Wolves fans plan protest at televised Watford game

Disgruntled Wolves fans are set to stage a pre-match protest ahead of the team’s televised clash with Watford on Friday.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Sunderland - Premier League
Jez Moxey and Steve Morgan.

A group calling themselves Wolves Supporters Alliance (WSA) are organising the rally in front of the Sky Sports cameras for before and after the game outside the Billy Wright Stand.

They are angry at what they say is a lack of transparency with the club's management.

The WSA website says it seeks a platform to ask pertinent questions to both owner Steve Morgan and chief executive Jez Moxey. The group says it is attempting to alleviate the anxiety surrounding the future of the club and provide fans with an alternative voice to that of the official Fans Parliament.

Issues raised by the WSA include the club's transfer policy, the decision to re-build the Stan Cullis Stand, the hiring policy of managers and the development of the training ground.

This afternoon, Wolves spokesman Matt Grayson told the Express & Star:

“We’re constantly talking with fans and we share their huge disappointment at results on the pitch.

"They have delivered great backing to the team throughout all the games and we’d ask our supporters to continue with that at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

"We’ll be repeating this request at Wednesday’s Fans Parliament meeting, where we’ll be answering all supporters’ questions.”

Fans have become more restless in recent weeks following a winless run that has seen Wolves yet to record a win this year.

A defeat to relegation rivals Barnsley last Tuesday was followed by ugly scenes with sections of the away support berating players as they left the pitch.

The latest loss to table-toppers Cardiff City on Sunday left Dean Saunders' men in the Championship bottom three and facing the possibility of a second consecutive relegation.

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Comments for: "Wolves fans plan protest at televised Watford game"

Dave O



the quicker they sack moxey and morgan and maybe re-instate mc carthy to a director - then we can get back on track rather than be ripped off all the time!

Golden blood

I don't know if you know this. Morgan owns the club. We can't sack him. Without Morgan we have no money and no chance of even having a transfer policy.

Moxey on the other hand. Whoosh chop roll

james smith

Yes but even with Moxey we have no money, greed is a problem at this club, you sell all our best players and invest in ...... o a bigger stadium gd job Moxey


Obviously as you say we cannot sack Morgan, however I've no idea where you get the bizarre idea that Morgan has given club any money. He hasn't. Sky Sports, the BBC, international TV rights, club revenue from supporters and sponsors and sale of players has funded the club. Morgan spent £10 buying the club. Nothing more and nothing less. Nothing wrong with that but silly if we have people wandering around somehow believing Morgan funds the club.


As Steve Morgan owns the club how is he going to be sacked? Please engage your brain before posting ill informed comments!

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Protesters... By all means ask for the head of jez moxey but be careful about hounding Steve Morgan out of the club. He owns the club, it's mostly his money that will eventually fund a return to the prem. There is no Arab sheik waiting in the wings. If he walks away what happens to us then??? It could make the 80s look like a golden era! I will be glad to see the back of most of our senior squad this summer. It's going to be a long hard road back to success and it can't happen with this bunch of losers. Roll on the future. UTW

Who will sack Morgan himself

Lord Brewood

So Morgan has to sack himself? What planet are you on?


eeerrrmmm these comments like sack morgan is why we are called dingles <how the hell can we sack the guy who owns the club !!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Generation Wolves Fan

There is a vacancy at the vatican. Perhaps Mr McCarthy should apply for the job of Pope too?

Mills wolf

Go in fancy dress, go dressed as clowns and cowboys with morgan and moxey signs, that will grad skys attention !!

Rob Germany

Nothing else.

Bye bye M & M

prawn sandwich eater

3 good reasons we are where we are

1 the players

2 the players

3 the players

it is and always will rest on the players, saunders probably managing with both hands tied behind his back still wondered what first half he saw sunday

gold and black in the veins

loan signings and the new boys aside, bang on chap. Some of them think there too good for this league and visibly not giving 100% Morgan needs to appoint a director of football, a club this size with out is silly. Why the club got rid of Psychologist i never know, since Liverpool appointed Steve Peters ( the guy who sorted the england world cup rugby team, Olympic gold medal winners including Pendleton and hoy) they have gone from struggling to challenging for a possible european campaign next season. Ironically hes been good friends of my dads for years and trained me to english schools level in athletics back in the late 80's. Morgan i have his mobile number if you want it but i doubt he would even consider helping us, we need a miracle, maybe jesus will come and save us. remember him anyone.


Messrs M&M

This is a FOOTBALL CLUB not a personal PROFIT MACHINE


There seems to be no vision, no strategy and no commitment to Wolves as a football club

Have we really appointed four absolutely awful managers, or, I believe more likely, they have not had the backing at the right time to enable them to improve the squad.

SS appointed, but no sooner was he here than our three best players were sold , and that money has not been re-invested. SS was a great and bold vision, but either M&M panicked, were badly advised, or, were just not prepared to back him to achieve the changes needed. We are now back in a worse position than we started.

Mr Moxey was quoted in the E&S (when Curbishley apparently turned the managers job down) as saying that the manager worked for the club, not the other way round.

Sorry, but at all successful club’s the managers position is prime– ask Alex Ferguson. The CEO is NOT the prime focus, he is there to ensure the football manager has the resources needed to achieve the vision. Not an obstruction blocking every move the manager tries to make.

Forget the communications etc etc we want to see REAL EVIDENCE of vision, strategy and commitment to this football club

For what it’s worth, my vision :-

First priority, avoid relegation – a must and in DS we have to trust. Mr Moxey MUST get him any player he needs.

Second, invest in a major name to build the future team around (as we did Paul Ince), My dream Joleon Lescott, give him the vision, make him club captain ..... yes, we’ll have to pay big time, but then we’d start to believe again ...... and if he achieved it Joleon would go down in Wolves history as a true great !!

Long Term Third - Wolves becomes one of the big names where the fans have a true stakeholding in the club.

I dream of course, but don’t we all.

Coseley Wolf

The senior management are a disgrace, if my business plans fell so woefully short i wouldn't be in a job. Morgan needs to man up get rid of the muppet and get someone in who will tell him what he needs to know and not what he wants to hear.

Frank Chickens

Count me in..


Here's a suggestion... Every time we sing a song in support of the team we follow it with a rousing " MORGAN AND MOXLEY YOU ARE A DISGRACE "

Anyway, I don't suppose Morgan or Jim Moxley reads this board (or at least they wouldn't admit it) but I would like to advise that I will not be renewing mine and my two kids' season tickets this year under the early bird as this is tantamount to giving this pair a vote and a mandate. We will still be coming to Molineux though whichever league we are in but we'll wait for the pie and a pint incentives which will surely come if Moxley clings on to his job (can't imagine him being around in League 1 though).

Just as a matter of record, let me explain just how I feel... Wolves is in my DNA, ever since my Uncle used to sit me on the bar behind the St John's Ambulance box at the South Bank end of the enclosure just in front of the score board A-Z.

I've been stung by wasps at the top of the South Bank, chased my rabid Cardiff Fans and stood in running, steaming **** while waiting for a pie (I'm sure I'm not alone). I've been to Wembley and I've been to Hereford, I've been to Old Trafford and I've been to Stockport and I'm still coming back for more, so... don't PATRONISE me Moxley as I'll still be supporting my team long after you have disappeared back into the shadows, wherever we are and whatever it takes. So don't dictate to me when and where I'll buy my tickets, OK? I'll buy them when I WANT and I WILL NOT be lining your pockets any more.

I'd rather be in League 2 with a board that cares than anywhere else with you, Morgan and your board of CRONIES.



Moxley?! C'mon really...

It's Moxey, always has been and always will be.

London Bloke

Loyal fan eh? Good to see you know so much about the name of the Chief Exec then.. it's er Jex Moxey..

No Ambition

I think it called irony



Thanks for your insight NA , lol


Great letter, perfect. Apologies for the people on here that wouldn't recognise irony if it came and slapped them on the forehead. Morgan and MOXLEY are a disgrace.

lee wolf

WHO CARES, Moxey, Moxley, fat elvis, fat controller, still equals the same!

The guy above has made some great point!


That'll be Jez Moxey's good twin, Jex will it? I thought he was locked in the attic so the evil one could prosper...

old golds worth more

Drat, and here is me thinking its JEZ Moxey...well you live and learn.


Yep, I doubt Jim Moxley reads these boards either.

Jim Moxley

I've recently googled my own name (yes, rather vain) and found it being mentioned on a regional newspaper's website attached to a story about Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. You're right, I am Jim Moxley of Aberdeen, Scotland and I don't read these boards. I've done some research on this Moxey fellow you get me confused with, and I have to say he'd do a better job of being a Chief Exec than I ever would! I'm a phones salesman for Carphone Warehouse.


Way to go mate! Totally agree.


He means the one on the A41


it would be far far more effective to walk out, after say 20 minutes of the game.

In front of live TV cameras, we would get nationwide publicitiy.


Yeah, lets do that too....

Cambridge Wolf


Spot on - that is exactly what has to happen.

The cameras will shift from the play to the crowd and far more effective than outside the ground. Far too much hard work for Sky in that.

I expect that there will be a maximum of 15,000 fans in the ground and a walk out by 10-15% would be enough to grab the headlines.

Sorry if anyone disagrees but this action is far more important than the result in saving the club.


Not a bad idea (I will be staying in my seat though) but the money has already been paid so what difference would it make if people are right and they are only interested in the money. The public humiliation wouldn't do anything. Personally the result will always be my main concern considering where we are in the table and the football is the only reason we go and watch. If you want to make a point about the board do it after the game when the football is actually finished.


London Bloke

Yes, this is a not-to-be-missed chance for the people of Wolverhampton to prove what the rest of the world already suspects and Mick Mc Carthy knew.

manc andy


Golden Wonder

manc andy

Ha. ha. yeah i could just imagine all the supporters turning around and dropping their strides in the direction of M&M. Certainly give the Sky viewers the bums rush.

Not sure if the likes of Sue would be too keen on the idea though?

Or would you Sue? Ha.ha.


Golden wonder-I wouldn't mind! everybody else would.urghhhh.


that we have fickle fans who havn't got the guts to support their team when the going gets tough! who desrt their team faster than a singing ship - but like in the lower divisions scuttle back when we get to a final at Wembley (sherpa van trophy)

old golds worth more

Most of the fans who moan in here do so BECAUSE they are passionate about the team, they have been through all those bad times (I have supported this team for well over 50 years), and when we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel its thrown away by rank bad management at the top. Who in their right mind builds a nice new top of the range cart, and then fails to recruit the thoroughbreds needed to pull it, and to compound it even further also employs inexperienced drivers to steer it?

A manager doesn't teach professionals how to play football, he tries to get them to play the way he wants them to play. This bunch are so thick that they just don't get it, they failed to understand under MM during his last 18 or so months, they certainly failed to get it under TC, and repeated their ineptitude under SS, and are doing the same under DS. In short they are no longer good enough collectively to play at this level There is an old saying, "the table never lies"! Its certainly true in our case, despite what Henry might think about us being to good to go down.

As to the sherpa van trophy or any other trophy for that matter, of course the fans are going to come back, success reaps its rewards. You would be the first to complain if the so called fickle fans didn't come back when we started to get successful again! A club lives and dies by its supporters, no supporters equals no income, this business is like any other, it must serve up what the fans want or suffer the consequences.


what if wolves are winning are fans really going to just walk out...good idea but only if the score is against us


Hahahahaha! Wolves winning! Are you The Joker?


LMAO. Talk about fickle, Liv . . . . You will only join a protest against the way the club is being run into the ground IF we are losing. Surely the BEST time to do it would be if we were 3-0 up (Yes, I was saying that in jest). The fans would be saying "No matter what, we are protesting"

Waggies Left Peg

Love your idea Desperado, I will be tweeking it slightly by leaving 20 minutes earlier than you have suggested.


Yeah, two nil up and walk out?

Very sensible

No walk out until match ends plus 20 minutes, support the team and then demo inside!


Happy Hornet

Go for it! You were going to be outsung anyway.

fed up wolf



That is a great idea - the publicity will crucify Morgan and Moxey and really let the world know that the Wolves fans have a right to question the clowns who have destroyed our club! Good one!


It would be far more effective NOT TO BE there in thefirst place. ? why give them our hard earned cash?

It would still get reported, an empty stadium would certainly draw some comments and worry Morgan who then might just think about getting rid of Moxey.

About Time

About time - its long overdue and I would also like to know where the money has gone and what Morgans long terms goals are - asset strip the club - play bob the builder around wolverhampton and leave us in the mire.

This guy makes the venkys look good.

BUT .... the protests must be peaceful and not an excuse for idiots to try and start trouble as that will serve no purpose.


were apart from Compton is he building? the project at Compton is for the good of not only the club but Wolverhampton has a whole.

Peaceful protest- like the one's at Barnsley were our thug fans think it is ok to abuse players and young kids like Cassidy, Doherty, Batth, Robinson etc.


Batth actually got clapped - the fans showed their appreciation to a young local lad who obviously plays for the team with pride. I agree it went too far, many of those targeted didn't deserve it, many others did though and have done for a long time.

Dave Webb

These supporters were only venting their anger at yet another defeat.


we need answers off morgan what his plans are for the club if any ?

Northern Wolf

Go for it lads - at least you will be at the ground unlike most of us. I will be surprised if attendance is more than 12,000. It won't do any good, but neither will doing nothing. We are run by a tin-pot mentality. Everything is low quality. Off-the-market kit and merchandise, you can't get a beer or pie without missing most of the game and a buy-em-cheap & pile-them-high attitude to transfers.

M&M will never rob me of my love for Wolves, but they won't rob me of any more money either. I will be back when they have gone and we are really needed. Away games only for me.....

UTW - You'll Never Die!


excellent comments. i totally agree with what you say, most notably that they just won't listen anyway.......

Harrow Wolf

So do nothing then. Just not turn up, let the club run down, down, down, til there is no more club not to protest about. I would rather make my point, even if not listened to, than stay at home waiting for change that may never come.


your love for Wolves -HOW DARE YOU MENTION THEM IN THE SAME BREATH, you are a disgrace to the name of Wolves just like the rest of the glory hunting stay away crap, you will be back when they have gone! LIKE YOU DID IN THE FOURTH! AND THE SHERPA VAN! good fans stay and support their team through good and bad times, it has got nothing to do with Morgan or Moxey, you just ain't got the guts to admit it! you are staying away because we ain't winning enough! if that were true - ok! but to blame others is gutless.

Bunghoolioo wolf

There a rare voice of sanity. Also do people know its just football? I know one person who's died this week and another who is seriously ill. Why don't you lot of protesters protest against cancer instead. Makes more sense to me. Maybe raise some money whilst you're at it. Also also, look what the last protests achieved!!! Precisely the cause of the mess were in. Jackasses.



Erm no. This mess has been caused by the very poor decisions that followed Blackburn survival sunday! I mean come on 3-0 down in a must win game! Thank god for super pav at spurs!! No thanks to MM and like I say the rest is history - a history and present of extremely poor management and decision making. This aint the fault of the protesting fans! By the way you and JohnWolf have really got it in for the world. Oh dear we are so sorry you disagree. Oh an by the way from one who stood on the South Bank with 3000 others during the bad old days and at many away games. I'm sure you two must remember me, there weren't many of us. But I do not side with you on this one! Morgan and Moxey MUST GO!!!!

Steve B

THEY (the suits) wanted to turn the game into a business... And EVERYONE has the right to take their business elsewhere!They push the prices up way above the price of inflation, because they think the fans will stand for it, and then play the loyalty card when they make a pigs ear of it! Free pie and a pint with next years league 1 season ticket? You heard it here first!!!


Best Caption Competition - Entries Please.....


"Jez" look Steve, they're buying all my pies!

"Steve" Yeah, deedodatdontdee!

Bhatti Brothers on tour


Sir Lupi

"We wont do an Albion."


"We got those pies cheap from Findus, you think they will notice?."


My way of protest is not going, That hurts them more than a few hundred people shouting then going in a buying beer,pie and proggramme etc.

Stay away and they will soon get the message

Bilston gray pay

Staying away burying ya yed in the sand will achieve nothing, man up and mek sum noise.

Yam Yam Army.


C'mon Wolves fans, unite behind WSA.....you know it makes sense!


WSA = Wolves Salvation Army?

John Freeman

At last! Someone is speaking up for the long-suffering Wolves fans. We have seen this great club sink further and further into the mire with the very real prospect of two successive relegations. All those responsible should be forced out and replaced with genuine loyalists. Look at WBA, Norwich, Swansea and Stoke as examples of clubs who have made the right decisions in terms of managers, players, transfer policies etc and are now secure in the Premier League.


All true supporters were saying this 5 years ago not like happy clappers are saying know


And what good will this do exactly? yet again a minority of so-called fans are going to embarrass us, shameful at the moment to be a wolves fan.

get behind the the team and deano. I'm sick of people slagging off moxey and morgan, be careful what you wish for, we could end up with clueless foreign owners. Wolves have spent alot of money on transfers this year - Sako £3m+, Sigurdsson £2.4m, Margreitter £2.2m, Doumbia £2.2m, Boukari £3m+, as well as loan fees for Robinson, Pzesko, Pennant. and with all the high earners from the Prem.

Its been poor decision making in the transfer market and awful performances from the players that are to blame who should be alot higher up the league table.

I am very disgruntled at the moment, particularly with the excuse that its a losing mentality thats to blame from our time in the Prem, yet half of our team didn't play in the Prem last year!

However, I don't believe a protest at such a crucial stage of the season is the answer. get behind the team til the end of the season, then lets start the inquisition afterwards.

Onwards and Upwards....


Great response Jez. Will the inquisiton follow the pattern of last years debacle,only the silence was deafening. Jez you tell us you spent £12.8 million on the players listed BUT YOU TOOK £28.5 MILLION + from player sales.It is your refusal to appoint a top class manager and back him with the funds required to keep us in the prem that have left us in this mess,YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK GOODBYE.


We took 23mil for Fletch, Jarvis & Kites, plus about 6.5 in add-ons which haven't come through yet. We then paid approximately 3.5m to Gillingham, Grays and Burnley in sell-on clauses. Once Solbakken had been backed to the tune of 12.8m, that leaves us about 7mil left. The gates are down, the parachutes payments won't last long and if we go splashing ridiculous amounts around now, we'll soon know about it.

Too many overpaid players already. Shift out the rubbish, bring through the youngsters, which Dean is already getting on with. Lets just get right behind them till the end of the season, and hopefully we'll get to do the total rebuilding work in the Championship.

If we do go down, I guarantee the best players we currently have won't stick around to get us back up next season.


What tosh...................

We should be maximising and making every effort to go back to the Premiership this season, not ending up in league one.

£7m to spend? That coupled with the parachute payments adds up to?

If every penny has been squeezed to give the manager as much backing as he deserves then fair enough but if in January you are struggling, languishing towards the foot of the table, would you not have thought we needed a boost of any kind during the window??? £7m will cover it im sure.


Diablowolf you are the only one on hear that talks any sense, I also read in the E&S I think it was that the money we got for Fletcher, Jarvis and Kites hasn't come through yet, but some of our fans just won't believe it, if the accontant came and proved it they would say it was fixed - you can't talk sense to the brainless - but good reading anyway - thanks.

Makes me wonder why the E&S doesn't print the facts like you have - or is it just that they want to hit the knuckle heads to stir it up for a story!


Yes we have spent a bit but also lost our top scorer, two wingers and others for about £24m plus add ons. We have not been able to spend a massive amount on a proven scorer like Rhodes either? What the manager's have been given is not enough either bearing in mind the money we have had coming in, not spent from the January 2012 window and the fact that we need to get rid of an entire starting XI!

Saunders Foot

WolvesMod, I really sympathise with your post, but I've been on the WSA site and it seems all they want is some vital questions answered honestly , and the best way to take the club forward.

BrummieRob, I've been bangin on about the need for a quality striker for as long as I can remember.The thing that bugs me now, is who can we trust to choose one? I still state that McCarthy and his so called scouting dream team, scared Morgan to death with their willy nilly spending, and rubbish acquisitions. Without proper, knowledgable back room staff, the clubs foundations will never be solid, it is in this area we need to recruit the best of the best. Good money needs to be spent to get them, but they will give the club a base that can only bring success. There are still Michu's out there, but I don't think we have anyone to find them. All the best mate, wolves ay we..


WolvesMod, if you are happy to allow Morgan the opportunity to spend your hard earned money, taking the club from one disaster to another and be treated like a mushroom, then please be my guest. Players have been brought and sold whilst Wolves have again posted a healthy profit this year! So don't give us the spiel of tripe, your starting to sound like them. The truth is that the club is rotten to the core, the ineptitude of the board has got us to this position with the number of managerial errors that have been made. Yes the players are to be held accountable, but more so is the direction in which the club is being taken. Don't be surprised to spend a lot of time in league one whilst the empire is built around us.


"The truth is that the club is rotten to the core,..." Very interesting comment, please supply the FACTS that support this insightful statement.


Couldn’t agree more. Yes I’m disgruntled in what’s going on but a protest is the last thing we need. It didn’t work last season and it won’t work now. This season is a disaster for one reason, the players not performing. They are well paid and are all (on paper at least) good enough for at least a mid table finish in the championship. This is not a relegation hangover; this is simply the players not pulling their weight.

But the one thing I will do as a SUPPORTER is support the team at the time they need it most.


So much for no money spent looking at that lot. I'd say that's more than them down the road spent.

It's what you spend it on that counts


I am with you WolvesMod, what we need now is togetherness, the same togetherness has we had when we played Southampton and found ourselves 6.0 down, with the fees you mention you forgot the players wages + agents fees.

The blaming of Moxey and Morgan is nothing but an excuse for those fans who have stopped going because we are losing - thats ok and understandable, the rest like those at Barnsley who not only embarresed themselves but the club and fellow fans by their actions just show the football world what they already think - that we are a bunch of thugs, mind you looking at the pics from that incident the majority were kids and if thats how they were brought up to behave god help us all - not just the club but the country as well.

Cardiff Wolves

I am 53 and I have been getting behind my team since my dad took me when I was 5. All this getting behind them has done nothing to save this great club from becoming a massive laughing stock. You carry on turning up and clapping them and you will be doing that in the conference soon and has for the money spent, how many of those names you mention there are really premiership material. Sako maybe.

Steve B

What a shocking waste of money! The only one we might get anything like back on is Sako.. I'm not sure spending any more would have helped us, judging by the ones we did sign... I hope all the fans who used to slag McCarthy off are pleased.. Thinking that we were something we were not - an established Premier league side! Saunders (and Solbakken) are not fit to share his profession.

SydneyAU Wolves

mmmmmmm protest not sure that is really going to change anything especially when you paid a tenner for it.

1. Steve Morgan owns the club full stop. It is very simple he can run the business any way he wants to. Not saying I am happy about what is happening, but that is the way it is.

2. Jez Moxey works for Steve Morgan and follows the guidance he is given. My one big reservation is that the idea of a Director of football got closed down pretty quickly. That I believe is the way forward.

3. Fans are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If the plan is to always keep the club in the black (profitable) the best I can see in the future is the club bouncing between the 1st Division and the Championship.


If you were a manager / player would you want to come here with what you have seen happen in the past?

The Real Bangkok Wolf

point no. 1

Morgan can run the club how he wants but the fans wont pay for it

point no. 2

Moxey is paid to run Bob The Builders company because he dont know about football

And if we stay in league 1 there will be no profit to stay in the black

I feel Bob The Builder can stay but he at least needs to hire someone that can run a football club.


Just lookin at the pair of puppets in the picture us winding me up.....jez ur just a puppet for Morgan...n Morgan ur tighter than a ducks backside!! Either spend sum.money or just sell up and give the club to someone who actually cares about football!!

Cumon my babbies!!!


ok - like who! put up or shut up, thats why you are were you are and why they are were they are! half of our fans couldn't walk a blind dog across the road never mind running a football club.

Protests will just give the thugs their day in the limelight just like at Barnsley! maybe Wolves losing upset those abusing the players because the Barnsley fans weren't up to fighting having won?


I think its time that the local media played their part too.

Morgan,Moxey and Saunders are inept at their positions.

I will Join the protest.

Its the last resort.

We love WSA!

Eminem OUT!


Despite the very difficult times that we are going through on and off the pitch lets hope that the protest is peaceful and non violent otherwise it only reflects badly on all of us


Well said.

Roaring Boy

Brilliant well done - something has to be done. Can someone tell me 1 good decision Morgan has made since he took over

They are not getting another penny off me until things change.


Well something needs to be done because these idiots(moxey+morgan)are just sitting by letting us sail into the abyss that is lg1.with no backing for this the 3rd manager apart from 2 loan signings one of those a young 19 yo( not what is required when in a relegation battle).we needed proven performers at championship level you m+m have provided the manager whith nothing but have taken substancial cash out from the sales of kites,fletcher,jarvis plus wages saved on zubar,stears,and others loaned out.wheres the cash gone morgan?you 2 jokers are killing our club.


What else can they do? All the items listed in the article are legitimate questions and the club's decisions are baffling supporters. The silence from M&M is deafening, apart from the odd quote from Moxey saying its everyone's fault apart from him.

Protest loudly everyone!

Coby Wolf

This is where the real effort of the Wolves supporters needs to focus. We must have answers , honest answers, as to why we find ourselves in such an unacceptable situation.

Is there an agenda we have no knowledge of.

Is the poor performance related to mistakes in focussing the emphasis of "progress" in areas, other than on the playing field - transfers.

If mistakes have emanated from the boardroom, will Mr Morgan be sufficiently contrite and acknowledge this.

What is the financial situation and if, as I suspect, buoyant, then why "bury heads in the sand' and hope that it will all magically improve without proper funding.

The questions go on and on, but I suspect the answers will remain unanswered, at least satisfactorily.

Perhaps, as suggested by others, the only fans answer is to vote with their feet and make Mr Morgan rethink his policies.

Tipton Wolves

Good luck WSA on your protests I also like to know why Deano keep tinkering especily on the right midfield.


You're right about that right-wing, Tipton. Deano said he inherited a squad with SEVEN right wingers (although I will argue that Hunt is a left-winger). Given this apparent embarrassment of riches down the right side, why does he either play a central midfielder there (Edwards) or a striker there (Sigurdarrson) ???? and never a right winger ?

I know Boukari's injured, but I think Pesko has the right sort of battling qualities we need at the moment (as does Hunt who should be in on the opposite side... (Sako's a luxury we can't afford at the moment). This would be my team for now... Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Gorkss, Robinson, Pesko, Davis, O'Hara, Hunt, Ebanks-Blake, Sigurdarrson. (Gorkss would be my captain).


This is nothing but mischievous journalism. How many will be protesting? And more importantly how many will not be protesting?

It's time the Express and Star started to support Wolves instead of trying to stir up discontent.

Mills wolf

Disagree, this is the first time the E&S have published the other side of the story instead of printing p.r stories what wolves want to tell us.

Well done E&S for a listening !!!


here sodding here jimbo - I have said this for years! but the MEDIA LED FANS! can't see it - they are the puppets -not Jez!

Wednesbury wolves

Mr Davies im not orchestrated by the media, and I'm certainly not scum like you put it on the wsa website, about us at Barnsley!!!! I'm a loyal angry supporter!!! Thank you express and star for mentioning about protest, it's about time yourselves and wm, started to ask a few questions as well!!! Instead of worrying about your free tea and prawn sandwiches.

Wim Doomed!!

Count me in

Dutch Wolf

Why do Wolves fans wait so long before protesting?

Answer: We have been so accustomed to low standards throughout the club and a lack of appropriate investment. Our default setting is now to accept upper-mid Championship or the bottom of the GL as our natural level.

As for the Watford debacle to come. DO IT PROPERLY and DROP THE CAPTAIN. Why is Henry not held responsible as the Captain and as a player?


brilliant idea that is...moxey and morgan need to learn


All negativity and hating on here as usual. Meanwhile, in reality we played a very good second half and had the better of the league leaders. We deserved at least a draw. We've also improved in performance every game that Saunders has been in charge. Finally some defensive changes and a few youth players given a chance. Isn't that what everybody was asking for?

The results haven't come, but we are playing far better and the work rate is there. Some people can't see past the result. Performances are important too.

Waggies Left Peg

Well sbdave, perhaps we can have a word with the Football League once we finish bottom and point out to them that performanes are important too. Maybe they might take your point and let us stay up.

Forgive me for being dumb but this is not the Wolves under 12's we are talking about, last time I checked winning was the objective and we seem incapable of doing that.


The only sensible comment that I have seen on here so far is from sbdave. There are far too many angry people who are meant to be wolves supporters AND why no arrests of the mindless racists who abused our team at Barnsley?? Please stay away if all you know is bad language and racist, sexist comments. Yes, there were young lads around me on Sunday with sexist chants against Cardiff fans. I do not go to a match to hear this sort of thing and I will happily get stewards and police involved in the future. There are too many at the matches who rarely watch the game but spend the time winding up the opposing fans.

Wednesbury wolves

What planet are you on?????????? Can't wait for Friday.


you will find sbdave that a lot on here moaning don't even go to games, of course they will argue otherwise, but sometimes you can catch them out - like one guy the other week was moaning about why Boukari wasn't playing! and another that he thought Hennessey should be playing? makes you wonder hey!.

Like you I thought we played well and could only hear a few boos - mainly coming from the SB, if only SEB had scored? and if the ref hadn't given a foul that wasn't that led to the second goal - ok we still have to defend it, but it's little things are making us pay - that little bit of luck (like the unmentionables second goal) that can change the match, I hope and prey we don't go down - but - myself, my brother and mate will be there next season whatever having already payed for our season tickets (and talking to the ticket office they are pleased with the response so far?) - I suppose that makes us happy clappers and mugs! so BE IT!


steve hill

yeah, well said


About time I will be attending.

Filthy Wolf

The trouble is Morgan is trying to run the club like his building firm. So Curbishley came for an interview and his footballing talk was NOT business talk. So we end up with a succession of managers incapable of winning anything.


the final decision is always made by morgan not moxey why doesn't anyone undestand that!

Norway Wolf

Gerald Moxey is the CEO who Morgan pays to advise him on football matters; don't you understand anything?


Dressing up as cowboys or clowns with placards around the neck saying 'Morgan' or 'Moxey' would also be highly appropriate. Your picture will appear in EVERY national newspaper the following morning. Maximum impact. It's the only match of the night and will get high profile reporting.




Never mind Grayson coming out and bleating spin saying they will answer all fans questions. Rubbish that fans parliament is nothing more than stage managed guff. Whe some asked Moxey about where the transfer kitty had gone, he replied, 'That is commercially sensitive' What a load of crap. Did anyone question him as to WHY it is Commercially sensitve? or ask him to qualify by what he meant? Did anyone continue to persist with poignant questions to make this worm squirm?

Na. Thought not. Stage managed guff. You've had the answers we want to give you have your cup of tea and go away.


That is the main question on everyones mind. These two will be in no doubt of how we feel on Friday rest assured. Through their arrogance and doing things on the cheap and won't pay the goping rate and under investment they have completely ruined WWFC.


What a fantastic opportunity we had when we got promoted everyone in the city was buzzing. Promises of this that and the other then two years on absolute disaster and now to top it all facing double relegation again.


I bet he does not run Redrow like he does WWFC.

Absolutely gutted but i'll and my sons will be there on Friday you can bet on it!


half a brain! it's easy - Moxey - oh lets tell everybody how much money we have Morgan hey jez thats a brilliant idea then they can all put their prices up and you know that player we can have for £2million he might cost four or even six, di dum,di dum, I bet our fans will think how wonderfull we are! go on Jez let them all know!

It's been explained to you enough times by a fellow fan in Diablo Wolf - but I suppose because it's not what you want to hear it's a lie and he is being led by the club - better that than being a MEDIA LED PUPPET! like a lot of our fans.

Mike T

I agree that there are many questions to be asked.

But to show discontent before the Watford game will only have an adverse effect. It is likely to

create a negative atmosphere which will only help Watford.

At this stage three points matter much more than who? why? what? where?

Mills wolf

Alright tyson hows things going being a wolves fan ?

Waggies Left Peg

Are you serious, do you really think the fans can make things worse, what have you been watching for the last two seasons. This lot have shown they are quite capable of losing without any help from us,


not to some Mike T they would rather see us in league 2 if it means getting rid of the two Ms.


One simple thing Morgan can do now is to appoint a director of Football (Ray Wilkins - perfect) as clearly since his takeover neither he or Moxey has a clue in the football sense. What makes this whole situation much much worse is the fact our neighbours Sandwell Town (grit teeth) are sensible in that approach and it has proved fruitful compared to the dross we have, and still do with McCarthys era still very prevalent....Saunders would also benefit as clearly he was always going to be way out of his depth....he asks Froggatt for advise on the training ground performaces so god help us !. No good blaming Moxey - he does what he is told and buys and sells very well (mainly sells) but the buck stops with Bob the builder !!!!. UTW

chris h



Robert Taylor












Yes mate,loads of good signings by Jez.Bet Man Utd wished they had him.

Woodley Wolf

Some fantastic names there, many I had forgotton were ever employed (note the employed rather than played). However, I quite liked Carl Cort.


Ok lads this is the plan , we paid for our season tickets so let's show them how we feel , don't buy season tickets and walk out in the masses during the game. Let's show them wolverhampton has pride and we won't stand for this rubbish. If Morgan leaves so be it we will survive , we are wolves till we die. If you support put the number 8 at the end of your message ...


Ok some lasses paid for season tickets also!!!!

No Ambition

"Tough Time Don't Last Tough People Do" - The new arrogant tag-line from the Molineux Bunker.

Well i'll give one for Messrs Morgan & Moxey for Friday night

"Welcome to Hell"

Harrow Wolf

Said in a previous post that protests can go very wrong if not handled in the right way. The abuse O'Hara got last time did nothing for us but embarrassment. You will always get people that go too far, you will get people that turn up just for aggro that are not even going to the game. I truly believe a mass sit in after the game for at least a couple of hours buy as many people as possible would have more affect. This would stop most off the "turn up outside for aggro lot" and if Morgan did decide to address the fans he could do it from the pitch directly to all. Too many protests outside grounds by too many clubs these days, where as a sit would be different and grab the media's attention. Think it through before you shout it down.


WOLVES MOD I could not have written your comments any better. It wont do any good and it will end up in violence. It will be an excuse for the idiots to go and cause trouble. They may want it to be peaceful but u and i know that wont happen. The ones that will cause the trouble have probably never been to a match and give genuine Wolves fans a bad name.

Harrow Wolf

I agree with your concerns purewolves, but something has to give, and it has to give soon.


harrow wolf. I see where yr coming from but that aint the answer. We all need to make some noise and get behind the lads else it wont change but also thelads shouldplay for their shirt with pride

Orlando Wolves

I agree is most likely will be ugly. I hope someone is watching the cars on the car park too.

Negativity borne out of frustration is a dangerous thing. The problem with outside the ground protests is the fact that anyone can insert themselves into the crowd, cause violence, and then the genuine fans will get blamed for it.

I hope it dosen`t happen, but I think it will. We have to keep our fingers crossed that it will be a peaceful event.

The players could always help the situation by getting 3 points against Watford. Hopefully they will do so and some of this vitriolic anger will subside.



First time poster, sorry but don't you think the protests are aimed at the wrong people? Yes, both the M's are guilty of catastrophic mismanagement but they won't be listening, the problem at the moment is the half the players fall into one if two categories - one, those who's contracts are up and will walk away anyway, other clubs have shown interest so they will be off, second, those who think they are better than they are and beleive no matter what the outcome they will not be at Wolves next season, for example, those who are constantly pictured in the national press in London nightspots with their 'glamorous' wife. In both cases you can't convince me that they are giving there all, no matter what Mr Henry says. So if half you team are not bothered what chance do you have?

I guess that gives you another problem, how do you have a go at the players more and expect them to get us out of the mess we are in?

I think the only solution will be to go down, get rid, and start again - much as this will be heart braking, can anyone see an alternative?


I can see an alternative. How about invest some of the huge pile of cash they are sitting on in some players (even if that does just mean loanees for now) and then stay up. Then invest some more in the summer and try to get back to the prem league by beating Derby, Forest, Blues, etc rather than playing Burton Albion and Port Vale next season (no offence to two fine clubs!)

London Bloke

OK, so there may or may not be a protest of some sort.

What exactly is the protest to be about or is it just a mindless whinge?

Who is the protest aimed at exactly? Board, manager, players or is it a general whinge?

What is the objective of the protest? ( change of team, manager, board or general whinge )

What result is expected from the protest apart from a bigger police presence, potential crowd disturbance and bad publicity?

Why do you think the owner, CEO or board will pay any more attention now than before?

How will any protest actually have a positive effect on results?

It may be a football club but it is a privately owned business and the owner appoints a ceo to run it as he requires. The conclusion is that it is producing the result Morgan wants. Therefore protest is pointless.


Read the article it's states clearly what the protest is about.

Waggies Left Peg

With your attitude we would still have the Serf System and women would not have the vote. History proves that sitting back and doing nothing also changes nothing. As to the purpose of the protest, well if you can't see what the reason for it is, then I suspect you cannot have being paying much attention over the last two years.

Wolfman Jack

"We’ll be repeating this request at Wednesday’s Fans Parliament meeting, where we’ll be answering all supporters’ questions.”

You'd laugh if you weren't crying. These 'Fans Parliaments' are more stage-managed than a Tory party conference. The agenda does not include anything that would remotely disturb the status quo, and no doubt won't this Wednesday either.There is no attempt to be transparent regarding the finances of the club and the club is evasive (to be kind) regarding such matters. All dressed up in a suitable amount of 'spin'.

Morgan says he relies on him for guidance yet in his time at the helm Moxey has taken us from a mid-table championship team to a relegation-bound championship team. Hardly makes Moxey worth over 1 million quid a year, does it ?


Well done WSA , we need more fans like you , not lily livered early bird renewers. Make it loud and proud on Friday night


Please Please!!! Don't be agressive towards the players exiting the molinuex after the game! this will hit the headlines a lot more than the actualy reason for protesting.... So Keep It Calm!!! But by all means make your voices heard loud and clear for the cameras! It's the only way, Morgan will hate being publically cirtisised or embarrassed so this is the only way to get him to listen.

Val Hever

Morgan and Moxey need to understand the feeling of the majority of Wolves fans I will not be renewing under the early bird scheme as they will not get any more of my cash. I have been going home and away since the mid 70s but now feel so fed up with what is happening at my club that I shall only be attending away games. Support the protest but do it peacefully.


Yes why the hell did they demolish a perfectly good North Bank Stand which would have been pride of place at any Scottish Ground with the exception of Celtic perhaps and to replace it with a lop-sided new stand, something does not add up here. I will be watching with interest from Ayr on Sky, and as the advert goes please "get in the bowl" M&M and float along way away from Molineux.


No you get in the bowl !


Deano came into the team with all his PMA talk - but he didnt come in with any changes to the team. This all starts from the top - Morgan had the money and the ability with Wolves in the Prem league to appoint a top manager - who in term should be able to put together a top team. Realistically if run right Wolves should have been battling for a top 10 place in the Prem not fighting for relegation avoidance in the Champshp.

We got a booty for selling players and we forked out chump change. Mick was a manager of calibre who got us to the Prem - but not sure he had the ability to attract quality Prem players when we got there. Curbishley could have brought in the right players - we messed up there and its obvious we messed up because Morgan and Moxey couldnt convince him that they intend to invest. I think Morgan and Moxey should be put in charge of Fort Knox - our money would be safe. However if they had spent on investing in players as well we would not be in this situation. In short I support the protest by the fans. We need to get the message through that you build the best team possible first - then the rest will fall into place.


Why not do what we did with the Bhatties ?

All stay out of the ground for 15 mins then go in and state "true fans now in the ground !!".


your WHAT! YOU WOULDN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD! lets see were the main culprits that protest are from - I know were my bet lies! the ones that always turn first, are the first to leave when we are losing, the first to moan, the first to boo -

Wolf Blast

The issue is Accountability. Morgan and Co own the shares so Moxey is accountable to the shareholders i.e. Morgan not us. They do not appreciate that their 'customer base' is telling them they need to be accountable to us as we pay the wages both directly and indirectly.

Watford is now set to be a crunch match for us so my heart is telling me I should be supporting the team in its hour of need rather than deserting them. However, it is only the money that motivates the current regime rather than passion so Friday is an opportunity to make our voices heard publicly.

Aussie wolf

We're on live in Perth Western Australia at 4.00am in the morning. Give me a pitch invasion to look forward to if I'm gonna get up that early!!!


Hey AussieWolf what channel?

Sydney wolf

Setanta Perth wolf

Boycotttttttttt The Game

What good did this kind of protest do last time??? unfortunately we have to many thugs at this club, remember the one spitting at sir Jack, the ones trying to attack Ohara whilst holding his child, the ones who walk up the streets lashing out at Innocent away fans walking home

who's planning this?? why cant he try and set up a meeting with the board witnessed & backed by the E&S

Boycott the game, hit them in the pocket not their pride (they aint got none) they will just wait inside sipping booze and eat prawn sarnies until the police and stewards have cleared the supporters off.

the only way you can hit M&M is money related thats all they care about

Enough said


Mills wolf

So your answer is to do nothing ?

A protest will achieve good and bad things true but staying away and watching from your arm chair achieves nothing.


It keeps your money in your pocket and out of the pockets of Morgan and Moxey.

Boycottttttt The Game

Do nothing how do you work that out?

Picture it! sky tv cameras there 22 players 4 officials Moxy and Morgan but only the away support, isnt that a big enough statement for you ?it is to me instead of shouting obscenities at the board from behind a barrier, what will that achieve? what did it achieve last time? Nothing at all


I was actually present the last time when the alleged attack on O'Hara and family occurred. Really? To be honest nothing happened just a few fans shouted in his direction and it was not bad language either. He actually walked straight passed me and even said hello.............. Neither he or his family were harrassed or touched or anything...............

Orlando Wolves

Street protests attract violent thugs, just as surely as moths are attracted to light bulbs.

If you are going to protest, the most effective, and least destructive, is to stay away from the match.


Definately agree with almost every comment so far, something needs to be done to get some proper answers from the 2 people who are ultimately responsible for running wolves. After a sucsession of managers over the past 18months have come and gone after the transfer policy has seen players leave and to be fare arrive as well we are still a club in freefall. At any other club let alone any other business where there is obviously some major problems going on behind doors then there would be some serious action going on to rectify the issues that exhist.

My own personal opinion is that it may best serve wolves as a club to be relegated again this year. People will slag me for this i know but at the end of the day if we do go down again then at the very least Mr Morgan will start to lose some of his precious income and when that happens he will either have to put up and spend some money or he will sell up and leave either way it will be better for the long term future of our club. As a foot note i would suggest this Mr Morgan has no love for our club he only loves LFC this is so apparent its untrue I think he came here thinking of makeing a very healthy profit on his investment allowing him then to return to LFC with a much bigger and acceptable offer for the club. How many people would agree??? This and other questions Mr Morgan needs to answer!!!!!!!


Being relegated again will be a complete disaster with no silver lining......


don't you people know anything? sure Morgan owns the club, sure Moxey is the CEO, but there is also a board and together righly or wrongly they make the decisions, ALL those on the board are Wolves fans, we also have three vice presidents Steve Bull, Robert Plant and Heyhoe Flint - but I don't see any flack going their way! why don't they say something! if they have no say why have them?

Has for your other comments regarding LFC you are making yourself look a prat! so I bet all Bully is worried about is his company! Planty about his records, no love for the club, etc,etc,etc, what a load of Northampton Towns.

Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

Bite the bullet Jez & cancel the contracts of the overpaid, underperforming McCarthyite nags. Forget their transfer values - surely minimal. We are lumbered with DS ( unless he walks). Fortunately, we have the Solbakken thoroughbreds & some good youngsters SURELY they can keep us up? Nightmare scenario would see us down by one goal wouldn't it? Best form of protest is to not part with hard earned cash into builder's backpockets. Cost of admission should be slashed Jez - do you know that I can go to Cineworld for 6 quid & with judicious planning actually enjoy myself for two hours?

manc andy

The only worry i have with Moxey been forced out is what makes people think Morgan will be any better at bringig in an experienced CEO as he as been at bringing in a good manager,,,12 months from now we might be on our 4th CEO..Where will it all end ???

Waggies Left Peg

No worries manc andy, I will be applying for the post and once I have got it I will reduce admission prices to 70 pence (what I paid back in 1971), I will then sack all the players and get Mike Bailey, Dave Wagstaffe, Kenny Hibbitt, Wille Carr, John Richards, John McCalle et al back into the team. They may be getting on a bit now but they do at least have pride in the club and I would rather pay to watch them in their dottage than this bunch of pratts at their so called peak.

Stour Steve

Andy, funniest comment on here but also sadly so very true!


Admire the fact that you guys have still got some fight left, because I ain't. 40 years a season ticket holder and I've never been so down, even in the Bhattis' reign. The Bhattis were broke and the club followed suit, so at least we knew what the reasons were behind that particular decline - we have no idea what's going on here - the club's solvent (apparently), well run (apparently), so waht's it all about ? Come on Morgan - time to break your silence, before all the fans decide like me that it's not worth getting depressed every weekend.


And if he does Razor -will you believe him! if not whats the point of him answering anybody?

Me - will never ever give up, I didn't in the Bhatti era when the crowds left us like rats in a sinking ship - but then appeared like a miracle when we got to Wembley in the Sherpa van! the same is happening now, mind you if we do go down we will have a chance again and then watch in amazement has all these wonderfull loyal fans come flooding back! makes you want to puke!


Why don't you answer Razor's question and tell us where it's gone wrong...without blaming the fans if possible?

Good. I will check out the website of this group as M and M need to be challenged> Where do we start about their ineptness. They completely pass us by as STAKEHOLDERS. How can Morgan be so short sighted - another rich boy who thinks he is touched by God, to make a WRONG decisions and then leaving others to take the flak. You are letting us down Morgan. You now need to hold your hands up and admit mistakes and be clear about the future. You should be preparing to eat a lot of that humble pie. Hands up now - great builder who knows nothing about football


Have to add a voice of support for WSA.

As fans - many of us Wolverhampton (and surrounding) born and bred too - we'll be here long after this set of clowns at the top have faded into a distant memory.

They have no right to kill our club by design or incompetence beforehand.

Wolves ownership may lie with Steve Morgan in Companies House.

...but the real owners of Wolves are the people of Wolverhampton... wherever we may all be.

Go for it, WSA. Someone had to stand up for our club.

Tividale wolf

Well said mate


I have scanned through the comments and have to say how wrong some of you are. We are in a right mess with a Manager who is way out of his depth but we HAVE TO SUPPORT THE PLAYERS. A protest inside the ground will do our club no good at all.

Confidence is low, you can see that but these players can play. Saunders has to go back to basics, close the ball down all over the pitch and stick to one formation, the 442 that we look ok at.

Laurel and Hardy (Morgan and Moxey) have no clue, developing a ground when we do not need to, followed by under investing in the team. You would have though a builder would know you have to put the foundations in before you build a house.

If I was in charge Adkins would be in by tonight, we are not going to get that. Support the players and make some noise in a positive way. Protest after the game against the right people. WE CAN DO THIS, WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER.

macc wolves

Agree completely Cassars, protest and we will just add to the list of excuses the club will issue for our current plight. We should keep smiling and cheering and let the pundits admire our stance as fans.

Still can’t believe we are here though, but all we can do is to get behind the team - and hope to GOD we sort this mess out, stay up and move on in the summer.

Sorry to say it but I am getting to the stage where I don’t believe anything the club is telling us at the moment, this cant be good and surely I am not the only one!!!! Who do we listen to and believe????

The protest should be-





Frantic Friday

Best form of protest is to stay away and dont give them your money...Hit them where it hurts in their pocket .


And if we all did that there would be no club and nothing for idiot's like you to moan about!

Frantic Friday

Fair enough but enjoy giving Mr morgan your money and enjoy the football in league 1 which you are destined for. But hey, your solvent and in the black and still a small club..

john ward

its called commen sense

There's some cracking managers on here today


please watch hibs dvds


Ausssie Wolf you said game is on TV 4am Perth time. What channel?

Mills wolf

The comedy channel at a guess mate if wolves are playing

Nick Wolf

I don't live in Aus myself but I would guess its on the Disney Channel on the Mickey Mouse Club show.


It appears that there are two of us... Setanta




o.k, I understand the concept of the protest and think that something needs to happen! Unfotunatley, I'm not sure of what. We still have a club.. which is a posotive, and for all of Moxeys failings, we can grant him credit for that, you only have to look at the likes of Portsmouth and Leeds, who invested big on a Gamble to acknowlege that.

But before you all start calling me Jez, I'd like to add that he is no more than an accountant, am ex-basketball playing accountant who has no more knowlege of football than I have of the civil unrest in Syria at present. He needs to either A) Resign, or B) Appoint a director of football, who holds the authority to spend money without Jez throwing the mockers on any bid.

Until this happens we are not going anywhere, I am sick of the 'Cheap Option' and sick of being the 'Best Run club in the Country' I want us to have expensive strikers who are a bit of a risk, and sign players that other clubs fans to say "wolves have signed (name) what a signing." But its not going to happen......

My final point is to carry on with this protest and I really hope it works.. But not turning up to games is not good, We all like to say we're wolves fans through thick and thin...How can you say that if you're giving up when wolves need it most..

Im extremely disgruntled and my mrs is fed up of me coming home in a bad mood, but I'll keep going...keep going when we're in the Blue Sq if it comes to it..

UPW - Keep the faith!!



Bobby Smith

Rather than a protest we should be demanding to know why Jez Moxey has not had to suffer a pay cut from his reputed 1 million wages. Surely, as a chief executive, at a time when our turnover is reducing - by dint of one, or perhaps two relegations - he should take a pay cut? That is more the issue, I feel. Why is he rewarded for failure?


he has, just like the players! but you would know that being a Wolves fan hey!

chris h

Bobby, He has.,according to last Fans Parliament minutes( I think that is where I read it) he was quoted as saying he has suffered a bigger reduction in salary than any of the players.Was he worth the £3.3m he was paid for the 3 years in the Prem,now that is a very different question.


The fans parliament? A select few fans chosen who will not question the boards decisions????? hmmmm


I can see the negative impacts a protest would have on the club and its players, however I can also see the reason why it is being organised.

Steve Morgan has brought this on himself. His scilence is deafening.

The way he has managed the whole club is a complete shambles.

People say Saunders is out of his depth, but really it is Morgan who is out of his depth. Either that or his interests are not with Wolves in mind thats for sure.

I dont know what a protest against him will do. No-one can fire him or force him to sell the club afterall. Venting our frustrations may at least make us feel a bit better however. I would rather wait and see and support the team till the end than do it this Friday though. We are not relegated yet and just for now the team needs all the help it can get. I would agree Morgan needs to be told how bad he is at running the club and asked serious questions too, but for now get behind the team.

quality counts

A protest as stated will not get much TV publicity, maybe a bit of news media. The best way to do this is all turn up get into the stands and as the game starts, all leave! The cameras are in the stadium, there will be no choice than to film that.


How can Morgan get the sack, when he owns the club?


Oh Great,,,cue a bunch of scrag ends shouting "wheres the money gone" and other well thought out chants.

Hope they learn to spell correctly on those stained bed sheets this time.


Would be better to just disappear underneath after half hour (you can still watch it on the screens after all) until the second half..

Would make a better point (visually) then a load of kids and uneducated loudmouths spouting off by the Billy Wright Statue.

nigel wolfnut

SBDAVE {at1.39pm} says we had the better of the second half and deserved at least a draw. He says we have improved in every game so far. Dear me what planet is he on? It's 8 games without a win and a slide that shows no signs of stopping.Dean Saunders is giving new meaning to the words 'Tinker Man'. Each game has different personnel and formation. Tell me SBDAVE why did he change the strike force and the defence against the league leaders. The goals we conceded were puerile, awful defending. Oh and then he had the foresight to revert to 4-4-2 for the 'better' second half. Why didn't he start like that? And why did he change it against Barnsley when we were so much on top and with a bit of luck {O'Hara's shot} could have been 2 - 0 up? He absolutely surrendered the intitiative and gave it to Cardiff before we even kicked off. This is not negativity it's a blooming fact. If the natives are restless it's no surprise. Will the 'happy clappy's' who continue to say 'You are all negative, we need to stick together, get behind the team etc' get their heads out their backsides and look at what is going on. Under Morgan the club has gone backwards - and quickly. Moxey is nothing but the buffer. I want the tide to turn but at the moment it's like King Canute. The demonstration could have been avoided if Morgan had spoken out before and told us what the strategy is - assuming there is one. Do you think he will be at the game?


This afternoon, Wolves spokesman Matt Grayson told the Express & Star:

“We’re constantly talking with fans and we share their huge disappointment at results on the pitch.

"They have delivered great backing to the team throughout all the games and we’d ask our supporters to continue with that at a time when it’s needed more than ever.

"We’ll be repeating this request at Wednesday’s Fans Parliament meeting, where we’ll be answering all supporters’ questions.”

Firstly, could we please have a statement from someone who actually carries any clout at the Club and there is only one - Mr. Bridgemere / Redrow / Harrow Estates / Carden Park / wannabe owner Liverpool FC as anything uttered by anyone else is totally meaningless (as previous experience might telll us are all the utterances of Mr. Morgan himself("war chests", "won't le it go to the wire" etc etc.) but at least he is accountable.

Secondly "we are constantly with fans", you're joking aren't you.

Thirdly, lease don't refer to the Fan's Parliament, it has achieved absolutlely nothing to date and there is no reason to suppose hat this will change.

Bring it on WSA, I for one am right behind you.


The best thing Wolves can do is get rid of that muppet Moxey like we did 10 years ago, Without trying to gloat, him leaving was the best thing that happened to us, whislt he was at Stoke, he too had a habit of employing dross, Cotterill, Thordasson etc, only Coates employed Pulis. The truth is Moxey has made a very very good living out of being a very poor CEO which you are now finding out to your peril. I am not a Wolves fan and never will be but i did fear for you when you made this appointment.

Bedford Wolf

Morgan and Moxey are looking more like the Bhatti Brothers Mk II every day. Question to them both - where has the money gone?

Rob Germany

Enough is enough.

Hat off to WSA they should protest at Trainning sessions as well, after all what happens on the pitch is what counts and the players are the ones who are losing the games. I can only applaud the thousands who still go to Molineux week in and week out (if I could I would as well) and afterwards have to listen to the pathetic excuses why we did not win.

Give every player an egg and show them how to beat it, then theyve at least beaten something this year.

As a life long Wolves Fan of 53 years Ive always been proud to wear the OLD GOLD of the Wolves its a shame that some players dont think the same.


I'm not protesting because I'm over all this.

I gave up my season ticket 3 years ago because I was fed up at the lack of loyalty and ridiculous ticket prices, we were the only club in the midlands not to offer any discount whatsoever on season tickets to students/under 21s back then...

I sent a letter that got published in the e&s saying how ridiculous it was to expect someone who was 17 to be able to afford £560, despite not even being old enough to apply for the ticket scheme where you can pay it off in smaller amounts throughout the season.

All I got back was a load of bitter people making sarcy comments like "oooo you students have it so hard", missing my point that it was actually cheaper for me to attend individual games and pay on the gate (some loyalty reward.)

That's just one example of the kind of loopholes in our ticketing/loyalty system, such as the fact I received the same early bird letter this year as all the current season ticket holders (why should I get the same discount as all of you?) the fact I've attended lots of games at discounted rates/for free this year exploiting the "bring a friend" offers e.t.c...

It just beggars belief, no one cared back then when we were doing ok, but we've been heading this way for years now.

Stop buying anything from the club, enough said.


Good post Tobywolves and yet another clue as to why we are where we are. Trouble is many supporters think if you don't have a season ticket you don't count and seem quite prepared to accept any treatment the club feel like doling out.


Moxey has to go!!!!!!!!!!!


I totally agree, in fact I'm surprised there haven't been demonstrations earlier. Our form on the pitch has and is, completely unacceptable for a club of our stature. Not to mention the way in which the board has handled our situation, in my opinion is we are in dire need for a change of direction, get those muppets Moxey and Morgan out before they completely ruin our club!!


What a load of rubbish we see published every week.

Just get behind the team until the end of the season.

If at the end of the season you are not happy then vote with your feet BUT NOT BEFORE

Mark B

Forever Wolves but

Its on Sky so stay away as protesting in voice will not get the same response.

If you want to see them play an international setup as the opposition is too good for us then turn up.

If you turn up hope DS decides he may wish to try and win.

paul davo

Please Please protest as hard as possible on friday night but back the players to the hilt if any have the guts to enter at the usual entrance ? remember to make a massive noise inside the ground and back the players like you have never done before, we can all make a big effort to roar on our team to a win and lift the gloom over the mol, lets get people with the real money to see what the best fans in the land deserve, WE CAN MAKE A LOT INVESTERS TAKE NOTICE, MORGAN & MOXEY WE ARE THE CLUB


Not only did we lose against Cardiff, my old man reversed into a tree parking up pre-match...I froze....I witnessed another shambolic performance.....I got stuck in traffic on the Stafford road whilst watching twenty odd Cardiff coaches drive past saluting me.....then I went home and got accused of doing too little housework....all in all I wasted valuable hours of my life once again watching eleven overpaid WASTERS who don't earn an hours wages let alone a full 90 minutes....depressed....sick to death of DS post match comments....wolves have bled me dry....that is all....


God Bushbaby you've made me even more depressed now but I know how you feel.


how about, them as want to support the team, go to the turnstyles, go in and support the team, and them that don't stay at home and moan.

yes things are worse than the bhatti years, but you'll still support the Wolves tomorow, and your kids will always listen to the stories of your away days, the glory days, shouting to your mates across the southbank, and the social aspects of following the Wolves.

We'll always have our history, and always be the big club, as at 16.50 on a night, we dont ask what's happened up the road.

Yes it'd be good to have a money rich owner who invests, but we are stable, and have good kids breaking through.

At least we have a manager who is sensible about the use of the kids.

No wonder no one has any confidence, i bet half of these, whether they are any good or not, can't wait to get out of the club.

Get behind the team and support the lads.

Protest does what? young lads who have been good, will think "dont fancy that"

stay warm on friday, and leave the support to us

E&S, do me a favour and print this..........


Don't agree with all you say but a good post and you almost convinced me.


what a load of rubbish.

doing nothing acheives nothing.

You can thank us protestors when we've forced through change and you are once again wathcing premier league football.

or, we can do nothing and enjoy league one next year. I know which one I prefer.

steve hill

funnily enough i ve NEVER seen jez moxey or steve morgan make a first team start for wolves..so clearly theyve never lost a match for us... The ONLY way forward is for our team to register a long overdue three points.. We ve had MM, TC, SS and DS.. What is going wrong is the FOOTBALL. Regardless of any mistakes SM and JM may have made or any politics involved or indeed how much money the club has.. it is ON THE PITCH where things need to improve..Brian Clough had to paint the stand and mop out the dressing rooms himself at Hartlepool.. They had no money, a dilapidated ground and boardroom strife..he didnt go on about all that..he still got the team to perform by focusing on the football on match day..

So stop bickering about all the nonsense and get behind the manager and the team.. He may not be perfect, but if Morgan goes there ll be a damn sight less money to spend on anything..ask a Portsmouth, or indeed a Walsall fan..

Bolton Wolf

Why Why Why????.I'll say it again hit Moxey and co in the pocket.Dont go to games.Empty ground more of a impact then demo's. Done that when Mc was there.

billy susssh

We are the angry mob

We read the papers everyday

We like who we like, we hate who we hate

But we're also easily swayed

if we got the captain out , & played with 11 ,

might have a better chance of winning one .

Bolton Wolf

There are some cruel people about.I looked out of the window last night to see 4 Wolves players playing football with a cat.

I was about to call the R S P C A when the cat went 1 up!!!!!!!.


Brilliant....made me laugh!


deano confident of winning a game dont know where dont know when but he is going to pay more attention to his playstation to win a game


Johnwolf is moxey's lovechild.

Mark B

On sky stay at home

Do not give anymore money by attending through concessions

Why attend we will be setup like an international team and defend badly

Moxey will only listen when it hurts his pocket

Very Old Gold

There are two types of football directors. Those who are in it for profit for themselves and those who are in it because thay want to be part of a football club and will try to do the best for the club. I do not believe that Morgan is in it for his own profit, remember Sir Jack was very careful who he passed the club to and Morgan has spent millions on rebuilding a stand - whatever you may think of the new stand he spent millions on it.

The club has been badly run for 35 years, apart from the short period at the end of the 1980s when the Gallaghers were in control. Yet, apart from the mid 1980s all the owners have tried hard to improve the club. Unfortunately they were not very good at it. Sir Jack rebuilt the ground but when he turned his attention to the team he got nowhere. His managers were encouraged to buy old worn out players at excessive prices and when eventually we scrambled into the Premier League we had the oldest team in the club's history. McCarthy showed the way by signing young eager players who eventually sailed into the Premier League

He was then beset by a policy of wage restraint, over careful budgeting and possibly a lack of understanding of the quality required to survive in the top league. Do not blame Moxey (or Moxley either) Moxey carries out a policy defined by Morgan .

Morgan is the owner, he's doing his best but his best is not good enough. No good spending vast amounts of money in the present League. Much of the damage was done by the falling in team spirit last season made worse by the apppointment of a manager who was completely out of touch with the players and their abilities.

Mistakes have been made that are difficult to stomach. But that doesn't mean that the owners or the management are not doing there best. Would you like to be owned by the Bhattis again?. Or by some Far Eastern group suspected of fraud? Or by some property developer eager to bankrupt the club so hat he can sell off the ground?


All the comments so far only serve to demonstrate the passion held by Wolves fans for our club. We know it's being missrun. We want success on the pitch. It's what we're all about. We don't need to have to pay £7 to learn the place we hold in football history. It seems to me that the current board need to be reminded about what is important to us. They hold the power. Our most effective weapon is to restore power back to the people who matter ie the fans. If no single supporter renews their season ticket for next year, no matter which division we end up in, the club have no power. They have no idea about revenue. We can still get tickets when we want. But if we ain't happy we vote with our feet. Maybe they'll be a bit more" open " with fans if this happens.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Wish I could be down for the demo. Unfortunately I shall be at sea.. Go on lads, give it everything to that famous West Midlands comic duo 'The Two Ms'.

Sir Billy Quiet

Protest? lets here the plan to run the club without Morgan's money?


What? the whole tenner?


So you dont think there anyithing to protest about as regards the runing of wolves? protest can bring change


Who pays him money week in week out ?

For what ?

Learn to spell properly.

fed up wolf



We already ARE running a club without Morgan's money !!


Someone else comes in with Money.



I have just looked at the website of the 'WSA' (don't you just hate TLAs!).

Looks like the lunatics have found the keys to the asylum. I'm sure their cause is very noble, there is a case for the board to answer, but really after looking at the website it looks like it is a citizenship project put together by a class of Year 8s.

The protest should be fun to watch and it will be fascinating to see who steps forward as the official spokesperson of this organisation. I think the football viewing public will once again be given a glaring exposé of the intellectual level of the people of Wolverhampton. Has the town not been humiliated enough? Leave it to some grown ups with the wit and intelligence to stand a chance of success, eh.


what is WSA? some sort of action gruop?

bob sedgley

joanwolf you seem a very bitter person you call everyone an idiot you dont agree with.so you went to the sherpa van final BIG DEAL and its not morgan or moxeys fault and isuppose henry is a better player than messi u r the original HAPPY CLAPPER


Who is Joanwolf? not seen that name on here!


So let me get this right, the protest will be outside the ground whilst the sky tv cameras will be inside? That just seems to defeat the object to me!

Mrs Moxey

Please calm down, Jez has come out in a nervous rash and is currently shaking in the corner. Tsss!


well done WSA keep the good work up wolves are we ,protest loud and proud


Is staging a protest going to help you stay up ? Or is the consensus of opinion that you are down already ?

Robert Perry

Well,I for one will be attending.It is the only way to show the idiots running our club that we are not prepared to tolerate any longer their total incompetence.If we protest long and hard enough perhaps Morgan might just might sell the club to someone who is genuinely interested in WWFC. Now I realise why the Liverpool board rejected his advances many years ago. And for those people who say be careful what you wish for ,could a new owner do any worse than the one we have now?


One thing for sure Robert it can't achieve much less than the so called Fans Parliament has. How far has our Cub regressed on their watch? I am sure the WSA has the very best of intentions, but I do have the reservation that it may attract some of the less desirable elements in our midst along with those of us with genuine motives.

And as far as the present ownership is concerned I fully agree with you it couldn't be any worse as this is no more or no lesss than a sophisicated version of the Bhatti operation.

Bully Stig

Saunders has no respect for the fans. On Saturday me and my son were thrown out of Compton after the training. The Deanosaur had hired 5 guardians to keep us two loyal fans away from the players. We only wanted to chat with the players and my son wanted to get their autographs. We visit the training ground every time we come over from Norway. Had I stayed in Wolves till Friday, I should have attended the protest against Saunders. Moxey and Morgan are doing the best they can for the club. Don't blame them.

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