to see the police in a friendly enviroment well done you make black country proud


I agree with ean33, it's easy to make negative comments but harder to break down barriers. Good work PC Northcott. (Poor song choice tho - learn The Loffin Policemon for next performance!!!! )


Brilliant PC Northcott well done

sally buchanan

I don't mind him singing whilst I pay him around £25-00 per hour from my taxes, and that he could be patrolling around the corner preventing a crime. Let's start using the patrol cars as taxis, that too will break down barriers.

Stuart Wolverhampton

So beat bobbies are on £5Ok per year! Please check your facts?


There's always someone who has to be negative...


Fair play to Ian for breaking down the barriers and letting people see the good side of police, I've known him years and he does a lot for the community, he deserves recognition for all his hard work.


Isn't busking illegal ?

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