Is Lichfield graffiti art a a Banksy?

It’s got tongues wagging in Lichfield with residents wondering if their city has been paid a visit by none other than Banksy himself.

A passer-by takes a look at the striking graffiti, just off of Dimbles Lane, Lichfield
A passer-by takes a look at the striking graffiti, just off of Dimbles Lane, Lichfield

Two striking pieces of graffiti art have appeared on walls next to Minster Pool and Dimbles Lane and bear an uncanny resemblance to pieces by the famous artist.

The first, on the back of Lichfield Dry Cleaning and Launderette, is of a young boy dressed in orange and blue who appears to be wistfully scratching some markings onto the ground.

The second is daubed on a wall by Minster Pool and is similar in appearance to the renowned Brussels statue of a boy urinating into a fountain.

Tom Brookes was walking through Lichfield at the weekend when he spotted the Dimbles Lane artwork. He said: “I was walking to my mate’s and noticed this looks like a ‘Banksy’. I think it’s great.”

Pieces by Bristol artist Banksy are highly sought after and fetch tens of thousands of pounds at auction.

Last week a Banksy-style stencilled artwork that appeared opposite the BBC Television Centre in London showed a boy with a Blue Peter badge on his lapel putting a Jim’ll Fix It badge down the drain.

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Comments for: "Is Lichfield graffiti art a a Banksy?"


lol this can't be a Banksy i'm afraid. He would never have anyone or thing 'float' like the lad in this piece is portrayed plus the stenciling is naff in my opinion.

Rewrite this story about it being a copycat.


Here's a shot of the one by Minster Pool:


thats Mr.WHO not Banksy M8 !!!!


nice piece good to see a fellow soldier out there doing it, well done brother

Jason Sheldon

Certainly doesn't have the attention to detail or irony that is normally associated with Banksy's work.. I mean.. what is the message to this? At least a genuine Banksy piece normally raises a smile and a chuckle.


There is another Banksy on the side of Magnet showroom on birmingham road. Been there for over a year now

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