University of Wolverhampton in £45m expansion

The University of Wolverhampton will be expanded to create a new business school, science block and laboratories under £45 million plans unveiled today.

The university’s landmark MB building in Stafford Street will be extended into the main city centre campus, with its two-storey buildings raised to four storeys.

The building will be used to house a new block for science classrooms and laboratories.

The former Varsity bar, bought by the university earlier this year, will be used to relocate student support services from the MB building and will eventually become the main entrance.

Meanwhile in a £15m scheme a new business school will be built in Molineux Street, close to the Wolves ground, offering more classrooms, post graduate suites and catering.

The other £5m will be spent mainly on general improvements to the university’s Walsall campus, particularly around the students’ union.

But there will be a £250,000 floodlit sports pitch in North Road near Molineux for students at the university’s halls of residence.

Professor Geoff Layer, vice chancellor of the university, today hailed the developments as a way of equip- ping students with the skills needed to make the most of opportunities to work in the city’s engineering sector.

He said: “It is a time of massive change in higher education. The role of the university today is making a significant contribution to the economic growth and regeneration of the Black Country, Shropshire and Staffordshire.”

Work on the sports pitch is set to begin in February and while the new science block requires planning permission there are plans for both it and the new business school to be ready by the end of 2014.

University of Wolverhampton vice chancellor Professor Geoff Layer speaks to Daniel Wainwright in today's Express & Star

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Comments for: "University of Wolverhampton in £45m expansion"


Where are they getting the money from?

Students who have had to find £9000 a year in tuition fees won't be impressed at all.


Fees are £8500 at Wolverhampton so that scotches your observation


That appears to be a cheap rate for overseas or post grad students.

Wolverhampton should be chock-a-block with fee paying students.

Please clarify your statements.


Overseas students pay more, so do students who have already for a degree. You can find the fees tarif on the University's web site


Real smart..... Lets expand when the number of students is shrinking!!!!!!!


Even less if the students stay two years or more - or less if they leave earlier!

Ah, you can hire out the floodlit pitches to the public and make more money.

Is this why the local roads are to be shut off from joe public traffic?

Floodlit local homes - nice.......

Wolverhampton = Highest unemployment in the West Midlands so build sports pitches and science. Will they reduce jobless numbers? Will not hold my breath but lets hope.


Student numbers at Wolverhampton haven't declined. This is investment in new facilities that would justify the tuition fees. And just to remind you, increased fees are the result of the government's education policies, not a choice by the University

I think not

The government allowed Universities to charge more if they so desire. The University chose to increase fees and also desire to spend, so students have to pay more.



I can see a return to supplying THES with data. The same process of building took Wolverhampton some small way up the league tables but they soon fell back.


Any development in the town (city) would be welcomed. The university does do a good job in the local area and can only add to the image of Wolverhampton which lets face it, needs every help that it can get.


It's because the students pay £9000 a year that they are improving the university to make their investment worth while and fundamntally justify the £9000 they spend. It's probably generated through government funding and isn't the owner of the University one of Britains richest people? I think he is. Good show.


I worked there for a several years in the late 1970's the money wasted there was criminal.


Pat most of the people working there now weren't born then


Anon --Relevance? Nor are many but not all of the students.

They possibly do not have the sense that those born in the 70s or earlier have to realise the consequences of waste?

Young, immature, heads in mobiles,late arriving and less hard working perhaps?


Fees at Wolverhampton are £8500 just to dispel the myth


In the late 1970's it was Wolverhampton Polytechnic which was run by Wolverhampton Council Now it is an independent University times have changed!


I believe that the institution was a Polytechnic for a couple of decades after the 70s. Would you like to refute this with some evidence?

Memory is a wonderful thing, selective memory less so.


Wolverhampton polytechnic became a University in 1983 so it as an organisation is 21 years old next year. My memory is not selective, having worked of or the Organisation since 1986 - my previous statement was correct in the 1970's , the Polytechnic was managed by Wolverhampton Council


Lippy - Selective memory again, tut, tut. Degree awarding powers maybe but the correct history is "and in 1992, with an ambitious new campus in Telford under construction, it was granted University status."

Bye 4 now.


Id like them to improve the SU at city campus... Its awful.!!!


I think sometime people forget that Wolverhampton uni is relatively young compared to some of the other institute. I have always maintained that in the next 10 to 15 years the uni will be going places, hopefully getting back into the league tables but at a higher position this time.


I would like it if the university would provide parking for staff and students, in some sort of multi storey car park.


Tremendous news. Money well spent. This country needs to be investing in the future work force. Bravo!


The business school is currently housed in a cramped old building that is not fit for purpose. Many overseas students pay to come to Wolverhamptom for business degrees, and they and the city need a building that will match aspirations. Same with science facilities, they have to be constantly upgraded to stay ahead of the game as far as research and new technologies are concerned. If you don't want Wolverhampton to slide into oblivion then you should be supporting this new investment.

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