School mourns as teacher, 58, dies suddenly

A long-serving teacher at Wolverhampton Girls' High School has died suddenly at the age of 58.

Patrick Royston
Patrick Royston

Tributes were today flooding in for Patrick Royston, a languages teacher at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School.

Mr Royston had worked at the school for 33 years and was today described as “well-loved and well-respected” by headteacher Trudi Young.

Recently being promoted to Subject Lead for Classics, the 58-year-old was a graduate of Pembroke College in Oxford where he studied Latin and French.

Mrs Young paid tribute to Mr Royston, and said: “Patrick was a dedicated member of staff who played a full and active role in all aspects of school life.

“He was our longest serving member of staff and had the honour of cutting the centenary cake at the school’s celebrations last year.”

She added: “He was a knowledgeable man who inspired many students with his teaching. Over the years he taught Classical Civilisation, French and Latin. He was instrumental in setting up French exchanges and played an active role in these events, often hosting visitors from our partner school.”

Mrs Young said Mr Royston was a committed member of the Friends’ Association and he always supported extra curricular events at school. His appearances in the school’s Sixth Form Review/Christmas entertainment were much appreciated by the students of the school and will be fondly remembered.”

Outside of school Mr Royston collected antique books. He was also a regular church goer attending Beckminster Methodist Church.

Mrs Young added: “He will be sadly missed by students, staff, parents and governors; past and present. Our sincere condolences are with his family and friends at this very sad time.”

On social networking site Twitter, past and present pupils also paid tribute. Isobel Allen wrote: “‘Legend’ is actually the only word to describe that man. so many brilliant memories from his lessons. inspirational, hilarious mr royston!!” Sabrita Dale added: “The first teacher to see any potential in me.”

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Comments for: "School mourns as teacher, 58, dies suddenly"

Alexandra Fox

Mr Royston was one of the nicest teachers ever. He was caring and compassionate even with those whose talents did not lie in the world of languages. He will always remain a fond memory of my time at the school. A lovely person has started a fundraising page in his memory, the link is...

Candy Juss

Mr Royston you will be missed and you are one of my most fond memories of being a girls high girl! Your lessons always made us laugh even if we could get you off topic easily! R.i.P sir x

Lisa Draisey

Mr Royston was nothing short of amazing. I can't remember anyone during my time at school that didn't adore him and his wonderful eccentricities. I feel greatness in my heart that such a lovely person is no longer with us. WGHS won't be the same without him.

R.I.P Mr Royston

Nina Haynes

What a legend! I have very fond memories of his Latin and French lessons - his caring,yet eccentric personality meant he was a favourite teacher with many. He never had a problem with getting up and having a laugh in the Christmas assembly and Sixth Form Review. WGHS will never be the same. RIP Mr Royston - gone but never forgotten!

Sarah Chewings (nee Halawin)

Such a wonderful teacher, he had the ability to make his lessons fun (sometimes without realising it!). He was always prepared to join in, especially when he was being made fun of. You will be fondly remembered, and very sadly missed by us all xx

Anita Kainth

So sad to read this. Mr Royston was a lovely man and managed us giggling, and sometimes distractible and troublesome, girls with so much patience and warmth. I have very fond memories of him from our Latin classes. My thoughts go out to his family and friends during this very sad time. RIP Mr Royston. You'll be dearly missed by many x


i was never taught by mr Royston, but i have heard nothing short of amazing things about him, he remembered every student, was always there for everybody, and in the mornings he used to sit in his chair by the entrance hall every morning and smile at everyone who went past! He cared about every pupil and commmited himself to his job He will be greatly missed by those who had the pleasure to work beside him, to know him or to be taught by him. This inspirational man will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace Mr Royston.


Charlotte Turner

RIP Mr Royston. You will be missed, but will never be forgotten and you will live on in our hearts and minds. You were a great teacher and nothing short of amazing! WGHS won't be the same with out you.


Preet Grewal

Mr Royston was one of the wisest, most knowledgeable and harmless man. He was such a lovely person and in Year 7, shared many memories with us. You will be missed Mr Royston.

R.I.P xx

Chloe Hughes

Mr Royston will be missed greatly!! I have never known anyone who didn't love him, whether he taught them for one lesson or many, he was still loved!! It is sad to know that one of the greatest teachers at WGHS is no longer with us. He inspired me to study more in Latin. A great person overall!!! R.I.P Mr Royston!!! :(

Helen Cooper (nee Sanders)

RIP Mr Royston - you were a legend - you never taught me but you knew my name, what I did, where I went, just like everyone else who went to WGHS. I can't believe you started at WGHS when I was there, taught my eldest for 5 years, were teaching my niece for A level Latin and classics and now you're gone. It was like you were going to be around forever. And you always had a stain of some sort or other on your tie/handkerchief/shirt! And glasses stuck together with Sellotape or similar! And for every music concert you were always there, including the youth orchestra concerts - I don't know of any other teacher who supported music in that way. Thank you so much. Bless you.

Kate Simcox

A wonderful teacher who made a dead language come alive. If I can touch as many people's lives in my teaching career as he has, then I can't ask for anything more.

Trish Barber

It is 20 years since I taught at the Girls' High and have forgotten a lot of people - but never Patrick. I am saddened to hear that the world has lost such a true gentleman and gentle man.

An old pupil

Why does this happen to the best people? Probably the only teacher I remember with genuine affection - such a lovely man, and a great great teacher.

Meera Patel

Latin was so much more fun when Mr Royston taught it! I remember I actually did well in Latin when he was teaching. Even if he did get distracted and off topic! I really wish he taught me for GCSE! An amazing man, RIP xo

Hazel Gruenewald (nee Rodrigues)

Mr Royston was an amazing teacher. He was so kind and dedicated. Very rarely does one come across a teacher who takes so much time for individual pupils. When I remember back to French classes, we had so much fun.

Every comment that he made in homework books or school reports was carefully crafted. He had a lovely sense of humour and inspired me to read French at university. I will never forgot what a heart of gold he had, proof-reading my PhD, so many years after I left school. It is tragic to hear that such a brilliantly clever and lovely man has died so young.

I will truly miss you, Mr Royston.

Clare Lang nee Hancock

So sad to hear of the loss of a truly kind, funny, sensitive and intelligent man - he will always be remembered with much affection. WGHS is a poorer place without him.

Someone in year 10

I really miss you Mr Royston, I mean even though I never found Latin to be the funnest of subjects for me, you made it all so much better. You bribed us with spare change, told us stories about ex-pupils, gave the answers away in vocab tests and were always funny, even when you were angry at us, that never made us stop liking you. You were one of the best teachers in girls high and I feel so genuinely sad that you have gone, like losing a mother or a father. I guess it is all to late to start saying this now, but I will never the less, I do hope you have found peace, and I guess I'm sorry that your life here didn't make you content, when you deserved that happiness more that the whole human race put together. Shakespeare wrote 'to be or not to be', and I guess you answered that question yourself, even when it wasn't one of the more favorable answers. I admire you however for your courage, genuiness, kindness, humoursness, generosity, caringness and for your strength.

Good bye Mr Royston, Good bye.

Vicky Brownhill (nee Carrington)

We are all so saddened by this news. He was a lovely man of the highest intelligence and a credit to our school. A lovable eccentric, I know all who were taught by him have fond memories of this caring and kind man. He will be truly missed.

Isherpreet Gakhal

Mr Royston was a huge part of my life for 7 years and I would not be where I am today without him. His dedication to students was admirable; he would remember every little detail about a person and deliver revision aids to our houses during the holiday period! I will never forget seeing him at my front door a few days before my final A Level exam with a handwritten bundle of vocabulary and literature notes!

It is hard to believe that such a gentle, patient and caring man is no longer with us. He was truly one of a kind. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and love of Latin with Wolverhampton Girls' High School for the past 33 years.

I know that I will never again be fortunate enough to have a teacher like you. You will be greatly missed Mr Royston.

Requiescat in pace

Isherpreet Gakhal

Mr Royston was a big part of my life for 7 years, and I would not be where I am today without him. His dedication to students was admirable; he would strive to see them achieve their potential, even delivering revision aids to our houses during the holiday period! I remember seeing him at my front door a few days before my final exam with a handwritten literature and vocabulary bundle in his hand!

It is hard to believe that such a gentle, patient and caring man is no longer with us. You were truly one of a kind.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and love of Latin with Wolverhampton Girls' High School for the past 33 years.

I know that I will never again be fortunate enough to have a teacher like you. You will be greatly missed Mr Royston.

Requiescat in pace