Vision for Dudley eyesore coming into focus

The creation of a new supermarket in the heart of Dudley town centre that would create hundreds of new jobs was today taking steps closer to reality – as artist impressions of how it would look were unveiled.

With striking floor-to-ceiling glass walls and curved architecture, these images show how the development would transform an outdated office block in the town.

Cavendish Quarter Properties Ltd wants to build the superstore and petrol station where Cavendish House stands in Trindle Road.

Residents have been calling for the unsightly building to be knocked down for some time.

The images, released by the developer, show how the office block would be replaced with a modern supermarket with landscaped areas and an adjoining car park.

The proposals, which would bring up to 300 full and part-time positions, have now been recommended for approval by council planning officers.

They have backed the scheme saying it will bring employment to the town and revamp a partially derelict site, which has been earmarked for regeneration.

Under the plans, Cavendish House will be knocked down and the site, as well as neighbouring land, will be cleared to make way for the store and petrol station.

A total of 402 parking spaces would be created partly underneath the store and on two decked levels.

It would be operated as a free car park, limited to a two hour maximum stay.

It is not yet know which store chain would move into the site.

In a report planning officers said: “On balance even though there are acknowledge potential impacts on some existing food stores within Dudley and the catchment area, the proposed development will lead to the positive improvement of an existing, partly derelict Dudley town centre development site.”

The scheme has been welcomed by English Heritage, who said the development would “potentially help to improve the overall outlook towards the town centre from the castle”.

Chris McPherson, development director for Cavendish Quarter Properties, said: “A significant amount of work has gone into all aspects of this scheme to ensure it will bring a high quality development that will regenerate the town centre. Cavendish House and the surrounding area has been in need of redevelopment for many years and there is at long last an opportunity to see a high quality, commercially feasible and deliverable development which will see early construction and the removal of an eyesore at the gateway to the Town Centre. This food store will bring shoppers back into the town, will increase car parking provision and will provide around 300 jobs.

“If this opportunity is lost, this part of Dudley could be blighted for another generation.”

The scheme is one of three proposed new supermarkets in the town centre. Avenbury has also lodged plans for the Cavendish House site while Commercial Estates Group wants to build a store where Falcon House now stands in the Minories.

Ward councillor Steve Waltho said: “I have always welcomed any regeneration is this area.

“I know in the past some schemes have been put forward but they have never come to fruition.

“But I am glad that it looks like something positive will finally be happening here.

“It will smarten up the area and hopefully bring more people into the town.”

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Comments for: "Vision for Dudley eyesore coming into focus"

Ste J

Sure its Morrisons


Good luck Dudley I hope you get this development it has needed it for some time since Merry hill spoilt the area. Dudley used to be a brilliaint place to shop, but declined over the years

shreks left foot

So a tesco and a morrisons and everyone wonders why the smaller shops can't compete...................300 jobs yes but all the smaller business's going out of business employ more..................!!


Let's hope the planners give this the 'green light'! There's been too much talk and not enough action in the past and this site is really a disgrace - everyone knows it's the gateway to Dudley and it sits like a giant carbuncle pulling the town's appearance down. How can we expect people to come and support Dudley with new investment when this is the first thing they see driving up the ring road?

These other planning applications are real examples of people jumping on the band wagon. If anyone thinks that the Avenbury proposal which is much more complicated, more expensive, contains twice as much retail space (when what we need is a proper supermarket, not gyms and healthclubs) is ever going to get built they need their heads examining!

Let's get on and do something which can be done instead of looking at pipe dreams. Dudley needs someone to have faith and invest in what is still a great town.


“If this opportunity is lost, this part of Dudley could be blighted for another generation.”

Why? That building has been derelict for years and clearly doesn't need to be there and is preventing use of the site. Why not just knock it down and turn it into a pleasant green space with trees if nobody can decide another use for the site? We've cut down so many trees across the country that the more we can plant the better, and that certainly will do more than just “potentially help to improve the overall outlook towards the town centre from the castle”. It will improve it full stop.


I quite agree Jet. Knocking it down could of happened years ago. I'm fed up of hearing what a good thing a supermarket would be, employing 300 people this time its claimed...most of those will be part time, minimum wage jobs. With the local economy the way it is, it seems lunacy to let a big retailer in who not only will dish out poor wages and short term contracts (if your lucky), but will also take custom from the market and retailers in town. It won't 'bring people to Dudley' but more likely bring people to a one-stop supermarket where they will do all their shopping and leave.


As a young lad,I grew up near Trindle Road,at

North Street,before moving to Paganel Drive,

and later to theNetherlands in the 1960,s.

I can still remember the 1950,s fire at the Hillman,s

leather tanning factory on Trindle Road before that

Cavendish monstrosity was later built on the same spot.

The real decline started when they knocked down

old Hall Street to replace it with that Bird Cage/

Churchill shopping dump back in the 1960,s.

What with Beatties now gone,and the derelict pub

at the top of Trindle Road,not to mention the old shops on

Hall Street behind former Perks Island,the whole area

REALLY could do with a revamp in the form of

the proposed supermarket.

I DO hope Dudley gets the green light to go ahead

with pulling down Cavendish House, and start building

the proposed supermarket on the same spot.

Dudley was once a great place to live at,and the

place was bristling with quality shops with crowds

coming from miles around to do their shopping

there and go to market on Saturdays.

All gone to the dogs,I fear.


Last time I was in Dudley,it nearly made me cry

to see how it had turned into a sham after every

decent shop with a name had moved to the not-so-

Merry Hill shopping centre.

I do wish someone could help put Dudley back

on the map again.

The old girl still deserves it......................


Once a lad from Dudley,never forgotten...............

julie p

fbartling... you are quite right with your comments, Dudley badly needs an overhaul. I am 45 and would spend my hard earned paper round money in Dudley when I was around 11/12 and it was a smashing little town, now it is a depressing sight to see, it has really gone downhill. I rarely go into Dudley now even though I don't live too far away, it seems like a town lost now...such a shame to see. I'm not sure about the supermarket but I suppose anything is better than the monstrosity that is currently occupying the site.


Dudley was once regarded as a boom town, regarded by many as the best compact shopping town in the West Midlands, all the large retailers were there, folk from Stourbridge, and other smaller towns all used to frequent Dudley for their shopping. Something has been needed in Dudley for the best part of twenty years, My preference is the Avenbury proposal, followed by the Falcon House idea, this proposal is also decent, and seems to get the most coverage, and would probably have no objection and reservations from Westfield!


I fear talk is all that will happen at present

about the Dudley investment situ.

Unless something happens fast,that is.

The Trindle Road dvps could be a good start.

Dudley town needs investors,like a bee needs


What else can be done?

The town centre,the Castle Hill developments,

with ,or without the Hippodrome(a blight),the zoo.

Dudley needs ways to get visitors coming from

the zoo and the BlackCountryMuseum to find

something interesting enough to encourage

them to get to town.

Yes,I know,all uphill.

Walk?No way,people are lazy nowerdays.

Have free transport waiting outside the above.

Find ways to attract people to Dudley,like

free parking outside town with free transport

to Fisher Street.,anything to get them to the shops.

Happy hour discount shopping at certain hours.

Extra bargains at certain days of the week.

Get a town-cryer as a tourist attracter,get demos

from old industries at the market place on Saturday,s.

Sausage making,pork pie baking,old cobblers.

Surely TheBlackCountry Museum can find a way

to help?

A number of people there are about to lose their

employment,this could create new jobs?

Get the zoo to give camel rides at the market place.

Put up the old stockade,and let people pay to

to get their picture taken.

Surely,there must be more ways,inexpensive ones

like this to attract visitors.


Don,t let Dudley down.

It is MY old town we,re talking about,

not some far-away dump.



Once a lad from Dudley,never forgotten............

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