Hope of new surface for M54 is dealt blow

Hopes that the M54 motorway will be resurfaced to reduce noise to nearby residents have been dealt a fresh blow after the Government’s roads minister said the work was unlikely to be carried out in the coming years.

The M54

South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson has been campaigning for the carriageway to be relaid at a cost of £1.5 million per mile.

He arranged a meeting with Stephen Hammond and was hoping to convince him to back the proposals.

But instead the minister insisted the work would only be carried out when it becomes necessary and the surface has deteriorated.

It has been estimated the road will not need relaying for 10 years. Mr Williamson today vowed to keep up the fight and said he was not willing to make residents in Coven Heath wait that long.

He said: “It is positive that the Government has agreed to use low noise surfacing when the time comes but I want more to be done.

“It could be nine years before anything is done, which is not good enough for residents. I am going to keep banging the drum on this in the hope that relentless pressure will eventually result in the issue being addressed.”

He says the M54 needs to be resurfaced from Telford to South Staffordshire, where it links up with the M6. There is a low noise tar that can be used, known as Whisper Tar, he added.

A £36.7m flyover and revamp of junction 2 of the M54 is being built by Wolverhampton City Council and Staffordshire County Council. It will connect to the i54 business park where Jaguar Land Rover is creating an engine plant.

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Comments for: "Hope of new surface for M54 is dealt blow"


If it was the M25 it would be done!!!


stupid comment.the country has no money! why would they change a surface which has at least another nine years left in it ? oh and it's only 1.5m per mile bargin!


Forget that whispering tarmac. Get rid of the concrete which is rapidly going into holes and crumbling whenever water or ice are about.

Water plus tyre pressure in a hole = increased hydraulic pressure and further cracking.

The Dipper

There is a nice dip (deteriorating road foundations) developing at Junction 4 where road has sunk. the Soon be able to launch yourself into the air without a flyover!

Dean Evans

i agree, that dip gets bigger by the day,

The Dipper

What about the sunken slab just before the end of the exit road entrance at the same junction?

Do you think it is a lift of some sort?

Nah, someone forgot to fill it in with concrte on the last patch up.

I shall claim damage to my suspension soon.

That might make em fill it in.

Nah, it costs too much. Pay the man instead


Good things come to those who wait. While the plan to resurface the M54 won't happen in time to please the current residents living near to the motorway, the government has agreed to do the job when the old surface has deteriorated. This will be an advandage to many new and future residents of the area.


The country doesn't have money to waste.


The noise is just as bad in shareshill - then there is the traffic as a result of car boot sales

still no doubt yet more money will be thrown at our 'community shop' which is not run for the community

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