Britannia name to disappear from the High Street

The Britannia building society name is set to disappear from the West Midlands, it was revealed today.

Co-operative to close branches

It means branches in Dudley will be rebranded as the Co-operative Bank. And 37 branches across the country, including Wolverhampton, will close. The move follows the society’s merger with the Co-operative Bank back in 2009.

More than three dozen branches of the Britannia building society will close as the historic Staffordshire firm fades out after more than 150 years.

Remaining former Britannia branches will be rebranded as Co-op banks. The move will affect branches in Halesowen, Blackheath, Kidderminster and West Bromwich.

The Co-op Bank says 34 jobs will be lost – mostly managerial – but most of the 188 staff at the 37 doomed offices will be moved to neighbouring branches.

It is still unclear how the move will affect Stoke City, which has been sponsored by Britannia since the naming of the new football stadium in 1997.

The current sponsorship deal runs until the end of the football season in 2014.

Founded in 1856 as the Leek and Moorlands, it adopted the Britannia name following its merger with the Oldbury Britannia in 1975.

Branches are being shut where there is another close by as part of an overhaul following its merger with Britannia building society in 2009. But the group stressed a presence will be kept in towns and cities where branches are being closed.

John Hughes, managing director of retail banking at The Co-operative Bank, confirmed the group will rebrand all Britannia branches under the Co-operative Bank banner by the end of 2013.

The Co-op will have just over 300 branches following the closures, but it is poised to buy more than 630 that are being offloaded by Lloyds Bank to appease EU rules on state aid.

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Comments for: "Britannia name to disappear from the High Street"

Co-Op Bank Victim

I'm a victim of the Co-Operative Bank's loan scheme. Simply, I took out a loan with the bank and was told how much interest I would pay and my total amount to repay.

After the 2nd interest payment, I questioned the bank on the large amounts of interest I was being charged. They were larger than agreed in the loan contract.

I questioned several local bank staff and head office staff. Nobody knows how the interest rate is calculated. Next I spoke to the Banking Ombudsman, who said the bank was NOT obliged to show me the formula for calculating interest. Next up was my local Trading Standards office. They advised me to give the bank a period of time to provide the formula so I could cross-check their charges. I wrote to them and they waited until the very end of the time limit to reply.

In their reply, the bank refused saying that the formula "was too complicated". So, first they deny they know what the formula is (maybe 3rd party), then they say they cannot explain it! As a result, I have withheld payments as a protest until I get proof I am being charged correctly.

Ultimately, it appears the bank is able to charge me as much interest it likes, regardless of what is written in the contract. It also decided to embark on a campaign of harassment against me by bombarding me with telephone calls throughout the day for missed payments. I told them not to keep calling me and put everything in writing, but they will NOT put anything in writing for fear of being compromised.

My loan dispute is now with a collections agency as the bank has completely refused to co-operate with me to resolve this matter. Next step is to wait for court proceedings.

Chances of success? I'm hopeful. Surely, a bank like the Co-Operative, which is supposed to be ethical, can behave in such a disgraceful and totally unethical way. It is the bank which is NOT good with money, you might say.



Sorry do not hold your breath hoping for the co-operative bank to help you. I used to bank with them and found them most unhelpful. Best of luck dealing with them

Co-Op Bank Victim

Thanks for the input, jeffb.

When provoked, I describe myself as a rottweiler. Some of my crooked enemies have called me a pitbull.

These two descriptions should give you an idea that I'm not going to be a pushover for the bank.

Teeth are well and truly entrenched!


Will their be any type of bonus/payment to Brittania customers for the switchover to the cooperative?

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