Snowball menace damages vehicles

Snowball fights have been escalating out of control in some parts of the region, with car windscreens damaged, buses being taken off their runs and police investigations launched.

Two buses have been put out of service in the past week because youngsters threw snowballs at windscreens.

Former Gornal councillor David Stanley said: “It’s intimidating and terrifying for the drivers.

“They’ve been doing so well in the snow. They don’t deserve what they put up with.”

Mr Stanley said one attack on the 257 bus put it out of service after youngsters threw snowballs at the windscreen while it waited at the bus stop in Stickley Lane, Gornal.

He said: “They were just snowballs but there must have been something in them.

“It’s all right to throw snowballs and have some fun but when it stops the driver from seeing, then it’s dangerous, and I want drivers and passengers to be safe.”

National Express West Midlands spokesman Jack Kelly said: “During bad weather conditions and school closures, we do experience problems with objects being thrown at our vehicles.

“While this may seem like harmless fun, it is in fact very distracting for our drivers, and thus dangerous to our passengers.

“We are working with the police in areas where objects are causing significant damage or concern to ensure that those responsible are caught.”

Meanwhile, in Sedgley and Lower Gornal, police have been called out after a number of complaints about youths throwing snowballs at passing cars on Wednesday .

Sgt James Jones, based at Sedgley police station, said: “We believe that several cars had their windscreens damaged as a result of this anti-social behaviour. We feel that young people may not understand the implications their actions may have when the horseplay is directed at cars.

“If they cause damage to a vehicle they could be subjected to criminal charges.”

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Comments for: "Snowball menace damages vehicles"


Its not just vehicles that are getting hit,the little darlings have been using our house/front windows as target practise and scaring my toddler for the last week. Still if its not snowballs they are throwing its eggs. Oh how hillarious they are.


What are our Police doing to allow this too happen, sitting in the station sleeping on the problem instead of being out on the streets preventing these acts of vandalism