Poll: How would you vote in European Union membership referendum?

How would you vote if a referendum on membership of the European Union was held today?

David Cameron

Britain will have a referendum on whether it should leave the European Union by the end of 2017 – if the Tories win the next election, Prime Minister David Cameron promised today.

In the most important speech of his premiership to date, Mr Cameron confirmed that the Tory manifesto for the 2015 election will ask voters for a mandate to negotiate a “new settlement” for Britain in Europe.

It will also offer a straight in/out choice on whether Britain wants to continue to be part of the 27-nation European Union, or leave.

How would you vote if the referendum took place now? Cast your vote in our poll:

The poll will close at 7am tomorrow morning. Results will be published in tomorrow’s Express & Star and on our website.

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Comments for: "Poll: How would you vote in European Union membership referendum?"


To claim we would be better off in the EU is short-sighted. There are many other countries in the world apart from the 26 other EU countries which we could also do business with.


90% of british trade is not made with the E.U but this 90% is hindered by E.U tax and regulations and penalties for trading outside which stunts growth and not to mention the vast some we pay......................so nearly £50,000,000 a day for 10% worth of trade and this is without the legislation that is attached to this preventing our companies from opening a bigger market without permission of the EUSSR..............................WE ARE NO DOUBT BETTER OFF FOR JOBS AND GROWTH AND AN OPEN WORLD TRADE MARKET WHICH DON'T FORGET IS THE ONLY THING WE SHOULD BE IN THE E.U FOR.........................!!!!


That's some vey interesting points you've raised and the first time I'd heard them, what's your source?


He hasn't got one. It's all lies and a quick check via a search engine proves it.


90% OF BRITISH TRADE = IS DONE OUTSIDE THE E.U........................!!!

80% OF JOBS = ONLY PART-TIME.....................!!!!


£50,000,000 PER DAY = FOR THE PRIVILEGE.....................!!!



DO I NEED TO SAY MORE.....................................!!!!


Yes, shouting always helps win an argument, doesn't it?


If you don't like the EU that's fine. But please don't make your case against it using lies and distortions of the truth.

Dale H

There should be only two votes. To stay in the EU, or leave the EU.

Don't muddle or confuse people with a third vote choice.


PJW Holland

Exactly... especially since no renegotiation is possible. The Treaties prohibit one. The only option permitted is to leave and to negotiate a changed relationship outside the EU.

Kieran Smith

To leave the EU now or in the future would be the worst possible oputcome of the UK. The UK would lose all credibility and as Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Russia, Dubai, Qatar - to name but a few emerge as the modern superpowers, this little island off the coast of Europe will be lost in the new world. EU membership gives the UK so much more than just open markets. it allows the UK to still punch above its weight, it allows the UK to be the bridge between Europe and North America, it gives the City stability and credibility and, perhaps more importantly gives the UK together with its EU partners the chance to form a bloc that, will in, time be the only way that Europe is able to have any onfluence on world events.

Rather than less integration, more may be required. The 'little England' mentality with the possibility of isolation, protectionism and extremism no longer has any place in the modern World. The UK should be at the forefont of Europe, leading the way and using its unique position and economic strength to broker greater political and economic stability in the EU, the wider European scene and across the World; not turning its back on the opportunity to remain a player on the World stage.


Not being funny we have no influence in Europe anyway, The two countries, (Germany and France) previously led by individuals who wanted to rule Europe by force are getting their way through, so called diplomancy. Europe is a dictatorship run by unelected mandarins, who won't even let the EU accounts be checked by an independant source for fear that the fruad and corruption may bring the whole gravy train to a halt and close it down. What sort of organisation says once a treaty is signed there is no more negotiation on it. Just as you say the world changes all the time so, as i say in business, its good to talk and Europe needs to realise people are allowed their opinion and not just whats being forced down our throat.


Kieran we do business with these countries anyway especially the commonwealth countries but eu legislation makes it more difficult and costs the uk a lot of money (not sure how much) and we get less back in investment so what are the privileges? Open boarders so less jobs for us and people scamming the welfare system yes some from the uk do it anyway but with more jobs available maybe it would give them a better chance in the workplace

Martacus Redd

I heard something earlier today, but since it's not been mentioned. The Government would have to introduce a bill in this parliament for the referendum in the next. They need to do this because to prove to the public, before any General Election, they will have a referendum in 2018. Like would you buy a 2nd hand car of Mr Cameron?

If this is the case they will need Lib Dems to push it thru, would they really support Cameron on this bill?

So many hurdles to clear before any vote & so IMO the chances of any referendum slim.


The EU is an anti democratic Marxist dictatorship. It is at the root of many of the problems that we face today. Ask yourself this. Was Great Britain a better place to live prior to joining the EU or is it a better place now? The answer is obvious.


That's an intresting point in the years prior to joining the EU, interest rates were above 10% leading to crippling mortgage payments and post joining the EU they were approx. 5% so personally my life was better. So to answer your question, life has been better when we are in the EU (although I'm not sure being in or out of the EU has anything to do with this)


We joined the "common market" in the seventies. I took out a mortgage in the seventies & I certainly paid in excess of 5% interest. Do you remember "black Wednesday" when interest rates soared & we had to leave the failed ERM. (Sept 1992).


Jimbo, Any one can say the EU was wonderful when the socialists were spending borrowed money, the same as the fools were doing here. The EU had our car jobs, steel jobs all our fish. The socialists say 50% of our trade is with the EU , yes it is, but its just our oil and our gas, all EEC directives,


Take a guess on how many schools or hospitals we could build with our £50M/day EU payments


Jimbo interest rates are set by the Bank of England due to the fact we didn't have full eu legislation when we first joined if we did then yes the eu would have their interest rates


It's interesting that you think that higher mortality rates, lower life-expectancy, lower GDP per capita, lower literacy rates, sex discrimination, racial discrimination and a whole host of other health, education, social or economic indicators are to be ignored.

Oh, sorry- you actually are ignoring them. My mistake.

You are dreaming if you think the UK was better in the 60s compared to now. If you can't demonstrate it statistically then you are relying on memory - in other words, prejudice. That's not a good way of making decisions, is it?

This question is clearly emotive - and people are basing their emotions based on... on what? How many of you have read EU law? How many of you actually, actually, really, really know all of the issues? Do you? Are you sure?

Of course you're not sure. Yet you think you can decide on a simple vote whether the UK should be part of a massive trading partnership that has brought massive wealth to us.

I really despair.


"Marxist dictatorship"? Pull the other one.

Ewart John Johnson

We can safely ignore any comment from the French as they only want us when they want us to help them.

To dig them out of the hole that they find themselves in.


2017 will be to late to vote,the damage will already be done by then.Another 3 million poor eastern Europeans will arrive on our doorstep by then,even the most liberal person knows open door immigration doesnt work and will cause problems in years to come.


If you ask 1,000 people who voted in the last referendum how they voted , they will say they voted out. So how come the result was a

resounding yes to stay in the eu

Margaret Hamilton

Hands up anybody who thinks that any money saved by leaving the EU will be spent on us lot? Don't fall for it!


about 10-15 % GDP of uk is made thanks to EU......uk pays less than 1% GDP union contribution, uk without eu will go down.....if you cant see it you are crazy.....eu needs to change but this change can be done within eu.....so many countries want to change the way of eu...we are not alone


I have to agree with a lot of what Rob says. We go around the world telling everyone they need democracy and we seem to be allowing ours to be frittered away. Some politicians must have a vested interest in the EU because they fly in the face of overwhelming public opinion to push us into it. How can we say we will have more influence on world affairs as members of the EU when we dont seem to be able to influence the EU itself? If we were in the Euro we would be having to bear some of Germany's burden in propping it up and that would probably be enough to scupper our economy completely. Who said when we joined that we were going to have to allow in a load of Eastern Europeans to take advantage of our welfare system to which they have not contributed? Clegg and Milliband claim to represent the working class but EU membership is taking our jobs and giving us nothing in return, especially in the building trade.


We should get 'to the roots' and find countries that are happy within It. Are there some?


Unfortunately Jonah and WEST BROM THROUGH AND THROUGH make the case for not going to referendum in the first place. Is it really wise to let people who don't possess the facts to make a decision which is so crucial to British people and British business?




There is certainly something that smells in all the EU management. Not only Britain is unhappy, small members economies are also being ruined by its directives.