Weekly bin rounds vow for Wolverhampton after £2m grant

Weekly bin collections will continue in Wolverhampton and a campaign will be launched to encourage more recycling after the Government awarded £2.6 million to the council.


People in flats and terraced properties as well as students will be targeted in the project aimed at boosting recycling rates in parts of the city where participation is lower. Cabinet member Councillor John Reynolds said: “We are delighted that our bid for funding of £2.6m from the Government’s weekly collection support scheme has been successful.

“We have always had a commitment to maintaining weekly waste collections, and this funding helps us to fulfil that. It will also enable us to run incentive schemes offering rewards to encourage people to recycle in parts of the city where participation is currently not as high as others.

“We are finalising the detail of the incentive schemes, but it could involve competitions for households to enter and targeted campaigns for university students, schools and community groups.

“We will also look to see how we can encourage greater participation in recycling in properties that may face difficulties like flats and terraced homes.”


Council spokesman Tim Clark said: “We will be carrying out a comprehensive exercise to look at those areas where recycling is high and those where there is low participation or regular contamination of recycling.

“We’ll be using the expertise of local people to get an understanding of the reasons why this might be.”

Earlier this year Wolverhampton City Council gave homes a new, smaller wheelie bin for non-recyclable rubbish and asked everyone to put their recycling into the older, larger wheelie bin.

Councillor Reynolds, cabinet member for city services, added: “We have made it easier than ever for people to recycle in Wolverhampton.”

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