Vision of new Walsall Vue cinema is given premiere

The first image of a new nine-screen cinema opening in Walsall can be revealed today.

An artist’s impression of how the new nine-screen Vue cinema will look once built in Walsall next to the town’s Tesco store
An artist’s impression of how the new nine-screen Vue cinema will look once built in Walsall next to the town’s Tesco store

The Vue cinema is coming to the Littleton Centre, which is currently a derelict patch of land next to Walsall’s Tesco store.

It is one of two new cinemas planned for the town. The other is a nine-screen Odeon cinema marked for the Waterfront.

Tom Wilcox of Stourbridge based developer, Cordwell Property Group, said the new development would bring a host of benefits to Walsall.

He said: “The new image is an accurate representation of how the Littleton Centre will look.

“It will be a bright, new contemporary addition to the town’s leisure facilities and is in an ideal position with the required facilities to attract people at all times of the day. It will be an iconic gateway statement to the Town Centre.”

Set to be the premier leisure destination in the ‘western’ quarter of the town, the Littleton Centre will be next to the new Tesco Extra and opposite Walsall College.

The Littleton Centre will feature mew buildings to house the cinema on the first floor, while a selection of cafes and restaurants will be on the ground floor.

An application was submitted to Walsall Council last month and is due to be considered in May and, if approved, work will start on the site within three months with Vue opening in Autumn 2014.

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Comments for: "Vision of new Walsall Vue cinema is given premiere"

Martacus Redd

That piece of land hardly derelict, it's an grassed area. Although I'm glad it's going to be built on because it bringing the whole Tesco development down being left open & currently been left unloved.


Must agree with you. Its not that big of a land tbh. Its actually small. Just about fit one screen in the new cinema lol.


You ages for a cinema, then two come at once.......


Totally agree, they should've made the other cinema an ice skating rink or bowling alley.


Ooh a selection of cafes and restaurants on the ground floor. That'll be ace. I'll bet there's some lovely little independent restaurants rather than generic "development by numbers" chain places in there. Love it already.


Wonder if this Vue will have gold seats and over 18 screens like Start City Does. If not then I'm not interested. I'm not spending all that money to watch a film then have to sit around a bunch of kids who are more bothered about playing on there phones, talking or throwing popcorn than watch the film.


Liking the new image, this is just want we need in this part of Walsall, especially as that grassed area is now becoming the town's tip, lets hope it gets built, quick!


and finally we have the curve.......... and an attractive building which will at least match its surrounding rather than a big, black, boring box,


At last I may be able to get my husband to take me to the "flicks" Last time was 1966!


About time walsall came to the present


2 cinemas within walking distance we really need 2 ..what about an ice rink or something like that...


This looks great and Vue cinemas are a real bonus for the area. This is on my way into Walsall and I for one would certainly welcome the addition of some decent restaurants and cafes.

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