All West Midlands speed cameras are to be switched-off

All speed cameras in the West Midlands will be turned off at the end of the month, it was revealed – as it emerged talks about getting them turned back on in the future have been delayed.


The last 73 of the region’s 305 speed and traffic light cameras will be turned off part of a drastic cost-cutting moves.

Bosses are looking at the long-term future of the sites and if they could be converted to digital and turned back on in the future. The move would offset costs of processing outdated wet film but bosses have put back a meeting to debate whether to go ahead with the upgrade until May.

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Comments for: "All West Midlands speed cameras are to be switched-off"

We Only Need One Half!

What a ridiculous piece of information to make public, they worked just as well has a deterrent whether they were switched on or not, now the mystic of whether they were functioning or not has been removed......why?


Agree. Keep everyone guessing and the limits will be adhered to.


will accident rates increase? I think not, only the revenue to the thieving government will drop.


What you fail,to realise is that the police will just stop more drivers "on a whim" or other non-objective basis and cause you hassle.

They do not have to record the number they stop, unlike the suss law.

Pay up or be hassled? I know which one I choose.

Drivers beware of the car behind you.



Pathetic individual!

Michael Schumacher

I think there trying to trick the motorist, as soon as you go through one driving over the speed limit you will get flashed. They will make more money.

We Only Need One Half!

How can they trick you? from your statement your obviously saying they do work, because if you know they are not working you will speed.

Why would you purposely "go through one driving over the speed limit"

I do despair sometimes, I really do. Michael Schumacher, says it all.


Fantastic news, these cameras need melting down asap, forget the digital upgrades, the people of West Midlands overwhelmingly are against these stealth taxes, especially in such financially difficult economic times.


Or, if you don't want to pay this "stealth tax", you could just opt NOT TO SPEED in your car.

Couldn't you?

We Only Need One Half!

Simon, I don't think you will see it as such fantastic news when you get caught by a mobile trap, or a guy with a gun!

Speed traps are not going to go away, in some cases they are very much needed, in others not so, the cameras worked because like it or not they actually made people slow down at specific spots, no one purposely drove through one at speed, unless they were a complete idiot.

Placed in the right areas, and I am not so naive has to say they were all there purely for safety, but the majority were, they worked, you knew where they were, you slowed down, job done.

Now, you will have mobile traps and radar guns, and like The Spanish Inquisition, no one will expect them, or know where they are, so, in effect, the biggest opponents of the cameras, will now have to ensure they drive bang on the speed limit, even when road conditions dictate otherwise (empty road in rural area with a 40 mph at 5am in the morning for example)

Yes, I think the people who have picked up a fine or two from these cameras have a got a shock coming, if they cant spot a 12 foot tall, fixed road side camera, hundreds of yards down the road, with a dayglo yellow back, how do they think they will spot a guy obscured by a bush or a tree with a radar gun!

think about it.


These speed vans and cops with radar guns by law are not supposed to be hidden behind bushes, but out in the open, many of them operate illegally but it's okay for the cops to operate illegally, as long as the money through fines is rolling in, after all the police have no-one to answer to, who you going to complain to the IPCC? Do me a favour, the IPCC is a case of the police investigating the police, it's exactly the same scenario as an armed robber getting caught in the act and then being judged in court by a jury of armed robbers.

Police routinely break the law themselves and don't follow correct procedure, they know they can get away with murder as long as their pals at the IPCC are the ones dealing with any complaints against them.


What do you know about the people of the West Midlands - I for one want them left even if they don't work-don't break the speed limit you won't be fined anyway or is that, to much to ask!


What do I know about the people of the west midlands? Well for one I have lived here all my life and have spoken to many other people that have also lived here most their lives, the vast majority are against these cameras and more and more people everyday are understanding the real purpose they were put up in the first place, to raise as much money as possible under the guise of saving lives.


do you think radar guns will not pick you up and fine. it will give you a golden hanshake for speeding. i always felt uk used cameras and camera symbols as deterrence. now unknown spots pickup you speeding at 36 miles on 30 mile read is not a good news


"Overwhelmingly"? Have you done a survey? Stop putting words into other people's mouths. They can speak for themselves.

Perhaps you could also tell the rest of us who appointed you as spokesman for humanity.

If you have a spare few minutes, look up the word "humility" in the dictionary. You'd be well served learning its meaning.


Recipe for disaster. Watch the RTA figures rise after this happens. Licence to kill.

What you have shares in the company

road racer

"License to kill"!!!!!! What an idiotic statement.

We Only Need One Half!

Not as idiotic has some one who calls himself road racer when talking about speed cameras.

Good Grief.


Recipe for disaster another strange statement


This is somewhat misleading as it won't include the Motorway cameras - will it?


Oh no what are we to do!!!!


In places like Tipton people are plagued by boy racers and industrial drivers, who have scant regard for the 30 limit. Now these idiots know there is no camera standing in their way I guarantee you this: young lives WILL be lost. In some places these cameras are not needed but in many they are. All this will do is allow chavs with loud exhausts to further terrorize communities with their selfish and dangerous antics. I suggest the public 'switch on' their own cameras and lawfully share footage on video hosting sites.


If these cameras are so good at preventing accidents, why did casualties fall when Swindon switched theirs off?

They don't work and the money they cost would be better spent on resurfacing the roads and improving visibility at junctions.

Big tone

I can guess what will happen now there will be hand held cameras in sneaky places waiting to catch the unsuspecting motorist to generate cash. If anybody has driven on the 449 or uses it on a regular basis you will know what I mean.


These cameras we erected at sites of (supposedly) at least one accident fatality to try and stop anything happening in the future, are the council now saying that money now is more important than lives, or are they not collecting enough revenue now so "lets turn them off."


Makes no difference really does it most of the above it says hundreds of them have already been switched off for the past 12 months have you not noticed? And if you care to look at the statistics there's been no increase in rta's in those areas :-/

We Only Need One Half!

Yes, because up until it was confirmed they would all be off, no one knew which ones worked and which didn't, can you not see that simple equation?

Wait till people know they are off for definite, than check the figures, people still speed when they know there there, else no one would have ever been caught would they, what do you think will happen when they are entirely removed? are you miraculously expecting the amount of speeders to fall or remain at the level they are at now?

That dog don't hunt, does it?


"no increase in rta's in those areas" ?

Ironically, you're comment backs up this debate You can't deny, if the BIG yellow box is there, we all drive better. We are aware of them, and we think. Just because these have been switched off, it don't mean were all going to drive faster past them. Off the point: I for one wouldn't believe that they were switched off.


Cameras are needed in accident blackspots, but not all over the place..


Do you know why Councillors never get nicked for speeding ? their chauffeurs do, lol

I recon Bosses (Money grabbing Councils) would rather cut social services to relocate the money to Parking and Cameras because they hate the motorist

Remember the days when a cop would pop up with a speed gun and nick people doing 35mph? , then it was for a real offense of speeding, now they deliberately change the speed limits 50,30, 40 , 30 mph to catch you out and milk you dry.

Give a cop a speed gun, its cheaper fairer and that's better than milking people

Mike C

Good. Waste of time. Use unmarked and no warning monitoring points. It'll catch those poor drivers that accelerate and speed between cameras and then slow down at the appropriate point. Those are the dangerous drivers that need taking off the road.

We Only Need One Half!

Simple and to the point pip, that's the truest thing that's been said on here.


Not that I am a fan of cameras except in areas where needed, i.e. Schools, high accident areas, dual carriageways, I still prefer them to speed humps I think they are getting taller ! And they wreck your car, also less visible when we had snow, (ok before you say owt that is only a few times a year). I think mobile speed cameras is "ENTRAPMENT" I bet a good lawyer could pick the bones out of that !

If you wreck your car on speed bumps, then you're driving too fast. Try slowing down.

A good lawyer would laugh you out of the room. There's nothing illegal about mobile speed cameras. A test case would have come to court and they would have been banned.

Tony S

The mass of speed cameras in the area deter business. The statistics for thier success are dishonest and assume none of the improvements in car safety made a jot of difference. Thier position on trunk roads has driven drivers with points on to back roads and rat runs.

The cameras have stopped earning money. The people operating the cameras and the very profitable speed awareness courses fight to keep the cameras as it is a nice little number.

If they are costing tax payers cash, then they have to be cost and life effective and compete with cost and life affective measures like diabetes care. For example, Hundreds of people are having foot amputations because the diabetic foot care is sub-standard.

I believe they are in the wrong places and are poor value.

Rob Moore

This is a great chance for a true scientific study to be undertaken of all the RTAs at those camera sites during the period the cameras are off when compared to a period when all the cameras were on. We could then work out whether they have helped or not. Just needs an organisation to stand up and take that on.