Number of visitors soars at The Public

Bosses at The Public were celebrating their best ever half-term visitor numbers. More than 10,000 people were welcomed through the doors of West Bromwich arts centre over the week.


The figures were up 36 per cent on last year, with hundreds participating in the sell-out hands-on workshops, making items including stop frame animations and balloon sculptures.

Visitors to the £72 million venue were also treated to a children’s theatre production.

The Public managing director Linda Saunders said: “We’re absolutely delighted that so many families from across the region are choosing us as a place for a great day out and look forward to welcome them back over the coming months.”

The news comes after a surge in visitors last year, as reported by the Express & Star.

The centre welcomed 359,876 people through its pink doors in 2012 – up 52 per cent from 236,869 the previous year.

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Comments for: "Number of visitors soars at The Public"


So is it running at a profit or loss

West Brom Trader

Well done Linda keep up the good work!


Sorry am I missing the point, instead of stating visitors through the door why don't they release the profit / loss figures as I'm guessing they lost money on everyone of those 359,876 people. Would that amount of people even cover the staff costs?

Do Lallytap

Does this include the people who had their eleccy blankets checked a few weeks ago or went to Cyrille Regis book signing or any similar schemes to help boost attendance.

While we are on the subject, it's said that "over 10,000" people went to the pUBLIC in the half term school holidays...over the 5 days that works out at 2,000 a day ??

Well, I was one of those "10,000" who went with my 2 kids and the place was empty with only a very few handful of people there so where has this figure come from ?

We spent 20 mins there and the kids were bored, we had seen the lot !

Is the person who counted the "10,000" the same person who is in charge of the pUBLIC budget, if so no wonder the figures are wide of the mark.

How many of these people are actually paying ?

Come on Sandwell Council, stop trying to pull the pink wool over our eyes, we ain't stupid !


The white elephant MUST work. There has been far too much money spent to ever admit that the council, the arts council, the lottery funding, the politics involved, the ego trips taken, the gravy train boarded were all wrong, and the money could and should have been better spent in the community.

Probably better spent demolishing the eysore multi-storey car park, knocking down Kings & Queens Squares (which both leak like a sieve when it is raining) and transforming the whole of the centre of the high street into a proper shopping zone to attract good quality retail outlets.

Not filling them with pubs, pawn shops, pay-day loan companies, bookies, fast food outlets, charity shops (appreciate all have their place, but have you counted them in West Bromwich?!?)

West Bromwich Albion may be in the premier league, West Bromwich town centre? GM Vauxhall Conference! And that's a compliment!


Be Fair G.T isnt there enough million being spent on west bromwich, what about the rest of sandwell whats crumbling to mention a few, Wednesbury, Oldbury, Tipton. How do you think we feel watching our towns dieing or already dead !!


Hi Pete, thanks for the feedback.

When I referred to the community, I meant the likes of Wednesbury, Oldbury, Tipton etc... as in Sandwell...

I was born in West Brom, now live in Tipton, and I agree, it is dispairing to see money thrown away like it has been and not spent across the area that the council is supposed to be for...

Otherwise, split the council back up and have West Bromwich council etc...



Hi G.T Thanks for the reply fair comment, I also live in Tipton and i'm sick and tired of hearing how many millions have/are being spent in west bromwich while the rest of the borough is crumbling into oblivion !! Nothing personal, p.s the council are holding an exhibition at the public to show the re developments of west brom so they will probably count the figures through the door aswel !


Do these numbers include those going in to get a coffee or those using it as a cut through to Queens Square from Astle Park or the new Tesco car park? Also do the figures include council officers holding meetings there?