Walsall Council plan £550,000 for sprucing up Civic Centre

More than £550,000 is to be spent sprucing up Walsall Civic Centre next year along with £700,000 investment in the Council House and Town Hall.

Walsall 3 JS20
Walsall Civic Centre

Civic Centre work will replace windows dating back more than 40 years.

Bosses say it will boost the building’s appearance and staff conditions. Critics ask if it is necessary as the council has to save £13million and cut almost 90 jobs over 12 months.

A report says areas are in need of “essential maintenance.” Regeneration chief councillor Adrian Andrew said: “It is improving the working conditions.

“The windows are 40 years old. They are not up to standard in terms of the environment and saving money on heating bills. It will have a positive impact and we will try and keep the money as local as possible.”

Democratic Labour Party Councillor Pete Smith said: “Unless this work is absolutely urgent and can be demonstrated such a sum of money is necessary it would not be justified in the current climate.”

Work is planned for 2013/14 along with the next phase of Council House and Town Hall improvements.

The council wants to revamp those areas with investment worth more than £1 million. Draft budget cuts would shut public toilets and garden waste would go uncollected for five months.

Comments for: "Walsall Council plan £550,000 for sprucing up Civic Centre"

Phil H

I thought they had spent this years budget looking inside peoples bins then not collecting rubbish, this council needs sacking and a new one appointed that put the residents and tax payers first. how about saving money by disbanding the board that comes up with these silly budget spending ideas.


shut public toilets then open up all the council premises to allow the people to used them.


Ahhh i see its all so clear now!!

This is the reason weve not been having our bins collected properly all the "savings" are being channeled into making sure the fat cats hav a nice new office to count their fortunes in.... Walsall council make me sick i wouldnt advise anyone to live in the borough.

Arjun Chand

The £550,000 to be spent on spurcing the Civic Centre is not needed in fact l have been in the building and it dooes not need this work, in Fact thousands of pounds has already been spent improving the inside & outside of the Civic centre, the reception area was just imrpoved few years ago and recen;t hallways in Civic Centre and Work places ,inside New Carperts, funiture, computers have been provided and put in .

l have been told by Council staff the Civic centre looks like a Palace inside even the Toilets are imaculate staff have told me .

Threre is No need for work to be done at the Councl house , as l have been inside there is northing wrong with it , really it is only staff at the Council and Councillors just wanting theses improvements.

Maybe Walsall Council & Councillors should let residents of Walsall decide where this money should be spent and residents consulted can the Council & Councillors do that by puting this question on the Councils Wensite ?.

As investigations into Walsall Council and evidence l have taken the Council has wasted millions of Pounds already on work not need in Walsall.

The £550,000 should be spent for example repairing over 160 broken, cracked, loose paving slabs outside the many shops in Walsall Town centre some fo them been left like this since 2009 , this dispite Council & St Mathews Councillors been told about them . But also other areas in Walsall need imrpovements like the Caldmore area which has been neglevted for years with residents and busienss owners calling the place a dump with all the problem in the area.

The Walsall Town centre is a disgrace with also 80 shops empty shops last time l counted and all theses damaged slabs outside the shops , We just seem to have theses Council Staff & Councillors making decisions just wasting all this money , when this money could be better spent on work and improvements actulally needed .

We wait and see if theses improvements take place at the Civic Centre and Council house and if all this money wasted !

Regards ,

Arjun Chand.


What a waste of money. Walsall Council fat cats need a good looking at!


..not suprised, lets cut services and make a politicaal point! Why doesnt the council work for us instead? shame on the council bosses

Margaret Hamilton

Spend the money on public toilets instead. No wonder the town is empty.

Carol Fletcher (rose)

Couldnt run a party in a brewery and make a profit. Wasting money is their pastime, lets face it its not their money they are wasting-if they put as much energy into doing the job that they were appointed for which is representing the people that voted for them and less time stabbing each other in the back they might get somewhere. Far too much money is wasted on appointing external consultants and agency staff-The 60 Councillors are your Council the officers and staff are the employees so they do the councillors bidding, it is down to you the public to votwe for the right person and not the party-they should do away with all policitcal parties and have all independants then they will have no Whip to rule them they can use their own mind and judgement-i was born and bred in Walsall lived there for 57 yrs and was once a Councillor but spent far too much time worrying about where the next knife was coming from as you cant trust any of them. I now live in Cheshire where we have parish councils and Nice people like a breath of fresh air

The Realist

The real focus should not be on the £550k. being spent to replace inefficient glazing, but on the inordinate amount spent by the Council on simply dreadful PR.

Unless, of course, we are governed by people who are simply unable to grasp the insensitivity of announcing another project to improve the working environment for Council staff at a time when many residents have no work at all and live in dreadful conditions.

Perish the thought!

Doubtless, some bright spark in the Press and Media Office thought that it would be good to announce (bury) this outrage at a time when, according to media statistics, people might be otherwise occupied. Bad mistake!

Buildings do require maintenance. Everyone who has ever occupied a property knows this. Quite likely, given the design and size of these structures, a significant cost will follow.

If the work has to be done, then so be it. Unfortunately we cannot afford all that we want, so even more sacrifice is required

On this basis, can I suggest that funding is drawn from the Councils PR function? Unlike the Civic Centre and Town Hall, this is neither an asset or repairable.

As for Caroles missive, it at least it made me smile.

The Realist


Carol, we have a parish council where I live in shareshill. they are just as incompetent as Walsall councillors!!!

Steve - Bloxwich resident

This is just disgusting now, this is exactly what we have come to expect from people who work FOR US!!!! We should all remember this come voting time and get rid of every single one of them, they take turns at being the leader and being the mayor - what a load of rubbish, we don't need a mayor, we don't need a great big car and a full time chauffeur, we don't need anything but good service and we are not getting it, whoever heard of a town without public toilets to start with, people checking your bins, come on you stupid lot GET A GRIP!!!! Listen to the people, you are given a fortune in wages (so called expenses to get around tax laws) whereas you should be doing this for nothing, if there was nothing in it for you except working for the people who elected you non of you would be anywhere near that building - its a disgrace and every single one of you should be ashamed of how this borough is run and the money that is wasted.

The Squeezed Middle

This work should not go ahead unless the council can prove it can pay for it out of efficiency savings. It should NOT be paid for out of our Council Tax. I thought we were "all in it together" - not if you are spending other peoples money it seems!!

Mark B, Chuckery

If this work really is required right now then I do hope Walsall Council ensure that materials and labour are sourced from within the borough so at least what appears to be unnecessary spending has some positive impact on the local economy.