Steve Morgan: I’m pig sick over Wolves crisis

Wolves owner Steve Morgan lifted the lid on the turmoil at the crisis-hit club in an emotional showdown with fans last night.


He pledged his commitment to the club, but admitted he was “pig sick” with the situation it found itself in as it battles against a second consecutive relegation.

And he revealed that Chief Executive Jez Moxey has taken a 50 per cent pay cut.

Speaking to members of the Fans’ Parliament, the multi-millionaire said: “What’s my exit plan? I don’t have one.

“But if it gets to the point where I feel I am not wanted I will go. Simple as that. If you want me to go I will go.

“But if that day comes, it won’t be for the want of trying or effort.”

He told 37 supporters during a frank three-hour debate at Molineux last night: “I am fully committed to this football club and I want exactly the same as you.”

Mr Morgan has been criticised by fans at the alarming decline of the club, which is threatened with leaving the top two tiers of English football for only the third time in their 136-year history after just nine wins in 47 games and four managers in a year.

But he revealed the huge impact the club’s demise has had on his personal life, while he assured fans he shared their heartache and pain.

He also revealed under-fire chief executive Jez Moxey had taken a 50 pay cent pay cut when the club were relegated, earning around £1.1m last year, while laying bare the club’s finances.

Mr Morgan said that £73m had been spent on players in his five-and-a-half years since he bought the club, and worryingly announced predicted losses of £6.5m for the current financial year.

And he said that the club had received £37m in sales of players in his time at the helm, giving a net outlay of £36m and putting the club in the top 10 of spending clubs since August 2007.

“If there are people out there who seriously want to invest in the football club, I will talk to them,” Mr Morgan told fans. “Serious people only.”

Despite the club’s current battles Mr Morgan insisted he had no regrets about his time in charge of Wolves.

“Let’s put the last 18 months into perspective,” he told fans.

“It’s been terrible and we are all very unhappy about where we are.

“But go back before then and we missed out on the play-offs by one goal in my first season.

“Then we won the league. We stayed in the Premier League for three seasons doing the double over Spurs and beating Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.

“The last 18 months has been crap. But do I regret coming here? No.

“Is the job too much for me? No. I am at a loss at the moment but only in the same way as everyone else in the room.”

Mr Morgan bought Wolves for £10 from Sir Jack Hayward in August 2007 in return for a £30m investment in the club.

In his time, the club won the Championship title in 2008-09 and spent three years in the Premier League before relegation last May.

Annual turnover is set to plummet from around £60m to £30m because of reduced TV revenues and sponsorship from the top flight.

The meeting comes ahead of a planned protest by Wolves fans before tomorrow’s home game with Watford, which will be recorded for Sky.

And it has now been announced that given their dire situation, Wolves have decided to axe their glitzy end-of-season awards dinner.

It was decided a celebration of the season at Telford International Centre on April 24 would have been the ‘wrong move’ given the team has ‘massively underachieved’ this season.

Corporate sales manager Steve Thomas said: “It is disappointing but ultimately the right decision.”

Mr Morgan has been criticised for his decisions over the past year, which has seen four managers in charge and leaving the club currently languishing third bottom of the Championship.

But fans at last night’s meeting rallied to his cause following his frank and emotional performance.

Steve Phillips, aged 42, a financial controller from Codsall, said: “He said if other people want to invest in the club they can, but I think as the owner and chairman, he’s committed.

“He’s 100 per cent behind Jez Moxey, which might upset some fans but he said he’s the best chief executive in the League.

“Questions were asked about where Morgan gets his advice from and he said he speaks to contacts in the game all the time.

“Overall he answered all of the questions apart from the one about whether Dean Saunders should get sacked if we get relegated.”

Kieran Newey, 26, unemployed from Penn, said: “I think he’s still the man for Wolves.

“In a way it came across as pulling at the heartstrings a little bit, but him standing down is not what any of us want to hear.

“You can see by the way he was acting that he is committed to the club and he does want us to move forward in the right way.

“He’s extremely frustrated with what’s going on at the club – he can see that we’ve got good players, but it’s just not happening for them on the pitch at the moment.

“It was frustrating to see him like that when he perhaps hasn’t said those things in the past, but no one can knock him for what he did last night.

“He said the right things and you can see he’s committed – it’s just really about the players turning it around for us now.”

Steve Morgan faces the fans - See today's Express & Star

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Comments for: "Steve Morgan: I’m pig sick over Wolves crisis"

Ted Farmer

There should have been a players representative at the meeting last night, to hang their head in shame!

Loyal Wulfrian

Totally agree.

Karl Henry should have been there.


Ted, you more than most fans speak common sense on these pages, so don't you think they already feel like that, regardless of what fans think, does anybody really truthfully think the players don't care! of course they do, it must be terrible when you have put in the effort (and they have a good many times) only to lose!

Look at this season were decisions have gone against them, Brighton, Millwall, Middlesbrough, etc,etc, and you know looking at that Brighton match that was the match that it all seemed to turn against us, before that match we had 23 points but since have only got 12, I know every team has bad refs - but so far this season they have cost us around 15 points (last season it was around 18), so to me it's not all as black and white as some fans think, yes we have played poorly, but when decisions keep going against you like they do us - well it makes you wonder, I'll tell you something else (and no I am not mad? not yet anyway) I belive somebody has put the voodoo sign on us and we need someone to get rid of it!


no youll find it was the huddersfield away game when that tim weiser turned up before that we were 3rd (joint 2nd) and playing well since then downhill

ederly fan

John .I thought the problems were either management or players.

I never considered that it was all the fault of referees.


Sensible reply to Ted's comment and I agree with you. Of course they care.

The players ARE afraid of making mistakes when they get the ball and that makes them hesitant, which compounds the situation. Then any error would seem like a disaster when it may be retrievable.

If we can see the effort the players are making let's keep behind the players, show that the fans ARE with them.


Oh it's the ref's fault and black magic! Never thought of that, doh!

Cowboy Trap

Howdy Partners



Agreed TedFarmer

Corporate MP waffle as expected. But business men have to be good at that.

Morgan if you are to stay and love WWFC , you need to sack your board and CEO with immediate effect, get some Real Football Brains in, otherwise you have to sell.

DS will take us down guarenteed.


Yes he has a loss of £37 million but what about the money they got for coming down. As sole owner he can do what he wants with the finances within reason and the law. Bet he wouldn't like to publish them in the Express and Star for all the fans to look at


Mr Morgan, If you are pig sick over the Wolves crisis then do yourself a favour, stop allowing others to run YOUR football club, they might well make you a little money but what are you going to do when they are loseing you money hand over fist playing in the lower leagues

You know where the problem is so sort it out, this once great club is a shambles, I along with an awful lot of fans will not accept this anymore.

Filthy Wolf

Trouble is it was Morgan who turned down the likes of Curbishley - both admitted that after the interviews. He is still running the club too much like a business and not a football club.


It is a business. A failing one.

Current t/o £60M

Projected t/o £30M


Wilts Wanderer

Not sure it is a failing business. Look around, and you'll see many businesses in contraction. The company I work for is successful, but we've had to tighten the belt. Our stats are 420 people, T/O £43M, and profit circa 6%. Notwithstanding the profit this year, I think Wolves look OK. The big issue, and we know this, are the costs. We need to move on some of the dead wood.


don't you read anything - Curbishley was offered the job, he took the contract home to read it - he all but accepted the job only to turn it down the next day, so the club had to go again, with pressure building off the media and the idiots who call them selves fans.

IT IS A BUSINESS! AND A FOOTBALL CLUB! maybe you should try it know all!

johnwolf the knowall

johnwolf you have the nerve to call somebody a knowall but you should read your own posts pal! youre arrogant, abusive and have a kiddies tantrum whenever you read comments you dont like. DIDDUMS!!!! youre the fountain of knowledge on here or so you think so youre the real knowall pal. now youre blaming refs for lost points! what nonsense! just remember that every team has reason to complain about crap decisions during a season. wolves deserve to be where they are coz this club is full of jellyfish players and coz we have two dancing clowns full of crocodile tears like morgan and his chubby mate pulling the strings. but i suppose you think this disaster is all one huge accident and its all really the fault of the fans? our club will always be held back as long as weve got shortsighted fans like you and your mate billy quiet.

Tony Mac

Are you serious ? It's a business - how do you actually run it "like a football club"??!

Winchester Wolf

Time to move on and pull together. Nobody can be in any doubt about the owner's commitment. Name another owner who has done what he has in the public eye like that. Thanks to Mr Morgan for being honest. Jez Moxey is staying so we get over that too. Now the Wolves family pulls together and we save the season by staying up. Then DS can get rid of the deadwood, build the team he keeps promising and be judged on results. That's a grown-up's view.

And I'm not a happy clapper.

geof palmer's mo stash

“He’s 100 per cent behind Jez Moxey, which might upset some fans but he said he’s the best chief executive in the League.”

“he can see that we’ve got good players,”

Other pearls of wisdom from S.M. include keeping M.M 2 years too long in the prem, the guy with the worst record for any top flight manager across Europe.

Not enough quality investment, handing out long lucrative contracts to the poor quality players which we are now stuck with.

The ridiculous pantomime that followed which resulted in T.C getting the job, and he then went onto take the record from M.M as worst top flight manager.

Bringing in a football purist, S.S and expecting him to make a silk purse from a pigs ear, then sacking him rather than backing him.

Replacing S.S with D.S whose management C.V includes taking over Doncaster in Sept’ and taking them down the following May.

All things considered it appears that as far as footballing decisions are concerned S.M has an abysmal record of decision making and his opinions prove to be not that well thought out.

Agree or disagree?????

Winchester Wolf

All valid points. SM comes across an emotional man who means well. He's done well in business so he's no mug. Sadly, football isn't like any other business. It defies logic and common sense. Look at Villa - run soundly by Deadly Doug for years - his agenda was quite clearly mid table finish and the odd cup run so that the club was never destabilised. he knew what Villa were - a top 10 club. The fans loathed him.

Morgan has gone from hero to zero because the players have underperformed to a shocking level, courtesy of bad signings and bad management. Morgan looks as mystified as the average fan, to be honest. I truly believe that until Henry/Johnson/Ward/O'Hara are gone, we'll get nowhere.


If Moxey is the best CEO in the league then why aren't clubs clammering for his services?

Stoke got rid of him and why would they do that if he so good at his job?

I think we all know the answer.


and your point is? they have already said they made mistakes -bet you never have hey!

Loyal Wulfrian

Well said, we move on, get behind Deano, try to save the season and let's see what happens in the summer, we must get a loan striker in as soon as is possible. Let's get behind the team tomorrow.

Wolf Blast

Think you are right.

However, what I have not heard is what is the plan for the rest of the season or about next. This season is going to be down to Dean and the players keeping us in the Championship as there is nothing anyone can do.

Planning ahead the lesson hopefully Morgan has learnt is that you need to constantly invest within an agreed strategy. We failed to do this in PL

while the money for the new stand should have gone into players. When you can end up mid table for five years on the trot then you can start planning investment in facilities.

The players will be under a lot of pressure tomorrow but this is there chance to save our season live on Sky with 20,000 ( maybe more) in the ground screaming and willing them on.



Now is the time to get behind the team, not protest

We Only Need One Half!

I agree.

Mills Wolf

Well done you've fallen Hook, line and sinker !

Finally fans start to show there true feelings about the discontent over 5 years terrible football, poor decision making and the worst home record in 100 years, aswell as doing nothing AGAIN in the market to try avoid back to back relagations....

.... Morgan finally has no choice but to attend his FIRST EVER fans parliment after being on an exotic holiday for 2 weeks...... speaks for a couple of hours and YOUR PUTTY IN HIS AND MOXEYS HAND AGAIN !!!!


Like it

Well said Millsey. Our fans are total suckers with no life!


Well put, couldn't agree more. We need to start pulling in the same direction, and with luck we'll drag the team beside us.


Agree 100% - Morgan has said his piece - I for one empathise with his situation - not sure what a protest will achieve - either we think he's a liar (in which case why would he be here at all?) or we should get behind the club which includes Morgan, Moxey, Saunders and the players and give ourselves the best chance of getting out of this mess.


Winchester well said! I have travelled from Southampton almost every week home & away for the last 22yrs & i have too say that drive home is bloody horrible? i now live in Spain still love the Wolves coming home for Millwall & Forest matches so lets get behind our club because it is our club & these bad times will pass!! FWAW

Knocker Knowles

Steve Morgan's biggest mistake was to build the new Stan Cullis stand which cost 18M which we did not need, and the money should have been invested in players to keep us on the Prem. !

Phil Smith

I Disagree.

What difference does building a new stand make if he thinks we still have good players here. He would not have spent the money anyway.

The biggest mistake is the falicy we have good players...We don't!!!


FALLACY mate, not falicy

At least the fans are learning to

Love it

Love the name SpellingPolice! SM talks about making mistakes and gets criticised by fans who can't spell


So your view is all the money should go on players,no forward thinking than.

Phil Smith

I totally Disagree.

What difference does building a new stand make if he thinks we still have good players here. He would not have spent the money anyway.

The biggest mistake is the falicy we have good players...We don't!!!

By the way I do agree we shouldn't have built it.

Brummie roader Ryan

Not all to do with splashing the cash look at QPR 10 million on Samba the list goes on....


Spot on!! No point moaning were expecting a loss soon..didnt our jack say put 30 million of ur own doe in anyway


Stick to your guns there Knocker you're on the money. Morgan's Folly (aka the new SC) and the thinking behind it was the major factor in derailing us from the Prem. If anyone doubts, think back to Jan 2012 when a certain someone realised that concrete and steel don't win matches and pulled the plug on the rest of the ground development. Priorities discovered but a tad late.

Haling wolf

Well done for this start Steve , this could be a good time to start repairing the image of the club & the relationship between owner & fans , getting the fans on board & inpowered could be your salvation I'm not sure about moxeys relationship though he shouldn't be allowed any where near the football side of the business supporters just don't trust him ...!


Any chance of a manager or scouting department that has at least some idea about who exactly is a quality player. I have seen so many unworthy players at the Mol ove rthe years that I do question the scouting ability of this club. We have got far too much dead wood on the playing side and some who wouldn't even make a pub side XI on a frozen morning on a slanting park pitch. If we have the 10th highest outlay WHERE are the players that other lesser sides can afford, nurture and bring on, when their budgets are far less than our own?? Sorry it just doesn't add up to me.. Something, somewhere is not right in the recruitment of players to this club, either agents have greased palms or we have some serious issues to resolve in the scouting department. Convince me otherwise


"Be careful what you wish for".

How many times will that phrase be put to us fans if we continue to show impatience (yes some describe it as passion too).

Do NOT hound Morgan out of this club, we could seriously end up with a similar situation as the Blues have, ask them if they'd swap league positions for owners?

Mistakes have been made by all parties in the past two years or more, but one thing about self made millionaires is they RARELY make the same mistake twice. Morgan has never owned a football club before, and it is very different to a normal business, but he is learning all the time and Wolves will benefit from this.

Protests have their place, but they are not going to help when we are in the bottom three.

I think Morgan has learnt that communication is what is needed, when he is too quiet people get angry, when he voices too much of an opinion (such as in the dressing room after the Liverpool game), he upsets the management team, but he appears to be learning and the passion shown at the parliament is what we want to see and hear surely?

The parliament is a very good forum simply because we choose who represents us, if you feel strong enough to protest, why are you not representing the fans in the parliament?

It's a bit of a cliche but we do all need to pull together in these difficult times, and if things work out great, lets see what Deano can do next season. If they dont, protest your hearts away!

Just remember the blue club down the M6, and then repeat "Be careful what you wish for".


My sentiments exactly. Very good comment. Mr. Morgan cannot be forced to leave this club it would be a disaster.

careful what you wish for

get another catchphrase pal, that ones worn out

Millwall Wolf

Absolutely agree. We are all sick that we're in this position and having every weekend ruined by another lousy result is getting a bit tedious, but constantly hounding people out isn't going to improve things. It sounds as though SM is seriously committed to the club. He is not the Bhatti brothers!


Well said that man.


Well said pal - the bottom line is our beloved Wolves are in a big big mess and chopping and changing even more will only make things worse. For god's sake let the manager do his job, you cannot resolve a situation as bad as this overnight.

The most productive way the fans can help this situation we find ourselves in is by backing the team for 90 minutes every match regardless of whose playing whether it be Henry Edawards Berra or the youngsters creating a bad atmosphere does not help anyone at all



Well said, we all have to pull together..and get behind the team


Fair play, Steve probably won't make the same mistake twice. He just keeps making different mistake after different mistake.


Me and I are in agreement. Never mind the bleeding heart and the few handsfull of stool pigeons who constitute the parliament - it was nothing more than a PR stunt. I really don't think it wise to get rid of Morgan - there are many other faceless characters who should be sticking their hands up. What really gets me is the continually selecting players out of their most talented position and playing a formation that is inconsistent with the players natural ability.

All will be well in the end - believe me.


Trouble is "protest" can be for the sake of it without any thought for the consequences or what would come next.So much knee jerk reaction in an age of instant,impatient demand but the reality is different,true fans bear hard times as they enjoy the good ones,through the journey,if you want something gauranteed all the time then football is not for you.

Mr. Ed

Nothing like a bit of emotional black mail to soften the blow is there???? Well doesn't wash with me, shocking shambles the lot of them, this is what happens when you take your eye off the ball "Pardon the punn". No direct anawers again tho, was there. Corperate Horse Sugar. Hang your heads in shame the lot of you.

Kev H

Support the team!!

Or start boing boing'ing

Your comments are Not helpful!!


Spot on!


supported the team and noithing has changed since we went up...... all you have suddenly turned back to Morgan lovers after one 3 hour chat....

..... well ive listed all your names to shame the lot of ya when the the empty wordfs of morgan has weared off and his lack of real action speaks loader.

all you will soon be jumping on the bandwagon when we don't win our next 5 matches and you WILL be named you silly weak minded fools !!!!


you might want to learn how to spell before writing when are we going to win again

HorseMEET Ed

Ed you are so right.

I agree

Ignore the Fools!

Sir Billy Quite

And once again we will get loads of posts from people that wish to knock the club and have slagged off everything about the Wolves for as long as there has been a comments box at the bottom of E&S articles.

The moaners can't even be bothered to apply to members of the fans parliament (you can apply every two years).

Moaning is great but if you can't offer a solution to this mess (other than sack the lot!) then you are contributing nothing.

I believe Jez Moxey needs to leave the club because we need fresh ideas and a Director of Football, its my view but not Steve Morgan's so I will just have to get on with supporting the team.

Look forward to Friday's protest! NUMPTIES....................

Quiet Or Quite

Sir Billy Quite.. or Quiet...


This is the sad and under published side of football. Its all well and good having the shining lights of the premiership and all the coverage it gets. But whilst that gets all the glory everything else falls apart and the gaps between the league gets bigger and bigger. Despite being praised for keeping tight watch on our spending but scrape on by in the premiership we have still spent all that money. Then once your relegated you end up worse then you was and have nothing to show for it. A sad fate that hits so many great clubs season after season.

What adds salt into the wounds is then the fans gets disgruntled, they stay away, spend less money and protest. All this makes make everything much worse at a time the club and the players need the fans the most.

I may have said my piece after the Barnsley game but given time to think about it I've renewed my season ticket now and I will be there tomorrow. Not outside the Billy Wright protesting but inside the ground cheering the team on.

If people really want whats best for the club now they need to go for the early bird, cancel the protest, get there bums on the seats, get behind the team and get us safe.


I agree with your first two paras football is tearing itself apart through greed.



Ahhh, the violins are out for your story.

Ahhhhh. You see, Steve's croc tears have worked on you too.

Job done for the New Bhattis.

WWFC are supported by too many fickle fans.

Oh, give us a shout when that thing happens in the groung, you know, the thing your gonna be cheering about. Picture seals in a row HappyCLapping!

Melbourne Wolf

This should be an interesting blog....bring it on


There will be people jumping on the bandwagon and saying it was a "rigged forum" with a premeditated outcome but you can't deny it took courage to even attend and face the awkward questions even though the questions were vetted before the start.

He is a good chairman who has made mistakes but haven't we all at some tome in our lives.

We should show some appreciation for what he is trying to do and get behind him with a show of support at Fridays game instead of protesting which will get us nowhere.

Always remember what Roy Hodson said " Wolves fans should be careful what they wish for"

Batti brothers anyone ?????????????????


Can I just say that last night's Fans Pariliament meeting was in no way rigged. And the questions were absolutely not vetted in advance. It was a complete free for all from the floor. Obviously, the panel would have been expecting the flavour of a lot of the questions, but I can absolutely confirm it was completely open, honest and off-the-cuff.

Steve Morgan deserves full respect for putting himself in front of the firing squad. Must have taken balls of steel!

Was impressed with his emotion and passion. And full commitment to Wolves. Yes he's made mistakes (often with the benefit of hindsight), but I think most feel that he is learning from them.

We're lucky to have him. And unless anybody knows of an investor with some serious cash, that isn't going to change anytime soon anyway.

Let's get this damn team performing!

Come On You Wolves

Orlando Wolves

Thanks for the insight.


Like it Wolves Man...

Creep in Wolves Clothing

To those so-called 'fans' who still want him out, CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

Waggies Left Peg

I would assume the fans who "want him out", are probably wishing for a team that wins the odd game, a chairman who can get a decision right and players who will care for the club that pays them so well. Also they are not "so called fans", who gave you the right to judge someones loyalty just because they disagree with you. Remember there are numpties on both sides of the arguement and also passionate and dedicated fans in both camps, as it occured to you that they are critical because they care about the club as much as you do, blind loyalty is not a right, loyalty is earned by mutual respect and tolerance, now is the time for both qualitites.


Well for me he can say no more, Moxey taken a 50% cut. All we can do now is get behind the team and hope we survive and if we do let Saunders build his own team in the summer.


It is refreshing hearing him say these sorts of things but the problem is his mistakes could well see us relegated into obscurity this season.

If we go down again it will be a disaster. To be on the same level as Walsall (probably), Shrewsbury and co, would really damage the fan base and the finances of the club.

Its a joke fans like to aim our way but we really could have the best stand in league 1.

I would have preferred the old stand and at least championship football, than the new one and Carlisle on a Tuesday night................


I think the message for the fans is quite clear. LAY OFF Morgan and Moxey and get stuck into the lazy, dysfunctional players instead!! Absoultely correct.

John the baptists cival servant

Who broght these lazy dysfunctional players into the squad on long lucrative contracts then? Are you being serious? Morgon and moxey ARE the reason we are where we are.

A complete lack of ambition by morgan and moxey doin things on the cheap will see us in league 1 nex season.

Morgon has not learned and never will, the same problem of last season funny enuff...sack MM and replace with his assistant seen us relagated from the we have sacked SS and replaced with DS ( an expert at gettin relagated) can anyone see where this ones heading? League 1 .

Why oh why has morgan and moxey been so blind with arrogance? Dean saunders wasnt even on the top 5 managers the fans chose. This club is a farce and is in far worse a state morgn and moxey will make out.

Did anyone here about a club gettin relagated two succesive seasons gain around 25m for the first and 16m for the second? How true is this?


60% of fans according to most polls feel it is Moxey who though a very good finance man, has got the strategy wrong as well as continued appalling customer relations.

Obviously he is highly thought of in some ways because of his financial stewardship, but it is not everything, and Moxey should have realised that spending £73m on players (£7m per season on average), you will waste a lot of money on a lack of quality if you still pay 2nd or 3rd lowest wages. I am not advocating spending more overall, just that we should have diverted more of the available on wages and less on the rubbish no one else wants who were the only players we could consistently attract because of the wages strategy. Financial own goal! Also selling the 3 best players, though inevitable, should have been dealt with far better - selling them all one week into a new season has killed this season.

jon mason

we need every body to show morgan and his cabbage patch doll moxey they are not wanted at our club and he pledged ifwe show it he will go,can you take saunders aswell. this club is a laughing stock.

stale was totally shafted by this club and its old school players who are that useless they couldnt adapt to stales style of play.the players he bought in were quality players peszko sigo sako but the likes of henry berra doyle wardy seb cant adapt because they are useless. get rid of these idiots get stale back and let him have 18 months to turn us around, saunders aint going to do it because hit and hope football doesnt work.

I thought it was Morgan's club


supporters like you is what we dont need idiot

Eleven in Gold

Well said.

Cornish Wolf

If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

Stay home we don't want your protest.

The club needs support now not inane protests.

Up The Wolves




Well all you so called fans knocking him before he spoke,eat your words,im so proud to be a wolves fan,and o.k times are tuff buy remember,out of darkness cometh light.

Wednesbury wolves

Really pulled the wool over your eyes, ain't he. When a certain chairman/ owner says he has become disillusioned with Liverpool, when his offer got turned down!! So right then mr Morgan why is it you still have a box, and are seen there quite often sitting next to Stevie g Ian rush and Jamie c, when Stevie and Jamie have been injured, Morgan please please stop kidding yourself, hope to see you Friday at 6.30pm, or will you stop at home in the grounds of Carden park, sleeping in your spare room, wolves fans wake up!!!!


Why no deep analysis of our very very poor playing staff and how the 13 or so regulars who got us relegated last season , have continued to misfire. These are the culprits and Mr Morgan they ALL have to go before we can improve. These failures will get us a second relegation. Your abject failure, Mr Morgan is the 4 managers in 12 months You don't seem to know much about football, sir


So Jez is only on £21,000 a week now? Wow, and to think we were all so mean to the poor chap.

Telford Wolves

Lets get it right he was on 21k a week he is now on half that 10.5k.

It is still 10.5k too much in my opinion but SM seems to be keeping him, but for gods sake keep him away from all football decisions.


chris h

Pete, You are good with words,but not so hot on maths.If he was on £1.1m a year and taken a 50% pay cut ,that will take him to about £10,000 a week.Times must hard in the Moxey household.


And i get just under £59.00 pr week Carers Allowance for looking after a sick old man 24/7.

What a world!


I know how you feel crunge, did that myself.


Actually, you're both wrong. I was wrong too, but you were both trying to tell me I was wrong and yet managed to be wrong yourselves. If you're going to pedantic, you have to make sure you GET IT RIGHT.

To explain...

He took a 50% pay cut when Wolves were relegated, which was made entirely official when the season ended on May 13, which is 19 weeks into the year.

What this means is that 19 weeks of old wages plus 33 weeks of 50% of old wages equals £1.1m.

This means that his earnings on old wages were about £31,000 a week and his earnings on new, reduced wages were about £15,500, in order for him to - there and thereabouts - reach the £1.1m figure.

So, slight alteration to my original post.

"So Jez is only on £15,500 a week now? Wow, and to think we were all so mean to the poor chap."

(Sorry Chris, I'm even nerdier with maths than I am with grammar)

Drw Wolf

Does he not pay tax... yawn.


What's that got to do with anything...?


Who would have thought there was such intellect behind your publication? Or that you would have so much time on your hands to dance around the head of a pin when you could have just admitted your error.


I did admit my error. You may notice the words "I was wrong" in one of my postings, that usually amounts to an admission of error where I come from. You're... you're not too bright, are you..?


In any other line of business a CEO who has turned a £60 million turnover into a £30 million would be on his bike ,yet Moxey still earns more in a week than a lot of people earn in 9-12 months.

To me the worrying aspect of last nights debate was Morgan stating that Moxey is working non stop on new loan signings but no striker is forthcoming.Every window is the same old excuse bids were lodged but the clubs involved do not want to sell,yet Mr Morgan used Ronaldo as an example where if you truly wanted to buy then the player would eventually become available.Moxey's constant haggling and refusing to pay asking prices has resulted in many lost signings and left us with the dross we currently have to call on to save our bacon.

Finally we keep being told we have many good players yet it was obvious that players such as Ward,Foley,Edwards(all signed from lower or non league teams and as with Henry all signed for a pittance are simply NOT good enough yet they were rewarded with long term high wage contracts and as such the CEO must be held responsible for sanctioning such deals.


In any other line of business a CEO who has precided over 60 million turnover being reduced to a 30 million turnover would have given the golden handshake.Now we are being led to believe that in spite of 18 million profit on player sales added to 12 million parachute payment we are still on course to make a 6.5 million loss on this season.Things just dont add and again beggars belief that this CEO is still in a job.

On the playing side Morgan states that Jez is doing all he can to secure a further loan signing but clubs dont want to release players, But he also said every player has his price using Ronaldo's sale to Real Madrid as justification as to why we sold Fletcher and Jarvis,sorry Steve you cant have it both ways.Finally he said that we had too many GOOD players on long term high wage contracts,WHO advised Mr Morgan that these bottom 3 in the championship players were GOOD,and Who sanctioned these contracts,OUR CEO i would imagine.


No solution is ideal particularly when the ship has caught fire it possible to begin to emulate Swansea? Football wise and how they are run?

Oligarchs in football have created an assylum and now this one sheds pig sick crocodile tears {pscd}.

Pig sick

Crocodile tears

See u later


Though which stream of football

By the skin of our teeth

By the ball

Of our saunders foot

We may survive

Life may temporarily infuse

Then will it be

More of the same?

Mediocrity kills us flat

Oh 4the days

Of Bert Williams

Agile cat

Those were the days

{My} Friends

Morgan's end


I followed the debate on the blog last night and whilst we all know words are cheap I really do feel that Morgan is genuine about his regret at our current position which I also believe is more cock up than conspiracy. It was refreshing to hear him say 'sorry', perhaps if he engaged a little more with us fans the current poisonous situation between fans and higher management could have been avoided. Whilst hindsight is always a wonderful thing the fact that the club's turnover has halved to £30m following relegation from the PL merely underlines that more should have been done to ensure that our PL status was maintained particularly with the increased sponsorship next season, being outside the rich man's club it will be difficult to get back in, for the sake of some proper investment we need not have been in this position. Fact is however that we are where we are, all we can do is bite our tongues about what we may feel towards the players and give them our full support in the hope that we can stay in this division, forget the protests and cut Morgan some slack, he's the owner whether we like it or not and there's no queue of other buyers banging on his door, it took Sir Jack years to find a buyer.


"perhaps if he engaged a little more with us fans the current poisonous situation between fans and higher management could have been avoided."

Exactly right. Excellent post.

Golden blood

Over to you players. Are you man enough to win matches and protect the club. Or could you not give a toss.....

I expect you all to be spitting blood after tomorrow nights game. anything less that 3 points is wholly unacceptable. You are a team of players. Play like one!!!!

stacey whitmarsh

Good to hear positive comments from the men at the top all the team needs is a bit of confidence survive and rebuild under Deano .... to all the moaners put your money where your mouth is invest if you think you can do better ........come on the Wolves

The magic wanderer

"He can see that we've got good players, but it's just not happening for them on the pitch at the moment". Wwwwwwhat? It hasn't been happening on the pitch for the last 2 years! All that has been done has been to appoint 3 managers not qualified for the job. To Saunders credit he has dropped a few players and brought a couple in, but it is too little too late.

chris h

I get his pain and his passion.But I am not convinced he has any solutions.It is more of the same,but with a greatly reduced budget.Strong support of Moxey by the owner will condemn us to a generation of football austerity and continuing failure to strenghen the team .Concerned that Jez evidently cannot add up. For the second time in public he stated we have too many players due to more players signed by Stale compared to those let go in the summer.This basically is not true.7 signed includes Nouble who has now gone,this makes 6.In the summer we sold Fletcher,Jarvis,Kightly,Vokes and Guedioura plus we let Milijas go.That makes 6 each way.So if Jez is so good how come he can a basic fact like this wrong?Also concerned that Morgan seemed lukewarm on whether to bring more football expertise into the Boardroom.Also believe they gave us only a limited view on spending and the financial position.The net spend on players of £36m needs to be looked at in the context of the £31m profit AFTER playing trading made in the Premier by the football club,1986 Ltd,plus the £30m promised funding as part of the Sir Jack deal.The bottom line is they have wasted a goldon opportunity to establish the club in the Premier and offer very little hope for the future,to do it with kids will take a very long time.

Great Barr

At least Morgan as spoken out and shown a bit fo emotion but talk is just noise when its this desperate, points is all that matters

Loyal Wulfrian

At last Steve has shown us his true feelings. Good luck to him and the Wolves. I think Deano is doing his best, he seems to know what the problems are and needs time to put matters right. Unfortunately it is the naive defending that is letting us down, it is down to the players now, they lack confidence and the supporters getting on their backs does not help anyone. It is best to get behind them, but it is also up to the players to show some passion and committment, the supporters will then get behind the team. I don't think the cameras being there on Friday will help though. UTW.


To Be honest I dont know what questions were asked so cant comment on that, I would love to believe he is 100% committed but actions do not show that do they ? and as for this I have spent 73 million pounds ? All we wanted to know is why did you build the stand ? and why have you as a club appointed the worst 3 managers in a row that any club I can recall has ? And as for not answering the question about saunders being sacked if we go down , he should be sacked now and we may just survive if we spend money on a proper manager, Overall , not impressed


Whats been built is done,cant turn the clocks back,we just have to stop harpin on about the past and start again,with more possitivity.

Norway Wolf

McCarthy will do the same to Ipswich as he did to Sunderland and Wolves.

He''l pay over the odds for loads of mediocre players, give them long, lucrative contracts and then when his bubble bursts he'll be of to another club to works his magic there as well.


The way your post started made me expect it to end 'get them promoted'. Still (like many on here) you seem determined to rewrite history. He didn't give any of them contracts, that's not his job. The club's policy was to get players to sign long contracts so they didn't run the down and leave for nothing (as several have done / are doing currently). Obviously this is a risk, but it wasn't Mick's decision either way.

Stato's Boring Brother

How much did he pay for Jarvo & Kites? We doubled the money on Fletcher. No manager ever makes 100% good buys and it was Moxey who handed out the long contracts.

I seem to remember he didn't have anything to spend at Sunderland which is why they came straight back down.

rick roberts

There doesn't seem to much of a plan to get Wolves out of this mess. Moxey and Morgan seem to be hoping that the squad that failed last season and is failing this season can turn it around.

There isn't much clarity on the finances, transfer fees in and out only tell part of the story, what about income from through the turnstiles, TV fees and parachute payments. Until the club is more open about how it's being run then the mistrust will continue.

Kev H

Think it’s time to get behind the team???

We all feel bad about the current situation and yes we can blame poor football decisions for certain appointments, but was they made in the best interest, YES.

‘Men who don’t make mistakes don’t do a fat lot’

The investment discussed surprises me but if we are in the top ten investors who can argue. Yes we can all mouth off without backing it up with hard facts, but think it’s time we started supporting as vocally as we criticise.

Me included!!!


So 37 supporters were there last night, Morgan and Moxey had better get used to crowds like that when we go down. What is the point of a meeting attended by such a small representation our our supporters, many of whom appear to have left the meeting having been hypnotised by the spin. Probably after asking questions like "who is your favaourite spice girl?" After the protest a bucket will be passed round for Jez Moxey. It must be difficult trying cope on £1.1million a year. I could save the club £750,000 per year as I would be prepared to do the job for a paltry £250k per year. I couldn't do any worse surely ?

sports giant

Only one problem with that you are just a windbag


So I can't rely on your vote then ?


I certainly wasn't hypnotised by any spin.

It's difficult to get away from the feeling that a lot of spin does come out of the club, as many of the hierarchy are well polished. However, Steve Morgan is not like that at all. If you'd seen him last night, there was no way he was putting any of that on. He looked extremely uncomfortable, stressed and emotional througout. I think he hated every second of it, and who could blame him. He was facing a firing squad. They were bloody tough questions.

Lord Molineux

What a ridiculous and childish post. The fan's parlaiment (I'm not one) are mean to be representative of the cross section of the Molineux faithful. Can you imagine the Chairman of ANY business having to face questions from 20k fans, especially some of the dimwits that post on this site with their abuse and ignorance.

Stato's Boring Brother

You could always put your name forward for the fan's parliament.

How many other clubs have these events, stream them live on the internet and don't screen the questions in advance? Morgan showed some bottle in allowing it to happen and seems genuinely upset at our position - football wise, not financially.

I don't think that there will be that many of you at your little protest so you might raise a tenner. the

Forget whinging outside the ground, go in and support the team whatever (no jeers and boos if we go one down) and if you are going to moan, do it afterwards in the pub.

Robert Perry

He can say what he likes,he has been a disaster for this club and the sooner he goes the better.People are so easily pleased.We are on the verge of being relegated for a second season and people are posting on this site "well done Steve" , "careful what you wish for" "thanks for being honest"and other rubbish.You couldnt make it up.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

What a plank you are. He has presided over the best spell I have EVER seen at wolves and I'm 32!!! Granted, the last year or so has been dire but prior to that the club achieved it's best sequence in 30+ years. So get with the programme my friend. You know nothing of what you speak! He doesn't pick the team and can't MAKE our digraceful players perform. So what's your problem?




We've heard it all before havn't we? Non existent war chests, we won't let it go to the wire next year (he got that one right), we won't do an Albion (they got that one right as well) etc. etc. Unfortunatley we have some supporters (we know who they are) who are naive enough to be taken in by this spin time after time. As far as I can see he hasn't given a single reason as to why this calamity is taking place nor offered any hint of any solutions and I can't believe that this will be sufficient to quell the protests tomorrow night, but the heads in the sand brigade will dismiss those of us not in tune with their rose tinted view of the state of affairs at Molineux as a troublesome minority.

Morgan Contrite

Spot on mate, couple of hours giving pre rehearsed answers to a few gullible fans then back into Board Room for a few g and t's and to count money


That, sir, is a total fabrication. I was there and there were absolutely NO pre rehearsed answers.

You don't do our club any favours with this drivel, but, as you know there is the lunatic fringe who will believe you and spit at The Chairman or abuse the players families.

Thanks moron.

Stato's Boring Brother

In his 5 years we have won the championship, had the longest spell we've had in the top division for about 40 years and, yes, had one awful year.

People should stop whinging, support the team and maybe the player's confidence will get a lift and we can dig ourselves out of this mess.

Booing, whinging and protesting will do no good at all.

fed up wolf



I wasn't at the meeting last night but I did follow the blog. Of course there is no way that it could convey the emotion and context of the meeting, but from what I've read, I think that M & M got away quite lightly and many of their answers should have been vehemently challenged. I'd be grateful if any of those present could advise me otherwise.

For instance:-

1) It was said that the reason for complaint was purely because we were not winning games. Well, no, it isn't. I agree that this has brought matters to a head but most supporters have been warning of a pending catastrophe for nearly three years. They could see what was happening but the Club appeared to know better and continued to bury it's head in the sand - probably because it was the cheaper option.

2) I'm a little bit sick and tired of them keep banging on about how much they've spent on players and the constant clouding of the issue by talking about nett spend. Last night they talked about a gross spend of around £72m over 5 years. What an admission; that £72m worth of players, and even more on wages, has brought us to the brink of a second relegation. The old saying about" knowing the cost of everything, but the value of nothing" springs to mind because the whole football world knows that, in the main, the outlay represents a lot of cheap, sub standard players rather than a more mangeable number of better quality players. When talking about gross spend and nett spend the Club is conveniently failing to comment on the quality or added value of their purchases. For me, that is why I hold Moxey, Morgan and McCarthey entirely culpable


As Victor Meldrew often said:- I don't believe it. Sorry.

Moxey taking a 50% PAY CUT!!!!! Come on Mr Morgan we are not that silly believe me.,i.vhju.k,

Phil Smith

I followed the proceedings last night and all that came across were attempted justifications for all the decisions that had been made.

What didn't come across was their admission that so many of the decisions are wrong.

The point I make is this. Mr Morgan can say he's as committed as can be, but if you can't accept the fact that there is something drastically wrong then we have no chance off getting it right.

Another fact is that succesful clubs have to spend money, because you've spent and it hasn't worked doesn't mean you don't have to do it again.


Agreed Mr.Ed.

Corporate MP waffle as expected. But business men have to be good at that.

Morgan if you are to stay and love WWFC , you need to sack your board and CEO with immediate effect, get some Real Football Brains in, otherwise you have to sell.

DS will take us down guarenteed.

N.E Wolves

After the facts were laid down last night for all to see, money as been spent beit wasted by the likes of MM. Im backing SM and JM just ignore the numptys that use the forums !!!

Saunders Foot

We can protest, we can unfurl banners and we can sing what we want, but the fundamental mistake that this club made was putting the cart before the horse and not addressing FOOTBALLING matters. MM should've been sacked earlier, and been replaced by a team of experienced coaches (Big Sam came available in this time ). Forget new stands and museums, the new coaches would've seen how poor we'd become and would speak to our new Director of Football , in turn, the worldwide feelers go out to identify new players. After these actions........actions that other clubs have no problem doing, we hopefully would have a competitive team, winning a few games. I know all this is wonderful hindsight, but cos we got no footballing nous in the boardroom we will never get the important decisions right.

Get in a director of football NOW.....lets hope we can get the wins to stay up, and start fresh , with some new players next season. If Dean Saunders can't attract them, then appoint somebody who can. Wolves ay we...

We Only Need One Half!

so, in a sentence, your saying 'do an Albion'

fair enough.


and how much of this football nous did we have in the 40s,50s,60s,70s,80,90, etc.

who do you think we are bloody Real Madrid, just go and do one.

Mature Wolf

Give Steve Morgan the passionate support he deserves on Friday. Give him a standing ovation at the start of the game. It will do more good than any self destructive protest.

Our club need us-show them that we are there for them during difficult times.



Stato's Boring Brother

Well said.

If there is a protest I hope it goes on too long and the protesters can't get in to the match. The atmosphere will be far better without them.

Steve Mardenboroughs Shoulder

Having been a supporter for over 40 years I can honestly say that the best times have been when we have got behind the club. The measure of supporters is in times of crisis. I've watched Wolves nearly go out of existence and been to places like Scarborough and Hereford before. I honestly believe that Wolves are better with Steve Morgan than without him. We all hoped for success in the Premier League and there were signs of it. Mistakes have been made, but now it is time to get behind the team and do our utmost to stay in this Division.


If they actually bothered to read the fans comments all over the internet they might have seen the issues and done something about it.

Walsall's newest fan

Morgan cannot be excused for 3 terrible manager selections. Anyone else would have been sacked for such a costly mistake.

Our manager is blaming the players because he has run out of ideas... we need a manger who the players respect becuase of past achievments not someone who scored goals for Wales.. whoop whoop

Might I suggest Paulo or Nigel Aitkin



And I bet you were one of those that was TCs back - WELL WERE THE HELL DID AITKIN come from -was he not the physio before becoming a number two then manager! and is that the same Paulo who walks out on his club because he can't get his own way - maybe he should be a Wolves fan?

Stato's Boring Brother

Goodbye (for good hopefully)


Did Moxey have anything to say or was it the nodding dog routine?


well back into a corner so tryed to say the right things but sorry he is only here for the money. had he run redrow the same as wolvers

he would have no money he has turn us into a bad joke. it will take us years to get back what he has done in the last 18 months.

john doe

you would not have to ask tom ,dick and harry for advice if you had a director of football get one in asap it might save a lot of heartake


He told the truth and you can see its getting him down , we need to get behind DS and the team and pull together thats all we can do at the moment plus all this childish bickering needs to stop.


We are all pig sick, and I've know doubt Steve Morgan is too, the rest of us are helpless in resolving the issues he is not. That said under his ownership Wolves have had the most succesful spell since we originally fell out of the top division over 20 odd years ago. Make no mistake there's no queue waiting to invest in Wolves, it's time for this family, "our family" to stop airing of dirty linin in public, and start to pull in the same direction, no one wants relegation and that should be everyones goal, whatever influence, whatever effort anyone can give, he / she needs to start Friday, and not with an unhelpful protest.


let the custard bowl start to boil, i no for one, if i had 20,000 people backing me i would feel a a whole lot better, than 10,000 slagging me off, i too feel hurt by AND I SAY THIS WITH REGRET, if i like many fans had the chance to put that shirt on, BARCELONA ??????, HA HA, get my point??????, come on MI BABBIES, feel the same as we do about OUR club, earn ya keep, then we will move forward, ALL OF US TOGETHER

manc andy

I personally think Morgans heart is in the right place, unfortunatly i think he may tried to rush things at Wolves and this is why ita begun to unravel.He needs to hold tight and hope we stay up this season, then he can begin to put things right,,not running before he can walk. Wolves eventually will be a success under Morgan but he will have his knocks along the way, i dont think hes here to make a quick buck,,it would have been alot easy for him to make money doing somthing else.UTW......but what do i know ??


As Victor Meldrew say's:- "I don't believe it"

And if you think telling us that Moxey took a 50% pay cut is going to wash. Think again!!!!!!!


as we expected,nothing we didnt already know to come out of the meeting,biggest joke .has got to be we got the best ceo in the leauge,is that is why wolves are in the promotion race.EXACTLY.ALSO SEE none OF the fans parliment have critisied,either the fat controller or capt morgan. cant wait for tomorrow night,then we will hear from the true .wolves supporters, not the happy clappers or the parliment representing us..

I followed the blog last night I could not believe how dumb some of our so called fans were who commented


The supporters who can only chant `MOXEY OUT` or `MORGAN OUT` ought to get real and try and be a bit more constructive.

Neither are going anywhere in the short term and in any event would they rather have

that clown who owns Forest or Southampton? or the Bhattis back?

Most of the players we have were good enough to play in the premiership a couple of

years ago and reach 3 rd place in the championship earlier this season; performances have been improving recently. I sincerely hope the players do not tune in to this web site regularly as , Tim excepted ( whose views are consistently

articulate and balanced) they couldn`t help be infected by the general gloom despondency and in some cases outright hostility.

There`s a time and place for an autopsy; the most important thing at the moment is for every genuine

supporter to get behind the team and give them our full support


I followed the Blog last night.........................and felt more and more depressed. Mr Morgan, I believe IS genuine and I believe outside the football bit, has set in train some excellent initiatives; the Acadamy; the Stand development (yes!) etc.

However, he has been painfuly exposed, in terms of management skills. Clearly he has done alright in the Building Trade, but has been seen as totally inept in terms of decision making; strategy and even basic people skills. It is bad enough as a Wolves fan but it must be really embarressing for his family!

What was scary for me was he kept going on about the amount spent on players, £70m. The real point is the wasted money on poor players! No acknowledgement that he either allowed too much freedom to McCarthy or made some bad calls himself. He just didn't seem to be aware THAT has been the masssive issue for the Club, a poor group of "professionals" for Saunders to work with.

I am involved in several businesses and the way I condict myself is; those sectors I understand I get totally emmersed in. Those I don't, I let those better experienced get on and manage. My advice to Mr Morgan is: take the pressure off yourself ,start sleeping with the wife again and get a specialist football general manager in. It would make sense for his own stress levels and ours!!


One of the most sensible comments for a very long time - absolutely spot on Marlow!!


i agree with you !! i asked a couple of questions and you know what not one had a reply !!!!

The Flying Winger

Fair play to him attending, I just hope he finds someone else to give him advice, as who ever advised him over his managerial appointments and agreeing some of the purchases / contracts given to players who should have been moved on haven't been of much service to him.

He would have done better to pop down the pub and speak to the fans, may well have saved a few bob.

Anyway hope that a positive night is in store for all Management, Players and

Fans, on Friday evening, boy do we need it!!!!!!!!


You didn't mention Karl Henry once, now that's a first my friend!


I apologise to those fans on the "parliament" who I called yes men. Some at least tried to ask relevant and awkward questions, whether they were given the answers required is not down to them and I thank them for their efforts. I also thank Timmiswolf for adapting my suggestion about Morgan producing a video and submitting it to the blog.


I have to admit that I am getting rather fed up with all of the half-truths we keep getting.

We were told that you have to look at the finances on a five-year view not a one-year which can provide a snapshot that isn't accurate. We were then given one year "snapshots" to describe our predicament (£6.5m loss this year with worse to come) in a total contradiction of what they said.

We were then given the total money spent on transfers as if to demonstrate the committment. Meanwhile, we were told that football is a strange business in that you get season ticket money upfront which then has to be allocated to spending throughout the year.

Firstly, how does this differ from homebuilding Steve? There is plenty of seasonality in that business as well as timing issues in terms of costs preceding lumpy revenues.

Second, a quick caluculation of 15K season ticket holders at average £400 gives £6m. This still leaves c. 10K per week for the 19 prem games paying throughout the season. So, the lumpy receipts really only accounts for c. 50% of ticket sales (and ignores matchday profits etc.)

But, and this is the big but, this totally ignores the money received from TV, which, as we know, significantly exceeds ticket proceeds.

So, you can't quote selective figures to display how much you spent/are committed/tried to succeed etc.

The arguements on finances was simply cherry picking soundbites which, keeping with a fruit analogy, compare apples with pears and are totally bananas.

This was an opportunity to be more transparent about the financials - the two men running Wolves treated the paying customers with complete disdain in this respect.

chris h

Andy Spot on.

The Coseley Curse

Steve needs a football adviser. There have been many bad decisions over the last 18 months eg building new stand, sacking Mick at the wrong time with no replacement lined up, appointing Terry Connor etc.

Jez Moxey is good at what he emplyed to do, which is to run the financial side of the club. While he is advising Steve, the advice will always be biased towards his field of expertise. A director of football is needed. Someone who has experiance and is respected in the game. Someone who Steve can trust to give football based advice.


It's called transparency mr Morgan. We hear naff all from you or moxey, u don't turn up for games, then say you are pig sick, try being a FAN, oh, u state we are 40 plus million down on transfers, u failed to mention the 180 mil for being in prem for 3 years, where's that money?????,,,,



Do you really think the only costs involved in running a football club are players wages and fees? Football clubs like any business have costs and overheads. Turnover whether it’s £180m or £500m means nothing. You can only spend what you make. Turnover – less overheads and costs. Unless you want to borrow money on the never, never or you have a very rich owner, which we don’t.

chris h

Lifer, Total turnover £185,691,000, total profits after player trading,players wages etc amounted to £31,213,000. These totals being for the 3 financial years we were in the Premier.Source official accounts Wolves(1986)Ltd, ex Companies House.

sports giant

You don't even know how much the premier was worth the last 3 seasons what a clown

Er, maths wasn't my strongest subject

This..... fellow fans and posters..... is the sort of sheer ignorance and bunkum we have to suffer week after week. Unfortunately there are other nincompoops who read thehoffsleftsock rantings and believe them.

.....and if anybody else says 'be careful of what you wish for ' !!!!

Wednesfield Mel

I am sorry Mr Morgan but I hope that one lesson you have learnt is for £73m it would have been better to have bought 7 good players for £10m each instead buying and then paying for load of cut price crap which forms the majority of the current 40 strong team. Its happen if not on yours but on Mr Moxey's watch Think you would now agree that cut price goods dont last and are difficult to dispose of. Do you think they had the same problem at Stoke City prior to Mr Moxey leaving

Oscar Performance

I'm actually at a point where I don't know what to think anymore. Anyone in that position (Morgan's) will play whatever cards they can to put themselves on top. Yes, the club is a mess and the blame lies squarely at his feet; he hired/paid/fired the managers, listened to Moxey, sanctioned moves for players - all without any football knowledge.

The infrastructure at the club needs revising - we need a footballing brain on the board, not an accountant and a builder taking advice from has-beens like Jan Molby and Ron Atkinson.

I also notice there's no mention of the decisions to sack Solbakken and hire a novice in his place. The justification for the new stand is completely arbitrary and has no bearing on matters that count, namely football. It was simply not needed whereas new players with quality were. Does he regret it - not a bit, because the building work was carried out by another of his firms.

I can't wait to see what further shocking decisions are to come. If Morgan thinks he's pig sick of it, he should try being a fan of over 35 years. I'd love to hear/see the reactions of Liverpool fans if he'd taken over their club and conducted himself the same way.


Morgan out? Be careful what you wish for, as Roy Hodgson would say. Morgan is at least a football man with a proper business background, not some dodgy Del-Boy. Want a new owner? Look at Glasgow Rangers and Portsmouth, where owners come and go. Grave mistakes have been made by the board but player power has been at least as significant in Wolves’ downfall. A core of Wolves players got TC the job. Was it because TC would give them an easy ride? When Morgan appointed Solbakken it was brave and innovative. What did the Wolves core players do but throw their toys out of the pram! What Kevin Doyle has been honest enough to admit to is astonishing, that certain players didn’t have time for Solbakken’s methods. They should be ashamed all the way to the bank. Deano’s only chance is to bang a few heads together and grind out a few wins. Come end of season, the trouble-makers and shirkers should be dumped (if they are out of contract) or transfer-listed if they are not. Never again should a Wolves player not try because he doesn’t like the manager’s methods. Leadership has to come from the top. On-field, Karl Henry is just not up to it. As club captain, and a midfielder, his average scoring record of one goal every 45 games is pathetic. John Terry of Chelsea, a defender, has averaged a goal every 11 games. Steven Gerrard, a midfielder, averages a goal every 4 games. Call me old-fashioned, but a midfielder should score more than a defender. Mick McCarthy may have seen the problem with Karl Henry but replacing him as captain with Roger Johnson proved erroneous. It left Karl Henry to sulk in the background and that must have influenced certain Wolves players. My advice to Morgan and Saunders is to divide and rule. Out with the sulkers and the shirkers, never to play for Wolves again, in with the youngsters.


well put, when i read that Doyle story i wasn't surprised cos' i knew this was going on behind the scenes and it was basically down to the players not being good enough to adapt to new methods and style of play. This is when Solbakken should have been a bit stronger and dropped those players that were causing the trouble, he had injuries to signings he made which probably stopped him from dropping those players but i would have rather seen a young player on the pitch giving his all than an overpaid player with a chip on is shoulder.

Dave O

I have never wanted Steve Morgan to leave only his senior advisor


Gerry Mannion

I just knew it would come to this. It is NOT emotional blackmail on Steve Morgan's part. The truth is that the fault lies with the players. It has been from the start.

Even before that dreadful defeat against the Albion.

The only thing that I would criticise him for is not communicating with the clubs fans. The same could be said of Jez Moxey, who is still one of the best CEO's in the business in spite of what a lot of fans say they think of him.

I think that he is used all too easily as a scapegoat.


(If there is spelling mistakes in the above it is because I am so bloody angry at this squad. It is them that other fans must be laughing at NOT THE CLUB!)

Stour wolf

No we don't want you what you have done to this club in the last year is a joke please when you go take mr moxey with you


Is it me or do the figures not seem to stand up somehow?

Premier payments, extra gate receipts and add ons for shirt sponsorships, advertising, merchandise etc.

And still publish losses of £9m during the second year in the Premiership and only a small profit of £2m or so in year 3 @ £50m-£60mplus per year?



I'm getting exasperated with this. Mr Morgan - please dip into your wealth and employ a Director of Football. Moxey may be good with business but there is a clear lack of football insight at the club. I

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Steve. You can fool some of the people some of the time.

Some of the people ALL the time.

But you cannot fool All of the people ALL..

I, like many of us supporters will not be fooled by your words.


Agreed 10/10


You came, we listened and for one I respect you Mr Morgan. For me you spoke from the heart and I believe you. Surely all we fans wanted was some honesty... well we got it could you not tell from the body language??

I feel it’s time for everyone to stop moaning, me included. The most important thing is survival. If we can get through this mess let’s see what happens in the summer and until then let’s all SHUT UP.

The players need a lift, yes we know they are mostly playing very poorly but let’s pick them up as fans, wipe their snotty noses and tell them we need them, trust them and love them. Forget the protest let’s meet outside the Billy Wright stand and give Mr Morgan, Dean and the players some support. I personally think it will work. Do we really want to look back on tomorrow night and say we had a hand in our relegation, by not giving everyone at our club 110% support they need. If we carry on we will not have a club to support?

Everyone please give 110%, go that extra mile, sing that little bit louder, OUR CLUB NEED US, EVERYONE ONE OF US. If you really are old gold and black through and through you will be with me all the way.

Thank you Steve Morgan for your honesty, we accept your words and hope we can pull off the great escape. If we do then come the summer it really is time for you, your staff and your players to stand up and be counted and bring this great club back to the table.


Really well put,I'm really pleased that we have lots of positive posts for a change, my heart is lifted.

Ye Olde South Bank

I'd much prefer to read positive posts, too, Sue -only when and where they're merited though, I hasten to add. However, my heart would be lifted a whole lot more by 3 very welcome points tonight, not simply an "emotional" appearance by our owner.

Apologies for the scepticism, Sue, but it'll take far more than one fans' forum to convince me of his sincerity after the shocking, rapid decline of the club that I love to the core of my Gold & Black soul.

The only currency that counts to my mind is POINTS, not rhetoric. Harsh, but true.

C'mon, me babbies!!!! UTW.


Yes, harsh but true, don't apologise to me , I like what you write you're very fair unlike some.


I didnt see Morgan as "100%" behind Jez.

He didnt answer the first question about Jez's performance & when it was put to him for a second time he said Jez 'worked hard'.

Talk about damned by faint praise!

And if I was SM listening to my ceo admitting mistakes and that he is 'still learning' I would have sacked him on the spot.

'Still learning'? After nearly 13 years???

'Hindsight' seems the buzzword recently. What about some foresight? SM has openly confirmed he relies on advice from those around him but last night, not one of them could explain whats gone wrong let alone signpost a direction for the future.

All the public soul searching is of no avail at all if fundemental change to the decision making process doesn't follow.

I'm prepared to give SM the benefit of the doubt about his commitment & passion but if he decides its steady as she goes we're all in the mire.

Jez has failed and his time is up. If Steve gets rid of his hapless ceo, appoints a DOF and implements a credible strategy for the short, medium and long term direction for the club he could yet truly earn the place in the museum that is currently occupied by his £10 note.

Jonathan Hodge

It was my question on the blog that got chosen to be asked which was 'Are you open to offers for the club?' i only wish i had made an offer of £11 at the end of it. He would of made a profit on what he bought it for lol. On a serious note, it sound's to me that the answer to my question is if the right offer comes in for the club i think he would jump ship.



gREeN niGeL

37 fans.Wow.


It was eveident last night there was no hesitation in answering he would go if the fans wanted him to.

He also welcomed serious investors.

Its pretty clear to me that he would go if the oportunity arises and the investment, in whatever guise, meets the clauses which are undoubtably in any potential sale. Sir Jack would have insisted on clauses over a certain time period for sure.


Utter garbage last nite was a pr stunt to save face, where was Morgan on Sunday ? Oh yeah on holiday , he soon hurried back to the organised q+a session didn't he ? To all those happy clappers who once again seemed to have been brainwashed get real !


Well somethings never change!!!

Ye Olde South Bank

Ha ha! Well, nobody can ever accuse YOU of sitting on the fence, Streako! (I preferred the old name, aer kid!)

Regrettably, I feel the same as you, mate. Even if Morgan's words and "emotional" display WERE genuine, well, I'm way past the point of believing anything that comes out of Molineux anymore. As you say, it all feels very "stage-managed", mate.

I don't trust Morgan and I don't trust Moxey because actions, not words, count for everything -and look what's happened over the past two years. Of course, our players are similarly afflicted with 'All Talk, No Action''s obviously an infectious disease at the club.

Nope, Wolves are in complete meltdown. I'm just amazed that, even now, not everyone can see it, Streako. Still, each to their own, I suppose......

Bob Wolf

Net £36m outlay on players, deducting £90 in TV revenue for 3 years in Prem that doesn't stack up to a £30m investment does it Mr Morgan.

You may pull the wool over the eyes of the South Bank numpties, but you have to get up pretty early to fool Bob Wolf!!!

Morgan and Moxey out!!!

Saunders out.

Ince in.


Hes pig sick so are the fans 4wins at home in 14months as an STH I am fed up as well.It was patently obvious from last nights session that nothing will change Jez is the best thing since sliced bread so that means SM is happy with his performance it beggars belief.It was quite clear that Moxey runs an autocratic style of mangement when Fans asked if they could have the liquidator back to improve the pre match build up and he flatly refused saying it wasnt in the best interests of the club ifs its good enough for Chelsea its good enough for us is my view,Moxey cannot be bothered with fans views he just pays lip service well so be it div1 here we come.

Judge Jefferies

Some nice soundbites .... but 3 men out of their depth i think. SM, JM and DS

(may be at the right level in League 1)

------------------------------------ -

Moxey - 1 million a year ...... all very refreshing - BUT can i have that pay cut.

Where was Moxey before Molyneux, thats right Stoke ....... where are they now.

Good PR person at 100k pa (not pie and a pint)

Good accountant at 100k pa (not 2 players sold and still a loss)

A director of football at 100k pa (knowing who we are signing)

(and give them a nice healthy bonus to incentivise)

Job done and a saving of another 200k pa

Molineux Heights

I thought the Fans Parliament was alright last night (following the online blog). The players we have that have really been under performing were brought in on Micks judgement, as are probably the length of contracts of these players.

For me Solbakken was a better judge of talent than Mick, especially pound for pound.

We are not going to change anything that has already happened and it really is time to get behind the team for the remaining matches.

Dean Saunders is not the man for Wolves, even if we stay up but the decision has been made, it is not going to change this season, and everyone has got to rally behind the team to try and make a difference so that we stay in the Championship.

I do also think that Morgan wants the club and wants the club to succeed and be once again one of the top 6 in the EPL, after all if it was simply money he wanted to make, he would get a greater return from focusing his money and time on Redrow and Bridgemere rather than WWFC.


Get a new coach new coach=

new ideas. Defence needs organising. Lifelong fan now living in Spain. Keep fingers crossed.


If i performed this poorly at my job i'd be sacked in no time!

Moxey...1.1 million in wages!

Players on 20-35 grand a week!

Sack the lot of em..........if only!


"ME" !

"Self made millionaires rarely make the same mistake twice" !!

Connor - Risk, Sollbaken - Risk, Saunders - Risk ! Nuff said ??


Never mind picking on the owners and board room staff its the players how should be sacked.These players have played in the premiership and they put in this shocking display all season is a disgrace.At the moment im a shamed to call myself a wolves fan.These players are letting the club down and the fans.They should all have pay cut on the way they are playing

London Bloke

Spent £73 million on players, with not a lot to show for it except a couple of Solbakken's recruits. That is a disgrace. But, it must be said that some of those that "failed" at WWFC and moved on have not failed since going elsewhere so what are the deeper problems, if any? Has anyone got to the real truth behind the Curbishley farce? Did anyone ask?

Ye Olde South Bank

I'd like to know more about the Curbishley story too, LB!


Yeah, yeah, yeah we are doing all right, there was no iceberg, we only bumped along a little with 4 managers.

Oh,by the way "abandon ship we are sinking "

Lost without a hope.

So much for pupil or football parliaments - they are all smoke and mirrors.

The fact is the Morg started this with his comments in the changing room.

Did anyone find out what he said to the players? Nah, didn't think so.

The truth the truth - Doyle will tell all when he leaves.



I agree Morgan, Moxey probably will be the best chief executive in the first division. This changes nothing for me, all I have read is Morgan is pig sick and Moxey earns £500 an hour. I read through last nights transcripts, the whole things was a farce. Just the same excuses we have already been fed for months. We are led by incompetent people who do not make the best decision for Wolves, they make every decision according to themselves. If they did everything in the best interest of Wolverhampton wanderers, Solbakken, Terry Connor, nor Saunders would of got a job. Mick McCarthy would of been sacked after the Blackburn match 2 years ago and Managers would of been given more than chicken feed in the January transfer window. Things will only get worse even if we stay up.. I really cannot see Morgan backing a manager with any substantial amount of money.. Look at the sales this season, then look at the investment back in the team, it was woeful, considering the amount we made from selling Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly. Supporters would of been happy with one new striker over the January window, but no we are left with players firing blanks.

Sir Nick of Newport

Walsall away will be great.


Only if

a) you can get a ticket


b) we win.

If we played them this weekend I wouldn't be too confident.


I'm sorry it just wont wash - again and again important decisions have been handled incorrectly its just totaly inept

This is the same style of repetance trundled out last time - the only solution is winning and winning medium and long term with these two looks a lost cause


I've always supported Morgan and have felt that as a businessman he has always wanted Wolves to work. People like Morgan simply don't invest in anything to see it fail. If there was the opportunity to send the club into liquidation to acquire the real estate I may look at him a bit differently, but this is the big difference from the Bhatti era. Wolves FC don't own the ground. The Council does and it is kept "in trust" for exactly that reason. But the fundamental issue at our club is that we have a Board and owner who know next to nothing about football and a CEO that is a basketball fan. The biggest mistake we made at this club in very recent times was not appointing a Director of Football for Stale in the summer, and it was Moxey who advised the Board against it. We are blundering from one footballing mistake to another under this regime. Who on earth thought that either Terry Connor or Dean Saunders were going to come in and turn things round? They were both nonsensical appointments and I can guess who recommended his personal friend TC to the Board. I still squarely lay the blame at Moxey. His advice to the Board is all about doing things on the cheap. It was exactly the same back in the Hayward era with Dave Jones and it still is now. And in my view the contempt Moxey shows for fans is clearly unacceptable. Look at the last paragraph of the Early Bird letter - Moxey's an absolute disgrace to our club. Morgan - either sack him or get a DoF in to get Moxey away from the football decisions. We can then move on as Stoke have since Moxey left.


just told us what we want to hear iam afraid,did not admit to the mistakes his made though ,and i think also if some one wanted to buy wolves he would sell .its no good pussy footing around him ,we need to know what will happen if we go down?.


moxey took a 50% pay cut and still earned £1.1miliion. Is he worthy of that money. Dont think so. I could do a better job for a 10th of that and be very happy. Get lost the both of you before you destroy our club


It appears that Moxey is in too deep business wise with Morgan to be got rid of.

If we think it's bad now, much much worse is on the horizon as bullet proof Moxey is set to continue to run the show.

What has happened and continues to happen to our club from top to bottom is a nothing short of a catastrophe.

Pro-action at the club is non-existant....Re-action is pathetic.

spanish ray

So we are supposed to all get behind Morgan and say sorry.I`m sorry but thousands of fans can see what Moxey is doing to this club,Stoke saw it and got rid of him.50% Pay cut? he still earns more a week than most fans earn in a year and they have to pay large sums of money to see the rubbish way the club is run and the rubbish football they are playing.Why have we hired the last three managers we have had,TC,SS AND DS.If Morgan was so concerned why did he not hire a manager with the experience required to build and improve the club,managers such as ,Big Sam,DeMatteo,Nigel Adkins etc? I like DS,But I don`t think he has the experience to handle the pressure that comes with Wolves at the moment.Where is the striker we were supposed to be looking for albeit on loan?It`s already been said but,before you start building stands the money should go on team building,get a decent team and then you will be able to fill a new stand.I am still not convinced that Morgan is what he says he is,I hope he proves me wrong.Starting with tomorrow,lets show Watford how to play football.


Last night was exactly what was needed. Everyone at the club cares and wants success. Its good for the club, the fans, the players and their wages! SM leaving is not the right option. DS is a good young, manager and left both Wrexham and Doncaster in alot healthier positions when he left then when he joined and came with good recommendations to which is why SM appointed him, bet he was hoping DS to have the same impact as BM at Reading and even SC at albion to name just 2. DS has improved the play compared to SS, we no longer pass it around the back 4 and KH for 85 mins!

The club has to pull together and hopefully the players (the only ones letting the club down) can get some wins on the board before its too late.


"DS has compared the play compared to SS".

It doesn't show on the results. What counts is getting points. Compare SS and DS match by match.


Well done Morgan for fronting up to the meeting and giving honest, heartfelt answers to many questions that must have be very hard to do.

Time to stop moaning and making wild accusations. Morgan wants this club to be successful, so does Moxey and all concerned, so it is time to get behind the manager and players to build their confidence.

shifnal wolf

Morgan as got us were he want us looking down the barrel of a gun if he pulls out were do we go .

Bully's Quaser Boots

I see the cowboys have had there say now its time for the clowns on the pitch to have there say by starting to win some football matches...... Tomorrow will be a good stating point and we can all have a happy weekend.


"And he said that the club had received £37m in sales of players in his time at the helm, giving a net outlay of £36m and putting the club in the top 10 of spending clubs since August 2007".

So where are all the good players for the money outlay??? If lesser clubs can do more with budgets that are a lot less than ours then what in hells name is going on...

old golds worth more

I'm sorry but "I'm pig sick" just doesn't cut it for me. From what I've read in the above article, it was all about how heartfelt the owner is. Moxey earned £1.1 million last year and has taken a 50% pay cut! So the poor soul is now on only £550,000 (plus bonuses no doubt). What the fans wanted to hear was, why was TC appointed after the owner had specifically stated that the job needed an experienced manager? Who hired SS and what was the reasoning behind it? Who hired DS and what was the reasoning behind that, given that an experienced manager was needed after MM's departure then why not after SS's,(especially as it looked like the job wasn't even advertised)! Why was a new stand built before ensuring our premiership tenure was on a firmer footing like say, Stoke Cities? Who actually does the hiring and firing of Managers and players (Moxey takes a lot of flak for this, but he might well be acting on the owners orders!)? The only thing of interest to come out of the meeting was the amount spent and received on player transfers, all the rest was a tale of woe from the owner. As to the fact that he (Morgan) takes a lot of advice from within the game, well if I were him, in future I'd avoid whoever these people are like the plague!

old wolf

you are exactly right old golds worth more.Wasn't the question asked last night who decided on the last 3 managers we appointed. I would have thought that should have been one of the main questions to be asked by the forum.we will have to have a turn over of these players.From what was said these player under ss were coming in to training late and weren't training well,so it didn't speak well for him

Old Wolf

moco 67

Fair play steve morgan . Lets get behind the club the badge and support deano while he clears the deadwood out.

Sedgley Slayer

Did he answer any questions about why, given the huge financial crisis a second relegation would cause, he did not invest in any new players in January???

As always, I will be there on Friday but I won't be protesting. It won't achieve anything, and whilst Morgan and Moxey have been completely incompetent over the last 18 months, now is the time to get behind the team more than ever.

I may be foolish but I honestly believe that a win on Friday could turn our season around. However, another loss will just add another nail to the coffin.


Mr Morgan

If you were to get rid of Moxey you might be pleasantly surprised at the support you might get ,especially if you appointed a director of football ,and by thgat i mean someone who is respected in the game.

THe club needs someone to look up to and that someone is not Jez Moxey and the problem you will have if we sink much lower is finding that someone


Have you no brains at all??? you would still need a CEO! so in your little world the director of football would handle everything? and if that director of football didn't deliver what you wanted how long before you turned on him! like you turn on everything else that is WWFC because it's not to your liking?


all very well but no solution's mentioned . Everyone associated with wolves is to blame , we as supporters have played our part knocking them the players , at every opportunity we know they have limitations but I think for last few games we get 100 % behind them and hope they can show some pride to keep us in this division , prove that they are as good as they say they are , not in the papers but on the pitch starting tomorrow night v watford come on you wolves prove us all wrong PLEASE


Total and utter emotional blackmail!

And as for moxey taking a 50% pay cut .........what a joke! Wish I could earn half a million pounds a year for being a failure!


At last we get to hear from sm. Apart from the dire results silence from sm was the next most frustrating thing. Whatever happens for the remainder of this season we need a clear out and rebuild playing staff next season simply cant carry on paying millions in wages for players that are not up to the job, in the real world they would be shown the door. Think there should be performance/result based pay structure.

Anyway we are where we are, and hope the majority of fans will show positive support for whats left of the

season otherwise I fear it will be div 1 next season, it may be anyway just hope for miracle. And I am not a happy clapper.

old golds worth more

One thing I forgot to mention, did Swain ask those ten questions or not? If he did, what where were the answers from Morgan and Moxey (most weren't they printed in the above article)? If he didn't ask those questions, then why not?

old golds worth more

Sorry about the typo, the word they should not be after weren't.

Silver Wolf

A few home truths for us all to chew on. We share immense disappointment, the free-fall of the past 18months particularly is sickening and alarming. Four managers in little over a year, a squad of players shorn of it's stars and performing like seaside donkeys add to the woe.

I accept the financial problems now besetting the club, I sincerely believe the investment in players has been easily good enough to have a successful squad, but I wish Steve Morgan would have a formal investigation as to how the money has been so appallingly badly invested. Only by doing so can a repeat be avoided.

Having said that, his comments about being prepared to sell up are warning signs for all - poor investment performance can be remedied but cowboy operators from any point on the globe may not be so easy to sort. Think on, and hope this shower representing the old gold and black on the field can at least show some professional personal pride, even if they do not have the will to do so for the famous colours they presently wear and are dragging in the dirt.


This fans forum seems very much like the blind leading the blind to me.

Wolves Exile

"he said he speaks to contacts in the game all the time" Steve, you must be impressed with their advice?

In the cold light of day, the invasion of the team dressing room, the delayed February sacking of MM, the interviews with Curbishley and Bruce, the apppointment of Connor, the appointment of SS, the sacking of SS after 6 months, the appointment of Saunders all look increasingly embarassing and inept.

"he said he’s (Moxey) the best chief executive in the League." Steve, you are warning us of a £6.5M loss and a second successive relegation.. Does Jez play no part in these two bombshells?

Steve, if you go, I worry as to whether we would find a replacement and if we did I would worry even more about their motives. I continue to welcome you to Molineux. You are not a genuine Wolves fan and never will be but we need your financial support. You in turn are not getting adequate footballing support from your playing staff, advisors (see above) and your CEO. You can do little in the short term about the players but you can address the other two areas. The buck stops at your desk. I fear that if you do not reassess the CEO position, the strained relationship between the fans and yourself will deteriorate even further and this will be reflected in the atmosphere inside the ground and impact on the performance of the players on the pitch. That is not what you want, it is not what the supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club want.


Nice emotional speech Steve but unless there is much more substance than is being reported here then I'm afraid it's just more words, many of which we've heard before in a variety of formats, but subsequently promises and "commitments" have not materialised.

Some issues which apparently did not feature in your address to our 37 representatives :-

The ongoing lack of transparency regarding details of the Club's finances.

The complete inertia which followed the near relegation of May 2011 with only one player added to a squad which anyone with a modicumof football knowledge could see was way short of genuine PL qualty.

The reasons why several experienced professional managers did not share your "vision" of our football Club followed by the appointment of Connor and the consequent abject surrender of our PL status.

The rationale behind the Solbakken experiment and then it's premature abandonment followed by the appointment of yet another inexperienced manager at a time when we clearly needed a hard nosed professional to sort out the obvious problems in the dressing room.

The lack of activity in the January transfer window (for the second year running) despite our perilous league position ane public declarations by both Solbakken and Saunders that fresh faces were required.

The U turn on the appointment of a Director of Football which is so badly needed due to a lack of football knowledge at Board level.

I suppose you have to be commended for belatedly addressing your paying public but I'm sorry actions speak louder than words and you have said nothing which encourages any confidence that there is a short term plan, never mind a longer term strategy to ensure the future welllbeing of WWFC. Just saying that the last 18 months has been crap is hardly news to any of us is it really?

Orlando Wolves

"The rationale behind the Solbakken experiment and then it's premature abandonment followed by the appointment of yet another inexperienced manager..."

Solbakken was a Champions League manager, and certainly was not inexperienced. It is true that he didn`t have any experience in English football management, but then, if that were the yardstick used for Wolves managerial appointments, Pep Guardiola would also have failed the `experienced` test.

Solbakken was; 1) impeded by the poor quality of the majority of the squad he inherited 2) his methods were deliberately undermined by certain players and player cliques within club, 3) injuries occurred to key players he bought in to change matters, 4) and by impatient fans and upper management with no appreciation, or realisation, of the difficulties he was facing.

Didn`t Kevin Doyle expose this recently?



I think you misunderstoood my post. Inexperienced manager, in the first instance referred to the hapless Connor and I fully agree that Solbakken was impeded by lack of quality and integrity in the squad; his final "crime" was to ask for money presumably with a view to replacing the Luddite clique. His tenure was way too short to achieve any of his objectives and we are now seeing the consequences.

He weas actually treated me shoddily by the Club (under Moxey then as now) than Dave Jones and that's saying something.

My overriding point refers to the duplicity and incompetence of Morgan (and Moxey).

Orlando Wolves

Point taken.

Just watched Stale`s interview on the Footballers Football Show. It explains a lot

Farmer Ted

I've been critical of Steve Morgan because I believe it his he who made the major decisions that have put us in the situation we are in. However I still believe he has the Wolves at heart and we may now see his mettle as he oversees the recovery we all want. He is a businessman and his investments in the Club and City have been made to make a profit which will benefit everyone.

I just hope the morons who call for him to resign understand the implications if he does, and I hope they cease their tiresome cliches like Liverpool mafia and Bob the builder. They do nothing for the cause.

We need to be united against Watford and undermining the players out on the pitch is NOT the way to go.

Dean Saunders has improved the football, but, individual mistakes have meant he hasn't managed that first win which may well change everything. The football under Solbakken was dire and anybody who tries to say it was the way forward is seriously mistaken. Ironically whilst he was in charge we were VERY lucky to get wins like Leicester (h) and Blackpool (a). What would DS give for a bit of luck like that on Friday !


"Just before we all dive in ( and most of us want blood)" Farmer Ted 26 Feb

Changed your tune a bit haven't you?

Farmer Ted

Read the opening salvo again

Orlando Wolves

Farmer Ted - correct me if I am wrong but, didn`t ALL of our wins since McCarthy left come, lucky or not, when Stale Solbakken was manager?

I agree, unity is required on Friday night and not demonstrations.

Farmer Ted


Also some of the most awful pointless boring football I have seen at Molineux since I first came down as a schoolboy (1956/57) and that includes the 80s.

Apart from those lucky wins we also endured some lucky draws. Brighton and Derby for example...and don't forget our own goal win against Birmingham. That seems an eternity ago.

Petenuts will be after me for missing commas. Don't care...even if I get detention.


No commas necessary. A couple of spaces after the ellipses would have cleaned it all up a bit. In summary: B+

Orlando Wolves

As Stale said himself, and it happens to be true, injuries occurred to the players he bought in and as a result there was a drop in form.

The transformation from punt and hope to quality football like West Brom play isn`t going to happen overnight and certainly not inside six months with the players McCarthy left behind.

Patience was needed by all and it was sadly lacking.

Still, if the football looks better now maybe that`s the way to go, a point every two games.

Did you get detention ? :)


It was clear from Bully's web chat that he thinks that Morgan is fully committed and that's good enough for me. I hope the messages for solidarity get through to the boat rockers. The team play with enough fear as it is without any more negative pressure. UTW!!!


Sorry - have you missed something? Steve bull may be a Wolves hero - but he's also paid a salary by ....guess who? do you think he's going to slate him?

I heard Froggy on WM the other night - he says he's a friend of Dean Saunders and said on air that he would never disclose certain things that Dean had told him - since it had been in confidence. Now whatever he did tell Froggy may be in confidence but it would certainly influence Froggy's comments. Strange the article on last nights Ex&Star by Froggy called for support for Saunders from the Steve Morgan and the Wolves board. Does that mean he has no financial support?

Chase Terrace Wolf

Yea.h because Bully has just bought one of the houses in Compton no doubt with a good discount fact

nigel wolfnut

Having been highly critical of Mr Morgan I am pleased that he has put his head over the parapet but I was following the blog last night and there were far more questions than answers. The fact that Mr Moxey took a 50% pay cut said nothing - it was probably in his and others contracts if they were relegated from the Prem. Perhaps what we all want to know is WHY it's gone wrong?McCarthy was not SM's appointment as manager but SS was and he was given little chance to put things right. now Saunders has the baton and SM would probably admit that's a mistake and one that could cost us - again. The biggest mistake was getting relgated last year and not getting rid of MM at the end of our second year. I was a big fan of Mick's but we were going backwards. By the time SM bit the bullet the timing was simply awful and although DS was appointed before the window opened there was so little activity there were pigeons roosting in the Stan Cullis.

We now have a 12 game season which is simply shocking for a team of Wolves stature and fan base. The blame has to lie at the top. Fans don't make decisions unless of course it is not to go to the game and sadly I see far too many now voting with their feet-and that's the real worry. We are no longer a big club, we have a big history but a place at the top table has to be earned and we let ourselves go to such an extent we are left with crumbs. Pig sick Mr Morgan? You said it - but you have the power to right it SO GET ON WITH IT AND BE QUICK


For SM/JM to answer every question would have taken more than three hours, probably three days or more.

I believe the nucleus of the questions were answered, the rest like why do the north bank sit down, and why don't we have free travel to away matches, etc,etc, will have to wait for another full moon!

We Only Need One Half!

Let me translate for you, Morgan said "if you want to drive me out Ill go" means put up or shut up.

Well, which is it?

Saunders Foot

Quick, if you want something to copy onto the Albion threads, hurry up, the teacher will be back anytime now....!

We Only Need One Half!

What??? Saunders Foot, that doesn't even make sense?

poor gibberish!


Well - my first question would be - why was this meeting behind closed doors? If I was in charge I would have moved heaven and earth to be open and transparent. This event should have been put on live web. Mr Morgan or Mr Moxey have never been transparent or shown signs of wanting to be.

So we have a net loss of 36million for player purchases. OK does that take into consideration the payments we would have received from promotion which I understand were nearly 40million, or the 16million which we got as the first balloon installment for dropping into the Championship? (This will be followed by another 16m + 8m + 8million over the next 3 years).

The stand - that no one wanted cost 18million. Mr Morgan is committed to the club - but the fans (and Dean Saunders on WM) have been pleading and begging for new blood - but it fell on deaf ears. Mr Moxey - who got a £200,000 bonus for being in profit last year tells us we cannot buy anyone as we have too many players????? Strange just as the calls for new blood were becoming screams! Jez Moxey would have signed off approval to purchase this abundance of players - so its his fault we have too many!

If Steve Morgan is committed to this club then he needs to show it - with the cheque book! If he listened to the fans he'd know what was needed at Wolves - and as most of us said, it was not a new stand!

We supporters might be a little suspicious if the next big name player that is due to arrive at Wolves suddenly goes elsewhere at the last minute!

Actions speak louder than words - so my message to Steve Morgan is.... TIME TO SHOW YOUR METAL, PUT UP OR SHUT UP .. but that's after you get rid of Jez Moxey!!!!!


The whole things soun ds like a whitewash to me!

Old Gold Portion of Chips

At last I feel a win coming on - go for it Wolves and fans , please give them your full support - it'll be worth it.

Tick Tack Head

If Moxey is getting so much praise and everyone in football thinks the world of him, as per Morgans statement, which is on the BBC website:

1. Why did Stoke let him go?

2. Why have no big clubs approached him for their CEO roles (Man City and Man Utd recently replaced their respective CEOs)

3. Why does he pay over the odds for players? (when our rivals get bargains)

4. Let players go cheaply ? I'm thinking Lescott here

Morgans claims are completely unfounded. No wonder Moxey has greasy hair, its all the teflon he rubs through it!


what an out and out idiot you are! pay over the odds for players,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, the guy is being accused of not paying enough -were have you been for the past three years, lets players go cheaply - Lescott! what was £6 million then another £6m sell on clause, sold three players who didn't want to play for us for WAY over the odds! you failed to mention why didn't the other 90 odd clubs want him - Moron!

chris h

Tick Tack, The reason Man Utd and Man Citydon't want him is pretty obvious mate,they don't want to get relegated to the first division.I can remember Bill McGarry commenting about the pork pies in football. He said that if he had a defender to get rid of who wasn't very good in the air and one footed ,if asked about the player by another club,he would say he is decent in the air and can use both feet. It is probably like that still in other Boardrooms.That probably think if Wolves keep Jez Moxey that will take care of one of the relegation places.

Bully's Blister

When a football club is run by business men , on the cheap to make a profit and the only people they employ with football knowledge are second rate managers , you get where we are now . We will find our level soon , be it a club that bounces up and down from division 1 to the championship or a mid table division 1 side . All clubs have a place dependent on how they are run .

Cowboy Trap

Yeeeeehaaaa Pilgrims!

I'm Shining up my spurs for game tommorow night, see ya there p'tners, we'll have a rooting tooting good time.YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAA!!!!!!!


Lets hope Dean can keep us up and then clear the decks, how many players have we got 50ish, well I could name on one hand those who should stay and wear the beloved GOLD N BLACK

Silver Wolf

Very close to my reckoning as well.


OK, Steve Morgan won over many fans last night with his passion. I was a supporter of his before but was still pleased to see his passion.

However, two negatives remain for me even as a Morgan supporter.

1. although he admitted mistakes especially regarding the buying of unsuitable players he doesn't appear to appreciate why they were the wrong players (i.e. too much on transfer fees and not enough on wages)

2.he still thinks Jez Moxey is wonderful in spite of Jez being the one who has been in control of the club, apart from managerial appointments, throughout these awful times.


Great post by geof palmer's mo stash,

Here are some interesting comments from Steve Morgan after reading them again I wonder where it all went wrong!

9 August 2007,

"I remember the days when Wolves were the greatest club in the land and, although times have changed, we are going to do our best to take Wolves back to where they were," Morgan said.

The loyal fans of this club deserve nothing less.

24 June 2009

Wolves owner Steve Morgan believes the club should still concentrate on signing up-and-coming players despite their promotion to the Premier League.

"We have a policy at Wolves of getting good, young, hungry players who will give their all," Morgan told BBC WM.

"If you've got the will to succeed, you'll succeed - we've got a squad who've got that will to succeed."

However, Morgan accepts that manager Mick McCarthy will need to add a sprinkling of experience to the youthful squad that gained promotion from the Championship.

"That's what we're trying to bring in at the moment with Milijas and Hahnemann," he noted.

"I think the blend of what we're trying to bring in with the nucleus we've already got means we'll be a force next year."

Wolves are keen to avoid a repeat of their last spell in the top flight when they went straight back down - and Morgan is convinced that they have a much better chance this time round.

"We're going in there to stay - I think we'll give anybody a run for their money next year," he insisted.

14 January 2010

"We've targeted a couple of players we'd like to bring in and we're talking," Morgan said.

And he is adamant that the Black Country club will not overstretch itself despite the pressure to stay in the top flight.

"We have a wage budget and we set out to run this football club in a business-like manner but with ambition and it's important to stick to that," he said.

"We want sustainability not short-term gain for long-term pain."



It appears that Moxey is in too deep business wise with Morgan to be got rid of.

If we think it's bad now, much much worse is on the horizon as bullet proof Moxey is set to continue to run the show.

What has happened and continues to happen to our club from top to bottom is a nothing short of a catastrophe.

Pro-action at the club is non-existant....Re-action is pathetic....


Pull together. Don't give up. Keep the faith. Believe in each other. Sack Moxey.

Steve Brown

So just remind me, what's different today from yesterday then?


Wolves fans appreciate passion,commitment,emotion.

Shame we did not see it earlier from Morgan, but i think thats what we needed to hear.

Lets move on and get together.


Previous mention that a good business manager learns fast. I hope so. The most important lesson that he must learn os that he needs top professional help on footballing issues


I think they should do a live blog, fans parliament like they did last night with the players, nobody minds the players earning the big money, having the nice flash cars, fantastic houses, living the dream if you like, the players should be held accountable for the position we are in, not trying hard enough for stale, all you ask is the players try 100%. These obviously don't or they are not good enough, professional players my arse.

Live blog with the players, if they are man enough obviously

wembley 74

The vision & investment has always been there. But as I've said a million times if Morgan wants to sit back, enjoy owning a Football Club & have an easier life all he has to do is one simple thing. Source a top Manager & coaching staff! Pay 'em whatever they want because you will reap your rewards as the pieces fall into place. That's where other clubs fulfill their potential, succeed and we don't. And it's been like that at Molineux for 23 years since Hayward took over and started pumping money in. Yes, it really is that simple.


At the end of the day it's the 11 players out on the pitch who will get us out of this mess. They're all professionals and know what's required of them. It's a pity their salararies aren't based on the number of supporters that turn up. Then the fans could have some say in whether they are being overpaid for the amount of entertainment they provide. We would soon see the back of the overpaid, underperformers when the gates are down to 10,000 in the First Division.

jon mason

bye bye mr morgan make sure you take that clown ith you

Wim Doomed!!

Sir Jack told him exactly what he was getting into, hence giving the club away for £10, so I'm not buying this "Sick as a pig" rubbish.


The sacking of Mick McCarthy without a game plan to replace him, was a serious error of judgment. Mr Morgan's rant in the dressing room shortly before that did nothing to inspire confidence in the players. At the time we had a decent squad who were going through a bad patch. Terry Connor never stood a chance. Leaving Mick in place would have been the best way of looking for a quick return to the top flight. Look how well they are now doing at Ipswich. Solbaken was an unmitigated disaster.

Having let nearly all our best players go - Fletcher, Jarvis, Kightly, Keogh, Vokes et al - we are now left with a mediocre collection, most of whom we have never heard of.

Jez Moxey is not worth £1m a year. If Mr Morgan wishes to cut costs he should give Moxey his P45, oir even a Colt 45, get in a football person with a real pedigree to manage the team and appoint a commercial managet to lookafter the admin. You do not need a durectir if fiootball as well as a top flight manager.

Orlando Wolves

QUOTE: "Solbaken was an unmitigated disaster."

Is this the unmitigated disaster who managed the only wins Wolves have had in the last twelve months ?

I will agree that a Director of Football is needed here though.


Nothing I heard on last night FP went any way to convince me that the Board and Management failed dismally in strengthening the team when we gained entry to the Premiership. It was blatantly needed and if I eecall correctly the comment from above was We thought we had done enough" Well you were wrong. All this trouble we are in now is due to failure amd mismanagement in not invested in the class players needed at the time. We fell like a stone and will continue to do so. I am not convinced to buy my EB for next season - more of the same is not my idea of a football club. After all I and others follow the club for the football - not is bank balance and its whats on the field for 90 minutes that counts with me.

Hopefully we will get a intomorrow but I am not holding my breathe. I shant be taking my seat tomorrow - after 60+ years of support the feeling of leaving the ground after yet another dismal display and defeat has become too much.

Waggies Left Peg

How about all us Wolves fans sticking £20 each on a Watford win tomorrow night, with the winnings we could buy the club from Bob The Builder.

Go on, you know it makes sense.

Bewdley Wolves

This all smells of carefully rehearsed, stage managed spin which avoided the major questions that matter. No wonder the fans are getting disillusioned.


I hope the E&S print this:

Comment: Wolves fans, will you stick or twist?

28 Feb 2013 12:44

Wolverhampton Wanderers comment piece: Bill Howell delves deep into a season of disaster for Wolves and poses the question - 'What now?'

Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters can treat it as an empty threat if they like.

In fact they can usher Steve Morgan towards the exit quite simply by protesting before the Watford game.

And why not carry on that protest right the way through until early May?

Perhaps by carrying a coffin made of red bricks through the streets of Brighton?

Go ahead, why don’t you?

But be careful... story books tells us that for every Prince Charming or Fairy Godmother there’s a Wicked Witch of the West.

For every Swansea City (three promotions and European football on the back of a Wembley trophy, all achieved in partnership with the supporters trust which owns 20% of the club), there is a Venky’s (relegation and laughing stock).

For every Sheikh Mansour spending money hand over fist on players there is a Carson Yeung, right hand handcuffed to left fist.

Yes for every Dave Whelan (Wigan) there’s a Alexandre “Sacha” Gaydamak. Portsmouth may have collected an FA Cup but at what cost?

For every Vincent Tan (bankrolling Cardiff, but would Wolves supporters accept a change of kit to blue and white stripes?) there’s a Peter Ridsdale. Leeds went from the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2000 to League One in seven seasons - mainly because Ridsdale borrowed £60m against future gate receipts.

Heck if your team’s not winning any ownership gets it in the neck. Ask Arsenal. Best stadium, sold out every week, great football, great players and a legendary manager. But how many Valentine’s cards did Stan Kroenke receive?

Yes, hindsight has proven Steve Morgan has made mistakes.

Poor transfer windows, particularly the one just passed, the sacking of Mick McCarthy, and the appointments of a trio of inexperienced successors.

But you heard the man last night... £73 million spent on players.

And did anyone complain when the £18 million North Bank stand was dreamed up? Or the sacking of McCarthy at the time?

Yes he walked into the dressing room after Liverpool- a massive no no.

Yes the Board took their eye off the ball having seen that Swansea, Norwich and QPR were promoted. But did fans moan at Roger Johnson and Jamie O’Hara’s signings?

But what of Stale Solbakken? Shouldn’t he have appointed British with seasoned Championship experience? Google ‘Steve Bruce’ and ‘Wolves message boards’ and you might see the club listened a little too closely to the cyber anoraks.

Win and Fred West or Harold Shipman would just about be excused a place in the director’s box.

Lose and your name is mud.

The Glazer Family aren’t getting too many protesters right now.

Nor was Roman Abramovich at the Allianz Arena last May. Fans might complain at the supposed ill-treatment of Roberto Di Matteo, despite his healthy financial pickings, but Chelsea were said to be teetering on the brink when Ken Bates sold to the Russian in 2003. Chelsea fans still recall the eighties, and days when attendances at Stamford Bridge dipped below 12,000 and volunteers circled the pitch with collection buckets.

Do Everton supporters moan at Bill Kenwright when the team are in the top six?

Kenwright was the subject of a street protest- not unlike that planned tomorrow at Molineux- ironically when Wolves travelled to Goodison Park in November 2011.

Everton were in the bottom four. Hundreds carried their placards demanding change.

The argument remains that other clubs have spent big in the Premier League and stayed there.

Should Stoke City perhaps the closest model that Wolves could follow?

But despite Tony Pulis’ protestations to the contrary, the Potters are heavily reliant on Peter Coates.

In their first season up they spent £19.725m. In 09/10 they spent £21.5m and received £4.5m in sales. They received the same amount in 10/11 and spent £12.475m, whilst last season the big-name signing of Peter Crouch pushed the spending up to £22m whilst receiving just £250,000 from Watford for Carl Dickinson to Watford.

Should Norwich light Steve Morgan’s way? Morgan revealed last night he is a friend of domestic goddess Delia Smith after all.

But surely Paul Lambert and his team deserve some credit for the reversal of the club’s fortunes. It wasn’t all driven by off-field ‘Let’s Be ‘avin’ you’ policies.

Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson was all things to all Boro men when he bankrolled a club that had once fallen in bankruptcy.

Many years of big spending brought a trophy and a European final but a fall from the Premier League and a slide into the Championship, as Steve Morgan has found, can be hard to reverse.

How popular is Jeremy Peace when Albion lose games? He was not receiving too many plaudits for his close scrutiny of the balance sheets before the derby win at Molineux a year ago.

And he was certainly facing questions of an inactive transfer policy in January before an unexpected win at Anfield a fortnight ago.

Then there’s QPR. Tony Fernandes has spent the types of sums that even Monopoly players can only dream about. But are Rangers staring into the same financial abyss that has blighted Portsmouth and Leeds? Relegation could be the start of a spiral that could take them years to recover from.

Remember Coventry City and a disastrous decision to move to a new stadium that few complained about at the time.

Remember Kjell Inge Røkke and Bjørn Rune Gjelsten, under the stewardship of chairman Charles Koppel, who sold Wimbledon to another town.

Remember ball-juggler Michael Knighton at Old Trafford who then took Carlisle United towards the brink of doom.

Remember Ken Richardson at Doncaster Rovers, or Rupert Lowe at Southampton, or George Reynolds of Darlington.

So the choice is yours Wolves fans.

Are you going to stick or twist?

John Davies

Tick Tack Head

You are a scare mongering clown!!1 Anyone would think that we are doing well. You mention the Venkeys.; but in reality Blackburn are doing miles better than Wolves they are not on brink of relegation to Division 1.

Morgan & Moxey have made Wolves a laughing stock, not Blackburn. Do you have a man crush on Jez Moxey? You do seemed to be impressed by utter incompetence.

Stato's Boring Brother

Were you moaning when Morgan, Moxey and McCarthy got us promoted?

Were you moaning when we beat Man U and Liverpool etc?

Can you remember the "we want an end to Marshall law" protests in early 80's? I can and I remember that the Bhattis came in, asset stripped the club and left us within hours of extinction. That might be what happens again if Morgan is hounded out.

Saunders Foot

Here we go again, yet another moronic Wolves fans are all fickle post. Remember this, remember that, remember the other.....footballs littered with historic gaffs and skeletons in cupboards, so what! Half the above comparisons hadn't been relegated from the prem, sold 30 million quids worth of players and couldn't compete with the dregs at the bottom of the championship. We can all sit in our shiny new stand, with 6 or 7 empty seats around us , but moan or whinge, no, no, no, you can't do that, some of the other fans might not like it.

You can copy anything you want Johnwolf, at least you'l get the spelling right, but don't jump on everyone for feeling passionate and emotional about our club. What your tunnel vision refuses to accept , is that some fans can only get their views across in a certain way, I agree, the wrong way sometimes, but they still care, even your so called south bank idiots!

I am in total support of Morgan, by the way, I just want to know what can be done to improve our perilous position, and take us forward, is that so wrong? Maybe a trip to the quacks for a reality check might help. Coyw

Orlando Wolves

I wholeheartedly agree that Steve Morgan should not be hounded out of the club. I also agree that there have been mistakes made at all levels connected with the club over the last few seasons, and that includes some of the fans. Now is not the time for street protests in Waterloo Road, or anywhere else for that matter, now is the time for all connected with the club to put aside their differences and pull the club out of this mess.

Mr. Morgan obviously is 100% behind Jez Moxey, and, he has that perogative, as after all, it is his football club. I still think however that the way forward is a quality, knowledgeable Director of Football, to advise Mr. Moxey and Mr. Morgan on football matters. Efficient businessmen they may be, but enthusiasm on their behalf is not enough to get the club on the right track.


pay cut.

but v5

WHAT A TIME TO announce the pompous moxey has taken a 50% pay reduction nbut 50% of whar? Wolves fans wont fall for that unless the

ont give any credit for that but it is a 50%





Morgan's not likely to say Moxey is the worst chief exec in the league is he! Come on wolves fans its a white wash. M&M are the only people to blame for the situation the club is in. They sacked MM gave TC the job after interviewing ex managers who knew more about the game then M&

M. Employed Solbakken and Saunders without interviewing anyone else. Sorry it's stinks, Morgans threat of leaving is just putting onus back on supporters ie don't upset me else I'm going!! What a joke!


'50% pay cut for Moxey'... hmmm doesnt sound quite right to me.. who in their right mind would accept a 50 % pay cut when they have, apparently, done such a good job of 'balancing the books', surely on paper Moxey has done the best job out of the entire Molinuex contingent, however it would appear that he accepts a 50% pay cut... something doesnt seem quite right about that, hope its not just a smoke screen to keep the fans of his back..

Bully Carlo

Your all having a laugh until the school and houses built no change.wake up smell the coffee . Fed up of all the beef crap. After 30 yrs of season tickets I'm out . Love the wolves.

Dutch Wolf

Jez is not worth keeping if we give him a 100% paycut.

You are treating our club as a toy trying to generate profit! Where has the payments for Jarvis & Fletcher gone!

Utter clowns. Please leave through the back door!


Orlando Wolves

I hear that they were on the verge of signing Pep Guardiola at one time, but decided against it because he had no Championship experience.

we want moxey out

morgan wins fans over says exp and star and here was me thinking we were in serious trouble. as i suspected no follow up questions or responses . next time forget staged managed 4 the posh boys pick some pubs and let some other fans ask the questions and tim nash start mixing with the real fan and get an understanding

Streetly wolf

Lets just get behind the lads from now until end of season and then we can have a go after. We are in the trenches and to be fair Morgan did give stale a lot more than any other manager in this league and he blew it on players he had never played in this league. No protests please till end of season although if u look at from the other side of the coin in might create a siege mentality for the players as after all they need something to motivate them!!

Wolves supporter disappointed

First time I've been angry enough to submit to this rag, but OMG - What are you all thinking about?

We have been working and protesting to improve the SYSTEM at Wolves for so long, then big M say he may go if we want. Great. What happens everybody suddenly says OK then lets get behind the team. - I for one was already doing that.

So what will happen next NOTHING, NO CHANGE, STILL LOSING.

Have you all lost your bottle?

paul davo

what a load of rubbish MORGAN, so here it is GET OUT OF MY CLUB THE SPIN HAS MADE ME DIZZY, we spent this. no one bothered to ask how much came in , its well known the first season in the prem is worth 60 to 90m with 2 more seasons at about 60m so lets say 180m ? 73m on players in, 37m out = minus 36, his 30m investment = 6m, 20m on a white elephant =26m from 180m = 154m ??? take your 30m back Morgan i hope my maths are right if not let me see the clubs accounts, and i will say told you so or i will say sorry Mr Morgan,

Sam Wolf

Mr Morgan, you cannot keep on backing a loser, Gerald Moxey has an record of bringing clubs to their knees, we don’t know what the reason is just a born Magpie may be his problem.

We need a Chief Executive who can inspire people; the support is there but Moxey does not have those qualities therefore his persona spreads throughout the club and the supporters.

We need a personality at the club that can bring a spark where Moxey can turn people into stone by his appearance let alone his lack of public relations.

You need to do something and be quick about it before the club sinks to an all-time low, players and supporters look up to who is ultimately in control and you have to admit that you pair are not the Ant and Dec of the football world.

Ashmore Wolves

Pigheaded more like! Far too little, far too late. Morgan might have won a few of you over (at early bird time) but to me actions speak louder than words, and no amount of soft soaping will get us out the bottom 3, stop us from being the laughing stock of english football, or make up for years of neglect. 3 times now he has had plenty of opportunity to get us a decent manager and 3 times he has picked the last person anyone could think of! I like DS but he aint no Paul Ince, who I think is one of the only people around who has got what it takes to lift this club off its knees, I would have loved Ince and Rae at the helm or even O driscoll but what do I know eh? I wont be protesting friday, ill be where I always am home games now, the pub.


Last night sounds like pure theatre and stage management!


some of you are missing the point, yes wolves are succsessful finacialy,but where it counts and what we wolves fans is sucess on the pitch.and know i dont want players here on 100 grand a week,i want players that have the pride and passion to wear the shirt,something we aint seeing week in week out. no good have plenty of money in the bank and a nice empty shinny new stand,but being in div 1,whats the point


Say no to protest




i never expected morgan and moxey to walk out there last night and say "we messed up, here's the solution, everybody can relax now". it was always going to be a mix of what we've already heard from them coupled with some passionate and remorseful quotations. as it stands, kudos to the pair of them for putting themselves in the firing line at least.

we've all known that the problem over the past few years has been a lack of "quality" investment. morgan last night pointed out that they backed mick with 6 new players when we got promoted. i believe doyle is the last man standing of that group? we may never know if mick and his scouting team had better players identified and some combination of moxey/morgan said "no, too expensive", or if the players mick brought in that ended up not breaking into the first team were his first choices, but that has been what has saddled us with so many of the same team from 4/5 seasons ago.

stale's buys were/are good purchases, but too much has been asked of sako and doumbia, while peszko, boukari, and margreitter have been injured (not stale's fault). siggy is showing great improvement. it's a shame morgan didn't give stale this window and some funds to clear out some players and bring in a few more. i think our league position would be much better, and the summer window would give us even more hope with stale in charge. i like deano's enthusiasm, but he seems to be floundering around at the moment.

i hope deano does well, and i hope the players do well, because right now that's what we have at wolves. i never want managers or players to fail, because then we all lose. i may not agree with manager's choices, or his team selection, but i want wolves to win regardless.


millwall here i come.will still be there when we play yeovil or the villa nxt season who are coming down

reg smith (SKEGREG)

It all went wrong after signing Roger Johnson i think he has disrupted the team and once that happens its difficult to get the players back as they were. Get rid of him and backward and sideways Henry along with a few other under achievers Ohara, Blake, Ward etc. Get someone in charge like Peter Reid or someone of that ilke. Its sad to sad but i feel that most of the players are not interested as long as they get their fat salaries they dont care. I have been a supporter since i was 12 thats 48 years and i think we are as bad now as in the Hoddle era and the Battie days. Lets see some pride and fight from the players for the remainder of the season to give themselves some pride and fans some belief that we can get up there with the big boys and hold our own, have pride and belief in yourselves.


Can you tell me what the difference between a football club and a business is?

Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool even Villa are all run as a 'business', only the likes of Man city or Chelsea supported by owners with bottomless wallets aren't and even they will have to conform to the rules soon.

Maybe we should be run more like Rangers, Portsmouth or the now defunct Chester City, where spend, spend, spend was the motto.

The one thing to come out last night was Wolves will continue to exist as a football club and the real fans will support them which ever division their in. The fair weather glory hunters will be gone on to other things, being a fan is like being someones best friend, you stick with them whatever.

The words " I'll go if thats what people want" from SM last night worried me, I hope he isn't driven out because who knows what might happen then. Those phrases 'better the devil you know' and 'be careful what you wish for' spring to mind.

Brazil Wolf

Dear Mr Morgan,

I followed the blog last night because I live in Brazil.

I thought you came across very well and gave support to all those who work for you, as any good owner of a company would do. As a past owner of a company for 27 years I fully agree with all that came across the table from you and the insight into the turmoil and passion you have for the club.

One thing I would suggest though is the "FACT" that footballing decisions have not been of the quality expected, by yourself, the board or the fans.

The one constant through all this turmoil is I am afraid to say the person who is responsible for the buying of players, contracts and wages. The record of this person is to say the least unaceptable, to put it politely.

I understand your loyalty to your employees and the work they do for you, but please, please, please, take a good hard look at the situation and decide if this person is the right person to be doing the job of controlling players contracts and wages etc. The said person is no doubt a good negotiator and does good work to keep the coffers in a plus situation but is he really the man to be in control of this side of the business. PAST PERFORMANCES OF CONTRACTS FOR MEDIOCRE PLAYERS SAYS NOT. Please keep the said person on your team in an accountancy role so he can keep the books positive but please appoint a DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL who has a good pedigree in that part of the footballing business who knows his onions inside and out.

When you decide to do this I promise you things will get better.


Orlando Wolves

Good post. All the relevant nails hit on the head.


Oh poor Jez!!

Taken a pay cut from 1.1m.... My heart really does bleed.

Reality check Mr Morgan. This.... OUR football club is in an area unfortunately in the crux of what seems like being an unprecedented triple dip recession... and many many of OUR clubs loyal supporters have either lost their jobs OR are on a reduced wage... and not to the tune of half a million pounds per year because we live in the real world.

However, these people are STILL putting their hands in their pockets and supporting OUR club despite two maybe three years of woeful football both on and off the pitch.

There are a lot of people within the club that need to go and they need to go now. And we all know who they are. Too many mediocre people have been allowed to dwell at Molineux despite being unable to do what they were employed to do - and offered contracts and contract extensions that are just ridiculous. Get rid of them, all of them, and start from scratch.

As a club we need to do the same as we did when Mick McCarthey first took charge. Back then we got rid of all of the dead wood and bought in young and hungry players that wanted to play for the club! However, unlike last time, we need to get rid of those young and hungry players before they become older and lazy and complacent on huge salaries.


I can tell clearly from this that Morgan does care. He is a fan like us. And I think it was extremely brave of him to do what he did last night. Look, in my opinion, he deserves little blame. The fans drove Mick out. And that was wrong. But tell me, if Morgan doesn't listen to the fans, then what happens? He listened, and did what ( not all the fans, I mean I was, and still am outraged at his sacking ) they wanted. Otherwise there would've been uproar. I know there is anyway, but that's because those fans didn't know what they really wanted.

Moxey must take a lot of blame for the Terry Connor disaster. I've met Terry and he is a pure gentleman but he simply wasn't ready for such an audacious task. However, finding Moxey took a 50% pay cut is appreciated by me anyway, as he certainly didn't earn any bonuses! As for cancelling the end of season dinner awards, I completely agree. But a bigger topic is Solbakken's appointment. The fans were unhappy with Mick and his style of play and after Terry's spell, fans wanted something new and fresh. That's what we got. But my immediate concern when he was appointed was "was he too prestigious for us?" As it turned out, he was trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, trying to use beautiful football with our less-than average squad. The appointment of Saunders is again a risk. But I like his attitude a lot. He has pure optimism and even better, a brutal honesty. But he's very young with little managerial experience. I don't know if we're going to go down. What I do know is

1) Saunders is the right manager

2) The team is not good enough. Perhaps four or five players. That's definitely it, and most importantly

3) Steve Morgan should stay. Without an owner, the club will dive straight into a dark period and probably administration in league 2 if not lower. Now who wants that?!


Morgan words are not good enough only action speaks louder, pack your bags and move over this club is down and not out but you stay with your monkey on your shoulder we will be out. TIME TO GO


We've fot the worst supporters in the land, the worst supporters, in the land, we've got the worst supporters, in the land, the worst supporters in the land. If you don't want to go any more, sod off! Otherwise get behind the team! I wouldn't be able to do my job with people dying for me to make a mistake. Half these muppets are the wrong side of the A41 or are too thick to realise that SUPPORT matters, not berating. Give some encouragement for 12 games! You can do it Wolves! We can't lose every game, can we?!?!


STALE SOLBAKKEN AS JUST BEEN ON TV SAYING HE WOULD BITE steve morgans hand off if he said ive made a mistake do you want your job back

stourport wolf

I'm sick of both Moxey and Morgan

Roll on the protest before the Watford game

Can not believe some of you lot have fallen yet again for his rubbish

They are the reason this wonderful football club is in danger of playing league 1 football next season

So stop kissing Morgans backside and let the real fans tell him how we feel tonight before the game


Robert Perry

Stoutport Wolf ,spot on.What are those two old sayings? "actions speak louder than words" and" talk is cheap". The fact that he wont speak to the local press tells you everything about our owner.


Just answer this

What is going to change with these two (M&M) that will SUDDENLY ensure that they do not continue to make major errors of judgement ....

Past performance often indicates future results ........crikey


It's nice to finally see wolves fans writing positive comments for once. We need to all stick together to get us out of this mess

I will support wolves weather were up or down because that's what fans do.

We all need to support the team and that means to whole team even if we don't agree on certain players there the only ones we have so isn't it better to shout as loud as we can from the terraces then be bitter and abusive.

Lets get behind the team of Friday.

We are the wolves!!!!!


I agree that hounding Morgan out would probably be a mistake, but surely he has to admit when he gives the "bleeding heart" story that his and Moxey's decisions have made a significant contribution to the dire state that our beloved football club finds itself in today.

The seven sins of Morgan and Moxey:

1. Lack of investment at the end of the 2010/2011 season:

We survived relegation from the premiership by ~5 mins and a couple of goals (one at Molineux, one at White Hart Lane). As we all breathed a massive sign of relief, wouldn't you think that M&M would be pondering "crikey that was close, we had better take this incredibly fortuitous opportunity to bolster our playing squad with a sprinkling of higher quality players to ensure we give ourselves a shot at doing much better next season”. In fact, they only really added Roger Johnson. Jamie O’Hara was also brought in but he was already on loan in the previous season so the net add in terms of improving the squad was zero....the other signing was Eggert Johnson, enough said.

2. Blind faith with McCarthy

Blind faith to an extent matched only by the blind faith shown by McCarthy himself in some of his very average playing staff e.g. Ward can play left back because he puts a shift in, Stears is a right back (really?), Berra is a class centre half (no he is not). Why did M&M tolerate such bad football management decisions and poor Wolves performances for so long?

3. Timing of McCarthy sacking

Even if you think McCarthy’s skills are limited at the highest level....when there’s only 13 games left, you are in danger of relegation but not actually yet in the relegation zone, you don’t have a ready-made replacement that you know has a track record of turning around under-performing teams.....wouldn’t you think that McCarthy is probably the least-worst option available to give you a shot at survival? McCarthy’s sacking was the right decision at the wrong time.

4. Appointment of Terry Conner for the relegation dog fight:

We didn't need hindsight to know that this was always going to end in tragedy. I felt half sorry for him and half embarrassed at the fact that the guy was on the edge of tears on post match MOTD interviews after almost every game. The complete antithesis of a leader and fighter. Nobody that takes even a passing interest in football could fathom why he was put in charge, especially with 13 games to go. How on earth did M&M think this was going to be anything other than an unmitigated disaster?

5. Should've built a team not a stand.

Cynics would claim that Morgan has invested in material assets such as the stadium because, if he does sell the club, an enhanced stadium will hold a lower-risk, long term value than money invested in players. He's a builder/property developer, what did we expect? Great vision but surely this was a decision that should've been postponed until we had achieved premiership stability.

6. Appointment of Solbakken

There is a school of thought on these pages that Solbakken was the right man but just not given enough time. That may be true, but when building a team you have to put the right people in the right positions. Solbakken did not have the right raw materials to work with in terms of the playing staff, and as a result we witnessed some of the most depressing football performances from a Wolves team in many a year. His appointment was a complete mismatch for the playing staff available.

7. Appointment of Saunders

So there have been multiple other bad decisions, things are going catastrophically wrong, wouldn’t you turn to an experienced pair of hands to at least steer you out of the current mess? Surely a low risk, safe managerial appointment just to bring back a bit of stability would be the target. Instead we hire a manager who’s footballing strategy amounts to “good players working hard”. Genius, why didn’t we think of that Dean? At least Karl is enjoying training again.

At the start of the 2010/2011 season, we watched Wolves beat Stoke at Molineux, with Steven Fletcher looking every part the class premiership act. How far we’ve fallen since then, not just because the players haven’t performed, but because ultimately the leadership of the club have made multiple, consecutive bad decisions that have directly impacted our fortunes.

I have a good mate who’s a Stoke fan, he met Moxey once at a charity do...”A more obnoxious man you could not wish to meet”.

Moxey, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

Cambridge Wolf

Steve, you are missing the key point.

Your decision making on appointing Managers is awful and that’s putting it kindly. Until you get that right and your track record says you don't understand the question, let alone the answer then Wolves will continue to struggle.

If you are incapable of being able to judge a Manager, then yes sell the club and let someone buy it who knows what they are doing.

Definitive Wolf

But until they were in situ, we couldn't be sure they knew what they were doing - a la Venkys. Let's see if the penny has finally dropped with Steve.

Cambridge Wolf

Oh but we do know.

You look for a Manager with a track record of getting clubs promoted from the Championship or in the case of last season, a Manager who has been in a relegation battle and survived.

Morgan does not use that logic - he thinks it will be alright and gets terribly surprised when it goes pear shaped.


Have a look at Stales interview on SKY on NEWSNOW.COM site. He is very frank and honest.......Wolves have no direction and IN his opinion Morgan needs more football people around him to help him decide which direction the club should go. In other words it's what some fans thought, NO stratergy, Too little footballing people advising him.

Begs the question, Why not employ a director of Football?

This was dropped after Stale appointment, WHY?

Smells of Moxey again! Seems he is swatting all attempts that threaten his empire! He may have been employed in the footballing family, as he puts it but it is now time to come into line with other succesful clubs.

Change at the top. Stale supproted Morgan and feels he is right for Wolves and the city so fans should get behind him and the team.

Good luck to the team tonight, 1-3-13 Wolves v Watford. They will need it!



Doyler! This is the most realistic post on these pages.

Why if the majority of fans can see how Moxey has "ring fenced" himself why can't Morgan?

We look at WBA down the road. They are not over blessed with cash.

However they have an owner who employs a man with a football/financial brain. It doesn't take a genius to see that with the correct information fed through the "correct channels" success will follow.

What better example when drawing comparisons is the managerial appointments of both clubs. Say's it all really.

Mr Morgan you really do need to look very closely at the record/cv of your illustrious Chief executive office.

Essex wolf

Thank you for sticking with us Steve Morgan there Is still time, lets back Dean to the hilt because we have got good players and I don't believe no one likes losing, sorry Watford you are part of our revival, good times start tonight.


So Steve is pig sick and Jez has had a 50% pay cut. They didn't really tell us much did they other than they are passionate but unfortunately incompetent on the evidence of their actions over the last 2 seasons. Poor choices as Manager, a lack of nerve and a failure to deal with a playing squad of mainly useless, underperformers. These players are not assets as they are not worth much so it will be hard to sell. Take the loss on them Steve and dump them. I would expect these players to sit out their contracts and be comfortable. We should round on the players and shame them for the worst capitulation I have known in 51 years as a fan

wolves for ever






Golden Wonder

I read most of the Q&A's at the Fans Parliament the other night and whilst i believe that a lot of mistakes have been made SM seems genuinely committed to the club under far more probing questions than i thought he would be asked. It would benefit no one if he were to walk out on the club.

Mistakes have been in my view in the quality of players signed over the last few years with the exception of a few. That;s why as some have mentioned on here that a Director of Football should be seriously looked at. I know that Kevin Thelwell has been promoted in some sort of capacity in a similar position but an experienced pair of hands to advise the board could avoid some of the disasters that we have gone through over the last twelve months or so.

Possibly the best question put to the board was,

FP. What about a sports psycologist.

SM. We have one.

FP in unison. Then sack him.

Trevor Davies

Nothing to worry about - After all the money Steve Morgan has spent on Molineux, you will have the finest ground in League One next season!