Poll: Can UKIP now be considered a serious political force?

As Nigel Farage hails a "remarkable" performance by the UK Independence Party in local council elections, can the party now be considered a serious political force?

Nigel Farage
Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage, on the local campaign trail

With many votes yet to be counted, Ukip gained 42 county council seats in England and also claimed second place behind Labour's Emma Lewell-Buck in the South Shields parliamentary by-election, while the two coalition parties suffered a drubbing.

Ukip became the second largest party in Lincolnshire, winning 16 seats and depriving Conservatives of overall control. The Tories also lost control of Gloucestershire.

And Ukip - which won no councillors at all when the seats were last contested in 2009 - picked up 10 in Hampshire, nine in Essex, three in Gloucestershire, three in Somerset and one in Dorset.

Can the party now be considered a serious political force? Have your say in our poll below and in the comments section.

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Comments for: "Poll: Can UKIP now be considered a serious political force?"

English Exile

When UKIP start to make serious inroads the corrupt ''establishment'' will start the Dirty Smears campaign.

You won't beat the ''establishment'' no matter how hard you try.


Previously UKIP was perhaps dismissed too lightly in the past by the other main parties, as an oddball party, posing little threat. But clearly the results so far indicate that have growing support in the country.

While most political commentators are focusing the attention on the threat to David Cameron and the Conservatives, Labour should be more worried. In mid term, most voters would normally turn to the main opposition party. But while Labour have made some gains, it's not nearly enough for them to claim that the electorate want left wing socialist policies.

If anything the country seems to be moving to the right.

The Voice of Reason

It seems like the loonies and fruitcakes are having their day.

keep the Uk Uk

They are not loonies or fruitcakes my friend. This is what the 'ordinary' UK citizen wants and, hopefully, will see the country governed by politicians who truly have the interests of Great Britain at heart.


So much for ken clarkes comments about them, move over david and co. ukip have launched.


the English dog is about to have his day come the election because our pleas on Europe and immigration has fallen on deaf ears for far too long

UKIP is the way forward

pye green wolf

not very often a wolf agree's with a throstle but your spot on johnny for far to long have the elected ignored the electorate.

may this be the start of a very big kick up the backside


Serious political farce ... exactly.

andy m

well done ukip i am a member of the party we am not racist party yes we do need peaple from other countrys to come here to fit in with our way of life and work hard like we do we dont want want open door immirgrration like what the three partys want and we want to run our own country as well and not have brussels telling us what we can and can not do far as i am concerned labour -tory and libs are traitors


No ... not in Shropshire at any rate, which despite the Star's best efforts had the good sense not to elect any of them this week. UKIP are predominantly from the south and east of England and are attracting an honest protest vote, but with a few exceptions are a very odd bunch of very right-wingers.

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