FA defends leaving Billy Wright off 150-year crest

The Football Association today defended its decision to leave Wolves legend Billy Wright off an image released for its 150-year anniversary, as it emerged fans have formed an online campaign calling for the decision to be overturned.

FA crest

Wolves supporters today labelled Wright’s omission from the picture as a “slap in the face” and 1,300 have joined a Facebook protest.

But the FA today insisted the picture was not the official FA crest for the anniversary and was simply an image created as part of a 150th anniversary video, which it says prominently features Billy Wright.

Captain Billy Wright in 1953
Captain Billy Wright in 1953

Wolves supporters said they were dismayed that Wright, a centre half who captained England a record 90 times in 105 appearances, had been left off the image.

David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney are all included along with women’s team manager Hope Powell and Geoff Hurst’s 1966 World Cup final hat-trick.

Chris Ward, a Wolves fan who set-up a petition page on Facebook, said: “This is a player that throughout his career didn’t pick up a single booking. He was a true gentleman and it is a travesty such a well thought of player is not included within the crest, yet Sven-Göran Eriksson and Don Revie have made the grade.”

Wright made 490 appearances for Wolves. He was awarded a CBE for services to football in 1959 and was appointed manager of the England Youth team a year later.

FA spokesman Scott Field said today: “The FA proudly displayed a prominent image of Billy Wright being held aloft and winning his 100th cap in our showpiece 150 years in 150 seconds video, which culminates with the use of this montage image at its finish. The montage is a small detail of the main video and is made of fewer iconic images. It is not the official crest, nor is  it mean to be definitive of the 150 years. To suggest The FA would not recognise Billy Wright is unthinkable. He is one of our great players.

“To focus on one small element of the celebration is a shame, as Billy and others are featured throughout our wider materials.

“Given his prominence, Billy also has the elite changing room named after him at St. George's Park in Burton-upon-Trent, and we can only underline that we value his contribution to English football greatly.

“The FA's 150th celebrations are year-long and are not centred solely around the England team - which is not 150 years old - as it is, more importantly, a celebration of all of football, particularly grassroots.

“We have spoken with Wolves, who understand our sentiments and we will continue to enjoy nothing less than an excellent relationship with one of this country’s great football clubs.”

Petition for Billy Wright to appear on the FA 150 Year Crest

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Comments for: "FA defends leaving Billy Wright off 150-year crest"

Carter Magna

That's a slightly misleading headline, is it not? Wouldn't "Everyone Jumped The Gun, The Crest Is A Screendump" be more accurate? I was expecting some flannel.


To leave The Greatest Captain out would be like leaving Winston Churchill out of the History of WW2


I bet if he had played for a London club he would have been on there.Typical of the F.A.and the London obssesed national press, and do not start me on the BBC.


My sentiments exactly lifelongfan as i put in the original threads yesterday, so what the F.A are saying the srest is more The good, the , bad and the ugly ! We round here know what F.A stands for !

Eileen Ward Birch

Another one who should be on is Billy Walker, first man to win three FA cups - once as a player with Aston Villa and twice as manager. When did Rooney or Gerard do that?


Billy Wright never put a foot wrong which is not in keeping with todays scrubbers, shirt pulling, wrestling oponents off the ball, diving and writhing, agony untill a free kick is awarded followed by a pat on the back when succsefull and harrasing the ref to get an opponent sent off. these are the things you must be profficient at today in order to be recognised as an hero, Bill would never get a look in so that's why they won't put him on there!!!!!!

Chris White

Astonishing omission.

How can they mention Revie etc in the same breath ?

Chris Ward


Chris Ward


spanish ray

Who are these useless morons that decide these things.They are obviously wannabe`s .Do they know anything about football greats.?This is an insult to the memory of Billy Wright.

only if you live in London

Could someone direct me to the facebook page please


Chris Ward


Boy About Town

Can I also ask why Viv Anderson was chosen ahead of Laurie Cunningham . True Anderson was the first black player to wear the full England shirt! But that was only in a friendly. Cunningham was the first black player to represent England at under 21 and in a competitive full international. I think that time and again the wealth of talent in West Midlands football is overlooked.


"Billy Wright features heavily".... Mentioned once for about two seconds!

The F.A are a joke

Chris Ward

Google search - Billy Wright Online petition to find the FB page and petition to sign.

Green Nigel

I'm glad BIlly's not on the same crest as Chavs like Wayne Rodney.


Its disgraceful and a blatant disregard for a footballing hero... F.A hang your heads in shame


The greatest England captain never to win the world cup , it is a disgrace and needs rectifying now . Long live the memory of Billy Wright !

Gary Jackson

this story pretty much encapsulates why I no longer have any interest in the "beautiful" game.

its run by morons, for morons.


Beckham, Rooney Gerrard all sent off wearing England colours.

DON REVIE ????!!!!



There is no need to attack Don Revie, he didn’t ask to be put on it


So its a screen shot not he official badge ,well here's hoping you get the correct people on the official crest ie Billy Wright errm Billy Wright England's no sorry the WORLDS 1st football player to gain 100 that's (Wright) right 100 caps for their country

Wolf at Gate

Billy Wright and Jack Taylor !

The FA are only interested in the North West and London !

Millenium Man

Im proud of the Midlands the area, one could easily list a 100 exceptional individuals -W.Shakespeare to F. Whittle.

The truth of the matter those whom are believe they are in charge in the city (london) know they are second best.

Sir Billy not on their emblem- because no one comes close to his records.

Im sure Billy will be laughing at this shower.



FA spokesman Scott Field SHOULD RESIGN NOW! how can defend this decision, Billy Wright represents everything good in football and still is a icon not only in England but throughout the world.


Where is Bully on this crest? He played for England aswell. Wolves are the biggest club outside of London, Manchester and Liverpool and should be well represented on anything to do with the soccer in general.

Up the Wovles.


Its a wonder Michel Platini isn't on there lol.

Wright on!

The first man in the world to play in 100 internationals and not a mention. They know FA about the game.

Chris Ward

The link to the online petition is now located below the youtube video. Could i please ask all readers to sign. All it requires is your name and will literally take you 5 seconds. Thank you

Codsall Wolf

Scott Field, based on what you just said, I think that either a) You are not comptent to produce such a presentation/video as the end focus SHOULD have been on the true greats of the game, in which case you should resign as your talents and skills are not fit for the role, or b) you clearly do not understand the legacy that Billy made by his leadership and conduct on and off the field, in which case you should also resign as this should be a pre-requisite for any high powered FA role.

You are a disgrace, and your patronising comments regarding having a changing room named after him prove how out of your depth you are with this job.


The FA is beholding to sky tv that is why there are so many modern day players in it .Since the formation of the premier league the standard of the England team as gone down.Every time there is a game on tv the commentator keeps telling us its the best league in the world ,every goal thats scored is the greatest goal, every,

player who playes for one of the big clubs is the best ever.Football as sunk so low since billy wrights day


Dosnt supeise me 1 bit ! Football is a utter joke these days ! Money money money ! Ronney legend ? How , if he never left everton hed be a nobody ! Atleast gerrard is faithfull !

The f A need to sort the rules out as if ur name is mr furgeson ur allowed to do wot say wot ever you want ! Why will england neva win anythin ?? Because of the english fa ! Every game u watch is a joke ! Reffs are cheats and should be finned !


We have had a pub named after him, what more do you want...lol


billy never got booked in his playin days not once how can you not include him disgracful

Calgary Wolf

Billy Wright was my hero, somebody to be proud of. He should have been Sir William Wright, far more deserving than most of the sporting Knighthoods. What a disgrace.


billy wright was overcapped imo the greatest england captain was bobby moore no one else comes close and the only one to lift the world cup for us

bryan robson was a better captain aswell


Mite have guessed you would say that coming from the blue and white side. So it took 105 caps 90 as captain for you to question that. Dont make me laugh. I guess you have your opinion, we have ours ! These grapes are sour !


The FA is spineless. Its heirarchy are only interested in their own pockets, just like EUFA and FIFA, not the rich history that really made them what they are today. Just wait till Sepp Blatter finds out he's not on there too!


Ivor Simpkins

The FA should hang there heads in shame. Billy was and still is the best captain England as had, and will have.


A predictable over reaction from English football's most insecure fan base. Billy was quite rightly was included in the video, but was his face not being included in the stupid crest really worth some embarrassing facebook campaign and complaints to the FA?


I don't think Bill would be too unhappy being included-out of 'the crest', not with the sort of company he'd be keeping.


The prominent image of billy wright in the video lasts approx 3-4seconds and then covered by money. To cover up a gentleman of the past era with the evil of this is another unfortunate error by the fa .

I also think the excuse of he was in video but omitted from crest is not good enough as hope Powell gazza and bobby more are on both , don't get me wrong they deserve there place but so to does the late great true legend and gentleman BILLY WRIGHT

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