West Midlands school closure list - March 22

This page will be updated with details of school closures as soon as they are announced - Last updated 08.51am


Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School

SS Mary & John Catholic Primary School

Westcroft Sports & Applied Learning College

Woodfield Infant School

Woodfield Junior School


Aldridge School - A Science College. Work for pupils is available from the school website http://www.aldridge.walsall.sch.uk/

Brownhills West Primary School

Charles Coddy Walker Academy

Edgar Stammers Primary School

Elmwood Special School

Goldsmith Primary Academy

Holy Trinity CE Primary School

Lodge Farm JMI

Old Hall Special School

Phoenix School, open to staff who can make it safely

Pool Hayes Arts & Community

Shire Oak Academy

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College

St Mary's The Mount Catholic Primary

Sunshine Infant & Nursery

The Radleys Primary

Willenhall E-ACT Academy. Students set work via VLE. See school website for detailshttp://www.willenhalle-actacademy.org.uk/


Primary schools:

Cotwall End Primary School (opening from 10am)

Secondary schools:

High Arcal School - Closed to all students



Brandhall Primary

Eaton Valley Primary

Ferndale Primary

Grace Mary Primary School

Jubilee Park

King George V Primary

Lodge Primary

Oakham Centre PRU

Oakham Primary

Ocker Hill Infants

Primrose Centre PRU

Sacred Heart Primary

Springfield Primary

St Martins

St Pauls

Summerhill Primary

The Meadows Sports College

The Orchard School

Victoria Infants

Wednesbury Oak Primary

Staffordshire - Click here

Wyre Forest - Click here

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Comments for: "West Midlands school closure list - March 22"

Harry Davies

lot of snow in stone, staffs. schools will definately be closed before 3:30.


All schools should be closed in this bad weather

1 roads don't get clogged up

2 children can be kept indoors not being put at risk from colds and sitting in wet clothes all day etc

3 schools then don't have the pressure of the weather deteriorating

4 agencies then can proceed more easily with the difficult tasks brought upon them by the collapse in weather conditions

5 advice from radio/tv do not make your journey unless you really have to


Lets shut down the whole Country then!!!! People now have to have time off work when they close the schools! No need for Schools to be closed...


Absolutely right. An easy option to close schools because of bad weather and it is creating the wrong mind set in the young generation.


Actually the problem is the risk of kids (and even staff) slipping, spraining their delicate wrists or scuffing their knees and then suing the school for hundreds of thousands.

Schools can't afford the insurance so they close.

Blame the Thatcher and her law that allows ambulance chasing lawyers to egg people into suing for the most pathetic of reasons and not taking personal responsibility.

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

And parents have to lose a days work or pay extra child minding costs?

It's only a few inches of snow, total joke! should be able to cope with the conditions in this day & age


This is not Victorian Britain (no thanks to PM and side kick) but children need their education even in snowy weather.

Get to school all of you. I remember walking too school in knee deep snow -lovely.



why on earth should the schools be shut just because of a little bit of snow, no wonder kids suffer from coughs colds and all other ailments, stop wrapping them up in cotton wool it doesnt help there immune system. years ago winters were far worse, kids still went to school people still went to work but because of all this H&S stupidity the whole country and world has gone insane.

and before anyone dare's to question if i have kids yes a 8 and 15 yr old who both incidentially are at school today because there school care about there education.


What about kids who have to catch trains buses that are cancelled or don't turn up?

Some children don't have the luxury of being whisked to school in a big 4x4..

One day of closure makes sense until things return to normal.


Hope their English teacher has better luck teaching them the correct use of grammar. However, I do agree entirely with what you are saying.

Peter Hoare

Nice One CYRIL

Schools didn't close for a bit of snow when we were kids!!


Absolutely Peter, I remember walking as a five to ten year old to my primary school 4 miles and the school was never closed in really bad snow. The milkmen used to deliver the small bottles of milk half (before thatcher stopped it) frozen and we used to put them on the radiators to thaw them out. The teachers used to live locally in them days thats why they also got to the schools not in fancy areas miles away like nowadays.

The kids would be out in the snow anyway if sent home not in the house.


Why do schools close when there's an inch of slush on the ground? Answers on a postcard please! Hint, it's Friday!!!!!!

What's happened to some earlier comments BTW?

Naughty naughty E+S, this is not North Korea!


why close the schools where does that leave parents who then have to sort out child care urgently, much better off in school that at home for some.


Its the same every time. No wonder we have a generation of nanny state uneducated kids. This winter they must of lost three weeks of schooling due to a bit of snow. I walked up to my knees in it after doing my paper round.


Pity you didn't pay attention in English Grammar lessons. Must HAVE not must OF.

One of my pet hates.


No need to capitalise grammar.


Headteachers are paid too much.


Every job paid for out of taxpayer cash, whether directly or indirectly is grossly overpaid: Why you ask? Well if you take no responsibility when things go wrong, blaming system errors, how can anyone justify huge huge salaries, bonuses, pensions? Unlike us small business owners who have to put all our assets on the line to keep employing others, tax funded jobs have no risk attached if you tow the line and have the right politics: The same goes for the banks, they are only solvent because the taxpayer either provides an ultimate guarantee, or they are allowed to screw us all over; Same for insurance companies, accountants and the latest government protected species, the poor old energy suppliers who have been given tacit support to double the bills of the poor, low energy users by use of the heinous daily standing charge and effectively doing away with online competition! Makes you weep


Any school that closes for a day due to a small amount of snow should be made to make that day up during the school holidays.

We are teaching the next generation to be workshy and taking the easy option if the slightest inconvinence occurs.

We should be installing determination, motivation and a working attitude/problem solving into our kids.


Since when were teachers 'childcare'?


There are just a few teachers who have children too - we also have to find somewhere for them to go when it snows and their schools close, and we also have problems with finding childcare urgently. Basically schools cannot win with this type of weather - people complain if they are open in the snow and people complain if they close.

For your information, Pete, I am a teacher and do not live in a 'fancy area'. Nor do my collegues. And I do manage to get to school when it snows, even if it takes double the amount of time to get there. Finally, what on earth do headteachers salaries have to do with the snow (see last comment)?


Here here to Peter Hoare.....parents are too fussy about their kids...they didn't close schools when we were kids....AND we had TO WALK TO SCHOOL....it never did us any harm....i know parents who drive their kids to school....and they live about 15 mins away walking time....no wonder the kids are lazy!!!

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