Shared bins plan to deal with leftovers in Wolverhampton

Communal food bins will be introduced at up to 14,000 flats and terraced houses in Wolverhampton under plans announced today.

Residents will be asked to put food scraps in separate bags away from the rest of their rubbish.They will then be put into shared bins.

The communal skips would have sealed entrance holes to prevent smells and vermin.

The scheme for so-called “bring banks” emerged as part of plans for the city council to use a £2.68 million government grant to preserve weekly bin collections.

Food waste recycling was rolled out to 98,000 houses two years ago when residents were given buckets for their kitchens and gardens.

But it has not been possible to introduce the scheme at thousands of properties in the city, including flats.

Council spokesman Tim Clark said the council wants to increase recycling rates and added: “People would be able to place bagged food waste into a large communal bin which would be locked and have a sealed entrance hole for hygiene.

“This is very much an idea in its infancy and we would want to pilot any scheme before a mass roll-out. It is envisaged this would be a purely voluntary scheme for those people who wish to participate.”

But David Poyner, chairman of the Vauxhall Residents Association and a resident of Vauxhall House flats near West Park, said: “It seems a good idea but it would be very difficult to do.

“It would need the co-operation of a lot of people.”

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Comments for: "Shared bins plan to deal with leftovers in Wolverhampton"

Tom Stokes

I think the councils current priority should be to extend the recycling facilities to all flats across the city. It varies greatly from street to street. In my flat, the only items I can currently recycle are glass, paper and metal tins. Other flats in the same area have a whole range of items that they can recycle. The council should finish one area of recycling first, before moving on to something else.


Who had all the free plastic biodegradable bags? I never saw a single one and know many neighbours did not either.

Lets not do this. There is financial waste that is far more important to focus on.

Stop the Civic centre modernisation

Sell all the ancient pictures that grace walls in civic centres and other places not open to the public!

C'mon Where have all the Bilston enamels gone Wolverhampton? Can we sell those too if they can be found?

Waste NOT Wolverhampton Councillors. Said Frankie Howard


sooooo well said,,, they will choose to not hear your questions!!

kelly morgan

well nsaid,, wonder weather they answer your questions hmmmm.


I live on Tettenhall Road, which has a large amount of terraced property. Where are these big communal bins going to be situated? We already have a huge green lidded Biffa bin blocking the entry which gives access to the back of the terraced houses.


Can i just ask one question ... WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT THESE BINS !!!

We live in a flat where arguments have rumbled on with where the ordinary large steel bins go. We have no indoor space for these and they are being left on footpaths, blocking access to users with pushchairs, postmen with trlleys etc. These people have to step into the road to pass the bins.

I have been told that the existing bins are illegally located and permits have not been granted to leave them on the footpaths, now YOU are on about leaving more bins blocking more space forcing people with young children into the roads !!!

It may work where blocks have communal binstores but some don't so please don't presume... think first please and don't presume we are all the same as the vauxhalls !!!!

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